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a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 09:56 PM 11-14-2008
that was fun - ds is asleep - hopefully for awhile - i am beat! Those kids were beasts today

LifeIsTHEJourney's Avatar LifeIsTHEJourney 05:10 AM 11-16-2008
Hi all.. Just wanted to stop in and say DS was born by HB on Nov 1- (56 hr labor)...

I plan to go to a BW meet.. and look forward to meeting other Mama's...
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 05:50 AM 11-16-2008
peacelove's Avatar peacelove 12:57 PM 11-16-2008
Congratulations Life!
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 02:29 PM 11-16-2008

So I don't know what I did, but after 2wks with very little stomach upsets while on the Gluten Free diet, my stomach has decided to revolt. This sucks. I have a feeling I need to go dairy free as well.
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 06:37 PM 11-16-2008
Congrats and welcome to mommahood, Life!

That sucks elmh.

It was great seeing everyone on friday. C had a lot of fun at the zoo. We should d o that more often!
Rach's Avatar Rach 06:52 PM 11-16-2008
congrats, Life! Welcome to the world, little one!!

Elm, that's terrible. I'm sorry!
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 10:14 PM 11-16-2008 is clearancing out marathons for a steal, only two prints but I just got M a backup seat for 64 dollars including shipping : So everyone RUN

Congrates Life hope to meet you soon.

Bummer elm, have you considering seeing a DOM (doctor of oriental medicine), they might have some insight, at this point I don't see how it could hurt.
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 10:49 PM 11-16-2008
After I go see the GI in December I'll know more about the next step. If I'm at the end with the tests, then I might consider a DOM. My aunt has a lot of similar problems and has since her early 20's and she's just not seeing an alternative doc. I do not want it to go on that long. She hasn't had the potassium problems I have though.

DH took the kids to my BIL's new restraunt. It opens tomorrow night at the old Asset's building and tonight is a run through with free food : The menu looks yummy.
Rach's Avatar Rach 11:17 PM 11-16-2008
Eman's, I went there and it was 45$ with free shipping! That's an insane deal.

Elm, that sucks. I hope you are able to figure it all out!!!
And free food? Delicious! Hooray for not having to cook tonight!
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 11:47 PM 11-16-2008
Rach I know I sprung for the cow print, the basic gray was 42.99
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 12:43 AM 11-17-2008
Thanks for the heads-up Emans - we just got a backup seat for Z-man. Now we don't have to switch his out all the time when MIL visits.

elmh - I have a great DOM if you want a name. She is very good if you decide to go that route.
Rach's Avatar Rach 01:22 AM 11-17-2008
the cow print one is so cute!

My hands smell like kool aid. I just made kool aid play dough for my younger nephews' Christmas gift. We love that stuff!
For my older nephew, we made gooey gunk. Fun stuff!
doularn's Avatar doularn 02:21 AM 11-17-2008
Elm- have you kept up with the chiro? I know a DOM /accupuncturist too who I think takes your insurance, not sure.

So I was off for three days and became a real mom again. I took the kids to the zoo on Friday, made chicken pot pie for dinner, Saturday took kids to the library where Liam read to the dogs, and to the movies (madagasgar 2) and made homemade potato and leek soup and mushroom asparagus crepes. Today I had a board meeting for the birth center, read books to kids, picked up the house and made pork loin,spaghetti squash and roasted vegtables. Did game night and C was asleep by 845p and L, well he's still awake and exhausted so I need to go.

Wow, made kids getting older isn't so bad. I still love that cuddling...
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 03:58 AM 11-17-2008
wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh - okay emans -this is one of those deals you call me for
they are all out and i was just telling dh we need a backup seat for ds since we have none for him.
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 05:45 AM 11-17-2008
Don't worry ASF, it was a pricing error and most likely all orders will be cancelled. I ordered one too. The carseat forum has been talking about it for hours so I've been following the story all evening and it's just not looking like anybody will actually get the awesome deal.

I did end up getting my hair cut. I got desparate Sat morning and wanted it cut, like, NOW, so I went to a fancy salon and had it done. Cost me $50 and the woman did an awesome job. So I guess I'll just suck it up and pay it since, like Emans, I don't get it done very often.

Sorry elmh Hope something works for you soon.
twentyalmonds's Avatar twentyalmonds 12:52 PM 11-17-2008
I hope they honor the pricing error! I never thought I'd own a britax and last night I ordered two...

off to the carseat forum...
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 12:56 PM 11-17-2008
What, bummer, they better offer something. Their error and all......

Doularn, you should take a break I haven't cooked that much in weeks, but then there is nothing about the cooking process I like.
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 01:25 PM 11-17-2008
That sucks that it's a pricing error. I thought they had to honor pricing errors by law. I considered getting one but then realized Little S has almost outgrown the seat RFing anyway and he just hit 20lbs, so I'd like to keep him RFing as long as possible.

Kids had a blast last night. S was asleep when they got home and stayed asleep til midnight when she wanted water and then was back asleep until morning. Little S played a little and then went to sleep very easily (no tears for the first time since day light savings!) It's good they did a practice run, they had some quirks that needed to be worked out (like giving kids a full size coke without a lid vs. a kids cup without a lid.) But the food is really good. Their corn dogs are awesome (I broke the gf diet for one bite

My plan right now is to do gf/dairy free for 3 days, starting today. Then just gf for 3 days, then just dairy free for 3 days. I'll write down how I feel each day. Thankfully the gf waffles I found and like are dairy free to, so at least I have breakfast every morning!
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 03:21 PM 11-17-2008
elm - that sucks - i hope you can get something figured out.

doularn - wow - i havent cooked that much in months

that sucks about the car seats - it isnt that far of a stretch though - i know last year target clearanced a girly pattern for like $64
the bargain boards are all a flurry with this - apparently it was a mistake on amazon too and it wasnt only this it was also some medela pumps too. people are reeeeeeaaaaally mad.
*sigh*i think i will end up having to buy the cosco scenera. luckily the backup is only used a few times a year.
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 06:26 PM 11-17-2008
ASF I have a scenara that we've hardly used and don't need any more. Let me know if want it.
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 08:20 PM 11-17-2008
So word is that if you ordered a cowmoo MA and did so while the site said "ships within 24 hrs", you might actually get it. The granite I ordered said "ships in 2-6 weeks" and just now my order went *poof* from the website. About 45 min ago it was there, now it's just gone. No email, nothing.
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 08:28 PM 11-17-2008
Little S has been asleep since 12:40 and it's now 3:30 and he's still asleep! Why doesn't this happen when mommy isn't being a nice mommy? Today I'm being a really nice mommy!
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 09:57 PM 11-17-2008
double post
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 09:58 PM 11-17-2008
crazy - if you for sure dont need it that would be cool

everyone go to the other board - mno is on
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 10:06 PM 11-17-2008
Just got the official blow-off letter from Target.
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 11:51 PM 11-17-2008
Yeah me too: It would have been nice to have an extra seat. I guess I know where I won't be Christmas shopping.

Off to check out the details of mno, have we ever thought of MAO (mother's afternoon out?) I get tired early these days.
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 01:07 AM 11-18-2008
Yeah, it would have been nice to have a backup seat for Z-man :

I can do afternoons MUCH easier than evenings...C has been starting the nightly meltdowns earlier and earlier
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 03:48 PM 11-18-2008
I can do certain afternoons if my mom doesn't have to work or if dh can work from home (which he LOVES so he'd probably jump at the oppurtunity.)

Took Little S to the docs office to check out his bum. His rash keeps going away and coming back. He's been in sposies because I don't want the cloth to keep infecting him with yeast, which the doc thinks he has even though today is bum is clear (yesterday when I made the appt. it wasn't.) I think I need to buy stock in Monistat. And strip my cloth.
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 03:56 PM 11-19-2008
I posted something over there.....

So I'm hating PNM right now, I'm signed up for autopay, yet I'm also getting automated calls saying they are going to shut off my power, when I speak to a person they say all is well, and don't know why I'm getting calls, but you know if I ignore them I'll wake up without electricity rrrrrrrr
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