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Essie's Avatar Essie 03:04 PM 11-10-2008
Re; Bend...

How are the schools? what is there in the way of jobs?

Essie's Avatar Essie 05:12 AM 11-11-2008
Oh yeah, what about the Banana Belt; Brookings!
Juliannathoennes's Avatar Juliannathoennes 02:49 AM 12-20-2008
I live in Corvallis, and its a wonderful town! Ask me any questions you want. If you don't want grey skys, Bend is a great town too! Lots of snow though in the winter! In Corvallis, the weather is very mild. Yes, it does rain in the winter, but it keeps us nice and green! Speaking of green, this is a very ecofriendly town. Bike lanes on every road, and electric cars everywhere! Recycling is easy, just dump all your recyclables into a big garbage sized bin, and place on the street for collection every week! There are two locations of First Alternative Foods in town. One South of Oregon State University, and one several blocks North of the university. This is a very family friendly town! There is always something fun to do with your kids! The festivals are creative, and fun! Check out Da Vinci Days! The Kinetic Sculpture Race it just a kick in the pants! LOL! Anyway, GL on your decision! P-mail me if you want more info.
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