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  1. Newbie Doula question
  2. Where can I find codes for insurance?
  3. Taking NARM
  4. Midwives in NC--illegal, why???
  5. Blessingways/Birth Rituals/Ceremonies
  6. Frustrations as an OB nurse
  7. the "Doula training?" thread
  8. Third Birth is Wild Card?
  9. how to have a GOOD epidural birth plan
  10. training for post partum doula
  11. curiosity: fistula question
  12. severe post partum gas
  13. DONA Conference? Anyone going, anyone been?
  14. OP presentation without back labor?
  15. ICAN Conference in Syracuse
  16. Becoming a doula questions
  17. Need help fast....BV or Yeast..Not sure which
  18. A friend has an issue she'd like suggestions on.
  19. Natural high blood pressure remedies?
  20. anybody know how long til cervix closes after D&C?
  21. pospartum bleeding stopped, then started again
  22. New birth movie, looks good!
  23. Illinois Midwifery battle
  24. Herbal baths after delivery
  25. Hyperemesis Gravidarum - Prevention? An related HB question
  26. Dopplers with or without digital display?
  27. Legal battles
  28. LEEP, Cervical Dilation, and EPO
  29. specific hibiclens info for GBS - please
  30. safe to take placenta medication while pg?
  31. L-phenylalanine
  32. Normal procedure for a woman with 3 previous c/sections?
  33. US Neonatal and Maternal Mortality rate
  34. Midwives: Is a previous miscarriage high risk?
  35. gifts for midwife after the birth?
  36. ? about baby dropping
  37. Cyotec after birth
  38. Ketones in urine...what does this mean?
  39. New here...
  40. 1st Doula client-need help!
  41. stats on pelvic floor disfunction in countries using primarily midwives?
  42. high urine pH
  43. I have found the perfect watch!
  44. Blue cohosh for stalled labor?
  45. Seeing a Perinatologist~What should I expect?
  46. 'short' cord ??
  47. Do you tour hospitals that clients will be using?
  48. PIH and shots
  49. birthing with an intact bag of waters
  50. anovulatory cycle and promoting menses x-post
  51. Gift Certificate for Doula--How much?
  52. I need to interview a Midwife for school...
  53. What Can I do to Stop This? {TMI}
  54. abnormal placenta/umbilical cords
  55. Is this normal....?
  56. update on my sil (long)
  57. HPV and homebirth?(X-Posted)
  58. Interview questions for Doula?
  59. Afraid I won't be able to have another homebirth.
  60. Midwifery through apprenticeship
  61. Can you feel pregancy from *inside*?
  62. Twins - why induce labor or schedule c-sec early?
  63. Uterine prolapse
  64. CBC blood test, what do you learn from it and when do you do it?
  65. GBS & abx -- IV vs. a shot?
  66. treatment for atrophic vaginitis
  67. Breech birth and "experienced attendants"
  68. Flagyl at 13 weeks for parasite?
  69. HPV vaccine information....
  70. OB says mom needs to take Valtrex?
  71. RhoGam (RH Factor) Help
  72. can this happen??
  73. what is the deal with bp & waterbirth
  74. Utah attempting to gut lay entry midwives law
  75. DONA vs. Birth Arts
  76. CBE thread...
  77. I know there are worse things in the world,but...
  78. question about fetal positioning
  79. Court-ordered c-sections...
  80. Myomectomy and vaginal birth?
  81. lots of prodromal labor? what is this?
  82. Doulas: prenatal appointment schedule
  83. vaginal tear caused by post-birth D&C--now problems?
  84. Do you have "Breech Birth Woman-Wise"?
  85. the "When knowledge isn't enough" thread
  86. Dirty, dirty Profi Birki Birkenstock clogs...
  87. your twin-pregnancy nutrition recommendations?
  88. Any research to "prove" that CIO is bad to share with OB's
  89. back pain after epidural
  90. Midwives, what's your SOP for "monitoring" VBAC moms?
  91. Pros and Cons of epidural (by the general public)
  92. Retained membranes
  93. Tinctures for birth
  94. cervidil????
  95. normal cervix at 31w?
  96. Normal length of time after water breaks (X-post)
  97. Ow! Nipple pain
  98. Help, I'm miscarrying and need advice
  99. CAPPA CLE Training in SF 5/19-20
  100. Does lube jelly need to be sterile for vag exams in labor?
  101. Class Reunions for Childbirth Classes?
  102. external versions, low anterior placentas and footling breech babies
  103. is midwifery for me?
  104. Birth Professionals web design
  105. Do contrax feel like?.?.......
  106. Regaining Trust in Birth
  107. Any doulas with second careers?
  108. (X-post) URGENT- ROM with meconium staining- advice needed.
  109. Baby out in 4 min.s? Qu.s
  110. nursing and quesiness
  111. Best Vaginal Breech positioning?
  112. Any midwives in Culpeper, VA area?
  113. tying the cord
  114. Thoughts? x-posted in homebirth
  115. Acidophilus doses during pregnancy?
  116. Need professional I in labor?
  117. How to write birth stories when the birth didn't go as planned
  118. Personal experience with babies not dropping
  119. Diet Preparation for GTT questions
  120. maintaining trust in birth after a loss
  121. any West Virginia midwives here?
  122. would you deliver suspected but unconfirmed twins?
  123. Help me phrase resume for midwife training in Germany
  124. Schools for midwifery
  125. Rate Your Birth? *UPDATE* #13
  126. Help me phrase resume for midwife training in Germany
  127. definition of PPH and how do You manage it
  128. PROM question for midwives
  129. ancient art midwifery institute
  130. ? for Midwives - Enlarged ovary?
  131. looking for a midwife in Great Falls, MT (cross-posted)
  132. Welcome Client folders
  133. nutrition q's....
  134. FL midwives-I need some advice.
  135. Help with naming this please...
  136. CBE & doula training
  137. Bringing baby to Alace conference?
  138. HBA2C - hosp transfer questions
  139. mothering article on lying-in...
  140. Homebirth Triplets!
  141. FYI: South Jersey BirthNetwork; Look for one in your area!
  142. Late to turn to breech baby
  143. Midwives or LCs - nursing question
  144. this does not make me happy
  145. Thinking of becoming a midwife...
  146. NST and lack of accelerations...
  147. Fundus measuring 5 weeks behind?
  148. X-Post: Homebirth after Stillbirth?
  149. delivering (as opposed to birthing) the head and shoulders
  150. VBAC safety: Please link me to your best research
  151. Brewer's Diet, what is the consensus?
  152. ALACE CBEs - question for you
  153. MW Vaccinations
  154. giardia in pg?
  155. homebirth exclusion
  156. Subsequnt Back labors
  157. International Options
  158. Don't know what to do...
  159. Birth Arts doula training
  160. fht vs. placenta with fetoscope
  161. Stories from the birth pros... new sticky?
  162. Doula Q re: my client's backache
  163. Webster treatments
  164. Gestating just not my strength - BP
  165. switching from MWs to OBs...ack
  166. Humana Ins & homebirth/MW
  167. Getting Preggers after tubal? Stats?
  168. more on low fluid...
  169. The thread "any midwives in alaska?"
  170. Pursuing Birthing with life complications
  171. Evening primrose oil vs Borage oil....
  172. Twin labor and birth "management"
  173. Evening Primrose Oil - actual oil, not capsule ??
  174. Would you consider taking me as a vbac patient
  175. Back up doula plans and payment
  176. Postpartum doula-ing & little ones
  177. Doula and Midwife stuff for sale on Trading post
  178. Do midwives see kids?
  179. Low fluid?
  180. Info on PROM with meconium & inductions?
  181. can we talk about what a "calling" feels like?
  182. talk to me about CBI doula training
  183. ISO Info on Molar twin pregnancy
  184. apprenticing with multiple preceptors?
  185. Supporting midwives
  186. teaching fetoscope
  187. Natural Alignment Plateau?
  188. Sort of random fetoscope question
  189. supporting a mom with history of sexual abuse and recent trigger
  190. 3rd stage management
  191. Tea during 3rd trimester
  192. Counseling for a babymoon
  193. The real "question about fee reduction" thread
  194. question about fee reduction
  195. herbs/supplements to bring milk in faster?
  196. ALACE doula training ?S
  197. what do you think about this situation?
  198. The labor from heck!
  199. supporting those who choose epidurals
  200. c-section support
  201. Hong Kong turning away pregnant women...
  202. apprentices or midwives, what do you do to supplement your income?
  203. How Often Do These Complications Occur?
  204. CBEs ~ A couple of questions...
  205. How Do I find the Regulations in my State?
  206. more experienced herbalist than me...
  207. A new career and seeking some advice..
  208. Article on midwifery/homebirth in Iraq (x posted)
  209. THE "Related question: have you ever been asked to leave a birth" THREAD
  210. Herbs for preventing contractions?
  211. ultrasound info
  212. What would a midwife do?
  213. Evaluating tears
  214. What do you do while you're waiting for active labor to start?
  215. Endometriosis
  216. Heart and Hands...4th edition
  217. Midwives, fighting for clients wishes?
  218. doulas, have you ever left a client in labor?
  219. pre-natal yoga instructors?
  220. Financial rewards of becoming a doula
  221. SIX more u/s? help please?
  222. Can I get an opinion?
  223. early dilation or normal?
  224. As a doula and normal childbirth advocate...
  225. If my mw drops me, what happens to the $$ we paid her?
  226. Can someone help explain oblique positioning?
  227. Clinical skills
  228. Suturing
  229. How to compensate a doula who you did not use?
  230. Will I be fired from a hb mw if...
  231. baby only spins one way?
  232. Varney's Midwifery: Study Question Book (x-post)
  233. Rhogam question.. please help :)
  234. Gestational Diabetes questions...
  235. Want to be a Midwife- Advice Needed!!
  236. practicing for the sole purpose of learning
  237. ? about nonreassuring fetal heart tones
  238. talk to me about being a childbirth educator
  239. Weigh in! Looking for help choosing a training program
  240. Homebirth books for husband dead set on hospital?
  241. Friend in Redding, CA looking for a doula...(X-posted in finding your tribe)
  242. Any Bradley Teachers out there!!??
  243. Any good resource for clients with, um, personal questions?
  244. Late cord cutting
  245. birth competition...
  246. CBE training workshop CAPPA
  247. Blood Tinged Cervical Mucous
  248. Would a preemie birth rule me out for a homebirth?
  249. THE "Becoming a midwife" THREAD
  250. input about my weak/fatigued uterus?