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  1. Help! New to EC with a 6 month old...
  2. Baby is "trained" for pees, but not poops - help?
  3. Too many misses on some days?
  4. EC *does* work with sposies
  5. Tips for Larger Families?
  6. Troubleshooting EC
  7. Top hat position - healthy?
  8. Fleecy cover idea
  9. At what age did you start ECing your child(ren)?
  10. Beach/resort vacation
  11. Help is needed!
  12. Help! 14mo potty pause!
  13. Blood in Stool - 11 week old baby. Can EC cause it?
  14. New to EC and feel like I'm failing
  15. Baby leaking poo & cries when on potty
  16. EC hold too much pressure on booty?
  17. No "poopy face"... is it normal?
  18. Desperate for help: Constipation and EC
  19. Boys and Using the Baby Bjorn Potty Seat
  20. 2yrs and Stuck
  21. Am I doing this right?
  22. Brand new baby - 13 mo old potty pause. Ideas?
  23. ECing twins, am I crazy??
  24. 10 month old now fights the potty
  25. I'm so confused!
  26. Anyone else here a mentor for Diaper Free Baby? Why have they bascially closed down?
  27. 15 month regression?
  28. EC grad?
  29. Advice for a mom with an almost-grad
  30. Stalled... Please help!
  31. help bring back a Clear Potty
  32. Getting Started
  33. 3-month old, help with cues
  34. Need support in getting started
  35. Help! My baby is spiteful toward me with EC!!!
  36. Poo strike
  37. Poo strike
  38. Getting back to EC after long strike
  39. disposable backups
  40. EC at Night and sleeping through the night?
  41. Am I making progress?
  42. newborn: 30+ pees per day?!
  43. Restarting After a Pause?
  44. Elimination Communication
  45. I could use some advice...
  46. What do u use for undies.
  47. Help please with night time 15 months old
  48. Hard bits in baby poops
  49. Pink stain around NB Poo
  50. When EC is normal
  51. EC with our first baby
  52. Grrrr... Have you ever felt like giving up?
  53. Leave baby on potty with fussing?
  54. 5wk old EC boy stopping his stream
  55. Frustrated
  56. EC&the mobile baby
  57. Great communicator...not so great "pottier"
  58. do some babies not like EC?
  59. How to start EC with 2 week old boy
  60. Diaper at night-stay dry?
  61. EC wool longies
  62. Starting to do EC while out & about tips please!
  63. There are any studies about colic or bed wetting?
  64. New to EC
  65. Frustrated
  66. Diapers or ec pants
  67. Do I need to buy diapers? How much do I need?
  68. Please Help!
  69. What does a strike mean to you?
  70. Always poops in potty but pees on the floor
  71. What size prefolds best for ec purposes? Still need diff sizes for diff ages, or can just do one size...? Sewing them!
  72. Advice on how to proceed?
  73. Tips on going from occasional to full time ECing?
  74. Baby cries/screams while ECing, but only for poo!
  75. Favorite signals your baby needs to use the potty?
  76. Potty suggestions for 8 month old?
  77. Newborn daughter ... getting started tips?
  78. EC and Winter Clothes for boys?
  79. Offering Potty While in Swaddle?
  80. Newborn Prefers Sink over Top Hat Potty
  81. Is 20 months too late to start?
  82. Book Recommendations?
  83. Gas,Diaper Changes, Getting over Painful Rash, EC attempts & CRYING
  84. Can't figure out a 4-month-old's cues
  85. Starting out EC with 5 months old
  86. Please offer some feedback on new EC blog?
  87. Question about baby's EC cues
  88. What kind of diaper bag do you recommend?
  89. Starting part-time EC with 11 mo?
  90. 9mo suddenly HATES pottying and diaper changes
  91. diaper free, awareness but no communication and no potty
  92. 9 month walker and new to EC
  93. Started EC, but baby has lost her cues
  94. Nighttime strike or progression?
  95. hello again ECing for the second time
  96. EC and BFing order on waking for 7 wk old
  97. Grad? Is it really that easy?
  98. A satirical look at EC
  99. Nap stalling technique
  100. What nappys do you use at night time?
  101. Frustrating...please make me feel better
  102. Starting with 15 week old
  103. Another night-time question: tips for a two-month old
  104. your experiences ECing a newborn
  105. Praise and EC
  106. 2 month old pee strikig
  107. He pees Soooooo much at night
  108. Typical Day in the Life of an ECing 2-5 month old?
  109. Playing with Potty
  110. First Potty Strike @ 21 Months Old
  111. CBC story on EC
  112. Lots of catches but no communication with 12 m old
  113. Parenting Docu-Series
  114. Why underwear?
  115. Stopping by to say thanks and ...
  116. Trouble getting started
  117. Is there a point to part-time EC?
  118. 12 m/o loves the potty but won't pee in it!
  119. late start ec with 10.5 month old
  120. Snap Cloth Diapers and EC
  121. Will this get confusing?
  122. Back-up in the first days after the birth
  123. Preemptive nighttime pee or no?
  124. Potty recommendations
  125. We are not EC'ing, but I need advice.
  126. I think we may be getting ready to graduate soon!
  127. Night Time EC
  128. Part time EC with my 4.5mo?
  129. 15 mo old doesn't want to sit (or stand) to pee
  130. Full time training pants - making the jump
  131. Waking up from naps to pee
  132. Potty training question
  133. Balancing access to bathroom with bathroom childproofing
  134. Article of interest about a study: Whistle Away the Need for Diapers
  135. EC Grad Regression - First at his caregivers, now at home. How to deal with it? Need help please!
  136. 16 month old won't sit on potty anymore
  137. underpants for babies 3 - 24 months
  138. 6 Weeks no Luck
  139. Two-year old potty training regression
  140. wool soakers and EC
  141. How would you detail *how* to EC to a friend? Insight for my 12 month old
  142. Thinking of starting ec with a six month old?
  143. 19 month old won't pee in toilet
  144. looking for a small a comfortable potty
  145. Cluster Poops
  146. where to go from here
  147. Almost "there", and then not!
  148. The only ECing parents out for the day - what can the grandparents do??
  149. Getting ready for baby...help needed!!
  150. ECApants stash size L for sale
  151. Split pants/wool coverpants for sale
  152. Getting started with 14 month old
  153. Brilliant!
  154. Sudden change just before 5 weeks. Will things get easier again?
  155. transitioning from parent-led pottying to child-led
  156. Just an idea
  157. 6 week old fussypants... need encouragement and advice
  158. Help with Poo misses
  159. Nighttime EC - Jet lagged peeing!
  160. fostering independence
  161. 18 month old... Considering ditching diapers at home. Would love input.
  162. Re-sale: some EC winter clothes we are no longer using
  163. Really Want to start ECing my 11 month old son! Did I already miss the boat?
  164. Anybody ever embarrassed about having to go potty the baby?
  165. Technology savvy kids and their parents... Any thoughts?
  166. 16 mos, goes when I ask, but won't sit on the potty, please help!
  167. Am I headed in the right direction with my planned stash?
  168. Which diaper belt to buy in US?
  169. Looking suggestions for modifying pants to allow for squatting to pee.
  170. I need a new position
  171. the baby who cried "Pee!"
  172. should we switch to pull-ups? underpants?
  173. Nighttime EC - keeping warm? Minimal mess?
  174. New EC Group in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area
  175. Can you really EC part-time or will this cause problems?
  176. *Update* 11 month old won't pee in toilet anymore!!
  177. New to EC and have some questions...
  178. What am I missing?
  179. Angry 24MO peeing
  180. Accidental EC! (Or, my baby is potty-training ME)
  181. Visit to In-laws
  182. potty strike in 5.5 month old
  183. Tips for EC with a newborn boy... positions, potty, etc.
  184. Suddenly Misses Galore/Pissing When Pissed - What Gives?
  185. desperately searching for the book "Diaper Free" by.Ingrid bauer
  186. Thoughts on Newborn sleeping through...
  187. Wool sleep sack for EC toddler?
  188. 3month old-Just can't get going!
  189. What should I get to start EC? (Baby boy coming any day!)
  190. Potty Training for Non EC-er
  191. potty for infant boy
  192. infant potty for a boy - including at night
  193. trying to pick it up again at 1yo
  194. Regression in an EC'ed child- what to do?
  195. What should I do to make EC more successful for my daughter?
  196. You know you practise EC when...
  197. Dry at night
  198. Pooping at night
  199. Just starting!
  200. total potty strike for months
  201. We're doing it!
  202. fully-clothed time
  203. 4 month old not giving me "pee" cues
  204. Is this where this goes? Potty training question
  205. EC regrestion
  206. How often does your lo pee
  207. Help! Potty and bumbo confusion...
  208. Going on four
  209. elimination communication with an older child
  210. Frustration over poop misses
  211. diaper-free time
  212. restarting EC with my almost 1-year-old?
  213. Do you let your baby chew/suck on their potty?
  214. Increasing communication
  215. 3 months old-just started-NEED HELP!!
  216. Favorite EC positions, diapers and training pants by age
  217. Babybjorn Little Potty no longer available?
  218. Best way to get started with a 3 month old?
  219. Little hands...
  220. Sporadic diapering dilemma...how to switch to undies?
  221. When can we start using training pants?
  222. EC poop strike
  223. Travel with no water
  224. New to EC questions
  225. Poops in undies every day...am I missing something?
  226. Bumbo potty seat
  227. Wash routine for PL poop accidents in undies?
  228. nighttime - I need some sleep
  229. Please help! Need to either EC or PL my 16 month old...
  230. nonbranded animals underpants
  231. Stumped on What to Wear...
  232. Potty training and early EC child
  233. 2 year old with UTI won't pee - help!
  234. Elimination Communication in Sacramento California, no group
  235. Pee frequency
  236. EC/PT with one year old
  237. Check out this new EC Blog!!!
  238. We're Back!
  239. Dealing with Negative Responses
  240. How on earth to do night/ nap- time EC, and EC when out? I feel like I'm in a catch-22
  241. Accidental ECing high-needs boy, need tips!
  242. One Year Potty Pause. One year Long that is....
  243. Backing off
  244. EC and international travel
  245. EC Help Potty Pause, Walking, Nighttime, etc.
  246. dangers of EC??
  247. Calling Grad!
  248. Night-time "anti-pee hormone"???
  249. Night-time "anti-pee hormone"???
  250. Potty training?