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  1. Reglan for morning sickness: tell me what's bad about it?
  2. Tell me about BHs in real life (please!)...
  3. Any Maui Midwives lurking?
  4. Internal exams and infections
  5. MW article in Mothering
  6. Monitrice questions
  7. ALACE vs Birthworks? CCBE Question
  8. Doula Booth at a Women's Expo: Suggestions?
  9. Preparation and responsibility
  10. Evidence based midwifery care
  11. Too invasive too early?
  12. Best program for childbirth educator/doula?
  13. Please help me sell my doula business.
  14. placental placement
  15. complete breech
  16. DONA or ALACE: Opinions please
  17. With Woman School of Traditional Midwifery Class One soon! Long Post!
  18. What is the best doula certification-course?
  19. GBS+, planning HBAC, but have MD backup
  20. Does seeing babies born/catching babies give you baby fever?
  21. Concerned for a primip client seeing a doctor, rather than MW.
  22. High blood pressure, homebirth? Is it OK?
  23. Understanding the status of Direct entry Midwives
  24. Opinions on waterbirth desired
  25. Can midwives write BCP rx?
  26. Need some help
  27. Question about my vaginal exam at the OB???
  28. "Symptoms" of being 4cm dilated (xposted in pregnancy)
  29. Midwife/doula policies
  30. Doulatraining in Europe
  31. doula for mentally unstable mom?
  32. for a friend, MW in Bay Area
  33. midwife in nyc? (xpost in I'm Pregnant)
  34. ultrasound every visit and ??about iugr
  35. Are there any HB midwives in Dayton, Oh?
  36. Thanks and a question about vomit
  37. Tell me about twin birth!
  38. Hygieia College?
  39. Placenta by mouth to stop hemorrhage (X post with I'm PG)
  40. Problems with DONA?
  41. Advice for mama with PUPPS?
  42. What's the least pregnant I could be?
  43. Q for Doulas
  44. Amniotomy with a SYRINGE NEEDLE?
  45. My client/best friend VBAC-ed! Yay!
  46. Water temp for waterbirth
  47. Able to insert finger up to the knuckle, is this dialation?
  48. ER Trip
  49. International Midwives Day- need pics!
  50. Midwives ? new patient packet
  51. Packing my bag as a "support" person
  52. Birth Doulas- PP follow up
  53. Line getting fainter?
  54. Any post partum doulas?
  55. What are your professional boundaries- what issues do you not budge on?
  56. Prenatal exercise instructors?
  57. Interview a Midwife:Kris / metromidwife
  58. Does a red/purple line really form up the buttcrack in labor?
  59. How close together do you take clients? (mw's and doulas)
  60. why test for vitamin C?
  61. another hcg question!
  62. Do you pay a doula in training?
  63. When to hire a doula? Xposted
  64. Would these blood pressures concern you?
  65. The nitty gritty of being a mw
  66. Having vaccinations as a Midwife
  67. My 15 min of fame: Local newspaper's article about me, a doula!
  68. Where is the anti-cytotec info?
  69. cervical scarring & dilation
  70. ISO midwife in PA comfortable with HWBAC
  71. Progesterone supplementation and ultrasound?
  72. Need some research info please?
  73. Help
  74. A truly powerful encounter
  75. Q for midwives -- when to go to hospital
  76. My First PostPartum Client!
  77. $3000 for Home Birth
  78. Do CNMs do homebirths in any state?
  79. how much progesterone cream to use?
  80. What is a "registered" doula?
  81. Baby might have a heart murmmer
  82. Is there a study on human placentophagia around
  83. Do any of you Doula and **** hold a "regular" job?
  84. Do you have "something"you feel represents the Spirit of birth?
  85. Midwifery/Birth Bumper Stickers?
  86. Is anyone an infant massage therapist? Should I think about it?
  87. Anyone just do their thing, without the politics?
  88. Life as a midwife?
  89. Should I pass on this apprenticeship?
  90. Has anyone..?
  91. Pku
  92. 31 weeks - baby turned and dropped! Concerned?
  93. Q about hcg and progesterone levels
  94. How much fetal monitoring for a VBAC?
  95. Midwife in Southern Indiana? vs OB & hospital birth
  96. epidurals equal cocain?
  97. Herbs/Homeopathics for Hemorrhage
  98. PROM with first, pit needed - what could I have done? Xpost
  99. QUICK- Can water break if mucus plug has yet to come out?
  100. What can I do to prepare for attending a birth?
  101. Doulas with small children, a question?
  102. Best "labor-prep" formula? (VBAC)
  103. Anybody have access to the updated ACOG...
  104. Newborn Procedures.. Book?
  105. Looking for a midwife in North Dallas!
  106. 40 weeks and 3 days and BAD Back pain...could baby be posterior???
  107. Confused about cycle am I pg?
  108. Doula in training & client wants silent birth
  109. Q for doulas who attend lots of hossy births.
  110. Low fluid- that big of a deal?
  111. Office appointments
  112. How does your dh/dp feel about birth?
  113. Ugh... I had a terrible 24 hours of hometown birth culture!!!
  114. question -- twins and miscarriage
  115. GBS+: Specific, Research-based questions
  116. High fetal heartbeat...
  117. opimtal fetal positioning
  118. Interview a Midwife: Barb/Maggi315
  119. Toxemia question
  120. RN apprentice with DEM?
  121. What could be wrong with me?
  122. question about preterm births
  123. Doulas: How far would you drive?
  124. Uncertified doulas thread/tribe
  125. Talk to me about AROM; and also about MWs.
  126. I just started and I want to quit
  127. Interview a Midwife: PAM
  128. Practicing/Retired Midwife Roll Call
  129. Large client had c-section after 20 hours of labor...
  130. Cervical exams
  131. Midwives- Directing the woman in labor?
  132. castor oil and miconium
  133. Evaluating my chances for a VBAC
  134. Tell me about different types of MW's
  135. Help me with my ALACE exam -- no I'm not trying to cheat! "Myth of Pelvimetry"
  136. Midwives: question about birth kits
  137. Is everyone in IL GBS+??? (rant)
  138. 2nd c-section or induction?
  139. Question about Vaginal Exams and High BP?
  140. Help. I can't seem to grasp the definition of "para."
  141. Heartbeat not detected at 11 weeks with doppler...normal?
  142. compromising principles to get through nursing/midwifery school?
  143. Choosing my college major
  144. Help finding info on stress incontinence and Labor/Birth please
  145. Prolapse Question?
  146. Question for midwives about previa & avoiding accreta
  147. forceps article
  148. Shortened Cervix
  149. Best VBAC book?
  150. What's everyone doing to celebrate Midwife Day?
  151. Sigh. I mostly don't enjoy my near term clients
  152. First birth at which you didn't cry????
  153. MIDWIVES : We Created This !!!
  154. Update: Take out your crystal ball and tell me what's going to happen with my client!
  155. Leaving on Wed to "catch" a baby!!!!... sooooo excited!
  156. How long are these separated abs going to last?
  157. Incorporating belly casting into buisness?
  158. blood clots (not DVT) question
  159. Braxton Hicks versus preterm labor
  160. OFP question-- ROA/ROT
  161. vbac question
  162. My career path: Help!
  163. Become a doula certifying agency?
  164. Doula Q's
  165. Looking for a Midwife (DEM) in Southern IL
  166. Ancient Art Midwifery Institute?
  167. Intro
  168. Midwives--need career advice!
  169. 1st degree tear unstiched?
  170. VENT: A labor/delivery nurse is reading and commenting on my blog.
  171. I need some BTDT encouragement!
  172. Gifts/Samples For New Dads?
  173. Dumbest Q ever about rice socks
  174. How long can a piece of placenta be retained?
  175. Opinions/Experiences on Pushing
  176. Cheapest place for good herbal tinctures?
  177. Help! Newspaper is doing a story about ME! Eek!
  178. The Ethics of membrane stripping?
  179. Trying to Process my c-section. Could really use some input.
  180. Georgia Homebirths
  181. do you have time for some support?? (long)
  182. N.Y. Times/mw article
  183. What to pack for me?
  184. Hey doulas(or midwives or whomever)!!!
  185. Best birth video ever???
  186. grapefruit seed extract --- analysis
  187. Need help from midwives!
  188. Help me witht he name of my buidness
  189. Prosecution of Midwife Casts Light on Home Births
  190. Crazy question for doulas
  191. is it appropriate for a Doula to attend prenatal appointment?
  192. waterbirth question?
  193. Does anybody deliver breech babies?
  194. ALACE written exam: birth words that Microsoft Word 2003 doesn't like
  195. Info on Midwifery School
  196. ICEA exam study group?!?
  197. I've got my first client!
  198. sc mw?
  199. Seemingly miraculous cure for morning sickness
  200. A few questions for Canadian Midwives
  201. Anti-D in Midwifery Panacea or Paradox by Sara Wickham
  202. Question for all you doulas out there...
  203. Placental lakes?
  204. Cystosele
  205. Opinions on letter to employer concerning insurance coverage?
  206. Need Help giving birth PLEASE
  207. Large uterus... twins?
  208. Looking for a midwife in Ca.
  209. need midwife perspective...
  210. Client planning on circ..what to tell them.
  211. looking for midwife in ABQ, NM
  212. Statue of Britney??
  213. Do I need a BA and more degrees after that to become a Childbirth Educator/researcher
  214. need suggestions re: long prodromal labor
  215. Anyone consider an international midwifery conf?
  216. what would a midwife have done?
  217. Anyone wear several "hats"? And how do you get started anyhow?
  218. I have doula paraphenalia!
  219. question about Ffn Test....
  220. IL birth laws?
  221. PTL with 1st child, makes me high risk this time?
  222. polyhydramnios
  223. I need a MW in SE Arkansas (Drew County)
  224. Please help ?
  225. Midwifery climate in Atlanta?
  226. How important is the number of births a midwife has attended?
  227. monitoring frequency during labor
  228. MW Apprentice Starting to Doula - ?'s
  229. Who does a CNM have for an assistant?
  230. New client was born at home. Guess who attended her birth?
  231. Organization ideas for Doulas
  232. once GBS+, always GBS+ ?
  233. CBE materials
  234. If DS2 is as huge as DS1...
  235. Need some help with convincing my MW about delayed cord cutting?
  236. Websites with Circ and Vax info?
  237. Looking for a doula in Chicago area
  238. Some basic questions for doulas
  239. Post Partum doulas
  240. Doulas, Any cert. with multiple organizations?
  241. Katie Holmes.....?
  242. Placenta bowl...need help finding specific stainless steel bowl.....
  243. Midwives - What do you Sacrifice? How do you cope?
  244. Any single moms that are Doulas/CBE's and MW's?
  245. How much does a Doula cost?
  246. A post partum doula question
  247. Please help me educ... my DH (before its too late)
  248. asking myself why I care...
  249. Doula Certification..
  250. "Freeloading?" Need some thoughts