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  1. Birth Circle Story Request
  2. Looking for moms with one of a kind pregancies
  3. Video! 9 Pound Home Water Birth! Surprise Gender!
  4. Our birth story! Hospital & Natural
  5. Birth Stories
  6. Finding Beauty in Dark Places- homebirth hospital transfer- revised birth story
  7. I birthed an 11lb baby in less than 1.5 hours at home!
  8. Do you think the way your mother told you about birth changed the way you experienced it?
  9. Healing unassisted birth
  10. Saskia's accidentally unassisted birth.
  11. Georgiana's Birth: A planned, unassisted homebirth en caul
  12. Two years overdue...Rory's Peaceful Home Birth
  13. My birth story!
  14. My story!
  15. Kaitlyn's birth
  16. Homebirth, shoulder dystocia, 11lbs 12oz, 42+6 weeks, 7 hr labor - Wonderful!!! Zephyr's Birth Story
  17. How Evhe Simone came into the world
  18. Birth story of my one in a million special needs son
  19. Natural -esque induction because of pre eclampsia
  20. The Fast HBA2C of Felix - I did it!
  21. Peter David's precipitous hospital birth (doula-assisted)
  22. The Homebirth Story of JJ
  23. Left with a lot of questions & fear after my birth experience
  24. Unassisted Birth of John David
  25. Birth story of rainbow baby August
  26. Birth Story of Jackson
  27. Birth Story of Thomas
  28. My daughters home birth
  29. My First Baby and Jin Shin Jyutsu
  30. Penny's healing hospital birth
  31. slow warm-up and fast water birth of B
  32. having to be induced :-(
  33. No idea where to post this.............Sex PP
  34. Virgil's long (and quick!) birth story
  35. pain med-free induction, 2 hr Labor & Delivery
  36. A positive induction story (long)
  37. From Home Birth To Hospital Birth (C-Section birth story)
  38. 50 hours of labor
  39. The Hospital Waterbirth of Amelia
  40. My both terrifying and embarassing delivery.
  41. Identical Twin Homebirth Please RESPOND
  42. Lula Ileene's Birth
  43. Two hour labor, big baby, home birth
  44. July 9th 2011
  45. Gemma's Birth- Prodromal Labor, 2nd VBAC, Positive Hospital BIrth
  46. Needing to vent...
  47. Don't miss the Mother's Day Contest!
  48. Zebediah's birth story
  49. Noah's Home Birth
  50. 2nd natural birth, 1st homebirth: No Birth Pool or 'House' Needed
  51. Anyone experience a really fast labor? Help a student out!
  52. "Wasn't in my plan!" Titus's Birth Story
  53. Graham Vincent's home birth (A surprise footling breech!)
  54. Lydia's fast birth (with pics)
  55. Trying to make sense of a friend's birth story and epidurals. Can you help?
  56. Hoping for a homebirth, blindsided by preeclampsia. Baby Z's birth story.
  57. Our third baby - accidental UC!
  58. Emmett's birth, almost in the car
  59. Genevieve Marguerite's quick homebirth/waterbirth
  60. Twin homebirth story- MonkeyMoo and MouseyMoo
  61. Long labor, natural hospital birth, big baby
  62. Very confused, angry, and have a lot of questions about my birth experience
  63. Rainbow Twins
  64. Cormac Theodore's Birth
  65. HBAC story of our rainbow Josiah
  66. Hypnobabies HBAC Waterbirth of 3rd Baby
  67. LONG story of a SHORT birth
  68. Miracle birth for a miracle baby, Undiagnosed VCI
  69. not as bad as my attendants keep telling me it was!
  70. Sometimes birth satisfaction is spelt c-e-s-a-r-e-a-n
  71. Nevermore Stargazer is finally here
  72. The natural hospital waterbirth of my caul baby! Lots of pics!
  73. Teen unassisted home water birth, baby born in caul
  74. FTM - Connor's Birth - Homebirth transfer to hospital
  75. The home water birth of Thomas Gabriel
  76. All-natural childbirth at 18 yrs old
  77. Born in the kitchen - My HBAC story
  78. Hypnobabies Homebirth with hemorrhage and no transfer after prenatal depression and other challenges (long!)
  79. Natural Induction, 11-hour labor, Natural Delivery by Midwife at Birthing Center
  80. VB breech baby story
  81. Self Directed Hospital birth after 3 UCs
  82. natural hospital water birth of Zeisel!
  83. A's Birth Story: A Homebirth in the Hospital
  84. Theodore's homebirth
  85. How far into labour did your water break?
  86. Beautiful HBAC with one minor hiccup
  87. Just barely made it to the tub! Home water birth
  88. Cedar Sebastian's homebirth story...
  89. here is my graphic vba3c video
  90. I got my VBA3C
  91. VBAC success, but at a price...
  92. My long desired 2nd Birth
  93. Successful HBAC, even with 10 lb baby with shoulder dystocia!
  94. Happy Birth Day, Jace! A look back at his birth 1 year ago!
  95. My baby was born today
  96. Took Castor Oil... and THEN READ ABOUT IT... FREAKING OUT!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
  97. The birth of my heart hero Ava Pauline
  98. First Time Mama, Homebirth
  99. Tangled up, but not blue. Our birth story.
  100. Midwife Assisted Homebirth After UC
  101. My birth story - What I didn't know then, and hopes for the future.
  102. My birth story - What I didn't know then, and the future.
  103. Unexpected Delivery... Successful VBAC! :)
  104. my uc story jeska grace
  105. Newest Addition!
  106. A little tidbit from Nigeria
  107. Looking for birth stories involving profound, transformational events
  108. First Birth Homebirth
  109. Jedidiah's HBAC
  110. Baby Pictures and Stories
  111. Accidental UC of grandchild #3
  112. Need your help! Questionnaire about Natural Birth experiences
  113. Rose is here. Dramatic and long, sorry!
  114. Looking for birth video suggestions to show 11yr. old daughter
  115. Does the baby's activity level change when you go into labor?
  116. PHOTO THREAD. Babies first picture at birth.
  117. Remove
  118. Evie's arrival before the midwife
  119. Quick birth (An hour and 55 minutes....) of Ronan Edward
  120. Fast, Unassisted Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth, with pics and video- now with 1 year old photo
  121. Father's experience of Traumatic Birth - research project
  122. Birth Story Photographer
  123. Eli's Birth Story
  124. 3UBAC of Baby M
  125. Charlie's birth story
  126. "Orgasm During Childbirth" Thread Temporarily Removed
  127. First Baby - born at home..LONG STORY!
  128. Home Birth of Korbin David! 6/2/2011
  129. Cassie Mackenzie's birth.
  130. Eleanor's Birth Story (Homebirth)
  131. confused if this is the right place to post
  132. The incredibly fast birth of Benjamin Paul, New Year's Baby
  133. Nova Elise
  134. Quin's birth 2/9/08
  135. 7th baby birth- My Movie
  136. Positive hospital induction with no pain meds
  137. my fourth positive, unmedicated hospital birth (w/ doula)
  138. Second Waterbirth - Quick, Big Baby
  139. first time mom homebirth stories!
  140. Me and my toilet: my ten-pound homebirth!
  141. Levi's home water birth (with pictures)
  142. The Amazing, Healing Freebirth of my 5th baby--almost 11lbs!
  143. The Home Birth of Madelynn Dixie
  144. Unassisted Birth of my DD
  145. Unassisted Home Birth of Caius Tristan
  146. Zephyra's superfast two hour birth! (vbac, home waterbirth, disabled mama) pictures and video included
  147. Preamble to my Birth Story
  148. The Pushing Phase
  149. Kosby Jean's VBAC Waterbirth
  150. Four Births, two countries, all entirely different experiences
  151. 2nd baby, fast labor, surprise UC
  152. Second home birth, water birth, fast 3 hour labor
  153. 26 hour hospital labor and birth of Veianya (very long)...not a positive, natural birth story.
  154. Tessa's uc waterbirth
  155. A Star is Born--Rigel Enters the Universe
  156. Isaac's looong, slow,very gentle birth
  157. The Valentine's Day Birth of Aubrey Ruth, 2-14-09, with pics
  158. Asher Emmett's unassisted birth story- updated with pictures
  159. The Perfect Birth of Kayden
  160. My Birth Story - Tyson Noah
  161. The Birth of Finnley Dax - My Due Date Baby
  162. Natural Birth Stories Needed for PhD Research Project!
  163. Expecting, or recently postpartum in California?
  164. A Healing Homebirth
  165. The birth of Surrogate Baby MB
  166. My Beautiful outside homebirth and special surprise baby (Lots of pics in #39 update in #70 & 38)
  167. Beautiful Home Water Birth of Bethany my 10lber
  168. Video Of My Perfect Home Water Birth!
  169. My UBAC (x-posted)
  170. Birth of Jace Isaac!!! Long story, short labor .... kiiiiiinda notsocrunchymama
  171. Inara's beautiful hospital birth
  172. The not-so-awful birth of Miles David
  173. The "my pov "uc from hell" thread
  174. Fast home water birth (short birth, long story!)
  175. My POV of my UC 'from Hell'
  176. Natural birth despite "FTP" and "swollen cervix"
  177. Memories of Eliot Quinn's Birth -- My Story
  178. Emma's full moon arrival - fast and furious!
  179. Unintentional UC, 30 minute labor, born in the caul
  180. Why I want to hold my little one
  181. Velamentous cord insertion homebirth on May 16th, 2011 - *With happy ending* *Also picture of the placenta included!* *Loooong story*
  182. Peter Daniel's Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Journey: May 24th, 2011
  183. Saved from c-section by midwife
  184. Welcome to Earth, Taj William.
  185. Exiting the cave via the manmade entrance: The birth of Moses.
  186. Water Birth
  187. 10/20/07 --- I should've posted this years ago!
  188. Norah Annabel - Unmedicated Hospital Birth with CNM, followed by severe Post-partum Hemorrhage
  189. Analise Rose's Birth (induced VBAC)
  190. Anyone had a natural birth at LICH with Joanne Middleton/Janette O'Sullivan?
  191. The unassisted birth of Greta Sue.
  192. Abriged Birth Story of Cady (or, finding peace with my unplanned c-section). Post-birth pics included.
  193. Best ways to bring along labor and avoid induction...?
  194. My twin homebirth video
  195. No meds!
  196. 8/26/10. Induced labor, No pain meds
  197. The Birth of Malla
  198. LL's Birth Story - Home Water Birth - 8 Hour Labor - Born in the Caul
  199. Homebirth of Baby Samantha
  200. Audrey Eileen's Home Water Birth - w/pics
  201. Adelaide's birth story (a drug-free 32-hour birth center birth! with pictures!)
  202. The speedy and efficient home birth of baby Addison
  203. Not so great birth in the States January 2007
  204. Awful Hospital Birth in Romania December 2008
  205. Gavin Dai(Shining White Hawk of Battle)
  206. Would you share your birth story for a project?
  207. Béla's Birth Story (induced vaginal birth w/ epidural)
  208. Kadie's birth story (water broke at home, hospital birth w/ epidural)
  209. The C-Section that left me feeling lifeless....
  210. Amazing, natural but INDUCED VBAC!!
  211. Elliott’s Wonderful Hypnobabies Home Water Birth (First Baby)
  212. New here so I hope this is the right place
  213. My natural hospital water birth
  214. Home Birth Transfer - Posterior Baby
  215. A Peaceful Home Waterbirth
  216. My natural vbac, and dream birth! (Wonderful story, nothing scary, just fantastic!)
  217. MY too Perfect Story
  218. Another lovely home birth - I'm a blessed woman!
  219. Charlotte’s accidentally unassisted HBAC
  220. Independent Study
  221. Mariana Grace- Unplanned UC VBAC
  222. Unexpected Hypnobabies Home Birth
  223. Liam's Birth (abruption, PPH, good outcome)
  224. Hosital VBAC of DS2
  225. The birth of Grace (with photos)
  226. Homebirth transferred to hospital
  227. My Hypnobabies Birth
  228. My homebirth with Sophia- with pictures (long!)
  229. The hospital, nurse Midwife, waterbirth of our daughter! (with pics)
  230. Hypnobabies: An Experience of a Lifetime
  231. Our peaceful and speedy homebirth
  232. Planned HBAC Became Hospital VBAC: The Birth of Julian
  233. Looking for stories from midwife clients who had c-sections?
  234. Analyn's SURPRISE unassisted birth!
  235. Eli's Early Arrival
  236. Home Birth: Sam's Story
  237. Liam's hospital, respectful birth! but ow!
  238. home waterbirth, 36hr+ PROM, 2 hour labor, PPH, uterine prolapse
  239. Delivering without the Dad
  240. Not the birth I'd planned on (and feelings of birth guilt)
  241. Adrian's intense birth center birth (pics)
  242. The Speedy Delivery of Gideon Thomas
  243. our rainbow baby Willow birth at 31 weeks
  244. Ellie Rose's long homebirth *Pics*
  245. Maren's homebirth
  246. Ian's Birth- Homebirth with pictures!
  247. Simon's Big Debut! Surprise UC!
  248. Successful VBAC!!! The birth of Kyle Joseph
  249. First birth/first homebirth - Hello Luka!
  250. My Suprize unassisted home birth