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  1. Short perineum = tearing
  2. Need help with wording
  3. Why can't Maternity Units be Womens Health Units as well
  4. Pregnancy Problems that are causing false labors something like that causing to be ad
  5. GBS+ Client - Options other than IV?
  6. ALACE Study/Support Group
  7. Midwifery Training Info-Long Post
  8. Homebirth midwives
  9. I Need Help on Placental Abruption !
  10. Where do you get sterile gloves- smallest!
  11. Ever considered becoming an OB to support midwifery?
  12. C-section rates in your area?
  13. Oh, experienced ones, would you have done anything differently?
  14. How many days could it take for a baby to develop to Jaundice
  15. Midwife in Atlanta area?
  16. Upcoming Labor Assistant training in Milwaukee, WI
  17. Midwifery school announcement...ok to post?
  18. Sorry--a vent on OB's!
  19. Doulas: to wear scrubs or not wear scrubs?
  20. Question of growth~ gestational size
  21. Reckless Blood Tonic
  22. Insurance and Childbirth Educators
  23. Q for midwives - how would you feel...
  24. Midwife quotes
  25. Can you midwives help me out?
  26. Midwife in Redding CA
  27. miscarriage and pain question
  28. Interviewing a doula?
  29. Too fat for vaginal birth?
  30. release/confidentiality form
  31. Childbirth Educator Training Options
  32. Just returned from birth - lots of meconium - *I* need support!
  33. Doula handouts
  34. ? about low platelets - induced for HELLP
  35. Anyone go to Birthwise?
  36. Birthing after abuse?
  37. Looking for a certifying doula that will attend a birth in MI for free.
  38. Measuring Ahead
  39. persistant first trimester bleed, my loved one..
  40. rhogam shot too late?
  41. I Need A Doula In Nd
  42. first trimester bleeding
  43. ALL you know about progesterone?
  44. when should I begin taking EPO?
  45. Wanted: Cervical Cap for horny new mama!
  46. CM versus CNM
  47. Which name for my doula /CBE biz, will evolve to homebirth practice.
  48. Current Birth Videos
  49. bleeding q from miscarriage
  50. Midwife interview questions...
  51. Your thoughts on oligohydramnios/possible slow growth?
  52. And we're OFF!!!
  53. Try these...
  54. cross posting....Breast Soreness???? Help
  55. Question for doulas/midwifes
  56. RRL tea?
  57. If I may as a question of the mw's...
  58. cervical lip or just 9 cm?
  59. College question
  60. Dilema- Doula's please read and advise
  61. Question about training or schooling
  62. wierd full feeling in uterus?
  63. can a hb midwife just leave
  64. offering free doula services for cert
  65. Arcata, Ca...Homebirth Midwife...?
  66. reasons for spotting *other* than miscarriage?
  67. Immaculate Deception and Immaculate Deception II
  68. Student Midwives...
  69. Novel all birth junkies would LOVE!
  70. Fetoscope and supply question
  71. Fundal height question
  72. CBE and insurance
  73. Antigen E - homebirth client? sister midwives please HELP! ASAP
  74. External Cephalic Versions
  75. Texas HMO Coverage Laws for BC and Homebirth?
  76. Bakersfield, CA midwives?
  77. turning transverse baby
  78. where/how do you get your oxygen?
  79. Need help from Seattle area members...
  80. transfer birth plan
  81. Doulas in Oregon and SW Washington
  82. U/S and Bonding- ??
  83. New ACOG statement
  84. LA Midwifes
  85. pain after doppler?
  86. Distance learning
  87. SIL wants a doula BIL says no!
  88. Any herbs/supplements to help strengthen amniotic sac?
  89. New resource and FREE DVD for Birth Professionals
  90. "emergency" midwifery supplies
  91. kosher snacks for mw assistant?
  92. Strep B and preclampsia in last pg is hb an option?
  93. Anyone attending Bradley teacher training this year?
  94. Sliding scale question
  95. Cigna PPO in Houston
  96. IL Homebirth Midwives?
  97. MA Gov Against New BFing Law - Action
  98. ISO positive pregnant with fibroid stories
  99. picking up heartbeat at 9 weeks
  100. I would like insights as to what to do next
  101. doulas in NY
  102. anyone have experience with this??
  103. Fetoscope Question
  104. What is your experience with the removal of a circlage and actual vaginal birth?
  105. Lactation related questions
  106. Homebirth Midwives in Harrisonburg Va. Area?
  107. homebirth midwife in Spartanburg SC?
  108. seeking info on home birth in Mississippi/Alabama
  109. Another Midwife Kid Story
  110. unassisted childbirth
  111. I need help for upcoming hospital birth, please!
  112. Need Advice or resources for client with GD and Low amniotic fluid!!
  113. Is there ever a situation in which you would recommend a shot of oxytocin postpartum?
  114. Need advice on a Midwifery program
  115. up-coming CEUs
  116. MIDWIVES--HELP! Quick!
  117. What do you tell clients in prodromal labor?
  118. Convincing dh that a doula is a good idea
  119. ISO a link in someone's signature
  120. Anyone in the medical field?
  121. Male doulas
  122. Help me fight my insurance company...please.
  123. Wintergreen leaf
  124. apprentice attends first homebirth
  125. Frustrated of Medical Midwifery and High incidence of Interventions.
  126. How do I do this?
  127. networking with other doulas
  128. Homebirth handouts/midwifery forms
  129. Odd contraction question for you ladies
  130. Michigan Doulas, how much do you charge?
  131. sheela na gig
  132. Day job to doula to midwife - how'd you do it?
  133. Midwives, do you have backup MDs?
  134. Just got my first doula clients!
  135. Progesterone supps for pregnancy & Nursing? (X-posted in Breastfeeding)
  136. Colorado homebirth midwives?
  137. iron free prenatal vitamin?
  138. aspiring midwives
  139. BP high at rest, better after being active???
  140. Anybody take credit cards for payment?
  141. Q for midwives
  142. CBE and also Doula?
  143. Question for midwifes - safety of Sudafed
  144. Concurrent care - reduced midwife fee? Want to be fair....
  145. should i just give up my homebirth dream? update post 17
  146. Mother Roasting?-looking to sweat!
  147. I just went to the best baby shower ever!
  148. Doula cert's
  149. ***Picture identified
  150. need HB mw southern IL border
  151. Midwife referral in KC, MO
  152. army births!
  153. i heard the unassisted birth of twins (one breech) ....
  154. Do you do HBVBA2C??
  155. *Update in #11* URGENT Need advice - vbac, broken water, no contrx
  156. Oral Vitamin K Question
  157. looking for anyone that delivers twins and/or breech in FL
  158. childbirth educators, what do you charge?
  159. International Breech Birth Conference, Vancouver
  160. Bradley Birth - teachers or students
  161. charge for an independant CB class?
  162. need midwife advice
  163. Need advice to decide delivery
  164. Sinus Infection - How to Treat?
  165. Need statistics please!!!
  166. Income as a doula?
  167. Is this a dangerous pet during pregancy?
  168. When the baby is born blue, but breathing, what does it mean?
  169. *
  170. midwives- need your perspective...
  171. Two Cervixes and two uteri?
  172. How do I choose a doula that would be right for me?
  173. Review of childbirth educators?
  174. Someone suggested I post this question here
  175. Just curious, what are YOUR stats?
  176. Why no birth centers?
  177. how do you make other people aware?
  178. My sitz bath order
  179. I need advice on a bad situation- WWYD?
  180. Contracts for Doulas
  181. Placental Issues
  182. Need help for a couple in my class
  183. Any Midwives interested in coming to Puerto Rico to...
  184. could someone please explain this to me??
  185. Midwives: Establishing boundaries with advice-seeking family and friends
  186. good homebirth web-sites?
  187. Intimate Solutions Rave
  188. Comfort Level with Attending a Breech Birth
  189. Happy to Meet You! Need Doula/Educator Advice
  190. Midwife compensation/gift
  191. Questionfor all you proffesionals
  192. Now finally I have a few questions
  193. BirthWorks experiences?
  194. Guidelines for apprentices
  195. Some questions about my birth
  196. Need some direction
  197. need advice about pre and post natal care products
  198. Should I be upset with my midwives? Am I being crazy? (X-post) *UPDATE*
  199. good midwife in Athens Georgia?
  200. Need GOOD midwife on Eastern Shore of Maryland, DE ok too
  201. New to the board
  202. Where to find midwife apprencticeship?
  203. Should pitocin be given after delivery?
  204. Breech rule change
  205. Mainstream Article Debunks Breech Study
  206. DONA or CBI
  207. Midwifery and the effects on our own children.
  208. Your thoughts on "pre-term labor" vs braxton hicks
  209. where do i go? what do i do?
  210. Is it true that some midwives are really doctors instead
  211. Can midwives offer well women care before and after childbirth years are over
  212. "Midwives Go Mainstream"
  213. Doula Assistance??
  214. Has anyone quit teaching Bradley?
  215. CMV Question
  216. Need a MW in Orlando Area
  217. Is this still considered prodromal labor?
  218. Grade 3 placenta changes
  219. Comparing distance midwifery programs, could use some feedback
  220. When does the cervix get soft?
  221. Myles or Mayes?
  222. Breast pain in second trimester
  223. Doula policy at Reston VA hospital
  224. acceptable protein in urine?
  225. Refer a Midwife for My Friend
  226. Is this woman really high risk and need Spanish based pregnancy and birth info
  227. 'Tis the season for breech babies?
  228. What requirements do you have for your clients?
  229. need a name for doula/mothering buisness
  230. bv help!
  231. Need a midwife's answer
  232. Wanting a 2nd opinion... do I still have a chance for HB?
  234. Which west coast state should I move to for good homebirth/ midwife law?
  235. help me help my friend avoid the knife for breech presentation! UPDATE post 22
  236. Who was your VT midwife?
  237. question about preeclampsia
  238. Heres a link to the thread that I did in NY/NJ/CT tribe area
  239. House of Babies
  240. need info on allowing tears to heal without stitching
  241. Please take a look at a Health and Healing post
  242. ideas to help induction along
  243. Where do I start if I want to become a doula?
  244. Anyone take the AAMI course?
  245. Vaginal breech - happy dance
  246. Need Book Help
  247. Coping with a neonatal death; moving on as a doula
  248. best CB class teaching supplies??
  249. Sphincter Jaw relation
  250. XPost - Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Labour/Induction