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  1. "Planned Births"
  2. Placenta acreta/increta/percreta
  3. The Dads job
  4. maternal mortality
  5. Doctors have to explain risks.
  6. Jewish Mamas
  7. A women's right to her Placentas
  8. UK 31 yr old mother has her 8th baby
  9. Mosquito repellent
  10. Labor positions
  11. Planned hospital birth after homebirth
  12. Fast second babies
  13. Do you know any infant or maternal deaths IRL?
  14. Help finding old Ina May Gaskin Interview?
  15. Fractured Tailbone During Birth...Still Hurts 8 Months Later! :-(
  16. who to watch the other kids?
  17. Appalled at the high number of C-Sections
  18. Sex after childbirth
  19. Worn out uterus?
  20. Quick Birth - baby blue with fluid on lungs
  21. Rosette test and postnatal Rhogam
  22. Did you stick to your birth plan
  23. Survey for dissertation on birthing facilities
  24. Single Mom Seeking Resources
  25. Do you think of your birth everyday?
  26. When did you go in after your water broke?
  27. Begging for epidurals
  28. Is 10 cm the magic number for *every* woman's cervix?
  29. Who in the delivery room?
  30. Ultrasound
  31. Lochia at 10 weeks PP or something else.
  32. Swollen nose
  33. postpartum hot flashes?
  34. What to do about a tear still causing issues?
  35. von Willebrand disease- experiences during and after labor?
  36. Loose/ugly vagina!
  37. Baby not breathing at birth and CPR
  38. Vag opening any different??
  39. No Midwife...What now?
  40. Would You have a C-section?
  41. Anyone "fail" at their VBAC attempt? Reason?
  42. Evening primrose oil question
  43. Type 2 Diabetic Mom Wants a Natural Birth
  44. Can't Find Midwife :-(
  45. When can we leave the hosp. after birth?
  46. Birth Pool for Laboring at Home?
  47. Older Siblings at Birth?
  48. Hospital birth after 4 wonderful homebirths any advice?
  49. 3rd birth, very fearful - need support!
  50. Extra Placenta / Vanishing Twin / Accessory Lobe?
  51. feeling "cheated" after unplanned c-section
  52. Another Birth Pioneer has passed on.
  53. Planting placenta, nothing for DD1...
  54. Belly binding with muslin
  55. Are old toys safe for my baby?
  56. What is the protocol to prevent Strep B+?
  57. Postpartum Pre-Eclampsia
  58. VBAC with thinning scar?
  59. Nitrous for labor in USA?
  60. Share your story moms!
  61. Divorced, pregnant with a sick toddler..
  62. Venting/Looking for support
  63. Bleeding 10 weeks PP
  64. good hemoglobin but low ferritin and iron
  65. causes of small placenta?
  66. Easy, painless (or less pain), or orgasmic childbirth??
  67. Mamas who have had a natural birth - would you be willing to fill out my survey?
  68. What one thing would you have done differently to prepare for your first birth?
  69. latex allergy and latex free birth with midwife
  70. Most important prenatal tests?
  71. ultrasound
  72. Bad tears
  73. Active labour position
  74. Water birth question: When does a baby need to breathe?
  75. Study on Birthplace, please participate!
  76. 6 Months Postpartum Metallic Taste
  77. Accessory/Succenturiate Placental Lobe?
  78. Breech
  79. Do they let you eat in the hospital?
  80. Natural Birth in Akron?
  81. rash and itching
  82. Pain relief
  83. US FDA warns moms on Unnecessary Ultrasounds
  84. Postpartum bleeding at 3 1/2 months pp
  85. 10 mos post partum
  86. Pitocin
  87. fetal position during labor
  88. Placenta smoothie?
  89. What do you know about growing a healthy placenta/ cord/ preventing calcification?
  90. How long would you feel comfortable waiting for labor with a slow leak?
  91. lochia question
  92. Vaginal pain, burning, and dryness 4 months postpartum
  93. Land birth after water birth???
  94. paternity before naming?
  95. Could placenta pills help kick start labor?
  96. Has anyone intentionally given birth without their SO?
  97. Natural birth in the hospital: is it possible? (Chicago/Evanston, Illinois)
  98. Excellent article about birth and birth rights
  99. Pelvic exams during labor
  100. Changing Hospital Consent Form
  101. Finding disturbing information about home birth
  102. 42 weeks... any suggestions?
  103. Is this normal during unmedicated birth?
  104. Alittle Bit Political: Maternal Deaths Up
  105. Best Hemorrhoid Treatments?
  106. Birthing Center Questions
  107. Anyone with ICP experience?
  108. Anyone else pp having issues feeling out of breath?
  109. The financial cost of birth - from a foreigner
  110. Urgent question regarding induction at 37 weeks - sister in hospital now.
  111. can I long did everyone bleed for post-labor?
  112. Presentation about Vaccination Alternative in South Florida
  113. what do modest Mamas wear during labor and birth?
  114. new york drug testing
  115. Ina May Gaskin and preterm birth
  116. Childbirth class choices
  117. Normalize Breast Feeding
  118. 39 weeks transverse
  119. Prodromal, bad postion, please help! Need ideas!
  120. Effaced cerivx at 31 weeks with contractions, please advise
  121. How hands-on are you as a midwife during labor?
  122. Midwives who travel
  124. Breast/Bottle feeding babies with Down Syndrome
  125. What hurt more than labor for you?
  126. Hospital Interventions - High Blood Pressure Induction?
  127. Looking for some reassurance/positive thoughts
  128. Anyone else STUCK at 9-10 cm dilated for an absurdly long period of time ?
  129. Anyone else experience 3rd/4th degree tearing?
  130. AAP ACOG water birth position paper?
  131. Post partum uterus
  132. Anyone decide on a hospital birth after homebirth didn't live up to expectations?
  133. Newborn Screening Refusal. Would like your input. Good, bad, Changes?
  134. Vitamin K Refusal...Would like your input. Good, bad, Changes?
  135. Erythromycin Refusal... Would like your input. Good, bad?
  137. Any reason not to do the hearing test?
  138. Need info on the new Jaundice testing...
  139. Gifts for birth attendant(s)
  140. Please describe pushing to a FTM
  141. no head molding?
  142. Who caught your baby?
  143. Type 2 control with diet
  144. What do you wish you'd have known about having a preemie?
  145. Do I really need a membrane sweep or induction?
  146. 43 weeks and primrose oil??
  147. What position did you give birth in?
  148. Naturally Inducing... at 37/38?
  149. Postpartum Care!
  150. I'm anxious about having third natural labor
  151. Emergency birth kit?
  152. Traveling 1.5 hr for birth center History of 3 hr labor
  153. A Birth Not Quite What I Wanted Story
  154. Blessing Way in Santa Fe, NM?
  155. Did YOUR water break first? Share your funny/not so funny stories here!
  156. Does induction length predict natural labor length?
  157. 41w5d Baby not engaged, minimal dilation... wait it out at birth center, or induce at hospital...
  158. What happened before c-sections?
  159. Gifts for L&D Nurses and Midwives
  160. Poll: For your first long did you push?
  161. Marginal Placenta Previa
  162. Anyone have an epidural for a subsequent birth after going natural?
  163. Delayed Cord Clamping
  164. Any 25- mommas out there?
  165. What's the difference?
  166. Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation/Consumption
  167. Question about the urge to push
  168. Question about placenta delivery
  169. can somebody tell me about what else is in birthing from within
  170. Natural delivery with a previously torn cervix?
  171. Stiches got opened after normal delivery
  172. Planning a natural hospital birth, but want to stay home as long as possible. I have few questions! (distance to hosp, gbs+ and should I have a birth tool at home?)
  173. Is feeling sick a sign of labor coming?
  174. First Time Mom
  175. Denver news story about high cost for unscheduled birth
  176. Being "that" mum with extra wishes in the hospital. Experiences?
  177. Timing of subsequent labors
  178. What to do next time? Pushing techniques please :-)
  179. World Prematurity Day
  180. Poll: How was your first birth?
  181. Austin birthing centers or midwives for low income?
  182. Hypnobabies and birth partners
  183. any advice or experience for a stop start labor?
  184. Worried about too-fast birth possibility
  185. What's the most outrageous things someone has said to you about labor or birth?
  186. Birthday party?
  187. Midwives and Insurance
  188. Overcoming fear and taking charge.
  189. Urgent response needed. SIL needs emergency induction.
  190. Baby breech - so upset!!!
  191. When to go to the hospital when its 1.5 hr away + Doula Question
  192. C-section + hysterectomy, anyone? Need thoughts/experiences
  193. Anyone have Sept. 6th Due date and waiting?
  194. Great ideas for new mothers' loved ones
  195. Post birth vaginas!
  196. How to make the best of an induction?
  197. Just read the chart from DS's birth
  198. If you have had more than one labor, how were they different?
  199. pregnancy after diastasis?
  200. Hypnobabies quick reference guide
  201. Sleep Troubles in Pregnancy
  202. BOOO! First postpartum period!!
  203. What IF C-Section Was Proven Safer Than Natural Birth?
  204. Placental Abruption...Is a vaginal delivery possible?
  205. Natural Induction Measures Safe for Pre E
  206. Hypnotherapy and Child Birth
  207. Are birthing classes supposed to scare you??
  208. Spotting at 8 weeks postpartum?
  209. What herbs, tea's and supplements do you take post partum?
  210. Help choosing a doula
  211. labor augmentation - AROM better or worse than pitocen?
  212. What position did you give birth in?
  213. Does anyone else find that breastfeeding makes it HARDER to lose weight?
  214. What did you learn about birth that you wish someone had told you?
  215. Ha ha natural birth in The Backup Plan movie
  216. Spin-off - Discussing the merit of vaginal birth and elective cesarean
  217. Anyone Not Let Partner Attend Birth?
  218. Would you/Did you eat your placenta?
  219. 36 weeks possible breach
  220. What hurts more than childbirth?
  221. ISO Hypnobabies Quick Reference Guide to BORROW
  222. 2 days post partum, bad lower back ache?
  223. Perineal re-education: what do you do ?
  224. New here with a hypnobabies question!
  225. 7 weeks postpartum and still bleeding
  226. Opting out of Newborn Testing
  227. Seeking tips for Recovering from post-partum hemorrhage
  228. induction or cesarean?
  229. Looking for resources in East Texas
  230. Should I call the midwife: pp bleeding
  231. Chronic itch during third trimester and beyond.
  232. Going from an out of hospital to in hospital birth...
  233. Slogan's for my doula business
  234. Could birth have messed up my hips?
  235. Forcep delivery vs cesarean
  236. Erythromycin after water birth?
  237. healing and preparing for sex after birth
  238. Retained Placenta pieces and Calcification on uterus
  239. Pelvic Analysis Software For Avoiding Emergency C-Section
  240. FTM with labor stall? TMI big time.
  241. What can I decline in the hospital?
  242. Items in hospital this too much?
  243. hypnobabies and light switch question
  244. How old were you when you had your first baby?
  245. not losing weight while breast feeding???
  246. not losing weight while breast feeding???
  247. Politely turning down hospital guests
  248. Postpartum headache?
  249. Mothers Day Contest!
  250. 41 weeks and baby has not dropped!