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  1. Need a "professional" answer; no time to search LOL
  2. infection?! Help!!
  3. perineal massage
  4. Risks of Stripping the Membranes
  5. Question for Doulas re: training requirements and certifications
  6. MTSM vs National College of Midwifery
  7. Violence...
  8. helping mom keep baby w/ her post partum
  9. Global Birth Institute?
  10. low-lying placenta
  11. Woman Wise in Philly area
  12. ISO MW in Philadelphia area
  13. blood clotting
  14. Cord traction to avoid hemorrhage????
  15. Mstm
  16. Birth Network Brochure?
  17. you know your a mw when...
  18. Aspiring Doulas- your help needed!
  19. Circulation problems/DVT ruled out what else?
  20. Looking for a doula in NC!
  21. alternatives to c-section- natural induction?
  22. Rhogham..
  23. Need advice re: PP bleeding..
  24. SE WI Homebirthers...
  25. Placenta Previa - Accreta - Hysterectomy?
  26. Just enrolled in distance midiwfery program!
  27. article: "mag sulfate assailed"
  28. Water broke 8 hours ago and no cx! UPDATE POST 15 - NO BABE YET!
  29. Would love to become an Childbirth Educator someday in the future
  30. Midwives in New Jersey (Maplewood/South Orange)
  31. Does this seem excessive to anyone else??
  32. midwives in Chicago?
  33. Antepartum Support
  34. Question about "precautionary" OR birthing
  35. Pregnancy diet/nutrition resources
  36. vaginal exams = protocol?
  37. Concerned about extra-supporting a client.
  38. Doula transportation question?
  39. need quick response re: fda pregnancy categories
  40. Which to insert first?
  41. Pre-e question
  42. Post partum Doulas...tell me everything!
  43. Need info on various types of CBE teacher training
  44. Question regarding legality of midwifery.
  45. 9 week uterus measurment and twins
  46. childless doula?
  47. how to handle gossip?
  48. What is normal/what's PE?
  49. Any Peer Reviews in Michigan?
  50. any doulas-in-training in/around Ann Arbor, MI?
  51. mastitis question for the experts
  52. Pelvic exam triggering contractions?
  53. Why do non medical people have to wear scrubs or lab coats while working especially..
  54. spin off from Pre-E thread: When is induction called for?
  55. Herbs for hemmorage?
  56. Question about statistics quoted RE: Vit K
  57. A pitocin question
  58. How much money midwives make
  59. pre-e
  60. c-section & placenta praevia questions
  61. What's the problem with breech presentation?
  62. What is a post partum doula?
  63. Woman wants a doula; dh feels threatened/doesn't want one.
  64. Can you tell the size of a baby with Leopold's maneuver?
  65. Looking for a midwife or doula in indiana for a homebirth. If it is Legal?
  66. What did your Midwife charge?
  67. Best books about homebirths.
  68. Emergency csection. Can spouse be in the room??
  69. Planning ahead looking for travelling midwife or birth center with lodging for VBAC
  70. how did/would you thank your midwife?
  71. doula vs. midwife
  72. Postpartum Doula Training
  73. How do I become a Doula?
  74. rasberry leaf tea
  75. EMTALA and episiotomy
  76. How much did your doula charge
  77. Was your doula what you anticipated she/he would be?
  78. Stomach muscles separated? (x-post)
  79. Midwife Schools???
  80. 39+ weeks, breech presentation, OB/Midwife not doing anything
  81. Birth video reccomendations ?
  82. Doula in Atlanta Area
  83. Any suggestions for low blood pressure/diziness during preg?
  84. Please help! (BFing and jaundice)
  85. I just got an apprenticeship!!
  86. Cola-colored urine with HELLP or pre-E?
  87. Help Experienced Doulas!
  88. Avoiding thrush - suggested dosages of herbal supplements?
  89. Just had a convo with a high-risk OB
  90. Causes of Abnormal Pap?
  91. any help with fibroid pain???
  92. I need some midwife wisdom...
  93. Drawing cord blood? Is it routine?
  94. Well, I did it
  95. Q about PROM and ctx
  96. Talk to me about cord clamping
  97. pubic pain
  98. CBE and doula cert
  99. 1st official Doula support @ hospital birth... and some questions
  100. Epidural/C-section impact on apgar?
  101. transports
  102. Tell me about meconium please!
  103. Attending births while pregnant
  104. One ovary = must take bc pills?
  105. What to do without a preceptor?
  106. Two Illinois Workshops
  107. Doing the reading for my CBI certif. and it's dredging up some nasty
  108. Can you tell me about the midwifery/ homebirth climate in Arizona?
  109. What to charge for my classes?
  110. Any SMS grads?
  111. basic midwifery skills workshop at The Farm
  112. Schools
  113. Needa doulain the DC area
  114. Can a tubal pregnancy be palpated before other symptoms develop?
  115. Granted, nobody becomes a doula because they want to be a millionaire...
  116. pregnancy question for profesionals
  117. A question about tearing...
  118. NCB OB's and Doulas in MD ?
  119. Anyone know if OP babies and pre-labor ROM are correlated at all?
  120. Homeopathy/Vits - 2 PP ?'s
  121. medical questions
  122. Seriously considereing becoming a doula
  123. questions for midwives...
  124. Rockies5, question about Aetna and referrals
  125. Fetus hiccups
  126. Will DEMs accept a pregnancy that is concidered more of a "risk"?
  127. preeclampsia questions
  128. Differences among CNMs, LM's, and DEMs?
  129. Please help me help my friend- 21w and leaking fluid!
  130. Breech babies. questions.
  131. back-up doulas for certification births
  132. Need affirmations for IVF mama
  133. How do DEMs handle BCs in illegal states?
  134. Doulas - do you have another job?
  135. Vaginal Birth After Fistula
  136. Second pregnancy questions
  137. Doulas: Supporting Survivors of Abuse
  138. Video Link: Breech C-section
  139. I just got certified!
  140. ? for you professionals ?
  141. I hope that I am not over stepping the guidelines but.....
  142. eating before induction?
  143. single vs. double closure vbac
  144. Gestational aging
  145. Have YOU read the new Birth and Beyond sticky?
  146. Looking for statistic re: OB nurses & time with mum
  147. How often do doula's work in hospitals?
  148. Sit Up and Take Notice - Pauline Scott
  149. I don't always think a woman's best labor tool is her intuition.
  150. Midwifery Forum Mentioned Here as Homebirth Resource
  151. "I was hoping to luck out and get my c-s scheduled for a week before my EDD."
  152. Doula Skills?
  153. "Tongue-tied" newborns and breastfeeding
  154. Cesarean for abnormally short cord?
  155. Traditional Midwife vs CNM?
  156. The title of this forum - give your input!
  157. AF question
  158. shortened cervix and progesterone gel?
  159. Casa
  160. Is inversion safe for me?
  161. Antibiotics & Intestinal Flora
  162. where to find midwife/doula?
  163. I need a wee bit of help here
  164. CNM's, ~ how to become one
  165. How to become a lactation consultant???
  166. water retention and increased risk of tearing
  167. ? for midwives who recommend grapefruit seed extract.....
  168. Midwife To Be distance program
  169. Still processing actions of the doc at the last birth I attended.
  170. technical question: waterbirth and perineal support
  171. CPM vs CNM in CT anyone?
  172. Tell me about prenatal care with a Midwife....
  173. If the woman knows conception date, why use LMP?
  174. Vitamin K Refusal
  175. Stretchy "egg white" like discharge with IUD?
  176. Anyone else certifying with CAPPA?
  177. preparing myself for multiple pelvic exams?
  178. Ancient Art Midwifery?
  179. General belly cast questions
  180. A Call For Help in CT
  181. Perineal support?
  182. Is the Lamaze Childbirth Classes still same as when they started to offer them
  183. Cord Blood Donation - x posted
  184. Braxton-Hicks??
  185. Can someone give me a good list of questions to ask a midwife?
  186. doula info packets for new clients
  187. Looking for a midwife - x posted in FYTribe
  188. How many CBI students/doulas are there here?
  189. Midwife thank-you gift?
  190. Can I take terbutaline and still nurse my toddler? (X-posted in BF challenges)
  191. Ob tells client "perineum is ripe for tearing?"
  192. Talk to me about 7 week formula
  193. U/C phone doula, no more help needed
  194. Advice please midwives
  195. Interested in becoming an LM or CPM
  196. DO you think I can still go full term?
  197. Extra fees beyond contract??
  198. Postpartum visit on Tuesday, processing VBAC birth with client
  199. Seeking Input for Insurance Options
  200. CPM, CNM, or direct entry?
  201. What do you do once you're a CBE?
  202. Can someone help me read saliva hormone test results?
  203. Looking For Practitioner Contact Info...
  204. Childbirth Educator in NYC
  205. Overall cost of DONA
  206. Reassurance please - red blood @ 27 weeks.
  207. what to watch for when you're over 42 wks?
  208. hour long BH contraction
  209. For those of you with small children still nursing? (doulas/mw's)
  210. Another narm application question-please help!
  211. Comfrey Root frozen gauze pads for PP - how to make
  212. Doulas: How do you "advocate" for your mamas in a hospital setting?
  213. Changing due date
  214. My first official VBAC
  215. Ahhhh!
  216. Should a Doula carry a doppler?
  217. Let's see an OB do THIS!
  218. Midwife for twin delivery Fairfield County, Ct area?
  219. Need to release this!!
  220. Do you think laptop computers are safe?
  221. Baby position question
  222. Homeopathy advice
  223. ? on posture
  224. Changing EDC based on 2nd tri ultrasound?
  225. Workshop help
  226. Pros/Cons of different cert. programs
  227. Any El Paso Midwives????
  228. What is abdominal decompression?
  229. Concequences of torn cervix????
  230. Interview a Midwife: Defenestrator/Stacia
  231. Oral Vitamin K Questions
  232. water birthing center in DFW area?
  233. what should I do differently...
  234. what to expect in a hospital vba2c...
  235. I have 2 clients!!!
  236. Cpm/ln/ctm
  237. Ruptured membranes mixed with blood?
  238. Cord compression leading to stillbirth?
  239. Thoughts on progesterone/baby aspirin
  240. Any thoughts on training/certification through CBI?
  241. My first belly cast today with another doula who has done them before
  242. Recommended reading for beginning doula?
  243. Questions about "stuck" babies, vaccuums & forceps, and induction.
  244. Free Doula Services
  245. As I was sitting in Eng Comp I
  246. Organic Sitz Bath
  247. Trust your advice more...(a couple ?'s)
  248. At what point in pregnancy do pap smears often have false positives?
  249. Massage Oil
  250. Documentation