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  15. what shoes are you wearing?
  16. I don't really know where else to post.
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  18. Natural Treatments for Short Cervix? Scared of Prometrium
  19. Help!!!!
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  36. Should I worry or not?
  37. Hypericum Perforatum (St. John's Wort) during pregnancy?
  38. Last Name for Baby
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  46. morning sickness tips?
  47. Vegan morning sickness...I can't manage beans!
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  49. Girl names Hazel and Adele
  50. Holistic Peditricans
  51. Breaking the news to your other child(ren)
  52. Questions surrounding my early ultrasound.
  53. STEPS Project! Your Pregnancy Experience!
  54. Paramedic/EMT Moms
  55. Hospital Water Birth - What do I need to know?
  56. Not a fan of ultrasounds or doppler
  57. How soon after birth would you fly with baby in order to rejoin your husband?
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  61. ~The One Thread Grad Club~July
  62. Breastfeeding and pregnant
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  64. Help with baby names;-) Girl's names
  65. Help with baby names;-) Boy's names
  66. March 2015?
  67. Taking Antidepressants while Pregnant
  68. Hemorroids and treatments post baby
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  70. Normalize Breast Feeding Maui Photography Campaign
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  72. COBRA prenatal coverage?
  73. Broody while pregnant?
  74. How late in your pregnancy would you drive 20 hrs?
  75. Tylenol during pregnancy safe or not?
  76. fever
  77. How early is too early to be feeling kicks in the cervix?
  78. Vitamin K? Shot? Oral? None?
  79. Well, wishful thinking leads to amazing things i suppose.
  80. should I try to push myself out of bed?
  81. Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure & Pregnancy
  82. when would dilation starts!
  83. Any reason to try to avoid the antibiotics if I'm strep B positive?
  84. Should I potty train and get big-girl bed for 2.5 year old before baby sister comes?
  85. Breaking the good news
  86. Pregnant after miscarriage
  87. Severe hip socket pain?
  88. low cost doula NJ
  89. Alcohol outside the US
  90. Due Date Confusion/IUD removal/Super Speedy Conception
  91. Baby Name Penelope; Popular or Trendy?
  92. I'm Pregnant
  93. confused. ... but I'm almost positive!
  94. Retroplacental hematoma, chorioamniotic separation, short cervix, debris and blood in sac
  95. Link between H. Pylori and pregnancy nausea - my MIRACLE CURE update in post 4!
  96. Natural friendly obgyn in nj
  97. Heart decels during ultrasound
  98. Wanting space.
  99. 4 days late but also BFing..test or wait?
  100. Traveling at the time of pregnancy
  101. Is vaginal discharge an early pregnancy symptom?
  102. Suggestions to get baby to engage
  103. FHR decelerations unrelated to contractions at week 37
  104. Chorioamniotic separation
  105. Magic ?!
  106. Subchorionic/subamniotic hematoma SUPPORT PLEASE
  107. Hemorrhage - Help me put a specific birth fear in perspective
  108. Mercury Fillings - Please read if you have them.
  109. The Birth Pause
  110. I guess this is happening!
  111. Breast Pumps (Free w/ Insurance)
  112. Natural Birth Videos Freak Me Out
  113. Curious about Stretch Marks... (heredity? weight gain? timing?)
  114. SCH and CERCLAGE!?
  115. Hearing the HR in two places is just an echo, right?
  116. Is Moducare safe during pregnancy?
  117. baths while pregnant
  118. Did you pregnancy symptoms differ consistently by the baby's sex?
  119. Am I pregnant?
  120. Anemia and small babies
  121. Large hematoma amd short cervix
  122. January 2015 Due Date Club is here
  123. Recently gave blood, think I may be pregnant, any health effects?
  124. In so much pain! Help!
  125. could i be pregnant
  126. Ways to combat low blood pressure dizziness
  127. Depressed to be pregnant
  128. Gummie Prenatals?
  129. I'm Pregnant
  130. late ovulation? odd symptoms.
  131. Shortening cervix 16 weeks
  132. new ddc?
  133. Organic maternity clothes?
  135. Safe herbs/oils during pg or colds/flues?
  136. Losing all motivation for outside activities
  137. Did you regret finding out gender?
  138. When did your CBE digital read 2-3 weeks?
  139. Placenta encapsulation: Raw vs. TCM?
  140. Dental Teeth Cleaning while Pregnant?
  141. Prometrium
  142. Viability scans two days apart - worth it?
  143. Please help me narrow down a name.
  144. Miscarriage?
  145. Maternity Lingerie or Plus Size Lingerie? Hmm
  146. Trouble finding a decent maternity sports tank. Recommendations?
  147. How do YOU deal with anxiety and fear of miscarriage?
  148. 3 months postpartum, exclusive breastfeeding = Faint positive?!!
  149. I know it is a really long shot but...
  150. Experiences with food-borne illnesses?
  151. 14yrs after last pregnancy... Pregnant Again with Questions!!
  152. Anyone not have a heartbeat at ultrasound, then have one?
  153. When to worry about dehydration
  154. Brainstorming middle names w/ a second syllable accent, preferrably Welsh/Gaelic
  155. Help?!
  156. Irrational fears, anyone?
  157. Anyone due in November?
  158. Fertility Challenged Graduates Thread - Spring/Summer 2014
  159. POLL: when did you start wearing maternity clothes?
  160. The Beauty of Life!
  161. When did you start wearing maternity clothes?
  162. Platelets are up!
  163. Is Lydia a good name?
  164. Evap lines
  165. Help with due date!!
  166. Adult diapers for labor and postpartum, seriously?! Frozen wet pads?!
  167. Obs worried about weight gain
  168. Did your p/g symptoms reduce with subsequent pregnancies?
  169. Pregnancy and anti-depressants
  170. How far along could I be?
  171. Pregnancy Photo Contest Sponsored by Sacred Pregnancy, Nordic Naturals and Vitalah!
  172. Let's Talk About Breech
  173. HcG levels? Kinda scared.
  174. Baby "measuring small"
  175. Anyone Have "Big side of normal" Nuchal Fold measurement?
  176. Holy carpal tunnel and wrist swelling!
  177. Preparing for postpartum
  178. 35 weeks measuring 38cm!! A little freaked out.
  179. Gallbladder support during/after pregnancy?
  180. Sinus Infection
  181. Chart of good progesterone levels throughout pregnancy?
  182. What do you think? Bedrest in pregnancy not recommended anymore?!
  183. Severely Irritable Uterus
  184. changing care providers
  185. get strength back after weeks of bedrest
  186. Vitex and Pregnancy
  187. Invitation to participate in research on emotional response
  188. Braxton hicks @ 15 weeks?
  189. Boyfriend Angry about Pregnancy
  190. Feeling... ahem... overly aroused lately
  191. Please allow me to rest
  192. Horehound and wild cherry bark extracts safe?
  193. Pregnancy Skin
  194. Question about my chart
  195. Marijuana and pregnant
  196. I need STROLLER advice!!
  198. How much does your baby move
  199. Low Estrogen In Early Pregnancy
  200. Grad Club: Where the group discussion continues after the ONE thread!
  201. What is the correct dosage for Floradix in Pregnancy?
  202. sudden extremely painful ligament pain at 38 weeks?
  203. Missed my 20 week anatomy scan
  204. Measuring ahead at 17.5.....anyone have experience/knowledge on this?
  205. Feeling angry a lot these days.
  206. Water breaking first
  207. Fabulous Forty Somethings Pregnant
  208. Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction
  209. Pregnant Over 40
  210. Arrangements for older sibling while you're in labor
  211. new-and worried
  212. need some help =)
  213. SCH
  214. Telling your older kids.
  215. Is there a 10 Month Thread? (42 weeks here)
  216. 30weeks with my little girl, mine and my husbands first
  217. Anyone get pregnant right after m/c?
  218. suger free deit in pregnancy
  219. Can I find out the cesarean rate for a particular doctor/mw?
  220. 28 week ultrasound for partial placenta previa and elevated HCG levels
  221. middle names for Snow & Amethyst
  222. Second name for Jesaja
  223. Hospital bed rest - and my mom drives me insane - RANTING Post
  224. 1st appt today. MW calculated a much different due date than I... what to believe?
  225. Guess the NUB!
  226. do I reserve a birth tub at Morristown Memorial hospital?
  227. Mother's milk tea?
  228. Middle name for Inga (een-ga)?
  229. looking for advice :-/
  230. Put on bed rest, husband is overwhelmed ... Help?
  231. Cervix soft and short at 25wks?
  232. HELP.
  233. Twins and Amniotic Fluid
  234. Hibiclens before strep b test...what is the procedure?
  235. Early pregnancy, no nausea. Can it be okay?
  236. Pregnancy tests? Hate them, love them, saved them?
  237. question about placenta previa
  238. Have you joined?
  239. 9 Week Bump
  240. disinfecting with isopropyl alcohol?
  241. Feeling of Ominous Threat During Pregnancy
  242. Does your pregnancy consume your mind space?
  243. One month or two?
  244. winter coat?
  245. If you had a fast labor, was the next birth also fast?
  246. Data comparing maternal and fetal outcomes in different countries
  247. Prenatals without iron and with folinic acid?
  248. Full on return of morning sickness, heartburn, and food aversions at 24 weeks!
  249. Anterior Placenta: anyone have it for #1-2 but NOT #3?
  250. stressed out possible father