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  1. Improving menstrual cup fundraiser, support for Days for Girls
  2. Office of Women's Health Webinar: Mat., Infant, and Child Health (17 Sept. 12pm, ET)
  3. CDC: circumcision-for-STI-prev. in screening of immigrants. Comments needed by 24 Aug
  4. FDA seeking comments on Essure steralization procedure. Deadline 31 Aug. 2015.
  5. Tree Removal
  6. FDA seeking comments: "Male-Mediated Developmental Risk for Pharmaceuticals".
  7. FDA seeking comments: Patient-Focused Drug Development for Breast Cancer
  8. NC Senate Bill 346
  9. Call To Action In NC - A Bill To Remove Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations!
  10. Johnson's Baby Horrific Details of Product Testing Practices
  11. Traveling Healthcare workers in west Africa
  12. WARNING - Babies R Us collects your Confidential Data when returning item.
  13. FDA seeking comments on Female Sexual Dysfunction. Deadline 29 Dec. 2014.
  14. Discovery Channel Pulled a Documentary on Child Sex Abuse at Highest Levels
  15. I want to help the babies in Gaza
  16. Genetically Engineered Food
  17. Recycling and PAYT garbage systems?
  18. Activism and News
  19. Heavy Extremely Low Frequency SubSonic Bass is Hurting Our Children
  20. Nostalgia
  21. Heavy Thumping booming bass hurts autistic children, the wildlife, and humans
  22. The Dangers of Febreze - Sustainable Baby Steps
  23. Religious Exemptions in Archdiocese of New York
  24. HHS seeking comments regarding provider non-discrimination in health plans. Deadline 10 June 2014.
  25. Class action lawsuit against SkinMedica (manufacturer of cosmetics containing neonatal foreskin-derived ingredients).
  26. Very disturbed at apparent war on women - rant!!
  27. Kindly consider helping the victims of typhoon Haiyan
  28. It is not every century that a generation gets to choose via their actions or inactions what is to be written on their collective tombstone
  29. Gap year program for teens set to train global leaders to avert the looming ecological crisis
  30. Anyone else researching the effects of Fukushima on the Pacific?
  31. Interesting article on NPR about surgical procedures
  32. So many wildfires
  33. Best Way to Protest GMO
  34. A Mother's Reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict
  35. Inspiring column about supporting maternal health in Niger
  36. Parental Rights Amendment.
  37. X-posting: FL museum refuses to give two moms a family membership.
  38. Marines will lose daily 'hot' meal in Afganistan
  39. Petition to try to save newborns from severe nutrtional deficiences
  40. March Against Monsanto!
  41. Please help Holocaust survivor find his twin brother!
  42. Recognizing CPMs
  43. California sues Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Target and other retailers over lead in candy
  44. Petition to ban fluoride in public water supplies.
  45. Activism via Independent Media?
  46. DOMA, Prop 8, Deliberations and a run down?
  47. STOP the RAPE and ABUSE of women in India- Boycott India Campaign
  48. desperately could use your help
  49. When Girls Do It
  50. White House Petition for paid maternity leave!
  51. FDA seeking comments on Draft Guidance for Industry on Vaginal Microbicides (Deadline 21 Feb 2013)
  52. Fracking in PA - less than 800 signatures to go!
  53. Fracking in PA - less than 800 signatures to go!
  54. WIC petition for inclusion of Organic Foods
  55. Urgent: Leave a comment by Dec. 31st to EPA: Deny two deep injection wells in PA
  56. Urgent: Leave a comment by Dec. 31st to EPA: Deny two deep injection wells in PA
  57. 2 Million Parent March
  58. Such sad news from Connecticut
  59. nursing artwork censored
  60. Oppose HR 6402 - State Surveillance of Your Child's BMI
  61. Petition to include NDs under "Obamacare."
  62. Fight to know your parental rights vs. CPS (child protective services)
  63. CA Moms: Vote to Label GMO's!
  64. Australian Sen. Inquiry: The involuntary or coerced sterilisation of people with disabilities.
  65. Yard sales illegal??? Your Ownership Rights in great danger. Books, items.. no yard sales, no libraries?!!!
  66. Abbreviations and acronyms
  67. Action Alert: The Grand Autism Cover Up Continues
  68. Global Warming will be the death of our species, including our children. Newest science spells urgency!
  69. crosspost: protest re: John Hopkins Univ. recent study....
  70. petition amazon about childrearing books that advocate abuse
  71. Lakota Sacred Lands on the Auction Block -- Help save them by sharing these links.
  72. Volunteer trip or experience for 7yo?
  73. Lakota Sacred Indian Lands on the Auction Block -- Help save them by sharing these links!
  74. 23rd Horse Dies in ‘Suicide Race’
  75. Help me stop the Suicide Races!
  76. Improving Birth: National Rally For Change
  77. Locks of Love
  78. Resources for Talking to Kids about Colorado Shootings
  79. Boy Scouts reaffirmed ban on gays
  80. Anti-Spanking Activism: Opportunities
  81. Bus Monitor & Women In Media
  82. Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives x-posted to Homebirth
  83. DOMA Ruled *Unconstitutional*---- Again
  84. Faith and mental health, please sign my petition, thank you.
  85. JCPenney getting flack for portraying gay/lesbian normalcy.
  86. Attention moms of multiples and signatures from everyone. They are separating my twins in the classroom.
  87. Annoying NPR Article
  88. Please visit my petition, your signature could help save millions of women Worldwide.
  89. Advice on how to keep Walmart out of our town?
  90. Pertuzumab (breast cancer drug) under review, but won't be released early for compassionate use
  91. Legislation Over Wording Goes To Senate
  92. Bulk herbs and brutality toward infants
  93.'s National Rally for Change on Labor Day Sept. 3, 2012-- Nation Wide!!
  94. Drastic Cuts to Lead Poisoning and Prevention Funds
  95. Kill The Infants!
  96. Please lodge anti-circumcision submissions with Medicaid / CMS (Deadline 17 Feb. 2012)
  97. Total Health Care Costs FALL When "Poor" Are Provided Insurance
  98. girl fights off wal-mart kidnapper.
  99. Please sign my petition to help moms get their Placenta Released from Hospital
  100. Urgent - Fight the Colorado bill to pay for non-therapeutic genital cutting with tax money
  101. May Day 2012 General Strike
  102. Show Support for Girl Scout Inclusivity!
  103. SOTU: What Did You Think?
  104. Please lodge anti-circumcision submissions with the FDA (Re: Foreskins in cosmetics). Deadline 30 Jan. 2012
  105. SOPA & PIPA
  106. All For Paula -- Please help keep my hometown safe.
  107. Sick kids in NY? Anyone have any information?
  108. Teen calls for boycott of Girl Scout cookies over transgender members
  109. Update on human milk cows
  110. Controversial Ads in Georgia Target Childhood Obesity
  111. Citizens United Ruling in Montana
  112. Parents threaten to protest school for allowing Muslim author to speak with students.
  113. AHRQ-Call for Public Review: Skin Substitutes for Treating Chronic Wounds (Deadline 13 Jan. 2012)
  114. Email address for complaint to Norway Child Services--four month old and two year old taken from Indian parents
  115. U.S. War in Iraq Declared Officially Over
  116. There is no excuse
  117. Forced chemotherapy on child, against parental rights
  118. Firefighters Watched as House Burned to the Ground
  119. -
  120. HR 358
  121. Occupy Wall Street
  122. World Population hits 7 Billion according to UN
  123. Police Conduct during Occupy Oakland - Write to the OPD
  124. socks mittens hats scarves for Occupy Wall Street people
  125. Mama's and Midwives matter get the word out!
  126. California allows college aid to illegal immigrants
  127. McDonalds Adds Fries to EVERY Happy Meal
  128. Cain Tax Plan
  129. Occupy Wallstreet Movement
  130. Dress seller calls customer a joke, says "do not WASTE our time".
  131. Random Chatter on 2012 Presidential Elections
  132. Houston B.I.R.T.H. Fair Sat, Oct. 1st!!!
  133. 7 year old autistic boy is missing
  134. Operation Mountain Guardian - - Denver, CO
  135. Troy Davis Executed
  136. 75 Injured and at least 3 dead at the Reno Air Races
  137. Bullying In Schools
  138. Mominations: Help Me Donate Money to a Good Cause
  139. I need your help.
  140. 4 year old dressed like Dolly Parton- boobs and all
  141. 381 Americans arrested for peacefully speaking out against tar sands oil pipeline
  142. Hurricane!!!
  143. This is How We Thank the Brave First Responders
  144. Jack Layton, Canadian NDP leader has died
  145. "Hot Sauce Mom"
  146. Lawyers Charged in National Baby-Selling Scandal
  147. Operation White Cake - Surprise Wedding
  148. Monsanto gets its comeuppance
  149. triggering news article (infant death/near death)
  150. Op/Ed in Journal of the American Medical Association: Hand Severely Obese Children Over to CPS
  151. Attacks in Oslo
  152. Major American Brands Silent on Alleged Rights Abuses At Overseas Factories
  153. California governor signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history
  154. Top ISPs agree to become copyright cops
  155. Woman Faces 93-Days in Jail For Planting Vegetable Garden
  156. Be Careful--Live The Way CPS Wants, Or Else
  157. FDA to Over Regulate Nutritional Supplements
  158. FDA ban against Nutritional Supplements
  159. Microbiological Data Program, Crucial E. Coli Screening For Produce, Axed By Congress
  160. "Go the (expletive) To Sleep . . . demeans children" and comparable to racist humor
  161. Woman sprays cops with breastmilk. Seriously.
  162. NY passes Same Sex Marriage bill
  163. $1 Bank Robbery to Get Health Care
  164. We are organizing to create more influence
  165. nurse in at the Delta counter at Fairbannks International Airport We 6/29/11
  166. Al Gore in Rolling Stone
  167. news clip about baby deaths (warning) in philly linked to Fukushima
  168. AARP Willing to Negotiate on Social Security Retirement Age
  169. WIC cuts passed by house republicans.
  170. Empowered Birth Awareness Week
  171. Duggars are NOT Quiverfull!
  172. Canadian Mother Nathalie Morin Detained in Saudi Arabia
  173. ""We are all Habiba"
  174. 11-year-old exposes Monsanto and GMOs, and other GMO stuff
  175. California bill (AB 499) would allow 12 year olds to consent to certain vaccines without parental knowledge
  176. Should Anthony Weiner resign?
  177. Santa Monica MGM bill petition drive withdrawn
  178. Here we go again... toxic chemicals & baby products don't mix!
  179. Florida Gun Law - 'Docs and Glocks'
  180. Act against mandatory screen time for preschoolers
  181. Please see my thread: FDA seizes birth pools, threatens to destroy
  182. Please see my thread: FDA seizes birth pools, threatens to destroy
  183. The Casey Anthony Trial (Update: #1 on Caylee's Law)
  184. The MGM Bill - Should male circumcision be banned?
  185. Rape is the same as getting a flat tire?
  186. Petition to Reinstate EPA Testing for Radiation in Food, Water, Air
  187. Please Sign Our Petition - EPA to Continue to Monitor Radiation
  188. Saudis Re-arrest woman for driving
  189. Mamalode's New Issue Just Arrived
  190. NC School Offers Prizes for Vaccinations
  191. Petition Against: Contest in NC lures students with tech prize, for getting vaccinated
  192. Mom injecting her 8 year old daughter with Botox
  193. 28d old infant killed by mother
  194. Breastfeeding advocacy local org/volunteering?
  195. No news about Fukushima is not good news
  196. Neil Gaiman: "Pencil Necked Weasel"
  197. Osama bin Laden is dead
  198. Bin Laden
  199. Sad story about missing mom
  200. Killer's Quest: Organ Donation After Execution
  201. Remember the oil spill?
  202. Tragedy for a family and a midwife
  203. Kobe Bryant Fined for Using Anti-Gay Slur.
  204. Screen-Free Week 2011
  205. Hey Canadians!
  206. Carrying less & less stuff...
  207. Frustrated with the current political climate for women
  208. What would a government shutdown look like?
  209. Participation by Religious Organizations in USAID Programs - Open for comment.
  210. 2nd Grader Pepper-Sprayed
  211. Has anyone seen this? Especially anyone into natural healing, midwives, etc.?!
  212. Green party not allowed in debate - petition - Canadian
  213. North Carolinians: Please Save NC Aromatherapists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Craniosacral Therapists and some Midwives!
  214. Petkau Effect
  215. Radioactive Rainwater - Anyone else concerned?
  216. radioactive water 10 million times normal at fukuskima
  217. vermont committee approves universal health care
  218. Battle Anti-Wildlife Legislation with 'Save Our Skins'
  219. Tokyo tap water not safe for infants
  220. millions against monsanto rallies in CA this weekend (march 26th)...
  221. RIP Elizabeth Taylor
  222. House bill cuts 93% of federal funding for poison control centers. (MT moms especially!)
  223. Paddling in schools?
  224. ALL READERS: Please make this important anti-circumcision submission to government (Deadline 31 March 2011).
  225. Prayer Circle for Families In Japan
  226. Charles Rangel reintroduces Draft Legislation
  227. Radiation from Japan Found in Southern California??
  228. $5 ATM Fees
  229. Video Games for Japan
  230. Earthquakes and Tsunamis - Pacific Region
  231. ALL MBRS: Pls help prevent circumcision at Caboolture GP Super Clinic (Deadline 14 March 2011)
  232. ALL MBRS: Pls help prevent circumcision at Wynnum GP Super Clinic (Deadline 14 March 2011)
  233. ALL MBRS: Pls help prevent circumcision at Mackay GP Super Clinic! (Deadline 9 March 2011)
  234. Petition to LLL: Inform Mothers of Effects of Circumcision on Breastfeeding
  235. resturant serving breastmilk icecream UPDATE it's been confiscated!
  237. ALL MBRS: Please download & send this Complaint (re: disgusting pro-circ article) to Australian Press Council (Deadline 3 Mar 11)
  238. UK members: Possible Opportunity - Department of Health Community Consultations (Deadline 31 March 2011)
  239. Washington Residents: Don't Let Doctors Become the Thought Police
  240. careful of grandparent's rights bills usurping parental rights
  241. GOP: Deny life-saving abortions
  242. Hosni Mubarek may step down... (news within the hour)
  243. Disney again.....
  244. Huffington Post bought by AOL
  245. Super Duper is A Profit Driven Company- Wake UP
  246. Egypt. :(
  247. the organic elite surrenders to monsanto
  248. A place for Yung Ladies to grow!
  249. Bill # 22 Grandparents rights
  250. Meet Ups for Maryland Intactivists