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  1. Estrogen dominance/low progesterone/post-mirena issues
  2. College Senior 24 & planning
  3. pretty urgent LAM question
  4. At this rate its NOT going to be surpirse at all... ideas?
  5. Freaking Out
  6. Self removed my paragard! Do not get one!
  7. To Test or Not to Test
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  9. just removed IUD today
  10. pregnant at 43
  11. Considerations/Planning for Baby #2
  12. forums for age groups?
  13. Period starts after sex
  14. Baby #2
  15. baby #2
  16. Should I Be Concerned?
  17. Anyone enjoy torturing themselves like I do ;)
  18. NFP with Thyroid Condition
  19. Too soon to TTC?
  20. New to charting
  21. um....really wondering what's going on
  22. BC Failure... panicking
  23. Ear thermometer for BBT?
  24. Early ovulation?
  25. Pill Help!!!!!!!
  26. Teen pregnancy
  27. Breastfeeding and Missed Period. Could I be pregnant?
  28. Accepting that it may not happen ...
  29. Mini pill
  30. Buying a diaphragm in the US?
  31. Pill over 35?
  32. Seasonique or Mirena for endometriosis/dysmennorhea
  33. EBF...does return to fertility vary?
  34. Can't decide on a birth control
  35. Temping while cosleeping and thermometer help!
  36. I need to spill my thoughts.
  37. Egg Donor
  38. Couldn't get the IUD in...anyone else?
  39. Diaphragm or Cervical Cap or Cervical Shield?
  40. Help With The Discussion
  41. Confused about going for #3
  42. still no period, and negative tests??
  43. coppercoil side affects
  44. Very confused, should I test??
  45. Question about getting pregnant while on birth control
  46. baby on way
  47. Vasectomy or IUD?
  48. weight gain and lighter AF on hormonal BCP
  49. 18 day lp......
  50. Husband not 100% on board; try for a girl?? Parents of 3 please respond, too...
  51. Waiting...again
  52. Barrier female contraceptives - non-hormonal
  53. When can I expect my fertility back?
  54. Anyone else have problems with Paragard IUD!?
  55. Best Age Gap Between Kids?
  56. High bbt, no AF, neg HPT. I'm just confused.
  57. Is there a way to induce AF?
  58. bbt and night nursing without getting up?
  59. Nervous about waiting...
  60. self-removal of IUD question
  61. negative test, do what could this be?
  62. Does it doing like i might be?
  63. How long did you ttc before concieving?
  64. New to Charting… My first cycle is confusing?
  65. Question about charting
  66. Wanting a large family.
  67. Persona monitor?
  68. Implantation Spotting or Weird AF?
  69. Could i be pregnant?
  70. Lady comp
  71. Spontaneous Ovulation?
  72. Devastated over husband not wanting more children.
  73. We're done and I am in mourning.
  74. Wanting But Waiting 2014
  75. Best method of "charting to avoid?"
  76. Warning: Plan B loses effectiveness over 165lbs
  77. First period postpartum
  78. Charting confusion, thoughts?
  79. need advice asap! please
  80. What do you all cope with "baby fever"?
  81. how to tell bf of unplanned pregnancy
  82. How do you know its time for another baby?
  83. Diaphragm Fitting
  84. thank you for letting me join.
  85. So there is not a baby on the way. . .
  86. Can't decide if I want 1 or 2
  87. Husband expects everything to be "perfect"
  88. Af came, then left?
  89. trying to avoid for a long time
  90. 2.5-3 yr Age Gap?
  91. Charting To Avoid- Fall 2013
  92. mini pill, BF, and libido question
  93. Any big families on here? How is life?
  94. Could I be pregnant? Please help!
  95. Talk to me about having 4+ years between kids, and conceiving after 35.
  96. How to get started
  97. progesterone cream???
  98. I'm done, but I'm not, but I am ....
  99. Cool Coursera course on contraception
  100. Was not aware of this being a possibility!!!
  101. How many children do you have?
  102. Paragard IUD
  104. iud just came out!
  105. Planning pregnancy after Depo Provera
  106. Am I crazy...or pregnant?
  107. i have paraguard
  108. AF return after same amount of time after each child?
  109. Weird postpartum period?
  110. will there ever be a "right" time?
  111. Having another after PPD/PPD? Anyone?
  112. Plan B Effects, or Miscarriage?
  113. Need to get this out
  114. My body is confusing me.
  115. period tracking apps
  116. Older Moms
  117. Copper coli side effects
  118. NFP help, please
  120. ttc
  121. post-partum cycles
  122. Anyone have HUGE temp rise at 9 dpo and NOT be pregnant?
  123. Paragard
  124. "Advanced" maternal age
  125. child spacing
  126. No Period Yet bc Breastfeeding 14-month-old, but I could swear I'm pregnant!!
  127. Talk to me about periods/other symptoms after copper IUD removal
  128. Birth!
  129. Our boys are 8,7, and 1....torn as to whether one more soon would balance our family...any similiar experiences?
  130. What IUD is better
  131. totally delayed O, did we get pregnant?
  133. Somebody direct me to old returning fertility posts...
  134. Menstrual cycle change help!!
  135. 8 months pp and spotting question
  136. Has anyone tried charting with a Mirena?
  137. copper iud since july 2012
  138. Someone, please give me some guidance. No withdrawal bleeding and severe back pain.
  139. Wanting but Waiting 2013
  140. How do you know when you're done?
  141. Charting to Avoid--SPRING 2013
  142. Anyone love the copper IUD (ParaGuard)?
  143. New to NFP & Breastfeeding
  144. What is YOUR opinion?
  145. Contraception for teenage daughter
  146. Charting to Avoid - MARCH 2013
  147. Dr nagging me to go on coil when I keep saying no!!
  148. Getting Essure
  149. Broody!
  150. used lady comp for sale
  151. Mirena Strings
  152. 2 or 3 kids???
  153. New here with a question (maybe tmi)
  154. Baby is 2 weeks old.... I think I want another one (in a few years), DH wants a vasectomy
  155. Pregnancy tests
  156. My side effects of the Mirina IUD
  157. 2nd Marriage, 5 children together, None biologically together...
  158. Charting to Avoid--FEBRUARY 2013
  159. Not sure what's going to happen...
  160. the pill and antibiotics????
  161. How did Natural Family Planning work for you?
  162. Mirena vs. Nexplanon/Implanon
  163. Who takes care of the birth control when you are done having babies?
  164. Why did you choose the birth control you did?
  165. What birth control method is working for you? Please share your experiences!
  166. Mirena Recall
  167. Vasectomy VS Tubal Ligation?
  168. Large families - when did you decide to just let it happen?
  169. Higher BBT after having a baby?
  170. Benefits of 5-6 year age spacing?
  171. Mini pill help
  172. Unwilling Partner?!
  173. explaining a vasectomy to a child
  174. natural birth control
  175. Dollar tree evap or BFP?
  176. Charting to Avoid--JANUARY 2013
  177. Really want another baby but DH does not
  178. Any feedback help!!
  179. feeling down after testing failure
  180. AF 4 days late. We might have a surprise on the way!
  181. Ready for a baby, but house is too small
  182. Mini Pill Questions
  183. Anyone with a Mirena for 2.5+ years...
  184. Am I ovulating????
  185. Charting To Avoid-FAM/NFP December 2012
  186. I was going crazy!!!!
  187. Copper IUD side effects after removal
  188. Is CD 22 too early to test? I used CB plus.
  189. 'Assisted' miscarriage questions
  190. Cramping after period, copper iud
  191. What birth control would you recommend?
  192. getting pregnant while on the pill questions
  193. IUD Removal
  194. Copper Coil
  195. Ovulating on implanon
  196. Triphasic
  197. the coil and pregnancy symptoms
  198. Charting To Avoid-FAM/NFP November 2012
  199. Deciding on how many kids: Is there any rhyme or reason or is it all heart?
  200. Baby fever with 18 month old
  201. Teaching FAM
  202. Really Hate Paraguard
  203. Should I stop the mini-pill? side effects, second child
  205. tubal ligation
  206. want another but mixed signals from DH
  207. Why do I want another child when I am already overwhelmed?
  208. Mirena for an over 40 woman?
  209. Copper IUD Coil Side Effects & Problems
  210. Confused and hopefully didn't goof up!
  211. Charting To Avoid-FAM/NFP October 2012
  212. 6 Days Late, brown spotting for 4, BFN? Help?
  213. twin desire
  214. When do you think I ovulated?
  215. "Older" moms who are considering or currently TTC - come chat about your concerns
  216. Want to be DONE, but terrified to have surgery..
  217. It's out!!!
  218. Copper IUD thoughts
  219. help me my body has gone haywire
  220. pregnant or just a little crazy? :)
  221. bizarre
  222. I am so back and forth everyday trying to decide if we should have a 4th
  223. Mini Pill Question
  224. Charting To Avoid-FAM/NFP September 2012
  225. Late ovulation??? Cervix positioning... potential pregnancy?
  226. UTIs antibiotics and Family Planning
  227. Kinda new to NFP. Need your help with self-education!
  228. Another IUD question :)
  229. after nuvaRing issues - crazy cycle or was it m/c? help?
  230. A bit nervous
  231. switching mirena to paragard
  232. Tried NFP, have I done it wrong?
  233. What Birth Control Method is Better?
  234. Baby Bug - with an infant!?
  235. Charting to Avoid/Fertility Awareness August 2012
  236. i only needed 2 more months!
  237. Irresponsible withdrawal method- Help!
  238. Help me = charting when is my CD1???
  239. What's going on with me?
  240. Chart, Cervix, and Symptoms Point to Pregnancy but BFN
  241. New to FAM while breastfeeding
  242. Calling all diaphragm users! Poll!
  243. Signs of fertility returning post birth
  244. Implantation bleeding?! PLZ help!
  245. what would the symptoms be like with an iud in during pregnancy?
  246. Help me figure this out please
  247. Thinking about removing Mirena IUD after only 3 weeks!
  248. Previous Heavy bleeders and Paragard
  249. Help...I have a wet BIP!
  250. Random cramps requiring ibuprofen most of the month on Paragard IUD over one year after insertion