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  1. What can cause a baby to be asynclitic?
  2. Need books for CBE/doula training (x-post)
  3. How to convince an insurance company to reimburse Doula fees ?
  4. glucose in urine?
  5. CAPPA CBE certification
  6. Where can I read about the science (or lack of) of fundal height measurement?
  7. is it too late to process my birth with my doula?
  8. Childbirth Educators
  9. Becoming a provider for insurance?
  10. Any other aspiring or new doulas?
  11. question for midwives...
  12. Taking the leap
  13. Safety of midwives
  14. Aspirig Midwife
  15. ALACE training in my state (MS). Woohoo!
  16. more GBS+ q's
  17. I was robbed!!
  18. I met a homebirth midwife! a REAL homebirth midwife!
  19. How to explain to family, etc...
  20. Epo
  21. Aspiring postpartum doula...
  22. c-section for going to 41 weeks
  23. Midwives: along the lines of the UC thread...
  24. MANA conference anyone?
  25. Oregon Schooling?
  26. Need Info on Nursing Twins...
  27. FS: ALACE Childbirth Educators Manual
  28. A vent.
  29. Anyone a member of
  30. have BF, pg art- need catalogues, journals etc....
  31. 7 months - no prenatal care
  32. If you are certified with more than one organization
  33. Doula and midwife opinion ... what to call it?
  34. finding resolution to a negative birth experience
  35. Question for Doulas:
  36. What to attend?
  37. ? for mw's re: GBS+ homebirth
  38. How do you become a lay or CPM Midwife
  39. How the mother influences optimum fetal positioning.
  40. Another Question About Iron...
  41. looking for info to start
  42. Anterior placenta
  43. Client w/ anterior cervix at 19 weeks?
  44. I have a fever in 3rd trimester - what should I do?
  45. Teaching toys (where can I find this)
  46. Help me think this through, please
  47. Rising Iron Level?
  48. Crosspost: Does this Epi-no work?
  49. What are care restrictions like for CNMs?
  50. Cafepress
  51. CNM's Student loans
  52. Unassisted birth...
  53. measuring ahead?
  54. what age blood brain barrier formed?
  55. 10 Years Younger (TLC)
  56. compound presentation
  57. Your thoughts about chiropractors
  58. Help talking w/MW re: GTT
  59. Fetoscope preferences???
  60. Looking for Carolyn Archbold, midwife
  61. Student midwives who do doula work too
  62. Some Outrageous Reading!
  63. should I say something?
  64. Homebirth midwife in Salinas, CA?
  65. ultrasound.......yes or no?
  66. Doulas: Support at the hospital
  67. Does working with big round bellies
  68. Looking for a doula
  69. Burn Out
  70. tell me about Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery
  71. Post Your Website!
  72. Painful rash between buttocks...Please Help
  73. multip cervix might be low
  74. Methods to break open scar tissue on cervix - What have you seen?
  75. homebirth versus hospital doula
  76. Size estimates
  77. Baby facing placenta?
  78. FREE Doula Services in NY Capital District
  79. Frustrated about lack of clients/interest
  80. sticky little midwife situation
  81. Positioning on the left side: how important and how to move baby?
  82. Being a Doula with another Full-Time Job?
  83. What do y'all think of supplemental progesterone?
  84. bradley method?
  85. High bp in pregnancy
  86. Gift suggestions for MW, assistant, and doula?
  87. Sister is bleeding, is this a sign of labor or a warning sign?
  88. vestibulitis a reason not to birth naturally?
  89. CNM's in Missouri.....
  90. Anyone have this video?
  91. CAPPA CBEs and LDs Workshop 07/14-07/16
  92. midwifery schooling grants or Scholarships
  93. Natural remedies and Pregnancy
  94. ALACE Childbirth Educator Program?
  95. looking for a doula in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  96. Questions about midwives/birth centers
  97. Looking for a MW for a HBAC in Arizona.
  98. Slowing down labor?
  99. ?? for providers re: mgmt. of FVL ...monthly u/s and weekly NST? Aaagh!!
  100. Does anyone have any good info on postpartum allopecia?
  101. Midwives: WHere did you go to college?
  102. This is a LONG shot
  103. Doulas in Brooklyn, NY
  104. Nettle question
  105. Looking for a midwife in Petaluma/Santa Rosa CA area
  106. Birthing From Within Mentors
  107. If you had to pick one book...
  108. going to my first birth
  109. Any student midwives in NY, NJ, PA? (x-posted in tribes)
  110. CBEs Did you certify?
  111. Question about Goldenseal for GBS
  112. Looking for a doula in Modesto, CA
  113. Question about checking dilation (TMI warning)
  114. Nursing Through A Cappa Workshop - ?'s
  115. pku x posted
  116. BH ctx- too many?
  117. Nuchal Fold Thickness question
  118. Mandatory HIV testing
  119. pressure episiotomy
  120. House of Babies....
  121. Optimal Fetal Positioning
  122. What is a postpartum doula?
  123. Any NARM suggestions?
  124. Doulas - how did you start your journey?
  125. Being a Doula for Scheduled C-section. Any suggetions?
  126. OMG I'm officially certified!!!
  127. Labor Doula Training
  128. Lupus and homebirth midwives
  129. Herbs for constipation
  130. I want to be a midwife...
  131. Looking for midwife, doula, ce in the Pittsburgh Area
  132. Homebirth client has 2 cats. I'm allergic.
  133. Pregnant midwife--help
  134. Need a homebirth midwife in IL
  135. How find a doula in training?
  136. 60% effaced at 32 weeks?
  137. MEAC accredited school or not?
  138. PIH question
  139. Following the theme of hands-off practice...
  140. Getting my business off the ground!!
  141. Question about backups etc (long, sorry)
  142. follow-up to effacement question
  143. Not sure where to put this: ? about conflict of interest
  144. Not sure where to put this: ? about conflict of interest
  145. Need Some Advice
  146. Doulas: I need your opinions...
  147. What does a doula actually do?????
  148. royal jelly and pregnancy (cross post)
  149. Williamsport, PA - Homebirth Midwife
  150. What herbs do you use to encourage labor?
  151. hands off MW
  152. birth attendants, what do you want to be fed?
  153. Midwife mamas- question about the logistics of being a midwife with small children
  154. Q about "pre-term" induction
  155. Ina May and ROM
  156. looking for midwife in central CT
  157. Am I the only one that is bothered
  158. I had a Fibroid taken transvaginally-risked out for homebirth?
  159. Looking for Midwife in SE Massachusetts
  160. docterjen, YOU ROCK!
  161. cat doula
  162. Doula`s and Feminism
  163. Please help me write this "class"/is this the right group to talk to?
  164. exposed to measles at 24 weeks gestation
  165. Why is it so hard to find a Midwife to Apprentice with???
  166. Counseling a Smoking Mommy
  167. Effacement at 2.35 at 26 weeks. Suggestions?
  168. Barter
  169. Suggestions on what to charge?
  170. MA Mdwf Bill Passes in Sen, going to Hse Now
  171. Gbs
  172. Study: VBAmC
  173. Another celebrity c-section
  174. High levels of fluid = pre term labor and gestational diabetes?
  175. Homebirth Midwives in Buffalo, NY
  176. IDSO Birth plan worksheet
  177. from state to state
  178. What are the qualifications.....
  179. Stripping membranes?
  180. Awesome Indianapolis Midwife
  181. Did anyone attend Maternidad La Luz?
  182. "What's a doula?" (SERIOUSLY. Help.)
  183. homebirth midwife in cinncinnatti, OH
  184. getting the money to go to school
  185. list of midwifery schools
  186. Does anyone know where I can find this book?
  187. What to do for this client...
  188. Doulas- Liability Insurance?
  189. Funny: You know you're a doula when...
  190. How low is too low? (decels)
  191. Glucola Drink/Test - Need help here
  192. MA Midwifery Bill To Senate Floor Possible Tomorrow
  193. I'm attending my first HOMEBIRTH!
  194. Looking for postpartum doula in Chicago
  195. X-post DISO a doula in the Twin Cities south metro
  196. completing a miscarriage with herbs?
  197. Homebirth Midwives in NYC?
  198. How do you go about getting started and finding clients?
  199. Asherman's syndrome? Endemetriosis?
  200. So how much do you tell a mw bout past births?
  201. Male midwives
  202. childbirth educators need to be certified?
  203. ? about EPO dosage
  204. I've made my decision
  205. Midwife in the Marin County area?
  206. My official intro
  207. What brand birth ball do you use?
  208. MA midwives....
  209. How do you make your rice sock?
  210. Needing doula/doula-in-training in/around Columbia, MO
  211. I LOVE being a doula!
  212. basic aromatherapy question
  213. People who don't value birth becoming CBEs
  214. Looking for a midwife in central MO
  215. Pre-pregnancy nutritional counseling
  216. what does "high risk" mean?
  217. need midwife near Wauseon or Toledo, OH
  218. help! need midwife in Illinois!
  219. Having trouble deciding
  220. need homebirth midwife in pittsburgh
  221. Is Post Partum Similar to Menopause, Hormonally?
  222. Does previous uterine rupture risk you out of midwife-attended homebirth? Update #22
  223. ISO doula in jackson, ms
  224. Missouri Midwife
  225. delayed cord clamping ?
  226. What exactly is a midwife in North America?
  227. cpm does no stiches?
  228. What kind of feedback does a midwife want when the client isn't happy?
  229. HBAC midwives in Ne?
  230. Where/how would I find a hb midwife in Mexicali (Mexico)?
  231. When should you look for a midwife?
  232. Amniotic/chorionic sacs not fused
  233. Who do you call when you don't have an "official" provider yet?
  234. XP: stretching cervix? how much bleeding during labor normal?
  235. hypnobirthing or babies instructors in NYC
  236. Birth as a Bowel Movement--help dads to "see" why moms don't want to be in the hospit
  237. GBS and induction
  238. Any midwives in Lincoln, NE or near?
  239. What could this have been?
  240. "Well, I'll probably go early again, or be induced."
  241. Cow's milk = high birth weight???
  242. Chances of going late?
  243. Is amniotomy EVER a good thing?
  244. I think a client had a m/c
  245. questions for midwives about VBAC, please help!
  246. Perineal support and incidence of tears?
  247. Doula certifications
  248. Doulas & a good hospital in Montgomery Alabama?
  249. Doulas and Military
  250. nighttime prodromal-type labor