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ajp2011's Avatar ajp2011 05:07 PM 10-28-2011

Hi! im here because i want to ask mothers out there if they know of any good doctors or midwifes that can see me for my pregnancy. I am from USA im here with a visitor visa. My husband is here in Quebec with an Asylum case pending. I have medical insurance coverage from his employment, found out they will only cover for labor if its a overnight stay. They will not cover for prenatal visits. I had to wait 6 hrs at The Maisonneuve hospital clinic just to get a doctor referral note, since i dont have a family doctor in Quebec. I tried to schedule and appt at a OBGYN and they riquired for me to have a doctors referral note. I ended up paying $100 just for the referral note and had no pregnancy test done, doc just took my word for being pregnant and wrote me the note. They gave me a referral list with numbers i've called all of them but had no luck. Most where just for gynecology services. One place actually told me that they where not taking any private insurance. I dont like the whole process here for non-residents it seems so difficult.  Im very frustrated im to the point where i just want to go to USA and have my baby there without having to pay out of pocket money. It just sucks bc then my husband wont be able to be there to witness the birth of our bb. Hate the fact that all these immigration laws instead of bringing families together, they break them apart.. btw my work permit in Canada got denied tried to apply from inside of Canada was told i didnt qualify to apply inside that i had to send my application to a consulate in the US. I have a 8 yr old daughter with me from a previous marriage and father doesnt want here to be here in Montreal. He is taking me to court on Jan 2012 he wants to fight for custody of our daughter and that is a whole other story. I tried to apply for a study permit here for her and the only thing i need is a signature of consent from her father for her to study in canada and he refuses bc he is a jerk. Immigration Canada requires his signature since he has visitation rights in the summer 6wks and for x-mas holiday vacation. Im unemployed, pregnant, and my husband is the only one working paying for everything including $700 a month for private school for my daughter bc she is not a canadian resident or citizen she cant go to public school without fathers permission.. My life sucks right now.!!

FelixMom's Avatar FelixMom 10:17 PM 10-29-2011

I am sorry I don't have any solutions. Just wanted to say that I hope everything works out for the best. I am in Montreal. PM me if you want.