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  1. baby here!
  2. just venting a bit
  3. Former.MDC.Group.on."The.Bump"
  4. tight sore belly?
  5. issues
  6. Breech Baby... And I'm a Little Scared
  7. A Great Baby Shower Gift Idea?
  8. oh jeebus, the HEARTBURN....
  9. Our Baby Name...Spelling?
  10. Are you doing anything for the last 6wks?
  11. So stressed, and words of kindness would be great.
  12. August chat thread
  13. Any canadian mamma's out there?? Important question
  14. funky skin..
  15. Who all is still active here?
  16. Bead Exchange?
  17. anyone planning on cloth diapers?
  18. big baby
  19. Hey everyone!
  20. Pregnancy Ticker in your Signature!
  21. so sad how inactive our group has become
  22. Small for dates?
  23. Third Trimester To "Due"?
  24. Anyone else feeling especially needy?
  25. Spotlight on LineUponLine
  26. June Chat Thread
  27. Birth Control After Baby
  28. June Chat?
  29. Rh negative and rhogram during pregnancy
  30. spotlight on Anyalily!
  31. New Site Format
  32. Swaddling!!! Is it a new norm?
  33. Postpartum Rest and Plans?
  34. Swollen feet today!
  35. Infant car seats
  36. I've done nothing to get ready for this baby.
  37. Crafts for baby
  38. Is anyone nursing?
  39. Anyone else just stinkin' exhausted??
  40. What have you accomplished today?
  41. Natural Births - TV show now casting for pregnant women
  42. Spotlight on cricketschirpin
  43. My hands and feet are hot!
  44. Important: All Members Please Read
  45. MW and OB, shadow care? Any one else?
  46. Labor Pain Medication and Delay in Lactation Study
  47. Can we talk newborn procedures?
  48. Unsolicited advice when you are pregnant!
  49. Co-sleepers past 15 lbs
  50. It's a girl!!!!
  51. Happy Mother's Day! what did you do?
  52. Baby Hiccups!
  53. Happy Mother's Day
  54. Introducing myself!
  55. Bruising on legs
  56. Pregnancy Casting Notice
  57. Happiest of birthdays to @MrsKatie!!! 32 and faboo!
  58. FYI NPR story
  59. Do I need to buy some newborn socks??
  60. Menstral cramps
  61. Spotlight on MrsKatie
  62. Easy meals
  63. Breast Pumps (Free w/ Insurance)
  64. 21 weeks & trouble sleeping ...
  65. distraction thread
  66. Cervical quck stabby's at around 20 wks..??
  67. Visitors at home
  68. May Chat Thread!
  69. Spotlight on CallieOllie!
  70. Confused feelings about finding out the sex
  71. Issues with Midwife... What would you do?
  72. Wet panty club?
  73. Should I worry about this strange discharge? (gross alert)
  74. Help! A Watermelon has taken up residence in my abdomen!
  75. Amazing Birth Story!
  76. Healthy eating support thread
  77. Oh my back!!!
  78. Velamentous cord insertion
  79. Anyone else doing hypnobabies?
  80. Weekly Chat April 23-30
  81. Spotlight on Kateaton
  82. I was just imagining...
  83. Need to vent right now...
  84. Braxton Hicks?
  85. Avocado Shea Butter Lotion
  86. 2nd hand dipes & what about those ones you fold and pin?
  87. Book recommendation to read to baby
  88. 18.5 week anatomy scan of our wee owlet!
  89. Need cloth diapers?
  90. Misgivings anyone?
  91. Nursing wear and tank tops.. BEWBS!
  92. Weekly Thread April 14-20
  93. Pregnancy guilt?
  94. Belly Binding or Pregnancy Belly Support
  95. I was a wandering mirage seeing mama...
  96. Baby Gear PHOTOS
  97. Weekly Thread April 9-13
  98. Do we have a "My Butt Hurts" thread yet?
  99. we had our ultrasound today! it's a...
  100. Please tell me I'm not the only one...
  101. Abdominal pain/tenderness esp. when walking...
  102. We had our 1st ultrasound today...
  103. Bluh! Pregnant with a cold!
  104. VBAC and Natural Birth
  105. Feeling nervous today...trying to move past it...
  106. An observation
  107. Movement?
  108. Epidural anyone?
  109. lactating??
  110. another random symptom
  111. Another random - night sweats?
  112. Measuring ahead...Twins?
  113. Anyone else feel lots of pulling stretching and hip ache at 16ish weeks?
  114. Weekly thread March 31- April 7
  115. VBAC: going for it but frustrated at the obstacles
  116. ...and so it shall be - we're flying this little owlet into the world!
  117. opting out of Fundal Symphysis Height measurements?
  118. Tingling, pressure sensation in my teeth driving me crazy!
  119. Anyone on the Central Coast in CA? (I'm in SLO)
  120. Baby Registry Etiquette......
  121. Feeling really stupid. And angry. And stupid.
  122. Measuring large for dates
  123. Anyone Interested in Spotlight Threads?
  124. Weekly Thread - March 23 - 30
  125. Scary events
  126. Anyone drinking raw milk?
  127. Listeria recall of peanut butter and cheese products (can be found at Target, Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc.)
  128. weight gain and weeks pregnant
  129. What would you ideal labor/birth be?
  130. In need of honesty and support....
  131. First Dr's Appt today...
  132. I need to find ambition
  133. Natural Birth Guide?
  134. Let's talk about hair!
  135. Ugh, SO MUCH weight gain, feeling so icky ;-(
  136. Anyone felt movements, then stopped feeling them?
  137. Maternity Clothing - a general thread for questions, tips, etc.
  138. Winter just won't let up! Grrrr!
  139. Lovenox and Baby Aspirin
  140. Goodbye for me.
  141. So Thirsty all of the sudden!
  142. What's your friendship situation like?
  143. I didn't know I had 2 accounts SORRY!
  144. can't find heartbeat on my home doppler
  145. POLL: Maternity Clothes, when did you switch?
  146. Cold (sick) in the 1st trimester.
  147. Greener pastures for our little owl...
  148. 'Heartbeat" in the lower abdomen?
  149. GDM
  150. Anyone else's milk dried up?
  151. Enough with the illness already.
  152. fundal height
  153. sweet song for big brothers and sisters!
  154. Interesting article on Sushi...
  155. Joint pain :(
  156. anyone else LOVE Pregnancy and have amazing pregnancies? SHARE!!!!
  157. 12 weeks/13 weeks and first trimester or not quite yet?
  158. Toes swelling already?
  159. Reading Material
  160. Anyone else still 'in the closet'?
  161. phew...
  162. Miscarriage
  163. Sprouts on my veggie wrap last 3 days...just read they are a big nono...
  164. Frequent urination 3-4 times a night? 12 weeks 2 days..
  165. Do you ever stay up too late to get "you" time?
  166. Coffee conundrum ...
  167. Saving My Back - How do moms keep from tweaking their backs?
  168. Doppler
  169. *Grumble*
  170. Cyst on Ovary
  171. how are you feeling thread.
  172. Feelings about telling people
  173. Has anyone been told Materniti21 is only available if you're high risk??
  174. At how many weeks did your doctor check to see nasal bone?
  175. Another complaining thread... Lice!
  176. Thirsty?
  177. Leaving the group
  178. Mother / parents / inlaws / relatives issues?
  179. How do I get one of those cute baby ticker things?
  180. first appointment today, so happy!
  181. Really low cervix
  182. Food craving/aversions thread.
  183. Benefits of having a sink in the nursery?
  184. BUMPS and Belly Shots!!
  185. Pubic bone challenged..
  186. feeling braxton hicks already?
  187. vertigo?
  188. 20 Week Ultrasound
  189. I'm so confused....
  190. Pregnancy and flying
  191. Why oh why - might I have a stye?
  192. milestones!
  193. Help me choose my Midwife!!
  194. Heart racing
  195. Genetic testing and counseling
  196. Follow-up U/S results
  197. Lower abdomen feels "twitchy"
  198. Linea Negra
  199. Let's talk Moses baskets!
  200. Gear Questions
  201. Brown spotting 8w4d, never had any before, help!
  202. Prenatal care choices- dragging my feet
  203. Birth Plans
  204. How much iron is everyone taking?
  205. I hate pregnancy
  206. Pregnant in the Summer
  207. Time to take my own advice!
  208. 10 weeks today & symptoms
  209. Wanting to switch birth centers +45 minute difference
  210. "Hydration Calculator"- Nice find :)
  211. Headaches!
  212. Has anyone's morning sickness suddenly ceased?
  213. Anyone else noticing changes like this around 10 weeks?
  214. Stuff to do - Getting Ready for Baby!
  215. Paranoid paint fumer
  216. Anybody else "over" the baby prints?
  217. SoCal moms?
  218. BV ugh.
  219. For those who suffer from morning sickness...
  220. Top 10 (or should I say 20?) list for first time mamas...
  221. Felt a movement!
  222. Finding the balance...
  223. Maine Mamas
  224. Boy or Girl? Results posted here!
  225. U/S - good and bad news
  226. How about sleeping? Am I the only one tossing an turning all night?
  227. Anyone else freezing all the time? And iodine?
  228. Headcold + morning sickness
  229. Let's talk about lubrication!
  230. The sudden s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g!!!
  231. Poll about finding out the sex
  232. How to join another DDC?
  233. Show your announcement!
  234. Miserable with N/V and feel like a terrible mom...
  235. Went to the ER...
  236. Well, I'm bleeding.
  237. Acne anyone?
  238. How do you protect yourself when your kids are sick?
  239. 2 year old at a birth?
  240. 1st time Pregnancy-Expecting Twins
  241. STINKY pits! Paging Dr.P.U. Smellbad!
  242. How much water is everyone drinking?
  243. Got irritable and nervous on Diclectin (Unsisom/B6)!
  244. When can you hear the heartbeat?
  245. Sonoline B Fetal Doppler anyone?
  246. lung issues/ asthma?
  247. Just like a switch...
  248. Wool diaper covers
  249. Sizing on maternity jeans...
  250. Good Luck Mamas!