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hippyfashionisa's Avatar hippyfashionisa 11:50 PM 01-21-2013

Hi mamas, I've done my research and have all the info to make my decisions, so no flames please.


I am planning a homebirth but it just occurred to me the problems I could potentially run into if I need to be transferred for some reason. Does anyone have experience with ATX hospitals (St. David's, specifically) regarding this issue? Also, any experience with the potential consequences (cps involvement, taking baby away, etc...)?


I am not on any state assistance nor do I "look" the part of a cannabis-friendly mama, which I understand can make a difference (sadly). I am in no way a heavy user ( I vape, not smoke) as I have partaken maybe 8-10x total in my pregnancy... but still I can't help but to be nervous :(


Thanks in advance!

oaknut's Avatar oaknut 10:47 PM 02-04-2013

Gave birth at St Davids one year ago. I never once had anyone test or ask. An I probably looked the friendly type too!

You will be fine...

In Washington state they asked me for consent to test. I simply said no... that it was too much of an infringement of my privacy and it was upon principle. No one said a word.


shepremiers's Avatar shepremiers 11:16 PM 07-10-2013

I think that testing is mandatory in Texas now, but I'm not positive. I had a friend just test positive at birth and she is now taking drug ed classes and has a cps caseworker...

anj_rn's Avatar anj_rn 12:02 PM 07-22-2013

It is not mandatory, but some hospitals test everyone, and some leave it to the discretion of the physicians.  I know several anesthesiologists that want a screen before an epidural is placed.  Neonatologists will screen the child & mom if there are any problems with the baby.  In Texas, you do not have to consent for testing, it is part of your consent to treat that you sign when you come into the hospital.  It is also standard practice in a hospital to save extra urine &blood sent to the lab for testing in case further tests are needed, so the initial sample you give in labor (where they check for glucose, protein and infection), could be used later to screen for drugs without your knowledge or consent.