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  1. thinking about childbirth career...
  2. aspiring doula here ;D
  3. licensed vs. "lay" midwife
  4. Where do I start?
  5. Question About CNMs VS DEMs/ Lay Midwives
  6. State doesn't want to issue birth certificate!!!
  7. looking for midwife/homebirth practitioner near Triangle, NC
  8. Where should I go to school?
  9. Can I ask for a professional opinion here?
  10. New Yahoogroup for VBAC Rallies in WA State
  11. NEED A MIDWIFE-32 wks & moving to Augusta Georgia-Help
  12. How big is too big?
  13. Good Samaritan (Puyallup) VBAC Ban Protest Rally
  14. Anyone used a LoveSwing for birthing?
  15. Becoming a midwife?
  16. My first client!!!
  17. Where to find pregnancy and birth pictures?
  18. My first c-section. UGH!
  19. training workshops
  20. VBAC hearing in Ca... need your letters
  21. Ontario midwives... salary question!
  22. Nebraska pregnant moms needed for ALACE Doula Training workshop this weekend.
  23. IMPORTANT: NEED home remedies for preterm labor NOW
  24. processing labor
  25. Can we talk about small for gestational age babies? Pamamidwife? DoctorJen?
  26. Looking for CNM in NYC
  27. The Farm in Tennessee- Have you ever attended a midwifery workshop there?
  28. Arizona doula phoenix
  29. DONA Conference 2006?
  30. delivering breech babies
  31. Anyone going to the CAPPA conference in October?
  32. Anyone attend Birthingway?
  33. VBAC Rally will be on front page of Sunday edition of Tacoma Tribune!
  34. should i be worried?
  35. ----deleted-----
  36. waterbirth tips?
  37. belly cast decor
  38. "Thin" Placenta?
  39. perineum integrity after multiple episiotomies
  40. Ureaplasma--cause for concern?
  41. Deciding between two doulas... Advice? **UPDATE!** POST #12
  42. What do you do for Childcare when on call for a birth?
  43. In labor now! Need advice! - UPDATED
  44. Cool doll!
  45. "seeing" birth energy or the lack?
  46. VBAC Rally in Tacoma, WA - July 23
  47. Thoughts needed on waiving glucose test/stress relief...
  48. I got more than half my Midwifery school paid for!!!
  49. Decels during contractions
  50. spiritual midwife - doula advice
  51. Doulas: "Disinfecting" after a birth
  52. childbirth education ??
  53. Seasoned Midwives, as an apprentice what do I need to do for my MW?
  54. male pelvis ?
  55. Midwife supplies
  56. Midwife supplies-DOUBLE POST-sorry
  57. Questions for Doulas
  58. Ways to induce naturally?????
  59. CAPPA lactation educator--anyone?
  60. Words of Wisdom? Anybody?
  61. Looking for a midwife who will assist a vba2c in Southern Oregon
  62. Questions re: CAPPA programs
  63. Urgent Question- All Answers Appreciated
  64. my doula rocks and deserves something rockin - ideas?
  65. Need Hb Midwife Near Wakeforest,nc
  66. Large baby+fast labor=breathing problems??
  67. Doula, PP Doula or both?
  68. Have to be an RN (rant)
  69. plagued with headaches
  70. Open House / Meet-and-Greet
  71. Questions on becoming a doula....
  72. Need some advice
  73. Looking for the homebirthing community in CT
  74. Southern California~Lancaster/Palmdale/Antelope Valley Midwifes and Doulas
  75. In your experience...
  76. DONA Required Reading List...
  77. Question for the Midwives- Ever dealt with a pregnant woman with MRSA?
  78. Nurturing Women
  79. Any doulas in the Clear Lake (Houston) area?
  80. Q: Ogliohydramnios & risks of vaginal birth
  81. doula orgs and UC?
  82. Doula acting irresponsibly--any recourse?
  83. Miwives/Doulas who are also herbalists?
  84. Question for the midwives about herbs
  85. Debating becoming Doula/CBE....question about births.
  86. Having a good birth in a horrible hospital?
  87. Anyone selling CBE materials?
  88. nm--found info I was looking for
  89. What are YOU doing about the medicaid reform laws up infront of congress?
  90. MW Apprentice Positions Available in Taos NM
  91. Lactation Consultants?
  92. Best/safest supplement to take to keep one regular while pregnant?
  93. any thoughts on midwifery care in rural areas?
  94. Need info about Bandl's ring and VBAC
  95. X-post: Herbs for the last four weeks?
  96. child birth educator training
  97. References for why vaginal exams are unnecessary?
  98. Need some advice from the midwives
  99. Do you always wear gloves when dealing with client's blood?
  100. help midwife mamas!
  101. Recommend a Mid Wife in Manhattan?
  102. Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery: A Tool for Midwives and Students book
  103. natural birth question
  104. MIDIRS Informed Choice Leaflets - free to download!
  105. Birth & Midwifery Supplies
  106. Does anyone know how to go aout finding Grants for Midwifery Education, (x post)
  107. Children of Midwives
  108. Sterilization ?
  109. What is with these families lately!?
  110. Hesseltine Cord Clamps
  111. Doulas: advocate or educate mother to advocate for herself?
  112. Funky nipple discharge? Blood and gook
  113. How do I gain an apprenticeship?
  114. Remember that thread....
  115. Gift thread-how about a Midwife's Timesaving Kit?
  116. questions for CBEs
  117. Cervical lips, revisited
  118. Supplements causing large babies?
  119. One little step at a time!!!
  120. Please help me midwives
  121. What should I expect from a doula?
  122. alace or dona?
  123. Finding a local homebirth group.
  124. CNM in NC for hb
  125. Question for you wise mama's...
  126. I just made a wishlist at Amazon...anything to add?
  127. MW's - your thoughts/feelings on posterior (or otherwise malpositioned) babes?
  128. Midwifery schools and education!! HELP!!!
  129. Blue cohosh- please tell me about it!
  130. Looking for a homebirth MW in Dallas
  131. Weird question, but I was wondering...
  132. How do you become a doula?
  133. So excited! A MANA conference is coming here! Slippery Rock PA July 8-10
  134. Does anyone have this book?
  135. Perineal tear at it's WORST 16 weeks PP
  136. Ok to use a doula in training?
  137. Quick pregnancy question...
  138. Another question...what midwifery books should get?
  139. My midwife asked me to apprentice...sort of
  140. AAMI program - cost???
  141. Question about how this was handled, just because it made me uncomfortable
  142. Chas SC area midwife
  143. Anxiuos about starting school
  144. Is this the norm?
  145. WI midwife
  146. String of clients with different philosophies than me
  147. MUST READ article about c-sections rising to get you REALLY angry
  148. What herbs do you use?
  149. feeling sad today
  150. Do I really need a $120 Allen Fetascope??????
  151. Question for all you wonderful labor professionals....
  152. Becoming a Doula
  153. midwives what's a great gift?
  154. Postpartum Survey
  155. What do you say?
  156. Need apprenticeship
  157. Midwives Please do this and pass on to all midwives/list you know: Blue Cohosh Survey
  158. Friend has PPD, need advice on helping her
  159. How much Red Rasberry Leaf?
  160. Other jobs with Midwifery degree?
  161. So how do they know what a normal labor pattern is
  162. blessing way
  163. Question for Midwives IRT Seasonal allergy meds:
  164. What if anything preventative would you rec to a client with a previous PPROM?
  165. Sister getting BCP to control periods
  166. I had a shift in consciousness
  167. What do I tell my client?
  168. I need some advice
  169. URGENT! The Birthing Project Needs Our Help!
  170. CBE looking to change
  171. SAHM wanting to be a birth doula
  172. Does it really matter how a baby is born???!!
  173. Southwest Arizona Lay Midwife??(southern CA)
  174. ALACE educator saying "hi"
  175. DO you have to be a high school graduate?????
  176. CBE in Yardley PA
  177. Client terrified of birth
  178. "Lazy woman's work"...WHATEVER!
  179. New Modern Midwife Revolution!
  180. Going rate for certified labor doulas?
  181. Feeling worried because feeling too good...
  182. Anyone have a client with Vasovagal Syncope?
  183. volunteer doulas in prisons
  184. can a midwife be a doula?
  185. need doula wisdom
  186. Breech: the lost art
  187. Question about clients with past abuse issues
  188. Another sad story from Trippler
  189. ohio midwives???
  190. Midwives that will attend VBA2C's or more.
  191. Looking for a midwife to deliver twins in CA
  192. How do I find a childbirth educator in San Diego?
  193. what might this be?
  194. your life as a midwife
  195. Lactation specialist???
  196. Texas Midwifery Training Program
  197. Single mama midewifes and doulas?
  198. I am allowed one dumb question a month
  199. umbilical cord question
  200. ~Happy Mother's Day~
  201. How do I become a Midwife?
  202. Client with a positive amnio result needs help
  203. doula training - reccomendations?
  204. questions about UC & what should i keep track of??
  205. Birth and Women's Center in Dallas. (Questions)
  206. Jeannine Parvati Baker
  207. QuesBaby Position Question
  208. Just waiting for my client to go into labor . . .
  209. Is there an herb I can take?
  210. What are the dangers of dopplers?
  211. BH contrax at 13 weeks normal?
  212. Anyone want to sponsor my MANA membership?
  213. How to find a Midwife in Santa Rosa, CA
  214. I Dont Wanna Go To My Cbe Reunion, Warning Long Vent Ahead But Please Read!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Doula Library
  216. Biting my tongue
  217. Does this sound right??? Contrax at 33 weeks, terbutaline, bad nurse...
  218. History of Midwifery Books
  219. Any midwives from the UK?
  220. question for midwives
  221. How does licensing hurt midwifery?..... spiritual/lay mw pros/cons
  222. Midwife in Montana?
  223. Links
  224. Midwife needed in TX Hill Country
  225. newborn blood screen/heel stick
  226. bruising "consistent with asynclitic position"
  227. Doulas...
  228. I have to pick between secondary vocational and a assoc degree, HELP!
  229. Total Placenta Previa
  230. Embarassing personal question for a midwife??!!
  231. UTI or baby getting ready?
  232. Need ideas for bp and pulse issues with pre-existing htn--long
  233. Question for midwives
  234. Seeking DeKalb IL Area Midwife/Doula
  235. Utah midwifery apprentices wanted
  236. Antenatal doula
  237. Question about water birth and nasal aspiration
  238. Doula workshop!
  239. Tell me I am reading this incorrectly!
  240. Midwifery study + family = ?
  241. one more Cert. question
  242. I need help!!!
  243. Ancient Midwifery??
  244. There is not a women's health/ well woman/ gyn forum...... my ?
  245. am I at risk for this next time?
  246. Hometown practice......with my history???
  247. protein in urine?
  248. Am I a Granny Midwife?
  249. Gel Warmer
  250. Looking for a doula in NJ