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  1. I'm going to Mercy Maternity in the Philippines
  2. Great Transport--gift ideas for staff?
  3. advice for starting/teaching a birth class
  4. Are you a freak?
  5. New here!
  6. Need help finding MW for HB in Bucks County PA
  7. MANA Conference Northeast
  8. ahh my dh
  9. Do you consider a mother who birthed prematurely to be high risk the 2nd time around?
  10. ? for those who attend twin births
  11. A lovely birth
  12. Long pushing stage...
  13. Any natural ideas to help BP?
  14. tale of a crazy week
  15. mom in need of midwife advice
  16. Looking for Gently Used Visual Aids
  17. Herbalists, Doctors, People with Baby Know-how - HELP!
  18. Bradley Instructors
  19. Can anyone lead my in the right direction of finding a midwife and doula in IL!
  20. What else can I tell this mom?
  21. HB Midwife in Austin, Texas
  22. Doula's what is in your handouts?
  23. History of preeclampsia - would a midwife take me on for a homebirth?
  24. DONA conference 2005
  25. Midwives- do you really encourage good nutrition?
  26. Looking for a midwife in So Cal!
  27. Which birthing class do you recommend for your clients?
  28. what is it with cervical lips?
  29. Midwife/doula/nurse/caregiver grief subforum?
  30. MIdwives, Apprentice MW and Doulas... do you homeschool your kids?
  31. Midwives and Apprentices - How Did You Know You Were Ready?
  32. Don't mind me...just need to process...
  33. Doula with kids
  34. difference between spinal/epidurals for c-sections?
  35. Stupid Question- Is it possible to have a smaller baby by changing diet or exercise?
  36. Gift idea?
  37. Get Your Pens Ready - Column by an OB
  38. Really need some advice
  39. Rib pain...
  40. VBACs in Louisiana??
  41. rhogam
  42. Cord around neck=c-section?
  43. hypoglycemia and pg (x-pos)
  44. skeptical husbands?
  45. Doula Office, or create my own forms???
  46. any "non-school" MW's?
  47. Becoming a midwife in AZ?
  48. Hepatitis C require Cesarean??
  49. Uva Ursi
  50. Help! possible gestational diabetes
  51. Please advise on having twins at home
  52. awwwwww
  53. Anxiety about L&D
  54. birth records
  55. Help I need some info from the pamplets quick
  56. Any practicing midwifes in NC?
  57. Looking for a doula in Calgary, AB Canada...
  58. Midwives - what supplements/herbs do you suggest to your clients?
  59. Love those bigger babies!
  60. i just went to the BEST birth!
  61. women are not lab rats, how can we take back our births
  62. When to worry about breech?
  63. "delayed cord clamping"
  64. Dry Spell
  65. FAQ's
  66. how much to pay our midwife?
  67. Becoming A Doula
  68. Questions about Mothers Age = high risk pregnancy.
  69. Midwife knowledge question
  70. Fetoscope question
  71. Must read breastfeeding book!
  72. DEM now legal in VA!!!
  73. Support belt question
  74. Setting limits
  75. Should I worry??
  76. birthing centers; will I get what I want? (this might get long)
  77. How to research the need for Bradley instructors?
  78. tell me all you know about cervical lips
  79. Florida midwifery laws
  80. Postpartum doulas in ********** AL?
  81. Rant-disgusted by "med. professionals", and a ? for doulas
  82. Looking for a homebirth MW in NJ....
  83. How??? Hands on classroom learning?
  84. How does a sliding scale work
  85. Childbirth education grants?
  86. where can i learn about individual state laws?
  87. Need opinions on manna school of midwifery
  88. C-section, the easiest way...HA
  89. Just a Hello....
  90. postmature signs at 39 weeks?
  91. When would you start "advertising"?
  92. Anyone attending the Reclaiming Choices in Childbirth Conference in San Diego?
  93. Triple please?
  94. Calling all doulas, or moms who have had doulas
  95. Am I too young?
  96. I would like to establish a natural childbirth network...
  97. Midwifery Today conference-wonderful!! update in reply
  98. VENT: mom X loved her birth; I saw the 'bad stuff' that happened...
  99. Question re First Prenat Appt
  100. Nurse Midwives and Homebirths?
  101. Does anyone here teach Birthworks?
  102. Birth affirmation cards?
  103. Need a new due date calc/wheel!
  104. Cervex question
  105. Messed up perineum (xpost)
  106. 5 transfers
  107. respecting women and the law
  108. Public appreciation for my apprentice....
  109. Very interested in becoming a midwife & need advice
  110. Any Nurse-Midwives or Nurse Practioners here?
  111. Doula question- hospital vs. homebirth
  112. Midwives/natural births New Orleans area
  113. I have yet ANOTHER question!! Cervix too far back??
  114. Midwives in OKC or nearby?
  115. Albuquerque midwife ?
  116. Ontario Midwives?
  117. I want to be a midwife, but not now :) questions!
  118. The Education and Unlearning of Midwives
  119. Everyone who works with moms and babies should know this.
  120. Uterine prolapse?
  121. Have a question... Can you help????
  122. Childbirth International
  123. Looking for Midwives in Bay Area
  124. Hospital midwife in Dallas area?
  125. What is this's a cd. :o)
  126. 41+ weeks- baby head very high... ?????'s
  127. Midwife and Doula recipes...
  128. Doulas- getting certified
  129. I want to be a Doula - but no training class near where I'll live
  130. David's vaginal breech birth- planned HB, but ended in hospital
  131. Midwife or doctor in Colorado Springs, CO?
  132. Midwives: Overcoming hospital prejudices
  133. Doula in Boston - a slightly complicated case
  134. I am going to be a Doula!
  135. Amazing birth- Long
  136. Fundal Height measured transversely ?
  137. Doula's charging money for homebirth, what do you think and why?
  138. I'm bleeding again--is this o.k.?
  139. Anyone interested in a postpartum doula training in eastern Washington?
  140. My client's water broke today . . .
  141. Waters break, leak stops, water refills and bag reseals -?
  142. Doulas/Doulas in Training in **********, AL Area~
  143. MW's, May I have your insight on something please?
  144. Questions re: religion & birth
  145. Baby girl with no vaginal opening?
  146. Thank You!!!
  147. midwife in vt.
  148. post dates
  149. blood work
  150. Question about fundus
  151. Frustrated-need to find a class
  152. I THINK I want to be a mid-wife
  153. How much are Bradley classes where you live?
  154. lacking motivation
  155. Midwife in Dallas?
  156. CBEs - please help me out
  157. Websites that offer online CEU courses?
  158. wisconsin/minnesota area
  159. Midwives in Sri Lanka
  160. No malpractice insurance typical?
  161. Which countries have a high percentage of midwifes?
  162. wannabe doula
  163. looking for a midwifery partner
  164. ? for midwives about LEEP procedure and laser surgery
  165. Natural Childbirth classes!!
  166. how to be a doula with a nursing infant...?!?
  167. VCI questions
  168. Help Periwinkle get her baby lined up for VBAC!
  169. MW ? re: ttc+antioxidants+hpv
  170. 27.5 weeks and bleeding...ideas? suggestions? Your experiences?
  171. Cervix Question
  172. MW that works alone i.e. no backup
  173. Why did they cut the cord?
  174. Inflatable speculums
  175. Anyone have experience with Single Umbilical Artery (2 Vessel Cord)?
  176. hiv
  177. Should I be doing anything else?
  178. Any ideas on this one?
  179. what's more important?
  180. concerns
  181. Looking To Train As A Midwife
  182. Can anyone give me some insight into my foot pain?
  183. Is this an adequate reason for early induction?
  184. doulas- tell me how you work with a doula partner/back-up
  185. Gift for beginning midwife
  186. warning *upsetting*
  187. Check Out This Article!!!!
  188. What exactly does a doula "do"?
  189. Postpartum Doulas
  190. Finding a doula in budget
  191. What to ask a midwife during consult
  192. Stupid question but must ask
  193. What do you carry for Resuscitation?
  194. Need some guidance with a few questions for my Doula training
  195. Aloe Vera and pregnancy
  196. new aspiring midwives study group in MN
  197. How Many Births?
  198. Growing Family Foundation grant program
  199. Need to hear opinions & experience with breech births
  200. midwives for regular annual care?
  201. Decided to train as a doula!
  202. Ovulation Patern for Twins
  203. PDX, OR - Alma Birth Center
  204. Charmie981
  205. Humor me, how much harder is posterior
  206. Another Measuring Ahead Question...
  207. Midwife info
  208. Fellow doulas, help! WWYD?
  209. Should I start going to birth again?
  210. A question to the Midwives about my own birth
  211. hypnobirthing in Canada
  212. FHT Question: How? How Long? How Often?
  213. Measuring ahead?
  214. Could this woman really get blind during her labor as doctors say?
  215. Recomendations for San Jose, CA
  216. Can an ND really do all that?
  217. Fellow midwives: Any info on MRI scan safety
  218. Questions for midwives...
  219. Best CBE certification??
  220. Client being induced with cytotec right now
  221. spotting/nursing/fertility
  222. anyone read the NYT article by Jane Brody?
  223. Any methods for encouraging head down in twins?
  224. new school in AZ
  225. Question for the Midwives
  226. Anxiety about birth :/
  227. Doula Blog
  228. I want to be a MW, need advice
  229. The Farm
  230. Finding a hb midwife in mid-late pregnancy? Difficult? Impossible?
  231. really want to know if i can have another baby
  232. Doulas in UT?
  233. I feel like I have lost my faith in birth
  234. A poem for Addie, who was born still two days ago
  235. Who here is a doula - I want to be one
  236. Gift ideas for my birth attendant?
  237. What is the cutoff day for homebirthing?
  238. Help on starting labor for a VBAC mom?
  239. Doula Training and BFing
  240. C-sec rate up to 27.6 %
  241. Postpartum doulas-what do they do?
  242. DEM Question, re: MEAC, NARM, and state licensure...
  243. Pre-natal care at almost term
  244. Midwife gifts, question about etiquette.
  245. Benefits of labor w/c-section?
  246. Cervical cercolage
  247. How long can I leave the cord intact if I need to use the eldon card?
  248. Doulas or Midwives and Circumcision
  249. Baby's head "sitting in cervix"
  250. Question About First Postpartum Period