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  1. Is this Dtap reaction?
  2. Multivitamin recommendations
  3. Vax in older kids
  4. Bob Sears
  5. Alternative Schedule Question – Pc
  6. Dear Dr Bob.. I hope you can answer my questions
  7. Confused about aluminum contents
  8. Vaccinating a Teething Baby
  9. Mumps question
  10. infrequent soft stools alarming?
  11. Vax for Mex?
  12. Topical fluoride and children
  13. Vaccinating a child whose parent has MS
  14. DTaP questions
  15. baby wount feed unless asleep
  16. Pertussis Vaccine for Asthmatic Child?
  17. Is pneumovax a good idea?
  18. Mother in law issues
  19. Pertussis: prevention & early detection
  20. Polio in Israel and Vaccination
  21. Vaccine q's
  22. Special consderation for travel to Costa Rica
  23. going to India
  24. Vaccination question
  25. Postpubescent MMR and Chronic Arthritis studies
  26. Separate vaccinations
  27. Can early induction (37 weeks) affect baby's development?
  28. Polio Vaccine Question
  29. 4 year old behaviors
  30. Organic Mattresses
  31. Please help... Concerned mom
  32. Another tetanus question
  33. What do you recommend moms and dads look for when choosing a pediatrician?
  34. 18 month old waking up at night with a startled cry
  35. Breastfeeding and dental cavities
  36. Vit C and D in the winter
  37. Intact boy question, help!!
  38. Vaccinations in baby post surgery
  39. DTaP (adding whooping) vs. DT (adding Thermerisol) also diagnosis of MS after getting Chicken Pox
  40. Unsure how to go about with 6 month vaccinations and beyond.
  41. Tetanus only option for yr old
  42. My 5yo daughter stepped on a rusty nail
  43. Episodic, elevated CK after illness
  44. Food allergies
  45. Question regarding vaccine reactions?
  46. Whooping Cough Titers and Immunity Q
  47. COld
  48. bloody watery stools in 3 week old
  49. Is this reasonable as a vaccine schedule?
  50. Questions about Hib vax
  51. Question about UTI in 5 year old.
  52. DTaP in 5 yr old
  53. Wart Outbreak on Hand (2 year old)
  54. Vaccines?
  55. Not sure about getting Prevnar 13???
  56. pneumonia related questions
  57. mild midline abnormalities?
  58. Vaccine Question
  59. Tetanus and splinters ?
  60. question about allergies .
  61. Any thoughts on the new combo vaccine Menhibrix?
  62. wide epicanthus
  63. Vommiting baby - since dtap vaccine
  64. optimal Thyroid TSH Levels for nursing
  65. Questions about tetanus vaccine
  66. Gassy 7 month old
  67. Delayed Vax'd 7mo Traveling to Bulgaria
  68. vaccination question for a child with Trisomy 21
  69. Mysterious birth trauma / possible defect
  70. self soothing strategies for 12 month old
  71. Natural treatments for systemic yeast in medically complex child
  72. VacciShield for vaccination support in 2 month old
  73. Squishy forehead = abnormal frontal suture?
  74. Ear Infections and Speech Delay
  75. What are your thoughts on Echinacea, Propolis, and Vitamin C?
  76. Pertussis exposure, antibiotics, unvaxed kids
  77. Seasonal allergies
  78. dry diaper??
  79. DAN! dr recommended vaccinating - confused
  80. How to handle picky eaters
  81. Lyme Disease vaccine?
  82. Recurrent Strep Throat
  83. MRSA in Breastmilk
  84. Cod Liver Oil
  85. Why does my son have such high fevers? Preschool and keeping the immune system strong
  86. Measles Monovalent Vaccine when traveling to Eastern Europe
  87. Ear infections--are antibiotics necessary?
  88. Ear infections--are antibiotics necessary?
  89. 4 year old daughter allergic to most antibiotics. Are there other options?
  90. Casein in human milk? (an autism question)
  91. Where There's One Severe Food Allergy There's Always Another?
  92. Flouride toothpaste for kids
  93. Foods for 11 mo old with family history of food allergies
  94. febrile seizure and vaccines
  95. TIG for Unvaccinated Child's Dog Bite?
  96. baby acne scarring
  97. Allergies and vaccines
  98. Two Autism Questions
  99. Is it important to blow your nose, or is it okay to sniffle?
  100. Is it safe to travel with 8 month old to the Dominican Republic?
  101. Polio vaccine questions
  102. Vaccines, immunosuppressive drugs, kidney failure and transplant
  103. Weaning options
  104. Act HIB Suspended in Japan in March - any updates
  105. 3 1/2 month old working REALLY hard to poo! Help!
  106. What's your take on the recent increase in measles?
  107. Tdap booster as a primary vaccine?
  108. Flu shot
  109. family autoimmune DO and vaccinating
  110. Vaccine reaction severe enough to discontinue future doses?
  111. Tetanus from a splinter???
  112. Vitamin K and circumcision
  113. Any Pertussis protection from just one shot?
  114. uncircumcised boy with burning morning pee
  115. asthma and vaccines
  116. Dental question
  117. Help with my picky eater
  118. Newborn Vaccines and Breastfeeding
  119. Getting back on Alt Vax Schedule?
  120. DTap and 3 yr old's past rxn
  121. Vaccine Reactions and Breastfeeding?
  122. Egg allergy, MMR and measles outbreak
  123. Beginning vaccinations in 3-year old
  124. Lump After Vaccines
  125. Question regarding flea dip
  126. SIDS and Immunizations
  127. Rhogam Shot
  128. Pertusis & Meningitis
  129. Fungal Infection of the scalp?
  130. Well-Checks & Visit After Home Birth
  131. Is my logic flawed?
  132. Please explain the effectiveness of vaccines that are multiple doses
  133. tetanus protection
  134. to get final Dtap booster or not?
  135. Toddler/Preschooler sleep and daylight savings?
  136. amalgam removal in mom and TTC
  137. Chicken Pox
  138. Tdap catch up
  139. Q about the wording on the veggie supplement by Natures Plus
  140. A Q regarding Adult travelling to India
  141. is it possible to order a single daptacel?
  142. Last DTaP/ switching brands
  143. Infant vaccines and food sensitivities
  144. Are Dept of H&HS and CDC researching vaccines as recommended by NVAC?
  145. Nearly 6-year-old in need of booster shots
  146. Should I start solids?
  147. Vaccinations for international travel
  148. 2011 FluShots
  149. Which Tetanus vaccine for an almost 3 yr old?
  150. Two DTap/Tdap/Td questions, 8 year old and 6 year old
  151. Medications and infant liver development
  152. Formerly permissive pediatrician urging an MMR for 12-month-old
  153. Group B Strep Positive risks to baby?
  154. Would love advice
  155. A question for Dr Sears
  156. Your Selective Vaccination Schedule
  157. Timing for monovalent measles vaccine...
  158. Infant GER
  159. DTaP Vaccines and Dairy Allergy
  160. How much tuna is safe?
  161. Question about thrush in nursing baby
  162. Passive Immunity from vaccination?
  163. calcium supplements? Multi supplements?
  164. Question regarding DHA
  165. Do you know of any Scientific studies that look at whether extended co-sleeping causes dependency issues?
  166. Is Immunity Accomplished When Modifying DTaP Schedule?
  167. MMR vax after tick bite
  168. One vaccine question and one picky eater question
  169. Polio jab - allergic reaction, what to do next?
  170. Narrow ureter
  171. 16 Month Old diagnosed with Anemia
  172. Need Dr Bob's advise
  173. 5 year old developing breasts?
  174. flu shot for viral-induced asthma?
  175. Nutritional Support for Growing Pains?
  176. Vision problem or Dyslexia
  177. 2 Year Old with Cough
  178. Breastfed infant and vaccines, should I supplement my diet? Is it ok to vaccinate with an eczema outbreak?
  179. Two vaccine for a 6 month old and one 6 year old
  180. Can my 20-month old be around someone who is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer?
  181. To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate...?
  182. Non surgical treatment for enlarged tonsils/adnoids?
  183. Strep Virus
  184. Frenectomy and fiberotomy - orthodontia
  185. Follow up DTAP question
  186. Constant yeast issues with two year old daughter. Please help!
  187. Food intolerance... what to do at this point
  188. acetaminophen vs ibuprofen
  189. Are we vaccinating for diseases that are eradicated?
  190. Teething and fever
  191. DTAP question
  192. Another Gestational Diabetes Question
  193. Mom with Gestational Diabetes,Baby with low blood sugar.Breastfeeding
  194. a couple vax questions...
  195. Interpreting lab results
  196. concern about chemicals in dental fillings
  197. Autism plus other issues, any connection?
  198. Dr Bob- Question regarding vaccination and x-rays
  199. How many shots for pertussis protection?
  200. Prevnar for 4 yr old?
  201. Induction tomorrow- PLEASE ADVISE IF ABLE TONIGHT- thanks!
  202. Aspergers
  203. What is really unsafe?
  204. white bump on sclera
  205. 7 month old and carsick
  206. Dtap/Tdap and my soon to be 7yr old
  207. Question regarding ordering blood work
  208. Does the DTaP Vaccine Actually Prevent the Transmission of Pertussis?
  209. Looking for Amber, Alex's Mommy & others from Dr. Sears' former site? It's LB. Please let me know your ID on here & we can send each other messages! Thanks!
  210. one more question about travelling and vaccines
  211. Mucus in stool
  212. need help with potty training
  213. Kids Won't Grow!
  214. Congested baby
  215. MMR help
  216. Encopresis in 7-1/2 year old boy
  217. Closed neural tube defects & risk of meningitis
  218. Chewed up board book up my son's nose!
  219. time for the MMR??
  220. Vaccinate if genetically predisposed to Immune Disease?
  221. Dr. Bob- Question regarding whether or not to vaccinate (runny nose)
  222. Mucus in stool
  223. catching up on MMR and CP
  224. Small Babies
  225. Vaccine Question for baby living in house with kids that go to Daycare.
  226. 1 year old doesn't eat much or enjoy food.
  227. Vaccines and Travel... Confused
  228. Best ped practice for examing intact little guys?
  229. vax ? with multiple kids
  230. Catch up Vaccines?
  231. Selective Vax for infant with Cystic Fibrosis?
  232. Autism and Prenatal Vitamins
  233. Chronic constipation in 3 YO.
  234. Polio in pool water?
  235. So if it's not reflux, what is going on?
  236. Do I need to night wean if my dd has cavities?
  237. poop question :)
  238. 4 month old boy with "scrotal nodule" on vas deferens
  239. Dr. Bob- question about DTAP vaccine
  240. autism and overeating
  241. Lice advice?
  242. Hep B for toddler's trip to Mexico?
  243. Combination shot - hives
  244. Spacing between catch up vaccines?
  245. Autism in the unvaccinated
  246. Bruise on upper ear cartilage
  247. Question for Dr. Bob about MMR for the first time in a 4 1/2 yr old
  248. Continuing a vaccine schedule in a different country.
  249. Exclusively breastfed formed poop
  250. Hib and "strain replacement"