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momasana's Avatar momasana 11:20 PM 07-06-2010
I recently learned that we will most likely be relocating to Los Alamos, NM in fall 2011.

Are there any mamas out there that can tell me about the area? Is there a good community of AP-minded families?

Please-oh-please-oh-please say that there is....

momasana's Avatar momasana 07:47 PM 08-18-2010
Just bumping my thread in the hopes that there is someone out there!

Please oh please oh please...
ambersrose's Avatar ambersrose 12:20 AM 08-30-2010
I am currently in Los Alamos but will be moving soon back to Albuquerque. There are moms here in Los Alamos that cloth diaper, baby wear, breastfeed past two years and homebirth. In general I have found little support for homeschooling and non-vaxing has a few supporters but is not widely received. Join the local MOMS club and or LLL to get in contact with the moms that you would most likely have common interests with. Also the library music and motion class and Family Strenghts network are good resources. Hope that helps a bit.
momasana's Avatar momasana 08:26 AM 09-03-2010
Thank you so much for your reply, ambersrose! I am bummed to be leaving our homeschool/non-vax supportive community, but it does sound like there will be some mothers with whom I will have something in common. What a relief!

I know that Los Alamos is a very small town. I assume there are limited options for health care. Do you have any suggestions for a good family doctor? I don't mind driving a great distance for quality care.
ambersrose's Avatar ambersrose 02:56 AM 09-04-2010
My girls see Jacqueline Krohn here in Los Alamos. She has no problem with us not doing vaccines. She specializes in enviromental allergies, has written books on the topic and offers an extensive book borrowing library. She isnt as integrative as I might like but she is open and respectful of my choices. Santa Fe is about 45 minutes away and has other options as well. When are you moving? Will it be for work at the lab?
momasana's Avatar momasana 11:01 AM 09-05-2010
Thank you for the tip on Jacqueline Krohn.

We will be moving the end of next summer (2011). DH is currently doing research at UT but will tranfer to a research position at the lab. From what I understand there isn't a whole lot in Los Alamos besides the lab, is that true? We've considered living closer to Santa Fe but aren't sure if it would be worth it to have a longer commute.
ambersrose's Avatar ambersrose 01:30 PM 09-05-2010
You are right, there is not a lot in Los Alamos other than the lab. Most people have a tie to the lab in some way. Most have advanced degrees and the average household income is alot higher than the rest of the state making this a very unique little mountain town. Los Alamos is very family centered town unlike Santa Fe so if you have children LA is probably a better place to live. But that is my own opinion
rebma11's Avatar rebma11 07:44 PM 01-12-2011

Hi Momasana,


I just moved to Los Alamos (like, 12 days ago!).  So far I am really enjoying it.  I haven't met any other moms yet, although I am trying to join the local MOMS club.  It seems that Los Alamos is a great place for families.  I would advise you to come out and look at the area before moving here.  I really like it, but I know that it's not for everyone. A lot of people that work at the Lab do commute from Santa Fe.  Anyway, if you want to get together once you get here, send me an email!  Our kids are about the same age - 10/07, and 08/10, both girls.  Good luck!

mikhaila's Avatar mikhaila 09:42 PM 01-23-2011

Hey there! I am in White Rock and work in Los Alamos and am due to have my first child in July. I have lived here for almost one year and so far I enjoy it. It is not too far from Santa Fe to commute and many people live in Santa Fe and work up here. I am not sure what hobbies or activities you are interested in but if you enjoy outdoor lifestyle, hiking, biking skiing, etc it is great. It is a really great community to raise children in, very friendly people and the schools are great. I only plan on staying here until our child is about 10 or 12 years old since there isn't much of anything to keep teenagers out of trouble. My husband was raised here and he hated it when he got older but loved it as a kid and loves it now as an adult.


I was born & raised in Santa Fe and I can tell you a lot about it if you are interested. 


Looking forward to getting to know some other Mom's (or future Mom's) in my area!

hspants's Avatar hspants 10:04 AM 09-21-2011

I'm moving to Los Alamos in November and would love to meet some new people! No kids yet, but I'm due in mid-May with our first. My husband grew up in LA, and we're moving back because he got a job at the lab. Never expected to be going back to his hometown, but we're really excited!