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  14. VBAC
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  32. Skip the early dating ultrasound? Not sure what to do?
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  35. looking for vba3c guidance in Dekalb IL
  36. Anyone had a VBAC against Dr/ hospital advice? AKA very hostile birthing environment...
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  38. Gentle Induction
  39. VBA2C trouble with doctors not sure what to do
  40. help me to find vba2c supports midwife in New york
  41. What states/areas are more 'friendly' toward HBAC (or free standing birth center VBAC).
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  45. VBAC Induction. Best time to do it?
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  48. Birth plan for VBAC
  49. Looking for some opinions/advice
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  51. C/S 3 years ago, tummy still has lost feeling
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  53. VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sect) and CEFM (continuous electronic fetal monitoring)
  54. Was my 2nd c-section medically necessary and would you have made the same decision?
  55. VBAC?
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  57. VBAC Mamas! Which is better - homebirth or hospital birth?
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  72. researching
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  76. Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga
  77. 1st: Scheduled C-Section, 2nd: (deciding btwn Schedule&VBAC)
  78. I forget to think of myself as VBAC, and now that I don't have home birth care, not sure what to do.
  79. LOoking for Midwives in Boston, Ma area (VBAC)
  80. So Frustrated
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  82. Just Wondering
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  85. Statistics? Is This Legit?
  86. When to start...I need your fail-proof induction plans!
  87. My OB is no longer providing prenatal care, help me decide what to do now
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  89. Is This a Bad Idea? Or Would It Burn Bridges?
  90. "Delivered" 3 babies that passed away, does it count as vbac?
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  92. I DID IT!
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  100. 32.8% cesarean rate in the USA
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  104. What do you think?
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  106. VBA4C
  107. A little whine
  108. VBAC after having 1 c section
  109. Old C-Section scar in subsequent pregnancies
  110. Pregnancy spacing for VBAC success?
  111. Wanting to VBAC in central Indiana, HELP!
  112. Wanting to VBAC in central Indiana, HELP!
  113. Full-term VBAC after premature C-section?
  114. VBAC after 2 C/S?
  115. Looking for a specific study
  116. Anyone dealt with a VBAC and a septum?
  117. MBOBB VBAC video
  118. provider options
  119. Vbac after emergency c-section at 29 weeks
  120. VBA2C while on blood thinners?
  121. Ob wants to wait until I am 30 weeks to discuss "VBAC restrictions"? Why?
  122. Met with an OB yesterday to get signed off for a V2BAC. NOW feeling conflicted in decision.
  123. repeat/multiple chemical pregnancies after ceserean
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  125. Herbal Birth Prep and VBAC?
  126. Did you consider VBAC chances when planning timing of next pregnancy?
  127. Tell me what you know about uterine rupture...
  128. Hoping for a vbac in California.
  129. Not pregnant yet, wanting a VBA2C for 3rd child
  130. here is my graphic vba3c video
  131. Hoping for a hbac!
  132. SoCal Mama's, have any of you had a VBAC at UCLA Medical Center? Please share your stories!
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  137. The VBAC Forum: Posting Guidelines and Helpful Resources
  138. Can't wait to talk to you ladies, but till then research help!
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  140. very scared
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  149. I want to have another baby (VBAC) but I'm unsure... any advice or just encouragement?
  150. VBAC friendly providers in Columbia, MO or St. Louis
  151. Want to attempt a VBA4C with my 5th child...Any info is welcome
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  153. How do I go about finding a VBAC provider?
  154. Any reason why a Hep lock isn't as good as an IV?
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  165. Not sure which route to take
  166. Are NST and ultrasounds common at 41 weeks?
  167. Did you take a VBAC-specific birth class?
  168. Chance to talk to the head of OB @ St. Lukes Roosevelt in NYC following my unnecessarean.
  169. Tel me why I need a doula for a home VBAC
  170. 2nd Pregnancy ang Terrified of Birth!!! VBAC OR 2ND C-SECTION
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  172. Anyone going to the VBAC Summit?
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  174. So when do you leave home?
  175. New:))) and hopeful vbac after 3 c/s.
  176. Doesn't anybody want to VBAC where I live?
  177. Trying to find resources for a VBA2C in Springfield, Oregon
  178. Looking for information for VBA2C!
  179. Has anyone had a VBAC after having a cs for large baby???
  180. A friend has been invited to the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference at the Hague!
  181. Settle a debate - how long between C-section and the next birth?
  182. ICAN Chapters of Alaska ~ Cesarean Quilt Project
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  187. "Mandatory epidural" for a VBAC?
  188. 3rd times a charm?
  189. VBA3C questions
  190. Anyone heard this theory about the uterine incision interfering with dilation?
  191. Laying on left side?
  192. VBAC after 2 sections?
  193. Problems with placnta delivery after birth???
  194. VBAC after 2 C-sections
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  196. My VBA3C
  197. My VBAC of a 10 pound, 2 ounce baby boy earlier this month!
  198. Feeling disheartened about VBAC
  199. What are you doing for pain management?
  200. abdomen 'pain'?
  201. Information in the old stickies?
  202. HBA2C with back up OB means a trip to the hospital after successful HB????
  203. 35 weeks and baby is kicking scar?
  204. Pregnant with baby #3, hoping for VBAC #2
  205. Home or hospital for VBAC? Does length of time between births matter for that?
  206. Considering VBAC, what's my chances?
  207. How do you find the c-section rate of an individual OB/MW?
  208. WWYD? Leaving midwife b/c of her hospital affiliation?
  209. I thought I was over it but I guess I'm not.
  210. vba2c w/gd and don't go into labor
  211. Tips for a successful VBAC- what to do during pregnancy?
  212. Vbac after 2 csections?
  213. In search of input...VBA3C
  214. HBAC
  215. VBA2C
  216. vba4c + providers out there??
  217. VBAC for Mama Who Doesn't Appear to Go into Labor
  218. hooked tailbone or anterior coccyx and vbac----yes YOU CAN!
  219. What are your thoughts?
  220. I am a bad VBAC candidate... Feel like a failure.
  221. VBACS and disabled mamas
  222. Waiting out labor at home
  223. VBAC so close...yet so far.
  224. Be careful about ICAN and other such groups
  225. Looking for anything I might not have thought of or tried...
  226. VBAC less than 18mo after c-section
  227. Looking for positive VBAC birth stories
  228. U/S to check placenta placement before VBAC?
  229. Research on rupture after a successful VBAC?
  230. coping with relatives negativity and harrassment...
  231. What does it mean when a thread is "locked"?
  232. Re-occuring Lip on Cervix- (Sorry so Long and wordy)
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  236. worried about TOL ending in CS
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  239. loooooong labor, but proves that determination and confidence pays off! successful VBAC waterbirth!
  240. Not sure how to process, or explain my choice to others...(Warning: uterine rupture mentioned)
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