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Juniperberry's Avatar Juniperberry 06:13 PM 10-14-2008
Hi, I live in Brussels.. has anyone had a homebirth in Belgium? This will be my second baby, but first homebirth...

looking for any advice/tips.... how it works/costs etc..


ernalala's Avatar ernalala 08:28 AM 01-20-2009
Not that I know of home birth in Belgium, I am a Belgian abroad and had my kids here, and not home birthed :-).
But do you know of a Belgium tribe around here? guess not.
Leisha's Avatar Leisha 08:33 AM 01-20-2009
i don't think there's a whole lot of us Belgians here on MDC!
But maybe we should start a tribe
arwenevenstar's Avatar arwenevenstar 01:26 AM 02-28-2009
Get in contact with the BCT and Boille Buike I think it's called. If you live to the East of the city, you can birth with them. If you're too far out of the radius of the hospital they transfer too, you can't. I wanted a homebirth when I was in Belgium, but was told (I lived in Rhode Saint Genese) that I lived too far away. I ended up at Uccle, St Elizabeth's.