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  1. Water birth..
  2. Reiki and Pregnancy...
  3. Cool bit of history
  4. Not Bradley, and not lamaze ? CBE
  5. Dialation, Birth, and Stillborn
  6. how to find teenage moms?
  7. Resting heart-rate during pregnancy
  8. another question about induction
  9. Need some advice for natural blood thinning agents...
  10. Childbirth International Doula Program
  11. Looking for a PP Doula in Bay Area
  12. where is the message board?
  13. What will risk you out of a b/c birth?
  14. OMG, I was in the paper and didn't even know it!
  15. Doula Organizations
  16. Send good thoughts...
  17. Labor induction genes?
  18. Bakersfield, CA Midwives? (Desperate!)
  19. Doula Recommendation, Portland OR area
  20. CEU help needed
  21. Aami
  22. How do i use Black Cohosh capsules in place of tincture?
  23. Are homeopathic remedies safe during pregnancy?
  24. OK experts - ?? about ultrasound accuracy
  25. Looking for a little advice
  26. Holy doodle! Is a hospital-based midwife just a crunchy OB?
  27. Hosted Chat for Doulas
  28. How Could I have Responded Better-midwifery midevil
  29. I'm going to do it!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Birth Project
  31. Thinking of becoming a Doula
  32. Gallbladder treatment/flush while PG?
  33. I had to share this
  34. aspirin/heparin therapy and Hb
  35. What would you do?
  36. "You wouldn't be catching MY babies!"
  37. How long to wait before taking an apprentice?
  38. Can you help?(research project on birthing and "suspected drug abuse")
  39. Need a midwife
  40. Attenton Doulas: Some Questions about getting started
  41. Help! What IS this? (double x-post)
  42. Midwife/Doula in the hospital? KY
  43. midwife in boston metrowest
  44. newly pregnant Assistant Midwife Mama
  45. Doulas: do you read marketing books/info?
  46. Midwife laws in Kentucky
  47. Are you more likely to have an ectopic if you've already had one?
  48. ALACE or ICEA, Which one should I choose?
  49. Frequent UTI's w/Blood - PLEASE HELP
  50. Doula in training in Northern Illinois?
  51. Do midwives ever take credit cards?
  52. Help - Took Black Cohosh
  53. Anyone from the Portland area?
  54. Choroid plexus cysts???
  55. Your documentation... or not
  56. giggling like a maniac
  57. Rebozo spinning technique -- question
  58. Homebirth questions?
  59. Postpartum Joint Pain?
  60. Just sharing....
  61. UTI in First Trimester... Cranberry?
  62. Midwife says NO VBAC after 2 C-Sections????
  63. My clients OB told her her baby will DIE!
  64. I finally have my CPM!
  65. I get headaches from drinking too much water
  66. Anyone a BirthWorks CBE?
  67. I don't want an apprentice there- question for midwives
  68. Best arials for DAD to convince him of doula?
  69. looking for a midwife in Broward Co FL
  70. about House of babies
  71. Houston-- Looking for other midwife/doula/CBE mamas to hang with! (x-post)
  72. Do doulas take the place of my ob/gyn who i have been seeing?
  73. feeling ineffective...
  74. Post-partum doulas...
  75. One dose wont hurt? will it?
  76. Test may help pick time to induce labor (Article)
  77. Any Doula's in the Charlotte NC area?
  78. doula mommas, talk to me...
  79. would you hire a doula if using a midwife too?
  80. Yay! Ricki Lake had a homebirth and loved it so much...
  81. Why don't/can't doulas check bp or pulse?
  82. Low anmiotic fluid at 41 weeks
  83. Seeking explanations for premature urge to push
  84. prorated fee?
  85. My little pity party with those who understand!
  86. hands-on versus hands-off - questions for birth professionals
  87. ?
  88. Round Worm-Any Midwives Have Any Answers??
  89. what is the best thing to eat before Glucouse screening
  90. Moderately Panicked-Calling Professional Opinions!
  91. ignorant mothers on Brining home baby
  92. I'm looking for Midwives in Or
  93. ALACE teachers and doulas...
  94. Can someone answer some questions about being a doula?
  95. Getting the WORD OUT about doulas. Help!
  96. why are CBE videos SOOO expensive?
  97. fetoscopes...
  98. Measuring fundal height, a question
  99. Q about IUD removal and ttc
  100. Update on possible pregnancy
  101. Could someone please give me their opinion re: pregnancy and pesticides?
  102. Has anyone had a bad/difficult experience with breech vaginal births?
  103. Bit of a rant...
  104. PP Doulas...
  105. Looking for Doula and PP Doula in San Antonio, TX
  106. Terrifying Obstetric Invention
  107. Childbirth educators, finding clients
  108. VBAC-friendly, Oregon Midwife (no HBAC)???
  109. Looking for midwife in IL
  110. Ancient Art intro course
  111. Newbie Hello!
  112. midwives make it to CNN
  113. I can't seem to find this information anywhere!
  114. Is there any way I could have a Homebirth?
  115. mis-measured BP?
  116. Doulas: Supporting a vbac client
  117. looking for midwife in San Antonio, TX area?
  118. Oy. My 25yo sil WANTS an amnio. AN AMNIO.
  119. Texas Medicaid and Midwives?
  120. Okay, Here Is My Weird Question (sigh)
  121. Tell me the difference between a post-partum doula and a mother's helper
  122. Interested in becoming a midwife....tell me midwifery school!
  123. Midwifery Today Conferences
  124. "Posterior" Uterus/Cervix and can't use a diva?
  125. CAPPA doulas...where are you?
  126. I keep reading on "gossip" sites that Angelina had a scheduled c-s.
  127. Interested in becoming a doula...where do I start?
  128. Can pit in previous labours cause uterine rupture later on?
  129. Questions to ask when interviewing a doula...
  130. Help needed for VBAC client
  131. HELP! Need HB MW in or around DeKalb, IL!!!
  132. I need advice from our wise midwives here on anemia and birth
  133. Eating Your What???
  134. Wishful thinking, I'm sure... but are there any......
  135. why the need to wait a month after a miscarriage?
  136. 40w3d: How to get baby's head engaged
  137. Mother Blessings...
  138. GBS this time around = no homebirth next time??
  139. Anyone have gone to
  140. Cesarean harms mamatoto
  141. Best way to do nipple stimulation?
  142. Pros and Cons with Stitches for Tears?? Urgent! (x-post)
  143. Co-Enzyme Q10 and magnesium while pregnant?
  144. What is the cervix supposed to feel like a 18wks?
  145. Midwife in La. needs your help!
  146. looking for doula in MA
  147. Casa de Nacimiento with 2.5yr old in tow
  148. becoming a doula...question
  149. My friend lost her uterus.
  150. I passed my ALACE doula exam!
  151. Doula support for Hypnobirth?
  152. HELLP/PUPPS or what?
  153. Need midwife in Mishawaka, Indiana (x-post in Indiana)
  154. ???Goldenseal to Induce???
  155. My mw's TV Commercial
  156. Client in a dilemma, any suggestions?
  157. How to Prepare your body for a second pregnancy?
  158. Need a bit of wisdom....
  159. whats that website?
  160. Can you help me?
  161. Becoming a doula?
  162. Risk in back to back pregnancies?
  163. Mama might be a midwife if...
  164. Aspiring Midwives, what are you looking for
  165. Need recommendations: distance learning programs for Doulas & Childbirth Educators...
  166. Hypothetical Question
  167. Does anyone have any experience with these schools?
  168. Waterbirth Pushing Question
  169. Migraines
  170. Vegan pregnancy?
  171. What's going on here?
  172. I have a question
  173. Thought ya'll would appreciate this
  174. when should i start looking for a MW??
  175. monitrice?
  176. Totally Off-Topic
  177. The term "dip"?
  178. help a gal out, pwease
  179. Midwives, has anyone become pregnant on BCPs?
  180. Not getting along with midwife's partner - WWYD?
  181. I want to crawl under a rock!
  182. Hypnobabies instructor training in NC
  183. Need direction on steps to take towards midwifery
  184. Foley's Catheter for Induction?
  185. History of Midwives and Doulas
  186. This is nonsense, right?????
  187. Maternidad La Luz anyone?
  188. ALACE training
  189. How to explain the difference between OB / Midwife / Doula to the uninformed ?
  190. "Teenage Girls should first visit OB/GYN at 13-15 years"
  191. Can you use a birthball in the fishy tub?
  192. Need help from you all....
  193. Drop foot after giving birth??? Nerve damage??? HELP!
  194. Low fluid
  195. Supporting a mom with previous stillbirth
  196. Continue breech exercises for baby who *might* have turned?
  197. doulas & regulation...
  198. Aspiring Midwife--can you help?
  199. Need to de-brief on a birth...long
  200. Dear midwives---Posterior babies and homebirth---any tips on a faster delivery?
  201. Hudson Valley NY Midwives
  202. Cold or strep at delivery time?
  203. How close together do you take moms?
  204. Doulas... your favorite tricks please?
  205. Vent: this is so hard for me.
  206. Doulas, you get that feeling...
  207. What weeks are you on call?
  208. How long do you "have" to get to the birth?
  209. Study group/book club
  210. Hypoglycemia (maybe?) and Pregnancy
  211. Preventing PIH/Preeclampsia
  212. Boston Area Doulas
  213. pyelectasis: contra-indication for homebirth?
  214. Where is the best place to find a doula?
  215. It's not Thrush - And Ideas?
  216. Help please.
  217. Okay midwives, how much blood is too much?
  218. Pelvis Is "Stretched & Deformed?"
  219. doula / midwife help
  220. Who do I see now?
  221. My first non-English speaking doula client
  222. Midwives: would you do this?
  223. Shoulder Dystocia
  224. Links/info on CPM vs CNM?
  225. Gift / Thank you for L&D and Maternity Nurses
  226. Hooray! Britney did it again! Maybe she'll try to VBAC!
  227. Doula Training
  228. EPO and Pubic Bone Pain - ?'s
  229. CPM vs DEM
  230. Any interest in a TENS unit?
  231. question?
  232. Could I get a BFP just 5 days after conception?
  233. Can women whom are 4'10" or shorter then that give birth naturally without medication
  234. I'm going to be a midwife!
  235. Please ladies, what are some natural induction methods?
  236. How many prior C/S ok for VBAC?
  237. Medically-minded SIL wants to be a CNM
  238. I need you ladies help and opinions. UPdated
  239. Strep, Back Labor, potential IUGR, & round ligaments
  240. Home versus Hospital Blog
  241. Can someone help me?
  242. ~Swoon~
  243. Looking for a Labor Support in Alabama
  244. Yeast infection, pg and bf
  245. Any Midwives need a MT?
  246. Happy International Midwives' Day!
  247. Did you sign up yet?!?!
  248. When is the best time to start looking for a doula?
  249. many of you are CBE also?
  250. How do you diagnose a blighted ovum with no u/s?