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Any thoughts?

I had a csection with my first due to a failed induction... they thought he was going to be too big. I used the CNM birth center, but they referred me for OB consult when they thought Logan got too big, and then I ended up with induction. And then a csection since I didn't respond to the induction. It wasn't an emergency, so I don't have any trauma to my uterus that we know of, and I healed well.

This time, my biggest goal is to avoid a csection. I have 4 options as I see it.

#1- OB who delivered Logan. She has had 3 vbacs herself and in general is supportive of the effort.

#2- CNM birth center midwives, with a Sacred Heart birth due to the vbac. I would still need to consult with the OB, but they're willing to try vbac as long as the OB gives the go ahead.

#3- Sacred Waters birth center. I haven't talked with them yet, but I *think* my ODS insurance will cover it. And they're very vbac supportive according to their website.

#4- Homebirth with a midwife. I've found 3 so far who would be willing to come to my rural home, and think it is a safe and reasonable choice based on what I've told them about my first delivery.

Does anyone have any thoughts for me? Or experience with vbac in any of these settings? I know the a csection is still a possibility and if needed I'm fine with that. But with one baby already, I feel like I need to protect my health for his sake. A csection recovery would make it really hard for me to care for him and puts me at additional risk for infection and surgery complications. So I really want to avoid it if possible.
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No experience since I'm in Seattle, but I just wanted to say there is no reason that you can't have complete confidence in having a successful vbac!! It seems like failed induction vbac clients are great candidates! Hope you can make the best decision for you and your growing LO!

Alicia, wife to an loving and faithful DH, and mama to three fantastic though nutty children (cs, then a fast HBAC, then a fast VBAC!!). Planning a third VBAC, again at home, in February 2016.
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I just had a super successful VBAC in Eugene 3 months ago! Here are my thoughts:

So, yes, generally a failed induction(some of the contribution to my c/s) makes you a great VBAC candidate. There are lots of folks in town who will really support your decision from high risk OBs to lay midwives.

As my first child was an intended homebirth, I approached this second one the same way. My midwife, Colleen Forbes, is one of the more hands on midwives in town and has a great relationship with the medical commuinity, namely, an OB, Dr. Qualtere-Burcher(Dr. QB) with the Peace Health OBs. Due to some factors with my first, she really wanted to do co-care with the OB and limit my overdue clock to 41.5 weeks. We did this with QB, had ultrasounds in his office, the works. At 41.5 weeks, I wasn't in labor, and so we went to the hospital and had a foley bulb induction, the absolute lowest dose of Pitocin. I had 4 hours of active labor, pushed for an hour, and my babe was born into my husband's hands. The doc never even put on his gloves, my homebirth midwife did pretty much everything. We left the hospital 4 hours later.

I met with Anita at Sacred Waters and I just didn't mesh with her. A lot of people do. She has a super busy practice and I just didn't feel like I would have gotten the level of care I wanted. She also doesn't have good relationships with the medical community in town in case you need that care.

I never met with the Peace Health Midwives, but from what I understand, most of them choose to consult with QB. He is really really fantastic. He has utter faith in VBACs and like a 90% success rate.

The midwives in town are all about VBACs. Carla is WONDERFUL. She has had 4 VBACs herself. With that said, she is super hands off. Something to consider in what you want.

I would have loved to have had a few extra days and if Carla had been avaialble, I believe I could have had my babe at home, but I'm not complaining. I had a great experience. The nurses at Sacred Heart were all amazing and really supportive of my VBAC and my birth plan. I could move and go where ever I needed to go and never felt pressured to do anything I didn't want to.

I think a homebirth midwife, even if you have to transfer is truly the way to go. Most of them in town are awesome. The prenatals and 6 weeks after care alone are more than worth it. Carla, Margie, Colleen, and Anita all work with insurance where they can. My DS was 11 pounds(!) and that contributed to my c/s. With the careful help of my midwife, I was able to grow a nice and healthy little 7lb 13oz babe this time and recovered like a champ to chase after my 3yo.

GOOD LUCK! If you have any more questions or need any support, feel free to PM me. I am still riding my VBAC high. Oh, and don't do any of those "success calculators" online. I had a 23% chance according to one. YOU have control over this.

S, mama to boy M(6/07) and baby girl R(7/10). We do all the good natural family living stuff!
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I agree with what Sharr said, Eugene is super vbac friendly! Any of the midwives she mentioned, including Anita and Erin at Sacred Waters would be supportive. all around and find someone who feels right and you have a good rapport with!

Happy, busy mama of 2 - A (9/05) and W (2/08)
Acupuncturist to pregnant and post partum mamas!
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I am a midwife in Eugene and a VBAC mama myself.

Any midwife in Eugene would be willing to learn more about your first birth experience and would be willing to support your decision to 

have a VBAC at home. You can birth in water if you like or not. Most midwives have portable birthing tubs that they will set up for you

for your labor and birth. Anita has the only independent birthing center and can be a nice option for some who desire that type of setting. She also does homebirth.

There are 10 different homebirth midwives in Eugene. We all are unique in our own practices, but have ultimately had similar training.

Every midwife has their own relationship within the medical community and hospital. There are some physicians that are more supportive of out of hospital birth as a choice for women attended by midwives.

I think that when choosing  a VBAC  it is important to educate yourself about the benefits and risks, ask lots of questions from whomever you chose as your midwife.

Successful VBACs start by choosing a care provider who believes in birth and understands how to identify potential or real concerns for your labor, body or baby.


A great book to read is: 

Artemis Speaks by Nan Kohler  (all about VBAC)

And going to these websites:


Vaginal Birth after Ceserean: www.vbac.com  or  www.ican-online.org
Happy Birthing!!!!
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I did a search for Eugene and this came up, it's old but I wanted to comment in case someone else searches.


Sacred Waters - I do not mesh well with Anita either, but she is not the one who handles most clients. Currently Erin does and I am presently with her for the second time. I love her. Everything mentioned about Anita is true though I have several friends who loved her.

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I'm seeing Elise Hansen. I'm not VBAC, but am "technically high risk" for non-obstetric reasons, and she's doing what essentially amounts to co-care with Vern Katz, one of the two local perinatologists at Women's Care. 


I'm having a home birth, but we're 7 minutes from Riverbend if I need a transport. This will be my second home birth. One of the things I like best about the care combination I have is that Elise gets along well with Vern, and Vern likes and respects Elise. He's not technically "backup" but "consulting", but the net result is that if I need more medically focused care (which I occasionally do), we have an easy route in. Spotting? Ultrasound to check viability was no problem. Wanted genetic screening because my last child had a major chromosome issue? Fine. Going off lovenox at 36 weeks and shifting to a more naturopathic approach? That works too. 


My best friend had a VBAC a few years back at Sacred Heart (before they moved).


The last friend I had who had a baby started out with Peacehealth birth center, and was forced to transfer to hospital for postdates, induction, etc. The hospital was VERY good about the transport, and while she did get a lot of interventions, they weren't jerks about it. For example, no arbitrary time limits due to waters breaking. The nurse went to the mat for my friend to hep keep things as natural as possible as long as possible. She did end up with a vaginal birth, but it was a very, very long induction. 


Interesting tidbit...formula does not appear to be the supplement of choice anymore at Riverbend... my friend's baby got donor milk to keep his blood sugar up. Could be worse. 


My sister had Elise and developed preeclampsia (which Elise caught early enough that it was not ever an emergency). We transported to McKenzie Willamette, she did end up needing a c-section, but the hospital was FANTASTIC. My niece was born with IUGR at 4 pounds 4 ounces, but healthy and doing very well. They did NOT transport to River Bend, despite her small size, because her stats were so good. If she'd been born at river bend, she would have been mandatory NICU. McKenzie Willamette was awesome about making sure she didn't get bottles, just finger feeds (Sis's milk came in very slowly post-c-section, and my niece was VERY small and did need the supplements), and my niece came home when my sister did.



Jenrose, Mama to DD1, born 1993, DD2, born 2005, and DS1, Jan. 2012. Babywearing, cosleeping, homebirthing mom with fibromyalgia and hashimotos.  DD2 has a rare chromosome disorder. 

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