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fiannas's Avatar fiannas 07:05 PM 10-07-2011
I would love some midwife recommendations for a home birth in Houston. I delivered my last at Reunion Birth Center, but would love a HB this go-round. Any recommendations??

ktbug87's Avatar ktbug87 09:43 PM 10-07-2011

We are currently using Chris Duffy, and we love her! I am only 25 weeks along, but so far she is great. She's located in the Spring/Woodlands area.

ksnieder's Avatar ksnieder 11:38 PM 10-07-2011

Kellie Moeller is great, http://www.homebirthexperience.com, as is Pat Jones, http://www.houstonnaturalbirth.com. I've also heard great things about Carol Schumacher and Christine Messarra. Good luck on your search!


Kari Niedermaier


allical1284's Avatar allical1284 08:30 AM 10-08-2011

We had an amazing home birth in April with Paula Davis! We love her to death! Diana Nash attended the birth with her, and we really like her as well.  They pretty much just hung-out and let DH and I do our own thing and only stepped in when needed.  They are both so loving in their care; my DD runs up to hug Paula every time we see her.  

HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 01:09 AM 10-24-2011
What part of town are you in? There are many lovely midwives here. smile.gif You can find most of them on http://www.houstonmidwives.org/ .

My midwife is Sandra McDonald. I've had three HBACs with her in attendance. We love.giflove.giflove.gif Sandra! She does all home visits, so take that into consideration when looking at the map on the Houston Midwives site. Many have offices for you to go to appointments at, but a few (including Sandra) do all of their visits in your own home. THAT was huge for us! thumb.gif
cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 05:32 AM 10-24-2011
I'm sorry but we are not hosting recommendations and reviews of practitioners in the forums. Please click on Reviews in the navbar above and leave your recommendations and reviews there. Thanks! smile.gif
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 02:05 AM 11-06-2011
duh.gif I need to make sure I've left my local practitioner reviews! Forgot about those! thumb.gif