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  1. Spanish for midwives???
  2. Doula Roll Call
  3. URGENT info requested PLEASE!!!
  4. ***~INPUT, Please~***
  5. Please help our Wisconsin Homebirth Midwives!!!
  6. Detecting pregnancy by checking cervix and uterus
  7. GAH! Mainstream cousin's getting her membranes stripped at 36 weeks!
  8. metromidwife! look in here...
  9. First Hospital Birth - Advice?
  10. looking for a doula in CT!
  11. Doulas...what do you wear to hospital births?
  12. does amenorrhea time decrease with age?
  13. Birth certificate application info wanted for California
  14. please help me find a MW to deliver my TWINS- london ON
  15. Neonatal Infections--on the rise or just more noticed?
  16. Looking for Midwife in York or Dover Co PA
  17. Advice for my friend, 37 hours of labor, 2 cm UPDATE, need help!
  18. question about pitocin
  19. ALACE CBE's please help me!
  20. Miscarriage due to beta strep- homebirth next time ok?
  21. Are all OBs like this?
  22. Can anyone help explain this to me please ~ Study about preeclampsia markers
  23. Blue and Black Cohosh?
  24. Counting while pushing...
  25. Midwives and previous high-risk pregnancy?
  26. 100 G protein!?
  27. midwives, would u keep/offer these in your practice?
  28. This forum has inspired me...
  29. GBS-Can I avoid testing positive? (How?)
  30. Weaning due to possible pre-term labor (X-posted in BF Challenges)
  31. I FINALLY have a client. Yay!
  32. cottage industry doula/CBE
  33. How much to charge for belly casting?
  34. what fetoscope do you use
  35. I passed NARM!!!
  36. I'm 41wks and dr.wants to induce I'dont want to!!
  37. RDS and zoloft
  38. Question on helping baby's position
  39. Doulas in the Poconos?
  40. Any Midwives in the Medford, Oregon area?
  41. Perineal massage
  42. When is a good time to schedule the first prenatal with the midwife?
  43. Another glove question
  44. Pre-natal belly dance classes?
  45. Attended my first hospital birth
  46. Postpartum doulas and bodily fluids
  47. Midwives? Can you describe a newly pregnant cervix to me?
  48. Just Another Wannabe
  49. And by the way, the doc said...
  50. Posterior Workshop
  51. MIL: "What's a DOOLUH?"
  52. 1 min. doppler = 20 min. U/S
  53. Difference between CNM & CPM???
  54. Midwife school?
  55. Thinking of becoming a midwife. Need info!
  56. Membranes Rupture but No long do you wait
  57. prophylactic use of oxytocin for active management during 3rd stage
  58. Just back from attending sil's first birth
  59. ? about delivering placenta
  60. Looking for a doula in Miami, FL
  61. Question about hypnobirthing?
  62. re-phrased u/s question
  63. Grand multip
  64. help me decide on ultrasound
  65. Why is GTT done at 28 weeks?
  66. How to avoid slipping into the medical mindset?
  67. Any doulas or midwives in the Loveland, CO area?
  68. Please Pray or keep my friend in your thoughts...
  69. Doula Certification Programs...?
  70. ? for MWs. VBAC with unicornuate uterus.
  71. Birthing Center Questions
  72. Episiotomy Vs. Tear in Urethra
  73. How to become a doula in Iowa
  74. 20-wk u/s to determine placenta over c/s scar?
  75. Question About Homebirth with Cerclage
  76. The Birthing Business Institute
  77. 38 weeks and nauseous!
  78. Pitocin Protocol
  79. Post Partum Assistance/Support?
  80. pelvis has too much bone?
  81. Doulas: tell me about your first birth
  82. Research Project about UC and Homebirth
  83. Question about surgery while pregnant
  84. What kind of Mid-wife would do this? update post 13
  85. Gov't Grants
  86. Looking For Midwife/doula In Houston And Atlanta
  87. Painless Sterile Water Injections
  88. NARM Skills question
  89. Will a doula attend an unassisted homebirth?
  90. If you teach Childbirth classes OUTside of your home
  91. birth for doula cert - should I do this?
  92. ? about hernias
  93. Aspiring midwife needs some advice
  94. Birth as an American Rite of frustrated
  95. Stupid GBS question
  96. Doula Payment Methods and Practices
  97. ? about Meconium in fluid
  98. Anyone else doing the Hypnobabies training in CA next month?
  99. Good thing for providers to know
  100. Overreacting?
  101. Short Survey
  102. Cost of IV apparatus/antibiotics?
  103. First client tomorrow!
  104. use in place of doppler gel?
  105. question regarding labor
  106. Any FL midwives around?
  107. Waiting......Am I to impatient?
  108. 3 ?'s for mw's, doulas
  109. Midwives love Oregon - discuss!
  110. being responsible for our midwifery model
  111. question for a friend, really!
  112. *PLEASE* I really need some Blessingway Help
  113. Need Help with Imagery Websites --- ASAP!!!
  114. I have a new name
  115. Is this true (federal law says insurance has to pay for homebirth)?
  116. Salting food for extreme swelling? Info? Links?
  117. How long can mamma sit in tub after birth?
  118. Aspiring Birth workers...I did it...
  119. Midwives: Question for ya!
  120. Another doula question: how many births do you attend...
  121. Doulas: Were you interested in becoming one before attending any births?
  122. Im officially in training..
  123. Sometimes I want to bash my head into the wall!
  124. possible leak of fluid - what precautions should I take?
  125. Papsmear during first trimester?
  126. DONA workshops... how much?
  127. Your best natural anemia remedies
  128. what was your path?
  129. Getting a job as a new CNM?
  130. Practicalities of being a midwife
  131. Heartrate/Aerobic exercise during pregnancy?
  132. Good gift for doula?
  133. Some input, please
  134. Transfer birth plan?
  135. Tell me exactly the anatomy of a baby being born in the water bag, please.
  136. Aspiring Birth workers ~~~STUDY GROUP~~~
  137. Can a doula teach a childbirth class?
  138. doulas with nurslings
  139. Instruments for midwife bag
  140. Midwife seminar on Posterior babies in Illinois
  141. What is your Post Dates Protocol?
  142. What can I do for frequent BH's?
  143. Best on line training for doula?
  144. looking for a doula/doula in training
  145. What is the first step to becoming a midwife?
  146. How often do TRUE emergencies occur?
  147. Becoming a midwife in WA - give me the scoop!
  148. Did you freak out when starting your apprenticeship?
  149. CAPPA Lactation Educator Workshop
  150. Right Questions to ask a prospective midwife
  151. OK to see OB for prenatal care but homebirth?
  152. Should I get another booth at another expo?
  153. waterbirth apgar?
  154. ?
  155. I am NEVER going to an OB!!!
  156. How can I find a Doula?
  157. Hypnobirth suggestions and doula involvement
  158. "fraudulent" UC claims
  159. question about topical pain relief during labor
  160. "Overdue" and induction
  161. Back from the NARM
  162. Any MW's in the Phoenix metro area?
  163. What causes mec?
  164. Breast pain
  165. 10 Weeks tomorrow...
  166. Laws for Midwives in Michigan...
  167. internals and GBS
  168. I'm doing it!!
  169. ReliefBand or Relief Band for clients?
  170. When does following your body not work?
  171. Pregnant Doula?
  172. Is it possible to be a Bradley instructor without a "natural" birth under my belt?
  173. Lamaze Educators
  174. selling out?
  175. Castor Oil Causes Fast Labours?
  176. anorexia and pregnancy
  177. Books for Alace required reading
  178. Necessity of set prenatal schedule for 3rd trimester?
  179. Quick question for doulas
  180. 35 Week Fetal Growth US - Anyone suggest why?
  181. Midwives... which path did you choose and why?
  182. Replacement ear pieces for fetascope?
  183. Never ending af?
  184. CNM's that will support a VBAC in Portland, OR?
  185. Yuck, gross, don't read during meals ... need suggestion
  186. Where do you hold classes, CBE's?
  187. Vision changes in PG?
  188. Shepard's purse tea?
  189. Former IV drug use, mild hep in remission, high risk?
  190. domain name for natural childbirth instructor?
  191. would you hire a doula if using a midwife?
  192. BIRTH On Labor Day (the play)
  193. stumped... strange discharge... ideas?
  194. Visiting UK Midwife on Cape
  195. CBE doll
  196. Could you have a UC?
  197. burnout feelings with irresponsible moms
  198. LYMPHOCYTES and Urea
  199. a weird question about using garlic for GBS
  200. Help!
  201. What States?
  202. regulated midwifery
  203. Midwife in Milton, PA?
  204. Preconception?
  205. X-post...Kegals...
  206. possible tailbone injury 10mths pp?
  207. Facing Induction Next Week - Need Advice
  208. NPR: A Simple and Cheap Treatment for Infant Anemia
  209. Desprately seeking a Midwife
  210. doulas/midwives what do you promote in your practice?
  211. TMI question for midwife???
  212. I found a CBE course to audit
  213. Baby breaking mom's tailbone as it descends? 2 tears = incontinence?
  214. I need advice attracting clients - NEW DOULA
  215. advise from Midwives please--long
  216. 33 weeks & tachycardia in baby...?
  217. Looking for midwife in Browsville, TX area
  218. Thank you letters to docs/nurses/midwives/hospital?
  219. Mainstream birth sucks!
  220. Mini-Grants for Birth Activists
  221. Wish me well
  222. Assisting a Midwife Workshop
  223. Arizona Midwives Newborn Screen 2000
  224. Not like this is news, but a new sonogram article
  225. 2V Cord
  226. Purely hypothetical questions
  227. Citizens for Midwifery?
  228. I "caught" my first baby!!
  229. clients catching their own baby
  230. Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Exposure
  231. Distance midwifery programs?
  232. Introducing myself from Guam
  233. Help me Doulas!
  234. Anyone interested in attending CBE classes? North MS UPDATE!!...
  235. Okay to take 5-HTP *while* pregnant? (x-posted to bf and ppd)
  236. Purple pushing
  237. VBAC friendly Doc in Kenosha, WI?
  238. Do nurses "out rank" midwives?
  239. Why did you become a midwife/doula/birth educator
  240. Need opinion: VB with face presentation
  241. Pg too close together advise please
  242. Reducing fee?
  243. Balancing education and children
  244. counting during pushing? always wrong?
  245. MW in Central Cal?
  246. My hb client is moving x-country
  247. the infertile midwife, or, the childbirth educator dealing with infertility
  248. Are there any guidelines for professional conduct WRT lacation consultants?
  249. yellow dock root and breastfeeding
  250. How do I go about refusing the GTT?