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My son is 22 months old and was born with one undescended testicle. We have been putting surgery off for many months now, praying it would come down on it's own, but the reality is starting to sink in that we're going to have to get him surgery. He is into the age now where research shows that the testicle starts to suffer damage, and to minimize that it needs to be brought down.

We are VERY CONCERNED about having him put under general anesthesia. We would be under any circumstances, but our concern is heightened by the fact that David also has a LOT of life threatening food allergies and various other contact allergies (feathers, chlorine, polyester, various chemicals...). We have been told that the pediatric urologist we have seen is very skilled, but his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, and he really did not give us any reassurance at all that any special measures would be taken to test for reactions to anesthesia/other meds they plan to give.

Also, it is extremely important to us that we be allowed to be with our son until he is under anesthesia. I have heard from others that at Texas Children's (where the surgery would be performed if we stay with the currrent urologist) they take the children away from the parents for the pre-op prep and to be put under.

Does anyone have experience with any wonderful pediatric urologists or with a surgical experience in general where they were allowed to be with their child every moment they were awake? We want someone who really hears us about our son's extreme allergies and our concerns.

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My older son had hernia surgery with Dr. Jones (ped uro) at TCH a little over a year ago. He was 2.5 at the time. We were very scared as well, but it went great. In our appointments prior to the surgery, Dr. Jones was pretty matter of fact, but I thought he listened to our concerns. He was fantastic the day of the surgery and in phone response to some of our post op concerns. We have since heard from several of our friends in the medical community that Dr. Jones is extremely well respected as a surgeon. Our pediatrician worked very hard to get us an appointment with him specifically because he thought that he was the best ped uro in town.

The anesthesiology staff at TCH were great. We were not allowed to go with Matthew to be put under, but the anesthesiologist developed a quick trust with him, and he followed her to the pre-op area without hesitation. We were taken to the recovery area prior to his waking up, and throughout his recovery. Matthew also has milk and egg allergies, and the anes staff were very thorough in questioning us about reactions and documenting the allergies.

Thankfully, this has been our only surgical experience with our children, so I do not have any information about how other hospitals operate. I hope this helps you. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me.

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My brother who is almost 30 has one undescended testicle. My parents like you feared the anesthesia and surgery. They chose not to do the surgery. The other testicle makes enough sperm so fertility issues are not a concern. You might consider not doing the surgery.

Good luck,
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My partner's brother has this condition - one undescended testicle. His parents also chose to forgo the surgery, and he has two kids now. So, obviously, the one testicle is doing fine.

I don't know if there are other health issues associated with it - I assume not, otherwise men still have this well into adulthood. So, if you're really concerned - you can always look into not going through the surgery.

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I believe there is concern if it stays in the abdomen or groin that there is no way to check for abnormalities or testicular problems (cancer) and it is actually more prone because it was undescended to begin with. It is meant to be in the scrotum for a reason, temperature especially.

My DH had this as well as our LO. He had the surgery at almost 13mo old (about 10 wks ago). It was very very scary for us as well, but there really wasn't an alternative. Our Ped Uro was also very aloof so it was hard because I wanted him to talk to me more but he was supposedly one of the best so we stayed with him. It was done laproscopic and there is only two tiny scars on his belly (about 1/4 inch each) and they also went through the belly buttom and you cant tell there. Unlike my DH who had this years ago he has a big 4inch scar across his lower abdomen. My LO also has a small incision in the scrotum. He did amazingly well and I didnt have to give him the powerful painkillers. Ibuprofen worked fine.

They let me nurse him up to 3hrs before and I was told prior that they would give him something before going back to operating room to make him droopy, but we were standing there in pre-op (a nervous wreck) and next thing you know the nurse just swooped him up and took him back. He started crying immediately and I just lost it. That was the worst part of it, honestly. They were really great about keeping us updated throughout surgery and let us go back right away when he was done. He had some good nurses taking care of him. He was pretty out of it from anesthesia, which scared me, so we stayed there for about 3hrs after until I felt comfortable enough to leave. They also tried to get us to do a coddle block (sorta like an epidural) for pain mgmt but I did not like that idea and also just another point of entry that could become infected. I am glad I made that decision because he did fine. They do give them a local before coming out of anesthesia so that the pain isnt bad. He slept a lot for the next 48hrs, but other than that maybe a tad cranky and really clingy.

I cant say much to comfort you because I know exactly how you feel, but your LO will be fine and you will feel such a sense of relief after wards. These babies heal so quickly too...its amazing. I truly believe it is harder on us than them. Hang in there mamma and feel free to ask me anything else if you need to.

Oh, wanted to say that LOs testicle was in the abdomen so the surgery took longer than it would if it was in the groin (about 1 1/2 hours). It was non-palpable. If it is in the groin it is much easier and faster surgery.
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I understand your allergy concerns.

Keep interviewing urologists until you find one you trust and that you feel has heard your concerns.

As far as his surgery tell the urologist that you insist on interviewing the anesthesiologist well before the day of the surgery. That is the one doc that will have the most control over any possible reactions to the medications being used to sedate him.

And, if you don't like the anesthesiologist that the ped uro wants to use just keep on interviewing others until you find the right surgical team for your little guy.

You are not being overly protective as parents - allergies are very legit concerns and you need to find a team that truly respects that your son's body can have serious reactions.

Does your son have an allergist? Have you talked to him/her about the surgery? S/he might be able to recommend a few docs you could talk to?

Best wishes. You're doing the right thing by doing your due diligence ahead of time.
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