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yogamama's Avatar yogamama 08:17 AM 02-17-2014

Hello New Mexico mamas - My husband and son are going backpacking for 10 days in mid-July at Philmont (in Cimarron) and are taking Amtrack from Chicago with my son's scout troop.  I'm interested in having my 10 year old daughter and myself take Amtrack with them and then do our own New Mexico adventure (maybe 5-7 days).  We have friends in Santa Fe, but they don't have kids and I would just want to see them for a day or two and then I would love to find an organized camp program (maybe a YMCA camp or horseback riding camp or yoga camp) that she and I could do for a few days before heading back home.  Any ideas?

She loves horseback riding, I have a serious yoga practice (but she just does a little yoga with me), we don't want to set up camp on our own without the rest of our family.  She can be a little bit on the shy side but she is very athletic and crafty.  I would LOVE some suggestions!  Thanks!

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 05:15 PM 02-20-2014
I'm sorry you haven't received any replies yet. I am bumping this up for more attention!
queenofdawn's Avatar queenofdawn 08:23 PM 04-24-2014

Hi Yogamama, 


I don't know of any specific camps but you may find something interesting in one of these Santa Fe publications. I think both put out summer camp editions but I'm not sure when:





The Children's Museum also has many events but she may be on the older side for that. I'm sure that there are some horse opportunities around and there's definitely a lot of yoga in Santa Fe. Good luck!