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  1. Excited, had to share!
  2. Anyone familiar with HB CNMS Barbara Betchel, Janet Titmus Delettera, Jeanette Breen?
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  12. 40 weeks
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  18. Home birth
  19. Cheat Sheet for Labor Partner
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  21. ocean birth
  22. out of hospital births on rise
  23. planning home birth- big baby- fear of shoulder distocia
  24. Home birth with the flu
  25. X-posted: What makes a pregnancy high risk?
  26. Dealing with visitors
  27. Midwives...your thoughts on lots of people at birth?
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  30. thousands of homebirths are a professional secret
  31. Help please! No one else to talk to.
  32. Questioning my resolve to home birth again
  33. topical herbs in pregnancy: are these safe?
  34. Share your memory choices!
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  36. The Home Birth Plan
  37. Kentucky Home Birth Coalition Online Auction Donations
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  39. Tearing and episiotomies
  40. Fast labours...
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  44. checklist?
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  46. Homebirth Alabama-Need Midwife
  47. AquaDoula Birth Pool Experiences?
  48. Decisions decisions
  49. 3rd birth, very fearful...
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  51. Birth Pool Discussion
  52. Homebirth, Birth Center, or Hospital
  53. Seeking home birth advice
  54. Vanishing Twin
  55. Prepping food for the big day?
  56. Longest pregnancy?
  57. Raleigh nc midwife for home birth needed
  58. I need of a home birth midwife in the Burlington area
  59. Bank Of America: Better Money Habits
  60. Travel for Ideal Birth?
  61. Sheila Kitzinger Has Passed
  62. 3rd, 4th+ time moms - tell me your HB stories...
  63. Petition for Safer Home Birth
  64. Natural Homebirth
  65. Hba3c...
  66. Homebirth in a 3rd story apartment
  67. Homebirth midwives
  68. HB?
  69. Midwife Interview for HB
  70. Anyone use Samaritan Ministries to cover your homebirth?
  71. in network exceptions for HB
  72. Vitamin C and Vitamin K for Morning Sickness
  73. washington couple, cps
  74. Food
  75. Friends at your Birth - Good Idea?
  76. Purchasing vitamin K drops used in Denmark
  77. How did you feel?
  78. Would you be comfortable breaking in a new midwife?
  79. Homebirth Midwife in South Jersey?
  80. Why am I seeing negative home birth articles lately?
  81. Would you have a homebirth in this situation?
  82. Billing company to help file with insurance.
  83. Homebirth vs. Freestanding Birth Center?
  84. Worried about Risking Out
  85. More Mothers Should Have their Babies AT HOME!
  86. Is a birth center "safer" than a home-birth?
  87. 3rd time mom 1st time homebirthing
  88. Midwives near Roanoke or Lynchburg Virginia
  89. Parting with the homebirth I've always dreamed of for financial reasons
  90. Homebirth with Only 1 Bathroom?
  91. Microbirth movie
  92. new documentary about homebirth
  93. Question on Back-up Plans
  94. How long did you push? How long after dilation was complete did you feel "pushy".
  95. Question for home-birth mamas out there.
  96. Deleting Thread...
  97. Hypno-birthing books/cds
  98. Water birth question
  99. Looking for midwives who homebirth in Raleigh/Cary area
  100. ISO: Nearby Homebirth Midwife
  101. Feeling bad about my good home birth
  102. Looking for wilkes barre midwife
  103. What's your opinion on Harmony test?
  104. Where do I put my tub?
  105. Gap exception in NJ for home births under Aetna insurance.
  106. Type II Diabetes
  107. Lining for tub - comfortable?
  108. Natural Birth and Twins
  109. Moving to Atlanta, GA- need HB midwife
  110. Thoughts on natural induction? Safety?
  111. Hi there :) I'm new
  112. How far is the hospital?
  113. What questions did you ask your midwife?
  114. PROM, and no dilation.
  115. Homebirth
  116. Water pump for birth pool
  117. birth certification question
  118. When did you start looking for Midwife/Doula?
  119. Where in your home did you give birth?
  120. How to get Husband on board?
  121. Decriminalizing the use of midwives for Alabama homebirthers
  122. Birth Plan
  123. insurance reimbursement tooo much?!
  124. U.S. Home Births Continued Steady Increase in 2012: CDC
  125. Setting the mood...
  126. Moderator for this forum?
  127. Cigna ppo coverage of homebirth California
  128. Unsupportive partner...
  129. Celebrity Homebirthers! Who do you know?
  130. labor starting and stopping over days
  131. Improving Birth: Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth-You're Missing the Point
  132. Tax Breaks for $4,000 homebirth?
  133. Evidence based midwifery (spin off from new study threads)
  134. "Breaking up" with your doctor?
  135. Newly pregnant with 3rd baby, second homebirth, history of severe PPD
  136. NHS homebirth in the UK
  137. Cornell Study - 4x higher rate of death at Homebirth
  138. No ultrasound?
  139. Does number of births matter when hiring a midwife?
  140. looking for a free doula
  141. This Dr. Amy Tuteur woman drives me crazy.
  142. Excited about New Documentary about Childbirth
  143. Anyone homebirthed while on blood thinners?
  144. salt for water birth??
  145. Any homebirth mamas in the Indianapolis area?
  146. East Tennessee homebirth?
  147. Just got great insurance news
  148. Urgent: New law in Hawaii will criminalize all home birth midwives.
  149. Low Income moms in CA, Medi-cal will now cover Homebirth!!!!
  150. Health Alliance quoted ACOG & AAP against homebirth
  151. Alabama Home Birthers - Help?
  152. Home birth in CA
  153. Opposite of husbands being scared of a home birth
  154. Is this a normal request from midwives?
  155. bathtub, birthing pool, or kiddie pool?
  156. Independent Midwives in the UK?
  157. HBAC
  158. Severe morning sickness and meds.
  159. Husband terrified of home birth
  160. Any homebirthers with a history of SVT?
  161. Birthing tubs... etc
  162. in depth questions regarding Rhogam given for Trauma before 28 weeks
  163. Birthing in a Spa Bath?
  164. Birth stool? (Like to sit on, not accidental poo)
  165. Home birth in NC?
  166. Advice about itemized receipts and/or billing codes
  167. Homebirth and Hypoglycemia
  168. Homebirth CNM in NC?
  169. Can Florida midwives administer medication?
  170. How did you greet your baby at birth?
  171. Alaska's Last Frontier: home birth?
  172. My insurance won't cover my homebirth and i'm beside myself. Any suggestions?
  173. Thank you for your help!
  174. Planning a home birth but starting to get extremely nervous
  175. Homebirth-focused or homebirth-aware books for partners
  176. Quick Hibiclens question!
  177. Any idea what is going on with the Amber Alert in WA state?
  178. I booked a hotel to give birth in - very excited
  179. Anyone else feel cheated of their homebirth?
  180. Hello Newly Pregnant and wanting a home birth!
  181. Did you tear again after a 3rd/4th degree initial tear?
  182. 4 Weeks Pregnant with 4th baby, want home water birth
  183. I lost my Homebirth
  184. Homebirth in Baltimore MD
  185. Second thoughts on current homebirth midwife...
  186. Getting out of the tub to push? How realistic is it?
  187. Birth Center to Homebirth-Help
  188. Unassisted or homebirth in a hotel? I'm confused
  189. VBAC Homebirth
  190. Article: "Home Birth Safer Than Hospital Birth: Nation-Wide Study Netherlands"
  191. Back-Up OB Weirds Me Out
  192. 10 Times more likely with homebirth?
  193. Going in on a birth pool...how many uses?
  194. Religious Midwife Problem
  195. Federal employee insurance and home birth
  196. Partner has birth trauma but I want a free standing birth center w/ a CPM
  197. Why am I scared of a homebirth when that is what I want?
  198. Did you have someone photograph your birth?
  199. Homebirth and a nursing 27 month old.
  200. Homebirthers with dual care...WWYD?
  201. Homebirth/natural birth concern.
  202. Update 31 weeks !
  203. Home Water Birth with Bad Water & Poor Water Heater
  204. Can we talk about autonomy in home birth?
  205. Talk to me about experience please
  206. When is it to late to decide on a home/birth center birth?
  207. Is it ever too early to interview midwives?
  208. What is your platelet count?
  209. FUMING MAD! Huffpost spewing tons of false info interviewing Dr Amy on homebirth
  210. Choosing a provider
  211. aqua doula or birth tub in a box?
  212. Military Wife Gives homebirth and tricare insurance covered it!
  213. Circumcision
  214. Would you go to additional trouble to obtain pitocin?
  215. Homebirth midwives in CT?
  216. Safe Hemoglobin Levels for Homebirth
  217. Homebirth Backup (x-post)
  218. Getting insurance to pay?
  219. Sliding scale fee?
  220. Mothering's Babywearing Contest!
  221. placenta position?
  222. midwives for homebirths in Syracuse NY??? help!!
  223. attempting my first homebirth :)
  224. Placenta Smoothies?
  225. Ending shadow care?
  226. Preparing MIL to be at birth
  227. Apgar Score of Zero at Five Minutes
  228. Rural homebirth experiences
  229. Taking responsibility for the safety of your home birth
  230. Terrified of placenta previa/ accreta
  231. Birth certificates in/around Atlanta
  232. If you aren't happy with your care provider - FIRE THEM!!!!
  233. How much experience?
  234. Placenta Encapusaltion questions
  235. Looking for a midwife in Santa Clara
  236. Homebirth coverage denied as well as coverage in the event of a transfer?
  237. Hyperthyroid-risked out of home birth?
  238. Desperate for a HBAC
  239. Midwives in Miami
  240. Not scared of birth, scared of people
  241. HBACs are being banned, midwifery practice severely restricted... please help the women of Saskatoon!
  242. homebirth with bcbstx??
  243. Should I have a homebirth?? Help!
  244. marginal cord insertion
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  247. Help me choose a midwife!
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  250. Transfer Bag and plan