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Ragana's Avatar Ragana 10:54 AM 04-24-2014

We are flying next week, and I ordered the kids' meal for one of my DDs. Wondering what it's like?

HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 06:37 PM 05-03-2014

It looks like your post might have been missed so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experience to share?

Ragana's Avatar Ragana 09:12 PM 05-04-2014
Thx! We flew the outbound part of the trip & I have to say that SAS food is not good. Still glad I got the kid meal for DD2. DD1 vegetarian meal was awful. Breakfast was a strange sandwich DD said tasted like it had raw squash in it. Bring snacks!