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  18. Equipment?
  19. Cord stem cells can now be replicated--aiding the delayed cord clamping argument
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  31. Midwives
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  33. National Midwifery Institute
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  35. Maternidad La Luz
  36. PEP route?
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  64. New resource for your families regarding the safety of home birth.
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  81. "DEMs are just lazy" (Vent)
  82. Did anyone or anyone's clients have a really fast birth? Help a student out!
  83. Any student Midwives in/around Louisville, KY?
  84. nursing student looking for resources about educating moms in labor about pain management
  85. New Legislation in Massachusetts for CPMs: "An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives"
  86. Oxygen Tank?
  87. Does anyone have a pattern for a hanging scale sling?
  88. Midwife in Rockville centre and best hospital for childbirth in Long Island?
  89. New Midwifery Website
  90. cleaning birth tub equipment
  91. Business-y
  92. birth kits
  93. for those who've taken the NARM
  94. Certified Professional Midwives in Connecticut
  95. Suturing and Intrapartum Fetal Assessment Workshops in Oregon
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  97. ultrasound guidelines for midwives??
  98. Association of Texas Midwifery
  99. Via Vita!
  100. Has anyone used Sarah Bay, CNM in NH?
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  112. client complaints about care
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  115. Sandy storm...
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  119. South African Midwife Tygerberg college for future
  120. Homebirth doula?
  121. the Business of being born... Who has seen it?
  122. How to become a Midwife in NC.
  123. Can you be a Midwife and a Mother?
  124. New member
  125. CPM/DEM Scholarships
  126. When did you feel comfortable regularly attending births on your own?
  127. Mercy in Action Has Anyone Done This Program???? Also AAMI questions...
  128. I just got my CPM!!!
  129. Midwifery institute of America book list?
  130. Apprenticeship opportunity in Portland, Oregon
  131. Bastyr University?
  132. Midwives near Astoria, OR or Portland, OR
  133. August Narm Test
  134. Deciding to go CPM route
  135. Looking for Info Sources on history of mortality rates
  136. Dopplers
  137. Midwifery Students Tribe 2012
  138. What's the Best Route to Becoming a Midwife?
  139. Midwife preceptor in Denver Metro area
  140. Looking for midwife in Kingwood area
  141. BirthArts Midwife Assistant program
  142. Looking for insight on the ATM training
  143. short-term apprenticeship opportunities
  144. Anyone familiar with the Institute of Holistic Midwifery?
  145. List of Traveling Midwives?
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  147. Pelvic Exams performed on UNconsenting patients!!
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  150. Becoming a Midwife
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  154. Legends, Drugs, Devices-Pharmacology, Meds, Shock Treatment, IV therapy, Suturing in Salem, Oregon July 2nd 3rd, 5th, 6th
  155. Midwife in Houston
  156. Friendliest Midwife States.....
  158. midwifry training in New Jersey
  159. Starting an apprenticeship?
  160. Need help finding study participants for Doctoral Birth Research
  161. Need help finding study participants for Doctoral Birth Research
  162. Currently accepting apprentice applications.
  163. Is anyone familiar with Midwife International?
  164. NARM in August in Oregon
  165. Safe Motherhood Quilt Project Display and Rally
  166. Midwest Maternal Child Institute?
  167. aspiring midwife new to Calgary
  168. Question about working as a midwife's assistant vs doula- fees and contract help needed!
  169. VBA2C providers in or near Springfield, Oregon
  170. Midwife in La Canada California??
  171. Feedback on NMI...?
  172. Looking for midwife in Tracy/Mountain House area
  173. Skeletal Dysplasia or Just Petite - True need for induction?
  174. pulse ox
  175. Trust Birth Conference 2012
  176. anyone ever attended association of texas midwives training?
  177. Midwifery Services
  178. Is a good midwife worth traveling for?
  179. NCM preceptors on the East Coast?
  180. Home Birth and "High Risk" questions (Seattle Area)
  181. Are there big differences ?
  182. Student looking for Midwife Apprenticeship TN/NC/VA
  183. Looking for a Traveling Midwife to attend birth in Honduras in May 2012
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  187. Inspiring nurses to become midwives ... book suggestions?
  188. New clients- administrative tasks
  189. Can CPM's practice in the UK?
  190. Mid Missouri Midwife to share
  191. Seeking information about ABO blood type incompability issues
  192. NMI or other?
  193. Looking for a Midwife- Inland Empire Southern California
  194. Any Southern MS midwives willing to sell Shepherds Purse and Angelica Tincture? Can't find anywhere. EDD today!
  195. Bartering with Midwife - how it works
  196. Equipment
  197. Is anyone currently enrolled in the Bastyr Midwifery Master's program?
  198. Anyone take NARM this week?
  199. Heart and Hands Distance course?
  200. Home birth in NYC- midwife recommendations?
  201. Post online video resources here!
  202. possible partial second degree tear untreated
  203. Postpartum laceration healing
  204. Georgia Midwife in Waiting
  205. New Birth Center in NC
  206. Looking for a midwife in the Fredricksberg VA area. anyone know any??
  207. Looking for a Midwife in Louisville, KY
  208. New Facebook group for student midwives
  209. Interested in Natural Childbirth Education Classes in Northwest AR. Any sugguestions are appreciated!!! :)
  210. How was your experience with CNM Debbie McCalister and North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison, AR?
  211. What are your experiences with Joplin, MO CNM's and Freeman Maternity Center?? :)
  212. Looking 4 CNM who delivers in hospitals or OBGYN (natural birth) in Northwest ARKANSAS
  213. What does National Midwifery Institute include for $12k
  214. Am I doing this wrong?
  215. Birth Center looking for student midwives
  216. Looking for recommendations on Midwives in Westchester, NY
  217. My vision- need your help
  218. is it a realistic dream?
  219. Midwife in Chattanooga, TN
  220. Anyone currently in or recently graduated from UBC?
  221. Looking for the best links and brands to buy midwifery supplies...
  222. Mercy in Action NARM Preparation
  223. Anyone doing the Mercy in Action Distance Program??
  224. midwives in the bay area (california)?
  225. Gatineau maison de naissance
  226. Need a midwife in Alabama
  227. Birthwise Midwifery School
  228. TTC and Malaria- Professional opinions please!
  229. Looking for a midwife (or doctor) to for natural, non-intervention style birth of twins in Tallahassee, FL
  230. Hired as the "new" midwife and "client stealing"
  231. Patient with Aneurysm, thoughts?
  232. Looking for alternative midwives in Ontario!
  233. Need a Doppler
  234. midwife assistant/student midwife skills DVD's
  235. Multiple Homebirth Fee
  236. Midwifes in the Denver Area, wondering if anyone has experience with these names:
  237. Midwife in GTA of Ontario
  238. NARM Approved Clinical Sites (In the US)
  239. Advice on preparing for AMCB certification exam
  240. borderline platelet count in early 2nd trimester
  241. First time pregnancy and midwives
  242. homebirth in Iowa and insurance?
  243. Question regarding cervical scars and labor
  244. Getting my business license for my practice- LLC or sole proprietorship?
  245. Can anyone talk to me about testing CRP in late pregnancy?
  246. LOOKING FOR home water birth MIDWIFE in the Fort Drum, Ny area.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help
  247. Midwives, do you routinely draw cord blood from infants born to type O mothers?
  248. Looking for Doula and Midwife in KY/OH/WV tri-state area!
  249. please delete this post :)
  250. Has anyone done the Midwifery Immersion Program through The Matrona?