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  1. The candidate running against Pan that "Vaxxed" is supporting.
  2. 10 hypocrisies/double standards of the anti-vaccine movement
  3. The candidate running against Pan that "Vaxxed" is supporting.
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  20. New video showing all the Perot vaccines cause autism.
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  44. Meningitis Death in Uk
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  49. non-vax friend's kids have chicken pox
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  78. lilady
  79. New microneedle MMR patch in the works
  80. Rubella declared eliminated in the Americas due to vaccination
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  124. Vaccinating on Schedule
  125. "Immunization Heroes: Dorit Reiss"
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  143. Happy Birthday Paul Offit!
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  145. "IamA 58 year old woman who contracted polio because my mother didn't vaccinate me as a child. AMA"
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  157. the forum that will keep me on mdc
  158. Lessons from a Kansas graveyard: What a 1903 outbreak of diphtheria can teach us today
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  160. "Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease"
  161. Saw this great article/visual for the HPV vaccine
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  167. Flu vaccine is around 83% effective in children 6 months- 7 years?
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  169. Since the COI thread went downhill in the debate forum...
  170. Another sad reminder of life before vaccines
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  174. Why are childhood diseases often more serious when an adult gets them?
  175. "Could the death of my daughter been prevented?"
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  177. Ok this is off topic but I'm hoping someone can help!
  178. Crunchy mom's explanation on why she vaccinates and why debating vaccines can be frustrating made the front page of reddit!
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  182. Saw this today and thought some of you might enjoy :)
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