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  1. Becoming a Lactation Consultant
  2. ISO Placenta Encapsulation Training, New England
  3. Insurance reimbursement for postpartum care
  4. I'm a birth and postpartum doula in Memphis, TN
  5. How to become lactation consultant- Please advise!
  6. Becoming a placenta encapsulation specialist!
  7. Birth Pros Roll Call/Chat: July 2014
  8. Lactation Professions
  9. Birth Professionals
  10. Childbirth educator
  11. Encapsulating a frozen placenta
  12. Miscarriage, Expectant Management
  13. I'm a Doula in WI
  14. Midwife School
  15. Do midwives hire other midwives to attend their births?
  16. Birth doula/placenta encapsulation Chicago!
  17. Anyone going to the midwifery today conferences this month in pa?
  18. Family, how?!
  19. Childbirth International trainings?
  20. Birth Doula's with little kids...
  21. Doula Grants/Scholarships
  22. Please tell me about birth work in Eugene, OR
  23. Birth Pros Business Chat
  24. Childbirth International -- Opinions??
  25. Another person with AAMI questions :)
  26. Which doula certification program?
  27. Doula certification as a path to midwifery.
  28. Seeking Midwives to share their experiences in working with the Amish
  29. Juneau, Alaska
  30. Help me find my place
  31. IBCLE certification...calling all LC's
  32. Fun Updates- August 2013
  33. Birth Emergency Skills Training workshop
  34. AROM discussion. If it's not broke...?
  35. How to approach my desires with a new midwife
  36. trying to find a midwife for home birth
  37. Forum Spotlight: Get to Know mrshoobydoober!
  38. New mom-to-be looking for Midwife/Doula in Newport RI!
  39. Lactation Professionals
  40. Searching for a more "natural" OB in Tucson
  41. Coming up... Member Spotlight Threads!
  42. Becoming a doula
  43. New Moderator
  44. Virtual International Day of the Midwife
  45. Statistics for hospital based doula programs
  46. Aspiring Midwife, Birth Advocate/Educator, and Doula
  47. Getting water birth approved in local hospital
  48. 2013 Midwifery Today Conference Roll Call
  50. Need honest input on if we should report our CNM for neglect during labor (Stillbirth mentioned)
  51. ask homeopathic treatment
  52. Please check out my poll in Working and Student parents
  53. Birth Arts Int'l Requirements: CBE, PPD, & BE
  54. Tear of Cervix
  55. seeking advice from the experts...
  56. Lactation Consultants - have you used one?
  57. Talk to me about National College of Midwifery and Preceptors
  58. Placenta prep question
  59. what would you call this?
  60. Fredericksburg, VA Midwives/OBs?
  61. Required Reading
  62. MANA's I am a midwife series, anyone seen these?
  63. How to make it up
  64. current trend in lactation consulting?
  65. Center for Obstetrics & Gynecology ( Providence,Rhode Island)
  66. Postpartum Resource/Study Thread!
  67. Monitrice or Midwife.....Logical next step?
  68. How much time did you spend studying for the NARM?
  69. Who would you recommend for childbirth education certification?
  70. Looking for youtube videos
  71. RE:
  72. U/S showed Gestational Sacs, No HCG
  73. Role of Chirpractics as Birth Professionals
  74. I need help choosing a name for my new Doula business!!!
  75. Midwives in the Sacramento, California area...?
  76. Need some direction for starting research please....
  77. First Doula Client
  78. Business Name?
  79. August Test
  80. How do you do it with little kids at home?
  81. i want to become a doula
  82. opinions??? marketing materials proof...
  83. Future WHNP Frontier Student
  84. CPM's what kind of training to you have?
  85. lactation consultant exam prep?
  86. Need fair priced books for midwifery
  87. Business name ideas?
  88. Teaching CBE as a doula?
  89. Question for motor mouths (lol)
  90. Have you or your clients consumed a placenta? I am conducting a Placentophagia research study & need experiences ...
  91. AAMI Students..
  92. Has anyone heard of a Birth Consultant?
  93. how to make sure birth medical practitioner won't withold prenatal test information
  94. Newbie Birth Photographer in Need of Referrals (Illinois)
  95. Job outlook in TX
  96. Is hysterctomy a standard outcome for placenta accreta?
  97. Are Obstetricians considered "Birth Professionals"--I don't see a forum here!
  98. Is a midwife for me?
  99. Looking for a good GYN in Irvine/Newport Beach, Orange County CA
  100. scared cervic
  101. genital herpes and home-birth
  102. First Doula Client and she is preeclamptic :( Help please!!
  103. OB-GYN in NE Pennsylvania
  104. Hospital Autoclaving Placenta
  105. PLEASE vote for you fave birth photo!
  106. Birth Photography
  107. Bleeding and Cramping during pregnancy
  108. Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery 2012
  109. When is embryo/fetus exposed to mothers blood in preg? (mercury exposure)
  110. Renting out fetal doppler and DVDs to clients as a side business???
  111. Discouraged...
  112. Looking for an IBCLC in the Dallas area who can take on an apprentice for the IBLCE pathway #3
  113. Virginia: Birth Assistant and/or CPM for expanding practice
  114. waters broke last night but not in pain and no contractions - is this normal?
  115. Pitocin effects on subsequent labors?
  116. Postpartum Doula Ann Arbor, Detroit, Toledo areas
  117. increasing chances of carrying twins full term?
  118. Paying for School
  119. hmmmm
  120. Anyone have trouble being satisfied with their own birth?
  121. Becoming A Midwife in Michigan
  122. Dream Job
  123. Birth Professionals Take on Spirulina and Pregnancy
  125. Seattle OB for a twin VBAC
  126. Long distance midwifery programs
  127. Looking for a midwife to have a homebirth in the NY Southern Tier
  128. Midwifery students, some questions
  129. Natural birth in Milwaukee, WI
  130. Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine
  131. Multiple questions regarding fundal height
  132. My head is going to explode...
  133. Would you recommend RRL tea?
  134. Considering placenta encapulsation as PT job
  135. Oops, double post
  136. Biophysical profiles and NST-have you ever requested this frequency level?
  137. Need breastfeeding advice... Is this the right place to post?
  138. Go to Bali and catch babies!!
  139. Looking for Doula-in-traiing (or discounted rates) doula for Tulsa, OK
  140. fetoscope with two listening devices
  141. Education Options
  142. Can Kidney Infection turn HPT Positive ?
  143. the thread "Placenta previa question? 11 weeks ..."
  144. Mamma Primitiva? Living Tree?
  145. Kind of frustrated.
  146. Virginia - Seeking Birth Assistant (Homebirth practice)
  147. S/O Which countries will take CNM or a DNP in Midwifery?
  148. OBs or Midwives in Ada/Canyon Co., Idaho
  149. Your favorite BLOGS to read?
  150. Need Advice about late miscarriage at home
  151. Question about delivery and ovulation
  152. Looking for OB/MW familiar with blood clotting disorders in Virginia
  153. Midwifery Services in St Louis, MO
  154. In Dire need of a referral to Dr. Dryden in Houston, Texas
  155. Quick question for you educated ladies
  156. Can you make a living as a doula?
  157. Is there a difference between CLC and CLEC?
  158. dangers of homebirth news piece
  159. Looking for a CNM or OB who will let me do a VBAC in KC, MO
  160. Mineral/vitamin deficiency information(what's "normal"?)
  161. Cutting cord before baby is even out?
  162. Feedback?
  163. Water Birth Safety (x-posted in Birth and Beyond)
  164. What do you think?
  165. How do you manage a lending library?
  166. Natural birth ob-gyn in Katy,tx
  167. Birthingway in Portland?
  168. Male midwife
  169. midwife missions opportunities?
  170. o
  171. Looking into becoming a newborn care specialist or postpartum doula
  172. Health E-Learning (Breast Ed) vs Leron-line
  173. Which Direction?
  174. The on-call life - how do you cope?
  175. Vaginal breech birth - cord compression?
  176. Friend just became L&D nurse-- gift ideas?
  177. Midwife/Birth Center Assistant Workshop in Port Orchard, WA July 16-17
  178. Want a peek at my book collection?
  179. Utah birth professionals
  180. Samples for clients?
  181. Getting a job as a hospital LC!! But now I need "business" clothes (vs my usual scrubs) and I'm fashion challenged... favorite websites? Ideas?
  182. Is shirodkar reccomended in 30 weeks to avoid Pre-Term
  183. Single Moms who are Midwives/Doulas?
  184. I've never done it before.... do you trust me?
  185. Do you use Laboring Under and Illusion with your clients or CBE classes?
  186. Labor prep herbs
  187. Midwifery study group (Tennessee & surrounding areas)
  188. Breath Techniques for Labor Workshop - Next Saturday, May 21 - DC
  189. Help please :) (heart condition & vaginal birth)
  190. I need some help about RI homebirth
  191. Empowered Birth Awareness Week! Every September.. be a part of history! MAKE IT YOUR OWN!
  192. Do you return inquiry phone calls?
  193. Doula for homebirths?
  194. Washington DC area Birth Center covered by Tricare?
  195. Birth Coach
  196. MANA Region 3 Conference sponsored by North Carolina Midwives Alliance
  197. I need 1 or 2 more interviews from a Birth Professional, Pretty Please??
  198. CBE's - Selling your course
  199. Other CBI Breastfeeding Counselor students/graduates here?
  200. What Are Your Favorite Blogs and Social Web Hangouts?
  201. CBE's - MORE HANDS ON!!
  202. Pregnancy/Infant Loss Support Nashville TN
  203. Birth gifts for those attending homebirth?
  204. Alternative/natural/holistic theories about preterm labor?
  205. IBCLC question. Is it better to become a nurse first or no?
  206. Favorite Laboring Mother Quotes?
  207. Evidence linking poor nutrition with preeclampsia?
  208. How do you handle snarky people/remarks?
  209. IBLC and Pathway II question
  210. Epidural without guilt?
  211. Pregnancy/Infant Loss Support Group (online and Face2Face)
  212. Registering your business
  213. Loosing our baby Abby Fuul Term. Did it have anything to do with a possible short cord?
  214. The Birth Survey????
  215. Sliding Scales - help
  216. Question for Lactation Consultants
  217. Where to settle?
  218. Need advice about becoming childbirth educator!!!!
  219. C-section vertical skin cut and internal horizontal cut?
  220. Uterine Bleeding from healing a tear caused by pelvic bicycle stradle injury/fibroid adenomyosis
  221. Your doppler and suggestions
  222. What do the visiting birth professionals think of the new UBPN birth injury and prevention videos?
  223. What do you do for childcare?
  224. IBCLC courses for certification (2012 exam)
  225. I need help deciding which direction to go in
  226. Birth Workers and Beyond. facebook group
  227. Think Empowered Birth. Now list the top 5 most influential people (to you personally), and why?
  228. Finding a preceptor....
  229. MANA data access
  230. Pampers CBE Flipchart Anyone?
  231. Feeling paralyzed by responsibility, etc
  232. Question about being certified
  233. The Are you a birth professional thread
  234. midwife giving up license
  235. PPROM at 20 wks...stat C/S at 25 wks, suggestions?
  236. Advice
  237. I'd love to teach to at least 3 couples for my Winter series-any tips on getting them there?
  238. How long did it take to finish your Lamaze Childbirth Educator Course and other questions
  239. Are hospital admission and steroids typical for 2nd tri bleeding?
  240. Question about Exercise PP and Bleeding
  241. Not understanding the Doctorate of Nursing Practice by 2015 stuff
  242. to stitch or not to stitch?
  243. abdominal support during pregnancy with prolapse
  244. Join Ina May Gaskin and Barbara Katz Rothman...
  245. The "Looking for help with my legal issues." thread
  246. Need of a preceptor and apprenticeship in/near Greensboro, NC ASAP!!!
  247. online schools?
  248. What does it take?
  249. Teenage midwifery
  250. Midwifery 101 Class Online