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  1. Michigan - Any great Pediatrician and Internal Med docs
  2. Ringworm Treatment
  3. no-vax friendly dr. in northern DE
  4. Looking for NoVac friendly/holistic Ped. in NJ
  5. Looking for natural/novac friendly pediatrician in Pinellas county, Fl
  6. Looking for Doula in Los Angeles/Valley...
  7. Any healthcare professionals on this board?
  8. Delayed/Slec/ Vax friendly Pedi/GP in IE /So. Cal???
  9. OB/GYN in Venice/SaMo area?
  10. Looking for Holistic MD in Maryland
  11. Anybody know Dr. Granite in Greenbelt
  12. Looking for No Vax Ped in South Dakota (Sioux Falls)
  13. Looking for no-vax friendly ped in Kansas City...
  14. looking for an OB in Los Angeles, CA
  15. Looking for an OB in Orange County, CA
  16. Ped in Austin/Pflugerville
  17. peds in monmouth/ocean/mercer county, NJ?
  18. Alternative med/Delayed vax ped in Albuquerque?
  19. Looking for Pediatrics in Orlando/Kissimmee
  20. Searching for pediatritian in Chicago
  21. Question about two docs in Hoffman Estates IL area
  22. crunchy in Victorville/Hesperia, CA- iso Family Doc
  23. Looking for AP friendly pediatrician in Central Kentucky
  24. Info on DC Birthing Centers/OBs/Midwives
  25. NJ, outstanding Ob/ gyn?
  26. Looking for Ped in Essex County, NJ
  27. ISO holistic pediatrician Tucson, Arizona~(updated)
  28. Need help finding a Ped in NE PA
  29. Doctor in West Des Moines Area???
  30. non-vax freindly Doc in Indianapolis Area
  31. Natural/Organic Dentistry
  32. Help w/ Colic past 3mos/ Hyland's Tablets??
  33. good doctor in toronto??
  34. Any AP-friendly doctors in Oklahoma?
  35. This may be a long shot.... Desperately seeking ped in Greenville, SC
  36. non-vax friendly ped in SE MI?
  37. looking for ped./DENVER, COLORADO or SPRINGS
  38. help me find a ped or what in pittsburgh
  39. Brother just informed his daughter is autistic
  40. Anyone know of a good DAN! Dr in So Cal?
  41. I found a wonderful holistic ped in Westchester County, NY
  42. Can I do health care non-profit?
  43. good female GP for teen girl? austin tx.
  44. Here is a link for holistic pediatrics
  45. Looking for a (anti) vax friendly dr. in Portland, OR
  46. Looking for a natural doctor or just a good AP doctor in Austin and surronding areas
  47. SEARCHING for a good pediatrician in downeast maine (mdi, ellsworth,barharbor,bluehil
  48. Homeopath/Naturopath wanted in Marlboro, MA area
  49. ISO good GYN and/or family doc in Colorado Springs, CO
  50. help w/ chronic ear infections/mucous in lungs (wheezing)
  51. homeopath/naturopath recommendations Atlanta
  52. Does anyone go to Monica O'sullivan in Atlanta for naturopath?
  53. beaufort, sc
  54. Looking for family practice doc or ped in Twin Cities, MN
  55. looking for GYN/ OB/GYN in Orlando & info on Arnold Palmer Hospital
  56. Anyone have medicaid in Denver?
  57. Looking for good Fam. Prac in SE Mich. - Urgent
  58. NO vax in west texas..Odessa?
  59. selective vax friendly dr in Utah
  60. Looking for AP Friendly Doc in SW Florida
  61. Looking for a good pediatrician in the Jacksonville, AL area
  62. Do you avoid doctors?
  63. Looking for a VBAC friendly OB in McHenry County IL
  64. Food protein induced enterocolitis
  65. ARIZONA!! DR.Ruth Gullota is fabulous!!!!
  66. chicken pox vac
  67. Need Naet Recommendation Mercer County/central Nj
  68. Looking for pediatrician or family doctor in south central PA area
  69. ISO Pediatrician in Dallas, TX Area
  70. ped. in Burlington-St. Albans Vt area
  71. naturopath
  72. Seeking EBF/ friendly ped in Fredericksburg, VA area!
  73. Need Ped in Eastern Shore of Virginia
  74. Looking for Non-vax, bf, no-circ practice in San Ramon, Ca
  75. Looking for a delayed vax friendly ped in Baltimore, MD
  76. Looking for dentist in southern-ontario
  77. Looking for an AP friendly Dr. on N. Vancouver Island...
  78. vax-friendly peds in Omaha/Bellevue NE
  79. Dr. Sears's Birthday
  80. database Northern Virginia DC Metro area
  81. Need Ped (North of) Syracuse NY
  82. Need Vax-Friendly Ped. in Fairfield, CA or within 30 miles of
  83. Doc for my newborn in Southern Palm Beach County
  84. Looking for PCP Recommendations for Leominster, MA
  85. Looking for Homeopath in NE TN area
  86. Pediatrician in Westchester County NY needed
  87. Looking for bf/ap-friendly GP and/or ped in Youngstown-Warren OH area
  88. Any pediatrician recommendations near Greenfield and Amherst, MA?
  89. Natural Chilbirth Friendly OB
  90. Need a friendly, NFL ped. in the San Fernando (Los Angeles), CA
  91. Non vax friendly ped or family dr in CT?
  92. Question about naturopath phone consult
  93. Need Family Practitioner in Boulder/Lousiville/Longmont, CO
  94. Ped. or family prac. in Minneapolis?
  95. Pittsburgh area NFL/NB friendly doctors?
  96. Help! Need OB or Family Doctor in Sacramento, CA
  97. looking for dentist & ped in the kansas city area
  98. non-vax friendly ped in greenville, SC
  99. Looking for Ped. Jackson, MS area ~ ok w/ no vac's
  100. Happy w/our Ped in Berks county, PA
  101. Seeking Boca Raton area OB/midwife - HELP!
  102. Desperately seeking Ped. Vero Beach/Treasure Coast FL
  103. South Shore MA--no vax friendly Pediatrician or Family doc?
  104. Do not see Dr. Matthew Cohan in Sacramento, CA!
  105. Omaha/Lincoln - the local homeopath?
  106. looking for non-vax friendly ped or dr in Phoenix, AZ???
  107. Ped. in Santa Clarita/San Fernando Valley, CA?
  108. Pediatrician in Chesney, SC area?
  109. wonderful bf-friendly ABQ optometrist!
  110. Looking for extended BF, non/delayed vax friendly Ped in Northern NJ
  111. We need help in Kansas City!
  112. Interviewing Dr.s- what should I ask?
  113. Looking for VBAC OB in SW Portland, OR area
  114. Open-minded pediatrician in Denver/Aurora Area
  115. Recommendation for Ped in Sacramento at Kaiser
  116. Family practice physician as pediatrician?
  117. Drs. and Alternative care in Sterling Heights/Detroit area?
  118. No vaccination friendly doctor or pediatrician in Bradenton or Sarasota?
  119. pregnancy chiro in sacramento
  120. Cincinnati/Northern KY OBGYN & pediatrician
  121. Doctor recommendations for Hudson Valley, NY?
  122. Openminded Pediatrician in Central NJ
  123. ISO no-circ pedi in Houston
  124. Delay/Selective-vax friendly ped. needed in Concord, MA area
  125. Looking for Allergy Treatment Alternatives
  126. Moving to Sonoma County
  127. Research Nurse w/Breastfeeding Study in Houston
  128. AP Dad/Acupuncturist in SaMo/WeHo, CA
  129. Looking for Chiropractor for kids in twin cities, MN
  130. Got a good Doc in MD for us parents?
  131. Skipping well-baby checkups - opinion?
  132. Medicaid Pedi in Plano/Dallas?
  133. Need Chipractor Hawaii
  134. Need OB in Miami
  135. Novax Ped needed in Clarksville, Tn.
  136. Dentist in Waldorf, MD/Southern PG County
  137. Help! My son has tons of cavities.
  138. Dr. Gordon
  139. Looking for Alternative Dentist in Santa Monica or LA?
  140. obgyn North Texas
  141. Looking for open-minded, friendly Ped in SE Pennsylvania
  142. Need Ped.& Ped. dentist in Bergen/Passaic Cty NJ
  143. no vax ped in new haven??
  144. Looking for Drs in the seacoast NH area
  145. ped in San Diego's North County?
  146. Looking for an OB-GYN and/or Todra Anderson-Lewis
  147. Natural Practioners in Suffolk County, Long Island?
  148. need ped and dentist - Rochester, NY area
  149. ped/family practice in Syracuse NY area? BF friendly, open vax, holistic?
  150. Looking for special needs ped in Chandler area (Arizona)
  151. no/delay vax ped/fam in pittsburgh?
  152. Homebirth, AP-friendly OB in Twin Cities?
  153. OB/GYN in Halifax, NS
  154. AP/bf friendly ped in Atlanta?
  155. Looking for ped in Michigan
  156. Family doctor in Nashville for Grandma?
  157. Searching for OB/GYN in Pembroke Pines area
  158. ISO Natural Childbirth-Friendly OB/GYN in Calaveras or Amador Counties (CA)
  159. ISO of Pedi in Calaveras or Amador Counties (CA)
  160. Pediatrician in Sebastopol
  161. Don't go to Dr. Terry Lin in San Jose, CA
  162. Looking for a "Delay Vaccination/No Vaccination" friendly Pediatrician in Phoenix AZ
  163. Homeopath/Chiro in Fort Worth?
  164. Looking for natural-friendly everything in Pierce/Thurston/Mason county areas
  165. Looking for a new Ped near Evanston Illinois non vax friendly....
  166. Alternative Medicine Doctor San Antonio or Surounding Hill Country, TX?
  167. Northern VA pediatricians - AP/pro-BF/etc.
  168. Moving to Camarillo, CA at the end of July..need physician for my DD
  169. Need a no-circ/ no-vacc friendly pediatrician in Bedford TX???
  170. Bfing Friendly Ped in Sonoma County, CA?
  171. Non Vac friendly Pediatrician in Spokane, WA?
  172. looking for family dentist in dc/md area
  173. No-vax friendly ped in North County San Diego
  174. Any AP Pediatricians in Maryland???
  175. CAM friendly M.D. in southern Missouri?
  176. ISO Naturpath/Homeopath ANYWHERE in North Dakota! Please help!
  177. Louisville KY?
  178. Ped Recommendations in Queens, NY or Nassau, LI
  179. In Search of Relief
  180. Can someone recommend a Ped. in ST. LOUIS?
  181. Ped in New Hampshire (Lebanon)
  182. Please help..... Need Ped in New York
  183. Dr. James Dobson--What do you think of him?
  184. Moving - need pediatrician in Dayton, OH
  185. Any AP Friendly Peds in Cambridge, MA area?
  186. No-vax friendly family practitioner in San Jose, CA
  187. Looking for a no-vax friendly ped. in Houston
  188. Looking for pediatrician in Philadelphia
  189. ISO No Vax Family Doc in Youngstown,OH
  190. Looking for no-vax friendly ped in Wichita
  191. seeking specialist on female genitals
  192. Alternative medicine/breastfeeding friendly children's dentist in the East Bay, CA?
  193. Child friendly/experienced/wise Naturopath in the East Bay, CA?
  194. need of new Ped. Cartersville Ga
  195. Looking for a no vax friendly pediatrician in MD
  196. looking fo alternative friendly pediatrician in los angeles area
  197. Aromatherapy Diffuser/dispenser
  198. Looking for OB that works through Pomona Valley Hospital
  199. desperately searching for a delayed-vax friendly ped in Northwest Florida area
  200. Put my DD on Strattera? help?!
  201. ISO ped. in Richmond VA
  202. Low/slow vax Pediatrician - Irving/Dallas,TX
  203. Acupuncturist in SaMo/WeHo, CA
  204. Open-minded neurologist in SW PA?
  205. looking for a ped in Suffolk LI, New York
  206. Chinese doctor, acupuncture in vancouver
  207. Tennis Elbow and a cough in Los Angeles- help...
  208. Looking for pediatrician in Kissimmee or Orlando, FL
  209. best place to order human anatomy models?
  210. Best place to order stethoscope?
  211. Des Moines IA area -- family doc? OBGYN with CNM on Staff?
  212. Need a PED, and a dentist and would like a ND, homeopath too in Boston suburb
  213. Need Brooklyn/NYC OB
  214. Afforable "alternative" Docs
  215. Looking for a "no vaccination" friendly pediatrician in central ohio!
  216. In need of a Gen. Med/Family Prac. Dr in Phoenix area
  217. Ped/FNP/Fam in Sacramento, California area?
  218. Seeking AP-friendly ped in Suffolk, LI, NY
  219. ob/gyn in Seattle Edmonds Kirkland areas
  220. Ped/Fam Dr. in Phx area?
  221. OB-GYN in Phoenix....?
  222. Dr. Recommendation
  223. What if you have no options....
  224. ped in Woodbridge, VA area
  225. recurrent herpes at delivery..options..
  226. PLEASE -- GD family counselor in Tacoma, Seattle, Oly?
  227. Looking for a pediatrician or family practic doc in denver
  228. My toddler's poop is white, what is going on?
  229. natural immune system boosters needed
  230. Port Orchard, Washington or Kitsap County
  231. Northeast CT -- Open minded Pediatrician???
  232. Looking for a good ped in Des Moines
  233. Need to find a Pediatrician in DC/VA!!!!
  234. need a family doc - ME/NH
  235. ISO family practice in Raleigh area with holistic 'slant'
  236. looking for GYN in Portland?
  237. health care in Wenatchee WA
  238. looking for DO and Chiro for mom to be in Maryland
  239. need a holistic dentist in Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), NC
  240. pediatrician in St. Louis
  241. homeopath and family practice MD in San DIego
  242. mother needs help in custody case!
  243. Pediatrician AND pedodontist in McKinney, TX area
  244. Looking for ped in Portland, OR, and rec. for NYC
  245. Classical Homeopath List
  246. moving. need ped in austin, texas
  247. Homeopath Pediatritian
  248. Homeopathy at home
  249. Ped in ABQ, NM/No Vaccine/Extended BF o.k.
  250. AWESOME, AWESOME AWESOME Midwife - Chicago area