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  1. What books and videos do you think are must haves for your lending library?
  2. Hypothetical birth question (VBAC, SD, 4th degree tear)
  3. The Low Down On LPNs?
  4. BirthWorks Childbirth Educator Workshop coming to the Midwest
  5. CBE "crash course"
  6. Newbie doula looking for last-minute advice
  7. midwives-what's your limit on Pit?
  8. Anyone heard of Cervicitis or an Inflamed Cervix?
  9. Do Any Insurance Companies Cover Homebirths In Va
  10. Waiting To Cut The Cord?
  11. Oral Vitamin K Midwives Please
  12. Can you check placental age/viability with a Level 2 U/S?
  13. How to find your CPM #?
  14. "Prepared Childbirth Educators" ?
  15. What should I do?
  16. Do you have any type of advice or policy on clients watching their birth video
  17. Large amounts of flax oil = possibility of hemorrhage?
  18. Article about Ina May
  19. How often is meconium present?
  20. Fish oil capsules
  21. To Push or not to Push...
  22. Crazy painful vaginal pressure
  23. How much of Varney's did you read
  24. Violation?
  25. Perineoplasty
  26. Classifying a tear
  27. IUD pregnancy!!
  28. a question about pre-eclampsia for the midwives
  29. pregnancy and rheumatoid arthritis
  30. Going Past 42 Weeks
  31. Sex after vaginal birth
  32. What ever happened to Freida ******???
  33. questions for you professional ladies :) (sorry so long)
  34. My reaction to the NARM *Update: I PASSED!*
  35. Do hb midwives ever need RNs?
  36. what type of perineal massage oil?
  37. What if a retroverted/tipped uterus doesn't correct itself?
  38. false/early transition signs?
  39. Doula Liability Insurance in Ontario???
  40. big blood pressure changes?
  41. Did J-Lo have babies vaginally?
  42. Help me name this book, please
  43. Muskegon, MI Doulas?
  44. my 13 month old still doesn't have a birth certificate
  45. Midwives and Doulas...what is the best gift you've been given?
  46. manual inversion
  47. St John's Mercy--St Louis
  48. Pap test and low lying placenta?
  49. Curious - questions about something on my chart...
  50. MW opinions needed plz!!! (repost)
  51. liability question-driving client to hospital
  52. Anyone teach parenting-type classes?
  53. Hearing heartbeat with stethescope?
  54. Who's going to Midwifery Today Philly conference
  55. Seeking A Midwife To Be My Preceptor
  56. How does a childbirth educator attend births??
  57. Anyone ever sponser an ALACE or any other doula training?
  58. How did you acquire an apprenticeship?
  59. Measuring large for gestational age
  60. Fetal fibronectin test?
  61. Fetal fibronectin test?
  62. Cephalohematoma on toddler's head
  63. UPDATE #7 - EFM readout - how do I get a copy of this?
  64. Why VBAC but not breech delivery?
  65. WWYD- Midwife or OB/GYN?
  66. How late can a placenta move?
  67. Monitrice skills check list
  68. midwife needing to whine
  69. Eyes open when crowning?
  70. credentials
  71. OMG. Blech!!!!! Boo!!!!
  72. Witch Hunt??
  73. RH- with bleeding in 1st trimester
  74. learning vaginal exams
  75. is this a blood test or a vag swab?
  76. Need advice before upcoming birth after loss
  77. Which national organizations are doing the most for birth activism?
  78. Birthing From Within
  79. What do Midwives do?
  80. Birth Video Reviews?
  81. What do you pack in your birth bags?
  82. Anyone here go through the Vandy MSN program?
  83. any CAPPA educators?
  84. Compensation for backup doula?
  85. Low lying placenta?
  86. The DEMS (blog link) thread
  87. Would you buy this?
  88. Short cord and placental abruption?
  89. swollen cervix and arnica
  90. Going off the Pill - crazy cycles and pain....
  91. Doulas - how did you get started (how'd you meet clients)?
  92. x post - cranial bones shifting?
  93. Do you deliver placentas in the water?
  94. Very sore - any thoughts?
  95. Midwives--Please help!!!
  96. omg. vulvar varicosity!
  97. I should know these things, but need input
  98. tears when do they heal?
  99. Tearing question?
  100. Resources for visualization scripts?
  101. Adoption Doulas
  102. mom in labor, full bladder, can't pee
  103. La Bassine birth tub
  104. 2nd degree tear postpartum care?
  105. More info - Cocktail Reception for Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein of "The Business of Being Born"
  106. Scar Tissue on Cervix - What Happens in Labor?
  107. Hemorrhoids = Surgery??!
  108. Big Push response to ACOG
  109. Big Push response to ACOG
  110. Big Push response to ACOG
  111. cervical cap
  112. Chicago Cocktail Party with Ricki & Abby of "The Business of Being Born"
  113. Best track to CNM
  114. doula education
  115. Posted in the wrong place - thread moved - apologies! :)
  116. Legal Update and research assistance needed
  117. Risks of repeat c/s vs. risk of rupture?
  118. women's health question
  119. ACOG's new statement on home birth (x-posted)
  120. I Have An Apprenticeship!!!
  121. Amniotic Fluid Embolism
  122. National Midwifery Institute
  123. Like These Schools?
  124. Scariest day of my life(graphic)
  125. trusting doppler readout
  126. Baby's hair in c-section scar
  127. what fever reducers are safe in early pregnancy?
  128. Which book? Simkin or Kitzinger?
  129. x-post: please help me figure out what these funky late pregnancy symptoms mean
  130. How can I mix childbirth education with UC?
  131. Alace CBE manual
  132. midwife apprenticeship
  133. A new scare tactic - Grrrrr!
  134. C/S needed?
  135. My only birthing coach is overseas until the month of birth...suggestions?
  136. Utuerine (sp?) rupture- time sensitive
  137. Resources for clients with gestational diabetes
  138. If you live in a state where you have to have MD backup...
  139. How do I find state regulations for CNMs?
  140. Postpartum Joint Pain
  141. Any DEMs out there with malpractice insurance?
  142. Do I need an attitude adjustment?
  143. Episiotomy Pain 14 months Later.
  144. Help getting started
  145. Client satisfaction forms? anyone? Also, my checklists
  146. Celebrate with me!
  147. Yellowish, mucus-like discharge at 20wks. What is it?
  148. Working with the Mennonite?
  149. retained placenta and manual removal
  150. Two placentas?
  151. I Give Up
  152. Why are there no Birth Centers in Louisville?
  153. Midwives - uterine/bladder prolapse, - experiences?
  154. Interested in pursuing midwifery - what should I read?
  155. Ontario midwives won't take anyone over 35 - is this true?
  156. Montrice?
  157. Black Eyes from Birth
  158. seeking section stats
  159. looking for a midwife in the bronx ny
  160. Baby Size/Due Date Question
  161. Manual placental extraction
  162. Need FL midwifery history info ~quick
  163. Extra scar tissue prevents labor?
  164. Australian Midwives
  165. How do I become a childbirth educator?
  166. could an electric blanket that's plugged in but not turned on cause a miscarriage?
  167. Midwife Fees?
  168. Cleaning Jacuzzi after waterbirth
  169. Babies R Us? experiences?
  170. Starting out, need advice please!
  171. True Knot in the Cord
  172. Doulas - writing clients birth story
  173. CPM advice in Maryland
  174. Post-partum Doula... First Client Gitters....
  175. What do OBs do?
  176. Doula disappointment......
  177. Panicky this labor immenent?
  178. Doula Consult Fee?
  179. Postpartum fundal massage...thoughts?
  180. Any Labor and Delivery RN's out there??
  181. Please help- give me information on cord accidents!
  182. Looking for Advice about Doula training programs
  183. What percentage of nuchal cords are problematic?
  184. Would you advertise in a local childbirth professionals directory?
  185. Neonatal Resuscitation
  186. A little help with my studies...
  187. Birth Right
  188. Sinus Infection/Headache Labor any minute!
  189. CBI Is lowering its requirements
  190. Professionals--any experience w/ (Rh) E antibodies/antigen?
  191. My client had her twins - at 29 weeks!
  192. midwifery education update
  193. Malaysian midwives/homebirth?
  194. getting older, worry about losing connection to clients
  195. Looking for help/opinions from doulas
  196. Cephalohematoma experience
  197. Massaging the cervix - same as membrane stripping?
  198. Horrible leg cramps- please help!
  199. Q for doula client - GBS+ and water broken for 51 hours?
  200. thrombocytosis
  201. How to make your job easier?
  202. Foley Cath/balloon for labor induction?
  203. Teaching a pg nutrition class: supplement info, recipes appreciated!
  204. Can you teach me how to palpate my uterus?
  205. Moving to FL: What are the homebirth laws/regs?
  206. My next class is going to be a doozy!
  207. Online CEUs and a question
  208. Being prepared for a C-section
  209. postpartum and sex
  210. twin question
  211. Cleft Palate birth
  212. Birth funny
  213. Pelvic pain?
  214. I going to do it...
  215. Is it normal to leak pee?
  216. anyone going to the "Big Push for Midwives" in Harrisburg next week?
  217. Can we talk homeopothy?
  218. Any evidence for prophylactic use of Wild Yam Root for moms at risk for PTL?
  219. Midwives in San Jose, Ca?
  220. Any insight on Doula programs?
  221. childbirth statistics
  222. Advice for Doulas Thread
  223. VE's and small!
  224. Natural birth videos
  225. Mild Tachycardia during pregnancy.
  226. Some help in VBAC?
  227. any CPM's w/experience getting paid by Carefirst BC/BS?
  228. It would be odd but I think pilates is causing spotting - insight?
  229. Billing- a year and three months later... (update #2)
  230. Labor homeopathic tool kit
  231. Not Certified Childbirth Educator????
  232. Is there a "standard time" for delayed cord clamping?
  233. When to take baby to see pediatrician....
  234. Birthworks CBE Training in SWOhio May 2-4
  235. Working in the birth field classes
  236. cephalopelvic disproportion question
  237. Help, need midwife in Phuket, Thailand
  238. Turning down a client for philosophical/ethical reasons?
  239. Same sex couples and childbirth classes
  240. Relaxation exercise to practice with clients?
  241. Homebirth midwives - breastfeeding question
  242. I need book recommendations...
  243. Is it possible to delay cord clamping after pit has been given?
  244. The Pitocin legal? Thread
  245. Placenta Placement and VBAC
  246. DONA Postpartum doula training with Jackie Kelleher 1/26-1/28
  247. homebirth MW's a ?
  248. ALACE's makeover
  249. VBA3C's and after Placenta Accreta
  250. Possible Postpartum Doula Training in NJ