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  39. Help
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  45. First client might be induced at 35 weeks
  46. questions from a midwife
  47. Need Research on KC in the NICU ASAP - going to the hospital to advocate for a friend
  48. Is there anyone near Sheridan, IL?
  49. Help for naming my doula business?!
  50. New Low Cost Doula in Sullivan County, Delaware County, Broome County, NY and Wayne County, PA as wells as Binghamton Area
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  54. New Here!
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  61. How do you get the word out? How do you build your business?
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  88. Soft fit breast pump cups not recommended?
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  91. Anyone have a good sheet detailing the "rules" for your clients?
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  93. Chicago-area Doula- available!
  94. Fort Walton Beach, FL area** Doula in training offering FREE services in October, November and beginning of December!
  95. Natural Birth advocate serving families in 3rd world countries Looking for doula in San Diego willing to attend birth for free
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  97. Working at a UC?
  98. Went to Gail Tully's Spinning Babies workshop yesterday
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  112. New Beginnings training
  113. Anyone not certified?
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  115. Blogs/resources for postpartum meal prep?
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  117. tub rental
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  128. Potential Future Doula - looking to make $15,000/year- possible?
  129. Footwear?
  130. Doula In Training (Orlando,Clermont FL) offering Free Services June,July,August.
  131. Protocols??
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  133. Doula Website
  134. Anyone Care to talk through the 'business' side of things with me?
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  140. How important is it to attend a training workshop in your own community?
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  147. Antepartum depression in good friend/client -- what to do? pls help!!
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  149. Business website
  150. Anyone work as a staff doula?
  151. Advice on supporting my friend in her labour and delivery...
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  153. Introduction
  154. Questions for starting into work as a doula...
  155. Looking for a student postpartum doula in the Tucson area (x-posted in Utah/Arizona forum)
  156. Fellow doulas, I need your help!
  157. Do I Need to Find a New Doula?
  158. CBI or BAI
  159. Scheduling clients/your calendar
  160. Doula Question / advice
  161. Offering Placenta Encapsulation and Doula Services in NW Missouri
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  163. New Client Interview and Paperwork
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  166. Possible IUGR, c-section,!
  167. I am a 1st time Mom-to-be with no income looking for a no-cost/low-cost doula near Charleston, West Virginia.
  168. Doula work and child care
  169. twin birth- vertex/breech
  170. madriella
  171. Postpartum Doula Question
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  174. Postpartum Reading List DONA
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  176. CAPPA scholarship--is this a big deal?
  177. Is it important (for the client) whether a doula is certified by DONA, ALACE, or CAPPA?
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  181. Labor Doula seeking clients!
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  184. Doula near Three Rivers, Michigan (Southwest Michigan)
  185. how many clients do you take?
  186. Business Name
  187. Doulas in training/accepting of sliding scale in Sacramento area?
  188. Need a doula in the Tahoe are
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  191. Misrepresentation?
  192. Anyone else feeling the effects of the economy?
  193. BAI
  194. Doula Groups Connecting together,not isolating yourself
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  206. Taxes?
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  208. Round up - Give me your favorite trivia or fact about doulas / birth!!
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  210. When should we go in?
  211. When do you arrive
  212. Any Teen to Twenty-Something Doula's out there?
  213. Doula and Student Midwife in Roanoke, VA
  214. Doula and Student Midwife in Roanoke, VA
  215. Doula helpful at a planned CBAC?
  216. DONA trained Doula in the North Alabama area
  217. Circumcision info
  218. Student Doula looking for clients..
  219. Suggestions for coping techniques when confined in a small area
  220. Sonoma County Doula Looking To Start a Collective
  221. Doulas' for hire?
  222. Breastfeeding Education
  223. Favorite vids to show clients?
  224. Marketing for doulas
  225. Appropriate Fee for a "for friends" doula/photographer?
  226. Do you approach pregnant mamas?
  227. Need an Indy area Doula?
  228. Meet the Doulas Night in East LA area (X-posted in Finding Your Tribe)
  229. Ever have a bad review?
  230. sorry for the repost, 29 weeks and pumping?
  231. Childbirth International
  232. Client forms, handouts, ect...
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  234. New Doula Interview help!
  235. Starting a New Journey
  236. any postpartum doulas here?
  237. Sympathy Periods?
  238. Doulas who provide childcare, rates?
  239. doulas-do you take notes for the family?
  240. DONA vs. ICEA?
  241. Just signed up!
  242. ALACE/IBWP Childbirth Educator Course-
  243. Doulaing while pregnant ... thoughts?
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  245. doula training programs-how did you decide which one was for you
  246. Questions about Hypnobabies as A Pregnant Doula
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