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  22. im not a mom i just need a friend
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  26. Perspectives on Medication
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  30. Pre-teen Son with Anaphylactic allergy to peanuts and dairy
  31. I'm an inadequate advocate for my son (lengthy)
  32. Potty trained ....when naked
  33. Intro NEWBY HERE
  34. dealing with bullies
  35. Sensory friendly shoe ideas, please!
  36. Schools with Special Education Program - Plano/Dallas/Frisco [Nearby] Texas
  37. Apraxia... and a 6yo... how much does that diagnosis really matter?
  38. Sensory Disorder or just self soothing?
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  40. Williams Syndrome
  41. Interview help - College student
  42. Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
  43. Special Education questionnaire assignment help
  44. Share your parenting experience!
  45. Teal Pumpkin Project
  46. At my wits end potty learning, 6yr old son, maybe sensory?
  47. Know an AGGRESSIVE disability lawyer in Indianapolis?
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  49. Organization That Sends Cheerful Mail To Children
  50. Tween and social life
  51. Hypotonia and low muscle tone in my son (Houston)
  52. Where To Begin Cross Post
  53. after school rages
  54. School failing him
  55. All advice welcome
  56. How to replace bottle with chewy?
  57. Anxious Mothers Club (School is Starting!)
  58. huh? MRI no longer shows hyperintensity?
  59. Why do we push people first language when autistics disapprove?
  60. Nanny with Special Needs Experience - Available
  61. 9yo can't do simple puzzles and having verbal memory issues?
  62. 6 y/o with aggressive behavior during feeding therapy
  63. I'm at a loss on how to help my son
  64. 11 year old ADHD- plus much more
  65. book: boundaries with kids good for adhd?
  66. Microtia Child
  67. about 1 year in to dx for dsd. adhd, innapproipriate behavior etc.
  68. Behavioral therapist wants to do his own testing/WWYD?
  69. How to know ADHD med's are working?
  70. Detroit Metro area Elementary Schools that Mainstream
  71. At my wit's end
  72. When to talk to your kiddos about it...
  73. My Son Failed OEA and AABR Hearing Test! BUT Then Came the relief
  74. What is your biggest question when it comes to managing stress and finding balance?
  75. Developmental Delay
  76. Has anyone's low tone child lost strength?
  77. Filing CHINS today
  78. Asperger's? Or just not adjusting well...
  79. ADD or ADHD alternative medications?
  80. School pays for outside treatment?
  81. anyone else out there? 5 yr old hearing loss, please help!
  82. Happy Mother's Day!
  83. 5 Year Old Birthday Parties
  84. I finished my Sp. Ed. Teaching Certification
  85. toddler with issues...help!
  86. TDT, ChINS, FAPT, Autism waiver for Medicaid?
  87. Should laws regarding special education consult former special ed students
  88. Diagnosing ADHD
  89. Unvaxed with autism?
  90. no contact with special assistant?
  91. That is not appropriate behaivor - Really?
  92. This book changed my life
  93. Speech Impairment in K or grade 1, want to hear from other parents
  94. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  95. Canada School IPRC process
  96. Is this what happens at special needs preschool? Is this normal?
  97. Meier-Gorlin Syndrome
  98. Speech Language Dysfluency Question
  99. high functioning autistic... and how you dealt
  100. Aspergers in girls?
  101. Calling all parents
  102. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  103. Transitioning from only child to having siblings
  104. massive toddler meltdowns
  105. Thinking of moving to Arizona
  106. What do you think about this article on feeding therapy?
  107. question and concern
  108. Being a good support person for autism
  109. Curriculum ideas for legally blind children entering kindergarten soon
  110. I start my student teaching tomorrow
  111. Dr wants assessment, school doesn't think its neccessary?
  112. WTF Thread
  113. Discipline/parenting child with Autism (PDD NOS)
  114. Explaining ADHD to non adhd kids
  115. 3 year old zones out when aggressive
  116. Orthotic inserts
  117. Bad anxiety
  118. Child study/IEP meeting tomorrow- PDD NOS
  119. Brief Child Behaviors and Parenting Attitudes Questionnaire
  120. the "r" word
  121. Genetic syndrome
  122. I NEED to do more...
  123. Nightmare before christmas - Please help us!
  124. Sensory issues, weighted compression vest vs plain compression or weighted vest.
  125. Retained Reflexes
  126. Pediatric onset bipolar disorder
  127. Dealing with denial
  128. Brief child behaviors & parenting attitudes questionnaire
  129. PDD-NOS..after 8 years
  130. Question/Idea about Support
  131. year 12 research project
  132. 18 mo being evaluated
  133. Hello, new here.
  134. Special needs kids in college?
  135. What Age Did You Evaluate for Aspergers?
  136. Does anyone else have a child with dyspraxia?
  137. New member
  138. Teaching DS6 how to make friends/develop socially
  139. Am I overprotecting my ASD teens?
  140. Need help deciphering OT report
  141. Experience with infant weight loss?
  142. newborn being tested for genetic disorders.. advice please!
  143. difficulties communicating with the school speech pathologist
  144. When to start the IEP process?
  145. keeping son close - adhd
  146. 5 yr old with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  147. does this exist?
  148. does this exist?
  149. 5yo potty regression - I need help
  150. My Blog to help fellow special needs mummies!
  151. books for siblings about autism?
  152. ATRX syndrome support group
  153. need help/advice Dp's DD has maybe ADHD or something?
  154. Quick Interview
  155. Austin schools questions
  156. Help with Questions
  157. To ALL parents with Special Needs Children
  158. Is there an age or time where you just bite the bullet and pay for private therapy?
  159. Bussing Issues
  160. High functioning ASD - how do you fill the day?
  161. Child Elopement from School aka Bolting
  162. Medicine Q for child with ADD and anxiety
  163. special ed services interview
  164. Eval for ASD leads to many other labels! Any experience with the ASDS test?
  165. Anybody tried NAET for healing autism/ASD?
  166. disconnected kids by melillo
  167. ADHD vs ASD vs both, feeling sad, trying to figure this out
  168. Where should we go -- vacation question
  169. Apraxia and being embarrassed/apologizing for son
  170. Autism/Aspergers -anyone?
  171. Daughter with ADHD can't go to sleep
  172. Neurological disorder?
  173. Anyone else parenting from a wheelchair?
  174. Out of Home Placement
  175. Employment opportunities for individuals with special needs
  176. Does anyone know...
  177. How to do GFCF diet /biomedical approach when there's sensory issues with food?!s
  178. IRun4
  179. IRun4
  180. Possible child anxiety help needed
  181. Have your family plans changed...
  182. How much do you tell people?
  183. How do I get a 9 year old with HFA out of my bed?!
  184. Where to start? Possible ASD/Aspergers
  185. A letter to people who don't understand about my special needs child...
  186. new to APD
  187. Cloth pads for 2e girl? autism
  188. what is wrong with my child? ADHD?
  189. Selling house -- this is HARD / ASD
  190. Limping getting worse, what could be causing it. Perthes?
  191. Drills for auditory processing disorder
  192. Autistic toddler with overeating issues
  193. What 3 things do you struggle with the most?
  194. Talking to your children about their issues w/o making them feel bad
  195. When you feel that you've reached the end of your rope
  196. Special Needs Parenting
  197. Declassification of my Aspergers child?
  198. Coping with feeling different from everyone b/c of child's special needs
  199. Recommendations for media, TV, or movies?
  200. Why are they testing for Hirschsprung Disease?
  201. Emotional disturbance?
  202. Huge swings in regulation
  203. Is this a sensory thing?
  204. Does the "Explosive Child" approach really work?
  205. ASD son saying he see's double
  206. Need some advice for how to help my little guy
  207. Which specialist or therapist can help with reasoning skills?
  208. Frustrated and Need Advice
  209. Any introverted mamas here?
  210. Need Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Survey Takers Please!
  211. Need quick advice! Should I take this job?!
  212. Median Cleft Palate Syndrome
  213. PANDAS
  214. Calling all special needs mommys and daddys
  215. Thoughts on starting a blog about my son's condition?
  216. to any parent with a child with Microcephaly
  217. Questions about different types of therapy.
  218. Therapeutic Boarding School
  219. Weird (manic) behaviour
  220. Keeping friends for special needs son
  221. nepsy-ii executive function test-anyone know what divergent scores means?
  222. ADHD any articles to help grandparents understand?
  223. Does anybody use parental control?
  224. Kindergarten teacher praised DS
  225. Where to get appropriate clothing and shoes?
  226. My son was just diagnosed with ADHD. What do I need to know?
  227. Unsure about whether therapist is meeting our needs re: discipline
  228. Please read
  229. Teach acceptable noise levels
  230. Parents of kids with Aspergers, need advice please
  231. Help for emotional meltdowns in 5 year old with high anxiety possibly ASD
  232. Anyone else have a child with ADHD and Tourettes?
  233. I Need Help!
  234. Mito? Quirky Kid? A penny for your thoughts!
  235. ADOS & ABA/IBI questions
  236. Insights into a mentally ill mother and child rejection
  237. Apprehensive about TTC after having a special needs child
  238. Would you share your daily routines for your ADHD child
  239. When your special needs child doesn't grow up when they're a grown up...
  240. doctors, therapist, nutritionist Vent.
  241. step daughter just diagnosed: ADHD, possibly autism, FASD
  242. ISO more natural minded/biomedical autism/anxiety/depression resources
  243. Clinical psych evaluation
  244. Pregnant and got a positive marker for downs.
  245. An education about talking about people with aspergers and autism.
  246. AUTISM Mama's - Help!
  247. Denial of child's delays- neglect?
  248. How do you have a social life? Or just time to yourself?
  249. IEP accomodations for Dyslexia
  250. 14 month old with hypotonia