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inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 05:21 AM 09-23-2008
Here's a link to the Summer Thread

How about a Calendar of Events for this season?

9/27-9/28 Burlington's Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Pitch

9/28 Anacortes Oyster Run

10/2 Free Museum Day at The Burke Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Museum of History and Industry

10/3 before 3 pm Azure order due (if placed after 3pm there is a 10% surcharge) Payment isn't taken out until 10/7

10/4-10/5 Festival of Family Farms

10/8 Meet-up at Commonground

10/8 or 10/9 Azure Order delivered to Cleveland Park

10/24-10/26 5:00-8:00pm Pumpkin Prowl at Woodland Park Zoo - $9 for Adults, $7 children 3-17, 2 and under are free

10/25 Mt. Vernon Happy Halloween Bash - HillCrest Park (If anyone has a time on this let me know)

LLL of Skagit Meetings: October 1st, November 5th, December 3rd
LLL of North Snohomish Meetings: October 20th, November 17th

inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 05:25 AM 09-23-2008
Why not just bring over the last post too?

Originally Posted by QTRANDI View Post
LuvMyBabyGirls I sure enjoyed visiting with you at Commonground during those few "knitting" sessions. I'd love to see you again October 8th! I've thought about you and your friend a lot latley

I don't get on this board all that much....although I do like to try to keep track of what is happening with the people in my area. We don't have a very "kid" friendly house (yet) otherwise at some point I'd invite you all over!

Anyone here do Tastefully Simple? If so, let me know....

We're just in the beginning stages of IVF right now! I'm getting very excited and emotional all at the same time - grand huh? We've been seeing way too many babies and been in carters way too much for me not to want a baby!

I'll have my first ultrasound on Friday and start nose spray (which I think will be my worst medicine.....I've had to do Flonase before and couldn't stand it!) I think I'd rather do shots!

We're looking at.... October 17th for the retrieval. October 22nd for the eggs to be put back in and a massage on the 21st to help relax.

I'll be taking a class at Skagit Valley Hospital Oct. 6th and 16th (Calming your Mind) and tomorrow will start a theraputic yoga class at Mandala Healing Center to help relax my mind, spirit, and body.

I was to start a part time position (working from home) answering calls for the Livescribe pen - but after much discussion decided what we needed right now is for Randi to relax, chill, and take care of herself. We ordered a guided imagry CD specifically for IVF last night and it should be here in a few days. We are really excited. I'll have the October 17th - October 31st off to relax and chill.

(I think I've wrote enough for now.........)

Anyone here have plans to attend the Life Is Good Unschooling conference next year?


QTRANDI's Avatar QTRANDI 11:32 AM 09-23-2008
Misty -

Thanks for keeping us organized and also for bringing my post over. you're awesome.

That pumpkin prowl sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 03:27 AM 09-25-2008
I'm going to start a yoga class on Fridays at Riveside Health Club. I'm sure it won't be quite as spiritually healing as yours sounds but the kids can go to kids club and play while I'm there. Fall just feels like yoga season to me, lol. I have taken yoga classes twice before and both times where in the fall.
anemos's Avatar anemos 01:09 PM 09-26-2008
I'd love some information about the unschooling conference.
I'm jazzed about starting a homeschooling/unschooling group in the area.
I'm going to try to make it to Commongrounds on Oct 8, so maybe we can chat then. What time? And are the kiddos welcome?
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 02:15 PM 09-26-2008
hello and happy fall.

Does anyone have any experience with Maggies Soap Nuts? I am getting a couple of samples but am wondering if they would be a good addition to my store.

I also would like any input/advice on the local co-op homeschool groups. We are trying to decide between homeschool and public school for Ian next year. I don't think I could do a solo homeschool but I love the idea of unschooling/homeschooling. I just don't think it is ideal for our family.
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 03:21 PM 09-26-2008
There is a local group for homeschooling. I have not gone to any meetings because it sounds like only nursing infants are welcome but I can't go anywhere without my kiddos so I have not checked it out yet. Here's the link: to Skagit Valley Homeschool Association It looks more like a parent support and resource group than a cooperative though.

I know there are a ton of groups out there if your homeschooling for religious reasons. If you are a secular homeschooler there are not as many, that I have found, but here's a yahoo group for Washington Secular Homeschoolers I joined last year. Here's a great Secular Homeschooling magazine

I have a whole file of links but it's not anything you couldn't google and I don't want to presume it know what type of schooling anyone else is interested in. We are going for more of and eclectic and relaxed child-lead schooling leaning towards unschooling but I'm not sure we fit the exact definition of unschooling. We do have some strict beliefs and restrictions that are not every unschooling friendly but we try to parent and school consensually.

I recently found some neat resources for obtaining homeschool teaching supplies if anyone is interested let me know.
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 12:39 AM 09-27-2008
Regarding the question about blood in the milk OF COURSE have your friend see her health care provider.

That being said, I had blood in my colostrum/milk. Turns out my issue was a not-very-common but not dangerous thing called "rusty pipe syndrome". It's caused when the milk ducts grow rapidly during pregnancy; they become easily irritated and will shed blood into the milk. The colostrum and milk is totally fine, it's fine to feed it to baby, no problem. It should clear up on its own a couple weeks after birth, once the milk is in and things settle down a bit.

There are certain cancers that have blood from the nipples as a warning sign. Most health care providers will think immediately of that when you talk about blood coming from the nipples, so make sure your friend doesn't get all freaked if her health care provider goes down that road. Rusty pipe is so uncommon! Many health care providers don't even know it exists!

I happened to have heard of rusty pipe just before Sev was born so when blood started coming out of my nipples and the nurses were getting their knickers in a twist, I was all, "Ah ha!" and didn't get worried. I had to go get a bunch of check ups and have doctors poke and prod at me, but I knew it wasn't a problem so I wasn't worried.

My guess is that your friend likely has something like that going on, nothing serious. Tell her to email me if she wants to talk!
QTRANDI's Avatar QTRANDI 03:39 AM 09-27-2008
I had a few comments to some posts:

We are going for more of and eclectic and relaxed child-lead schooling leaning towards unschooling but I'm not sure we fit the exact definition of unschooling. We do have some strict beliefs and restrictions that are not every unschooling friendly but we try to parent and school consensually.
Misty, that sounds like child led parenting to me! Sometimes for things to run smoothly there has to be things put in place for YOU. There are the radicals, the in betweens, and the beginners all unschooling along the way....!!

Cheryl -

I just don't think it is ideal for our family.
Does being on a school schedule, only able to take vacations at certain times (now a days kids can only miss a certain amount of days of school), having your kids gone from you so many hours of the day (I actually heard the amount the other day and gasped!)

I really think that your family really needs to contemplate coming to Life Is Good this year......if for nothing more than just getting a feel for what unschooling is and the whole aspect of it all. Life Is Good Conference You can adjust unschooling to meet the needs of your children. The one thing that struck home with K (and she wasn't really on board until this conference) was that we trust our kids to learn to walk, talk, eat, read, etc....but we don't trust them to learn what they need to and/or want to?? I think you'd be awesome at unschooling and probably do it already without knowing!! (and the deschooling once putting them in school can take months!)

RE: Homeschooling Groups. I'm with Misty in that there are quite a few religious homeschooling groups in the area but not any real "generalized" groups.

Mama's Group October 8th - TOTALLY welcome to bring kids. It isn't a real kid friendly place to meet..... and maybe I'll have to work on getting a different meeting area.....) but you're totally welcome to bring children!
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 04:37 AM 09-29-2008
Well, it looks like it might be a nice day tomorrow. Do you want to meet at Edgewater park? I have a plum glean early in the morning in Anacortes and then will probably go to the co-op to get a bite to eat so Edgewater is right on my path. Anyone else want to try to play outside tomorrow?
strawberryfields08's Avatar strawberryfields08 11:52 AM 09-29-2008
We would love to play outside tomorrow. I will have an extra 2 year old again! Edgewater park is the one in downtown mt. vernon right?

I haven't looked into unschooling much. I do have a degree in ECE and at UNR where I studied we did the Reggio Emilia approach. Very child led, teachers are more moderators and guiders. Just a very beautiful environment. It sounds possibly that this is similar? I plan on using this technique mostly with my kids. However, I am struggling because Ava (2.5 yo) is in love with schedules and routine. She thrives on them. When I put them in place for her she is so happy and content knowing what is coming next. So I am having to add more structure to our days already than planned. But that is the beauty of homeschooling! You just adjust it to what kinds of children you have. (BTW: She totally gets it from me so I understand why it is important for her)

Misty~I am excited to talk to you at playgroup today. We need to talk about how we are going to work this whole gleaners thing so that I can help you. I figure I will just have to make up my hours this quarter. You can do that right? I tried to get Jesse on a pickup but they didn't need him this weekend. I figure you will have enough work for me, if I can ever get my computer and schedule figured out!
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 01:50 PM 09-29-2008
Edgewater, I'll be there with Sev.

I'm spending the morning roasting tomato/zucchini/onion sauce to freeze. We're slowly getting more ripe tomatoes! If this good weather holds we might get a respectable harvest from our 20 plants!
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 09:40 PM 09-29-2008
Skagit ladies, I had a great time today. So nice to meet some more people! Sev really thrives when he has other kids to play with. Sometimes the Monday play group is his only chance to play with other kids (and my only chance to interact with adult moms too...)

When I came home I finished a project I've been working on the last few days - painting Sev's horrible (ugly)(awful) dresser! I painted the whole thing with chalkboard paint and put new drawer pulls on and now it's like a brand new dresser! So much fun for a kid's room!

I've been looking at the discussion of unschooling/homeschooling and I am interested in knowing how many of you are planning on homeschooling/unschooling your kids? I've done a fair amount of research and I wonder how you homeschoolers/unschoolers came to your decisions?

One thing I worry about long-term homeschooling/unschooling is being a diligent enough guide to make sure Sev is a disciplined scholar - higher level education is very important to me, and while I'm not exactly going to consider my success as a parent based on whether or not Sev does well in college, I do want to give him the best foundation from which to pursue higher education.

I know Mount Vernon has a very good educational system, but there are also problems. I'm torn!
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 11:29 PM 09-29-2008
One thing I worry about long-term homeschooling/unschooling is being a diligent enough guide to make sure Sev is a disciplined scholar - higher level education is very important to me, and while I'm not exactly going to consider my success as a parent based on whether or not Sev does well in college, I do want to give him the best foundation from which to pursue higher education.
I have similar questions. I also worry about balancing home/homeschool/work. I don't know if homeschooling would make life more hectic or easier for us. I am good at planning around things I need to do but if I don't have a set schedule I am a lousy planner. I am leaning towards homeschooling at least for kindergarten and maybe just take it one year at a time.

Hope you all had a great time today! It was gorgeous weather for a play date in the park. Ian started swim lessons today and I was in the office for a while so we had to miss it.

Gotta to the little one is getting upset and needs a pant change.
strawberryfields08's Avatar strawberryfields08 11:59 PM 09-29-2008
Here is what I am thinking....
I cannot say for certain that Ava will not attend school of some sort some day (public or private) but I really want to homeschool. I think the most important thing about where your child learns is that they develop a love of learning. Some schools and programs do a better job at this than others. Even homeschool can be a chore and an awful thing for a child. But at a young school age the most important thing is that they enjoy learning and develop a drive to learn more and more. Whether it is through completely child led learning or completely structured days, I think a child will do best when they are stimulated and excited about what they are doing. I realize this is kind of an abstract thing to put into practice. So we all develop our own ways of meeting our childrens needs and showing them how satisfying it is to learn things. We do this even with babies. I cheer Jack on when he learns something new. The excitement leads him to try more new things. Small children are not usually intimidated to learn something new because they are eager to soak up the world around them. My goal is to continue this "bravery". I would love my children to be excited to learn about something new or to study something they see and figure it out. The joy in a childs face when they are learning is awesome! As far as being studious, I too hope my children will attend college someday, or some form of higher education. (It is not a requirement for my thinking they or I are a success.) Like I said before I have not studied unschooling much, but even in Reggio which is child led, the foundations for this are being layed. The idea of studying something of interest in depth is basically what we do in college once we have chosen a major. I do not have older children so I am in no position to say what I will do or how I will do it when my children are older. But I imagine it is like all other phases of parenting. There comes a time when the transition into deeper studying and more responsibilities in their learning will be welcomed. Ideally an older student would still be choosing the subjects they would like to most dive into but they might have more personal responsibility in how they study it, and be more accountable for their learning. It seems like it might be a natural progression. Just as in every other area of their lives they must learn to be responsible for their own actions and choices someday.

However....this is just my little opinion and idea....I have never done it or studied it and it has been a really long time since I have done any studying on school and homeschool. But I wanted to add what I was thinking today. (Maybe it will be different tomorrow!)
nurnur's Avatar nurnur 07:33 AM 09-30-2008
I think homeschool/unschooling is wonderful, and sometimes I wonder if I was to start over with parenting I wouldn't do this from the beginning, starting now doesn't seem best for my kids. we have our children in a public mt.vernon school and they love it. Of course we have our we would no matter what we chose, but we try to be very involved and love our little nitch we have found at Lincoln Elem. Our school logs the most parent volunteer hours yet have the smallest student body of any of the elem. schools, we have a school garden, lots of crunchy pilot programs, great art and drama programs/teachers. This year my 3rd graders get to do a MONA art museum program and parents who volunteer get a pass to go whenever they want. Our pediatrician, acupuncutrist, judge, spinach picker, farmers market director all send their kids there, it's eclectic! But I have always felt like we still "homeschool" no matter what ~ HOME really is where we learn so much. I love the saying "Home is where our story begins"....Ive gotta put that on my wall somewhere!
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 07:50 AM 10-01-2008
I always fear offending when I speak of homeschooling. I have done it on accident with out realizing how on more than one occasion. I'm just asking please, if it comes out offensive, know that it's not what's in my heart, everyone should have the right to do what works best for their family.

Despite my best efforts I can't type out the reasons we homeschool. I either ramble enough to make a new blog post or come off as too heated/paranoid and I KNOW that would offend someone and I don't want to get banned or censored. I don't think you don't have to declare either way, home schooling or public schooling until your child is 7 so there is time for you to think about it more.

I had read that ivy league colleges are seeking out homeschoolers and excepting them easier than public schooled children. Homeschooled kids usually have a love of learning that many feel the current school systems seem to lack. I just love giving links, lol. Here's one from Business week. I liked the comments section best! I know that doesn't really answer your question about keeping them motivated though.

I trust that my kids will want to learn. Robin already asks some amazing questions and wants to know some pretty detailed things about many subjects. As long as I am attentive to what he's currently interested in and give him the tools he needs to ask more questions the learning should just flow. I don't think it will stop as long as we keep it fresh and there is so much to learn isn't there!

Can I give you an example of how we are already homeschooling without structured schooling. One night Robin woke up as I was coming to bed. He wanted me to read to him but I knew a children's book would keep him awake so I started reading him a book I just bought, Our Babies, Ourselves. (I'm still working on it) I was still near the beginning and it was speaking of anatomy and how the birth canal in monkeys is shaped one way but the fossil of Lucy has the pelvis of an upright walking being. He asked me some questions about it, most interested in what a fossil was and who Lucy was. The next week a postcard came int he mail about the opening of Lucy's Legacy at the Pacific Science Center. I was talking to Doug about it and Robin chimed in that he wanted to see Lucy's picture too. This started a whole platform for learning I couldn't have structured if I tried.

He wants to know all about fossiles, and this lead to lots of talk about dinosaurs, archeology and bones. He wanted to know where Africa was, this lead to looking at maps and globes and introducing the idea that we live on a planet with more places than we can see not just a town, which brought up the sun and moon again and how the stars work. He's gaining so much information right now but not really wanting to focus on any specifically because he is trying to process so many concepts still. I don't know what to expect from Lucy's Legacy but really hope he isn't disappointed, he's awfully excited. It opens this Thursday and we are going to see it next week.
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 07:58 AM 10-01-2008
I almost forgot. Is anyone looking to buy a new mattress soon. I need to buy 4 and have an opportunity on a fabulous discount of some natural, chemical free mattresses but shipping is free on 6 so if I can find just two more people locally wanting a chemical free mattress of any size including crib, please contact me.
strawberryfields08's Avatar strawberryfields08 12:58 PM 10-01-2008
HI everyone
I have spent the last day in the hospital with my grandpa. He had a massive heart attack and was on life support for a while. They were able to remove the life support but not able to put a stint in. He has two completely blocked arteries and one 60% blocked. His heart is "extremely damaged" on the complete left side. If he can get well enough the only options will be high risk bipass surgery in Everett or do nothing. My Grandma is a mess and really cannot function without him(that is not an understatement). So if you could just keep us in your thoughts I would appreciate it. The doctors should be in today to tell us more about his options since he is feeling better. He still doesn't know anything besides the fact that he had a heart attack. The family is staying close in case any decisions must be made. Jesse took yesterday off to help, but had to return to work today. So I will be in the ICU with both of my kids for the majority of today by myself. If anyone will be in Mt. Vernon today call my cell and maybe we can play for a while to get us out of the hospital.

I always fear offending when I speak of homeschooling. I have done it on accident with out realizing how on more than one occasion. I'm just asking please, if it comes out offensive, know that it's not what's in my heart, everyone should have the right to do what works best for their family.
If I did this with my long rambling post I am sorry. I was kind of just thinking out loud. And I am completely on board with everyone doing what is best for them and their children and family. And I am still leaving public and private school as an option for my children. Homeschooling just may not be for us someday. Even though it is what I would like to do now.

Your example Misty is awesome! That is exactly what I was trying to say about child led approaches. They are beautiful! So much more learning can be done when children can learn about what is interesting them now and their minds go farther into it than we would have known to go. I hope that Robin enjoys Lucy.
nurnur's Avatar nurnur 02:39 PM 10-01-2008
Im not offended easily, don't know if your apologies are in reference to my post about our public schooling but if so just know that I was not defending anything, just being open about what we are doing with our ever growing children!

Rachel: Im so sorry about your grandpa and the family stress that these things cause. My father had heart problems, 2 4-way bipasses in his life one when he was 45 and then nothing flared up for 20 years, when he was 65 he was in middle of a heart attack but still drove himself to the hospital, the twins were babies, that was tough. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 06:00 PM 10-01-2008
Gosh, your grandparents are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry, so dreadfully sorry your family is going through this. Let me know if I can help - I can watch the kids for you if you need.

I don't know why talking about homeschooling/unschooling would be insulting. I've known some very succesfully homeschooled AND unschooled kids. I've also known personally some absolute train wrecks from the homeschool/unschool crowd. It is NOT the easy way out, but I think many groovy go-with-the-flow parents kind of gravitate to homeschooling/unschooling because they think it will be "easy" or "gentle" or "natural" or whatever expectation they have for it. To the contrary, it take ten times the effort and attention, in my opinion.

I recognize that involved parents by definition do homeschooling/unschooling. Misty's example of Robin's interest is great. Many many parents offer that level of homeschooling/unschooling without even thinking that's what they're doing! That group of ideas I'm comfortable with.

It's getting a reluctant child interested in calculus, or a poor problem solver to focus on the process when they'd rather do something else, or developing the writing skills those colleges find so important. Hard things are worth doing, I tell Sev, but sometimes they're HARD! My worry is that I'll not find the way to make the lesson (whatever it may be) learnable without being a drill sargent!

In the end I'll do homeschooling whether Sev attends public school or not; that is the way I am, that's what we do with his sister, that's our home philosophy anyway. I just don't know if I'll be a full-time homeschooler/unschooler or a part-time one. I have done a lot of research on the subject and above all else I recognize it is a huge undertaking and not the easy way out. I'm not worried that my kid can do it, I'm worried that I am up to the task!
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 06:02 PM 10-01-2008
Rachel, I'm sorry your family is going through this. I might be able to meet you today, if so I'll give you a call later.

Carrie, I wasn't really worried about offending you because I know if I say something stupid you would probably forgive me! I know there have to be lurkers here too and I was mostly concerned with people who dont know me well enough to know that I operate with my foot awfully close to my mouth most of the time.

When I first met my neighbor,they asked if we had kids because the school bus stopped in front of her house. I said that we did not yet but were looking forward to homeschooling and she instantly snapped back that kids need social interaction and if I homeschooled my kids they wouldn't know how to function in society. I have meet many public schooled kids who don't seem to be able to function in society and I would bet most child delinquents are not homeschooled. I was really surprised at the reaction, I guess I shared more than necessary but this person had just told me that her second child was an IUD failure and they had been done at one so I though personal information was acceptable .

Anyone interested in Frontier? I had thought I would have an order together this week but have not had time so if anyone else wants to join in lets put the order in next week. They sell Yummy Earth candies made with organic cane juice instead of refined sugar so I really want to get those here before Halloween events start. Here's the sales flyer for the month. You can right click and select "save link as" to put it on your computer if you have trouble getting it loaded on the internet.
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 06:09 PM 10-01-2008
Originally Posted by inthezoo View Post
she instantly snapped back that kids need social interaction and if I homeschooled my kids they wouldn't know how to function in society.
I guess family time, play groups, community meetings, etc. aren't social interaction. *sigh* Whatever will we do? We are so isolated in our little bubble of... society. HA!
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 06:56 PM 10-01-2008
I recognize that involved parents by definition do homeschooling/unschooling. Misty's example of Robin's interest is great. Many many parents offer that level of homeschooling/unschooling without even thinking that's what they're doing! That group of ideas I'm comfortable with.
I totally agree. We have been doing things similar with Ian but I guess I never really equated it to "schooling" of any sort but of just answering his questions and developing from his natural interests. I guess I am a closet unschooler. Lately with him it has been space and planets, tides and the ocean and geography. Whenever I mail a package from my store he asks where it is going. I really need to get him a map...

Like Amy, I just don't see how in depth mathematics and such come into normal day interests for children. Maybe I am wrong and it is just hubby is great at using mathematical equations to build things so I guess it would come around one way or another.

Rachel So sorry about your grandpa. My dad had a heart attack about 3 years ago. We were home for a visit and if Rob and I hadn't been there and made him go to the hospital, he may not have made it. He had surgery and is doing much better now. I hope your grandpa recovers swiftly.

I just had my first bought of mastitis. It wasn't too bad because I caught it early and got a lot of rest and did all my "natural" remedies. It lasted about 24 hours and now I am feeling better. I had it about 3 times with Ian and was hoping to avoid it with Owen but no such luck. When I over do it my body sure lets me know!
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 10:07 PM 10-01-2008
As far as mathematics and writing go, I don't think even school programs can make a child learn if they really don't want to do it. Math has never been my thing, Doug tells me I try to make it harder than it is trying to see abstracts that are not there. He will be teaching higher math, I expect we will both be teaching writing since it is of interest for both of us. I try to write a blog everyday, it's one of the few things I can do and feel like and adult doing it without having to leave the house. It keeps me sane. Doug has aspirations to write a book. He writes articles here and there too. As far as reading goes, there isn't a window that would be missed if I didn't push for the kids to learn by, I believe they will come to it when they are ready and I also believe they will come to all things when they are ready too. When we hit a point that I can't teach what ever it is they need to know, we could hire a tutor or send them to classes in what ever subject it is they need.

I'm wondering do you use calculus on a regular basis? If you do then it must be something useful that you would likely end up teaching. If it's not, why teach it? Do you remember it and did you enjoy it? If you do and you did, there's a chance you can pass on your love of math as well, but if it's not helpful why does he need to learn it? If he doesn't lose his zest for learning and there comes a time he needs to know it, he will have the knowledge base to absorb information needed to retain it.

I fear that public school programs stomp out a lot of curiosity by instilling that rules, schedules and group structure is more important than a individuals interest. It's just a fact that groups as large as classes are with the teacher ratios as they are required some form of crowd control and seem to use a strong base of punishment and rewards I don't agree with. Alfie Cohn has some books on this subject that seem very interesting. Punished by Rewards is next on my reading list.

Then there is the matter of the WASL. I admit I'm always relieved to see how poorly our county schools do on this test. It shows what ever they are teaching they aren't just teaching to the test. I have a couple of friends who work in public school systems who admit that it is a real problem that teachers can't teach anymore because they are suppose to be getting kids to pass these tests. If the requirements get stricter then they are and kids to have to pass the tests then public school will be a waste of time, a lot of time.

How about the mass drugging of our children through medical evaluation programs that we may not even have a choice to decline. Ok, I'm sure now I'm coming off as a true conspiracy theorist but oddly there used to be many articles from varied reliable sources now I can only find a few at all. Anyway here's the link to one.
inthezoo's Avatar inthezoo 10:22 PM 10-01-2008
Originally Posted by aimlesslu View Post
I'm not worried that my kid can do it, I'm worried that I am up to the task!
There is also no reason why you couldn't send them to highschool later on. Many homeschoolers choose to do that. By choosing to homeschool you are in no way making a life long decision. You can always choose to enroll if you find your not up to the task and you have lost nothing!
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 10:41 PM 10-01-2008
Yes, Alfie Kohn is a great parenting philosopher and I've gotten a number of wonderful parenting ideas from him. He is also a highly educated man.

As far as calculus is concerned, yes, it was a requirement for my degree. I enjoyed it (as torturous as it was) and moved on. However, my dear friend the wetlands bioligist uses higher math every single day, doctors and naturopaths use higher math, nuclear engineers, research scientists, pilots, astronauts use higher math as part of their daily work. That I do not does not have any bearing on whether or not I feel it's a valuable tool.

There are good and bad parts of both homeschooling/unschooling and public group schooling. I'm still deeply considering which aspects of both would be a positive for my family and which aspects might detract from my family. There is no easy answer (true for any parenting issue).

The rabbit hole of life goes deep, and there are more things under heaven and earth than dreamed of in one person's philosophy (to butcher Shakespeare and the Matrix all at once). I only hope that the decisions I make for Sev now (or when he's 8, or 13, or 15) don't inadvertantly cripple his choices for the future.

Based on the previous discussion of unschooling, I was curious whether people in this thread had chosen to homeschool/unschool and what brought them to that decision. It seems there are a variety of philosophies!
strawberryfields08's Avatar strawberryfields08 12:07 AM 10-02-2008
Hi All
Back from the hospital for today. I rushed there this morning so that someone would be there to understand the doctor and then he never showed. I waited for 8 hours with both of my kids and now I am so frazzled. It looks like he will meet with the family tomorrow morning. Things dont look good. Grandpa doesn't want the surgery (right now he is not even a candidate)(but I am not sure he completely understands what is going on) and NO ONE else in my family seems to understand that he is not going home to live the way he was until his heart gives out. He can't even sit up for a long time and it is looking like he will permanently be on oxygen. Not to mention his lungs filled back up with fluid in less than 24 hours once they dropped the lasiks he had(they didn't even stop giving it to him intraveniousy just dropped the dose)So that is not a good sign. They all think because he is talking that he is well. Grandma is begining to understand but she can't be alone and I am having such a hard time figuring out how to help everyone understand that we have to figure out how we are going to deal with this. I am all for him making the decision if he doesn't want surgery. I will stand by it, however we need to figure out how to deal with what that means for us. We are a close family so you would think it would be easy, but nothing in a family is easy. It is especailly hard because of my dad being gone already. He was always the voice of reason
Anyway not to be so sad I just need a little venting is all.

As for calculus...Jesse is a carpenter (an excellent one! I am very proud of him!) and he uses it every day. They have lots of calculations for the different things they have to figure out.

OK now I have to prepare my life to be back at the hospital before 8.
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 12:28 AM 10-02-2008
So sorry about your grandpa. You are being so strong and helpful for your family. Make sure you take care of yourself and those kiddos too.
aimlesslu's Avatar aimlesslu 01:04 AM 10-02-2008
I'm home all day Thursday so if you want to drop the kids off here I'll be happy to help out - or if you want I can bring you lunch to the hospital, or come get them there and take them for a walk. Let me know, call me!
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