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thisiserica's Avatar thisiserica 05:10 PM 05-03-2011


I just moved to Austin in January and I just found out that I am pregnant 2 days ago! I am looking for a midwife in Austin who will do prenatal visits at my house. (I got spoiled with my midwife in CA) Ok, so I guess that is not my number one priority, but it would be nice. If you are in Austin and loved your midwife who was it and why did you like her? I will probably start interviewing some soon. Also- are there any midwives here that I need to stay away from? There was one in the town I came from and you would never have guessed it from interviewing her. Only from talking to past clients. Yikes!

teachermom's Avatar teachermom 09:10 PM 05-05-2011
lawmama1984's Avatar lawmama1984 09:54 AM 05-06-2011

I am in Austin and my midwives are Kari Sanders ( and Brielle Epstein (  They are a fabulous birth team and really complement each other so well!  They will do prenatals at your house, if that's what you choose, although I think there is an additional fee to cover gas and travel time (I plan to do this with my next birth as well :).  


Kari is funny, warm hearted, and did I mention funny? I really value sense of humor in people and she definitely has that.  Brielle is gentle, kind and loving.  She is also really skilled in homeopathy.  I struggled with hypertension in my first pregnancy (with an OB), got to come off meds for my BP before my second pregnancy, but towards the end of my pregnancy, my BP started creeping up.  Brielle was able to give me some natural remedies that kept it down and kept me from risking out.  If you have a problem, she has a natural remedy for it :)


I definitely suggest interviewing them.  They are the best!

thisiserica's Avatar thisiserica 06:31 PM 05-14-2011

Anyone else have any ideas? I called my top choice today (based on her website) and found out she is leaving on vacation 2 days after my due date duh.gif so it would be a HUGE gamble going with her. 

tinysatellite's Avatar tinysatellite 07:59 PM 05-14-2011

Julia Bower was my midwife for my son's birth 8 weeks ago. She does prenatal visits from her office which is near Zilker Park. During pregnancy, she educated me in areas I needed educating, talked to me about any emotional issues I had (lack of support/push back on home birth from my parents) with love and kindness, kept me focused on good nutrition and exercise without being a nag and really got to know me. The birth was an amazing experience, I hardly knew she and her assistant were there except for a few key moments, but my husband assures me that they were total "birth ninjas" ;) is her website.


Good luck and Congratulations! There are lots of amazing midwives in Austin, you're lucky to be here!


SouthernStormy's Avatar SouthernStormy 01:08 AM 05-16-2011
We ended up having to let her go b/c DF changed jobs and I couldn't work for awhile and we ended up having some financial issues- but anyway- if you aren't opposed to using someone relatively new- I would recommend Scottie Buehler. She is really sweet and does home visits and doesn't push for things you don't want done. She also seemed like she would be very hands off or hands on- depending on what the mama request. She also limits her clients to 2-3 per month so she has enough time for everyone, which is a big plus to me. Another midwife in town ended up having 3 births in one night- which is probably a rare circumstance, but still I wouldn't be too happy if I'd ended up as one of those 3 ladies.

I tried to interview Julia Bower, I was impressed with what I'd read and heard about her but she usually goes out of town for a couple months in the summer and wouldn't have been here for my due date- But since you are due in the winter I would suggest contacting her.

There were a couple I emailed and they never even responded- but I can't remember who those were.