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hannabee's Avatar hannabee 06:19 AM 06-16-2011

Bit of background:  11 weeks pregnant with my first, due January 3.  


Had called the Collective on Montreal Rd. at 5 1/2 weeks and they said they hadn't even set up their January calendar yet and they'd call me in about a month.  Long story short, with me at 11 weeks they still didn't have any info for me.


That was a little confusing and frustrating; they were terrible at getting back to me, and how can they not have a calendar organized for January?...that's 6 months away!  They had been our first choice, mostly because of their close proximity, but now I'm ready to take whatever I can get, especially because I'd rather have prenatal care sooner than later.


I called the Group at Carling (my sister is 6 weeks and got in with them last week), and they already had a waiting list, but were very kind and said why don't I try East Ottawa Midwives (aka Blackburn Hamlet?) and see if they have room, before I go on the Group's waiting list?  So I did, and they did.  Only problem is I can't find a lot of information about them as their website still has their relocation announcement.  Does anyone have firsthand experience with them?



Three~Little~Birds's Avatar Three~Little~Birds 08:24 PM 06-19-2011
I don't have first-hand experience with them, however, I do know that it was started by one of the collective's midwives. I hope that you get in with someone! I used the midwifery group for my last two births and was very happy with them. Good luck!
hannabee's Avatar hannabee 06:06 AM 06-28-2011

Update:  I met with a midwife at Blackburn Hamlet and clicked instantly!  She is awesome, and I like how the group there is nice and small, so it will be really easy to get to know everyone.  A couple days after, I got a call from the group at Carling, and they had a spot for me if I wanted it (I didn't realize they'd put me on their waiting list!)  Then, I finally got a call from the Collective, saying that they had a midwife and to please call them back to confirm the spot... 


Needless to say I'm sticking with Blackburn Hamlet :)

Three~Little~Birds's Avatar Three~Little~Birds 09:11 PM 07-05-2011
Wow! When it rains it pours! I am glad that you found one that you click with!
I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth!
dogwood chica's Avatar dogwood chica 08:34 PM 07-30-2011

East Ottawa Midwives are great!  It really is nice dealing with a small group, and getting to know all of them.  Hope you have a great pregnancy, and good luck on your birth!

nononose's Avatar nononose 01:04 PM 08-02-2011

I was with East Ottawa Midwives for my second.  An absolutely wonderful experience.  Best of wishes for a beautiful pregnancy and birth.

hannabee's Avatar hannabee 09:27 AM 08-18-2011

Thank you!! So far so good; now to find a doula!