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  1. ISO Marsden Wagner homebirth article
  2. What should a 35w cervix feel like?
  3. few questions :)
  4. questions to ask midwife before initial meeting
  5. a few birth stool questions.......
  6. Advice for my cousin - baby too big? Help!
  7. What in the....
  8. Looking for input on inserts for planners/organizers
  9. Midwife/Doula Egg?
  10. Questions about first birth as TTC 2nd (LONG--sorry)
  11. drain pump for portable spa! help!
  12. Client experiencing prodromal labor for a week now...
  13. Midwife, Doula or both?
  14. "newbie" type question- how to find midwves in your area?
  15. questions on becoming a doula
  16. Question on safety of these specific herbs during pg
  17. Protocals for high blood pressure
  18. Doulas: Questions about client who wants epidural
  19. midwife questions
  20. Blue Cohosh linked to Stroke in NB?
  21. Question for birth professionals (Tylenol PM question)
  22. birth doulas--tell me about it
  23. Question for all doula's
  24. Question about Varicose Veins and Perineal Issue...
  25. Book Suggestions
  26. The Farm Midwife Assistant Classes
  27. Brand New... and lost
  28. CPM PEP Program
  29. Doulas and Midwives.....WWYD??
  30. Lets talk about the way we talk
  31. Women of Size
  32. RH-, can I eat the placenta if baby is RH+?
  33. Midwife vs. ND with OB cert. -- what's the difference?
  34. Marsden Wagner Question
  35. postpartum doulas: have you ever worked with Triplets
  36. Midwives - what do you wear?
  37. Any good Webster maneuver stories?
  38. Stethoscope versus Fetoscope or Fetascope
  39. This very well might be my *last* question about rhogam
  40. Military Presentation
  41. Being a labor doula with young children?
  42. Intervening with posterior?
  43. Broken tailbone during birth
  44. Seeking German Speaking Doula In St. Pete FL
  45. What is the reason for afp results making non-stress tests necessary?
  46. Can anyone reccommend a good iron supplement?
  47. DONA or ALACE?
  48. Alternatives to Doppler?
  49. Unstable lie???
  50. Feel betrayed by my midwife on 34th week...
  51. Starting my apprenticeship!
  52. Questions about RH negativity, etc.
  53. Heart tones?
  54. Has her water broke, or not?
  55. First catch!
  56. Pre-Partum Doula???
  57. Birthing in Kentucky
  58. Is there any justification to "pull on the cord"?
  59. Need info about ALACE...
  60. Homebirth: Yes or Not? (Small Placental Hematome)
  61. Episiotomy debate
  62. homebirth midwives in Atlanta
  63. Am I considered too high risk for HB?
  64. Question for the HB MW's...
  65. Online/Distance midwifery training......
  66. spiritual cesarean birth
  67. Question for PP doulas
  68. don't laugh. Too little locchia???
  69. Q for all you MW's about "elevated risk" and having to have Doc
  70. Need midwife advice re:depression
  71. Midwifery equipment
  72. Doula's ....
  73. questions for postpartum doulas
  74. Infant mortality rating
  75. U/S Questions
  76. Anther Rhogam question
  77. Chemical Pg - can I use my keeper?
  78. ?s about midwives
  79. Need advice re: checking dilatation
  80. Doulas - who watches your kids?
  81. X-Post: a question for midwives about single/double sutures
  82. Can I give my doula in training...
  83. second thoughts?
  84. polyhydramnios...Please revisit-update!
  85. Question about accuracy of ultrasound EDD
  86. Have a question about blood in urine....
  87. I am becoming a DOULA!
  88. Twin homebirth legalities???
  89. Lowish Hematocrit and RBC counts - effect on birth and nursing ?
  90. uncertified doula
  91. HBAC Regulations?
  92. 4 wks postpartum bleeding- is this normal?
  93. When does "a lot of blood" become a hemorrhage?
  94. Books you couldn't live without...
  95. Frustrated with my Midwife
  96. Few questions about homebirths
  97. Transverse at due date and question
  98. student doula with a baby- need advice
  99. anterior/posterior: when does it make a difference?
  100. so what's left after the birth?
  101. Can someone answer a m/c question for me
  102. this too much blood?
  103. Question about baby's position
  104. Ovarian Cyst in Pregnancy - need advise
  105. So, how DO you "catch" someone's baby?
  106. Postpartum doulas
  107. when to get pregnant again???
  108. I am in need of some insight into VBAC's
  109. Shoulder dystocia
  110. The Birth of a Midwife
  111. ischial spines?
  112. Questions ofr MW's/Dr's re Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules
  113. I want to Start a Midwife Tribe in FYT
  114. Midwives and Doulas...
  115. Midwives: reasons for suggesting McRoberts for laboring mom?
  116. Doulas/Midwifes for Gay Partners
  117. midwife's assistant position update
  118. Birthing From Within Mentors
  119. Spotting/"Low" Beta-HCG
  120. my doc is my obgyn but I want a midwife...
  121. non-medical question for any/all midwives
  122. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  123. Study Group
  124. Doulas in my area?
  125. second trimester headaches
  126. Trying to help a friend find a midwife
  127. Tests?
  128. Do midwives typically suture perineal tears?
  129. Okay here goes.
  130. Attending a birth and need some advice
  131. I want to be a doula but...
  132. Decided to start looking for a homebirth midwife in my area-- need help!
  133. Cervical cerclage
  134. Could the Dr. have damaged my uterus?
  135. midwife's assistant job...
  136. NW Indiana group monthly meetings
  137. Can being overweight affect getting pg?
  138. Seattle CAPPA conference????
  139. Forced pushing vs. natural pushing
  140. U/S policy ?
  141. Pprom
  142. need some advice :)
  143. Becoming a midwife
  144. Dropped already?!
  145. No urge to push?
  146. MWs/Doulas with babies - how do you do it?
  147. What exactly does a postpartum doula do?
  148. baby's head down, what happens if water breaks?
  149. More children, greater risk of still birth or neonatal death?
  150. most important question to ask?
  151. important question for MW -- deciding to accept a cilent?
  152. Finding a Doula...?
  153. Question for midwives in north TX
  154. Sleep (for me!) after births
  155. What?! My belly has a butt!
  156. Question for Midwives: Vitamin B6
  157. post partum repairs??
  158. Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy?
  159. Can you be just a birth attendant?
  160. doulas who attended cb education series
  161. The urgent care nurse-practioner thinks that I am a FREAK!
  162. VBAC Friendly Homebirth Midwife needed in Maryland....
  163. meeting CNM for the frsit time -- questiosn?
  164. How do I make them understand!
  165. Midwife to face manslaughter charges
  166. Lay Midwife/OB combo/CNM combo???
  167. 2VBAC - how long do you like to see them go?
  168. Midwives- please read and give opinions
  169. Midwifery in Alabama
  170. For those of you interested...
  171. "Emergency" Childbirth Information
  172. Question about hemmoraging...
  173. Question about midwife...
  174. doulas and midwives- do your feelings get hurt when...
  175. this too much to ask?
  176. looking for homebirth midwife near Shreveport, La
  177. Hospital protocol for "high risk" women
  178. May I come in for a moment?
  179. doula at unassisted births/VBAC?
  180. Cycle question - possible TMI
  181. Midwives (or others) ? about bv
  182. Do you drink?
  183. Any advice about really prolonged latent phase?
  184. how to turn a breach baby in utero?
  185. Prohibited HBAC in SC
  186. I am pregnant again & terrified of labor!!
  187. switching hats when you're still under the spell
  188. Need advice: midwife misgivings
  189. anyone going to the CAM conference?
  190. Need advice re: midwife's lack of advocacy and my "Gestational Diabetes"
  191. help teaching at-risk moms
  192. Midwives/Doulas - Insurance?
  193. What do you pay the apprentice?
  194. Does insurance cover doulas?
  195. Gifts for Midwife and Doula???
  196. Home birth w/ MW & Doula & Husband?
  197. Creating a handout for VBAC Clients
  198. Need advice re: twins
  199. Looking for a doula in or around Rexburg, Idaho
  200. Any childbirth educators?
  201. Doulas, Tell me about your business liscense
  202. question about my stubborn placenta!
  203. preterm labor advice, suggestions, good thoughts please
  204. I got this email yesterday and wanted to share
  205. Is a Biophysical Profile really necessary?
  206. Question for Post Partum Doulas
  207. Question for Doulas about attending births
  208. To have or not to have....a doula
  209. looking for support for healing old trauma and talking to midwife
  210. Anyone in training?
  211. Doula Training Programs
  212. Does Varicose Vein Mean Hospital Birth?
  213. Question for the midwives/aspiring midwives
  214. decelerations in heart tones during contractions
  215. please HELP reverse VBAC ban
  216. Natural miscarriage and Advil... yes or no
  217. Post Partum Doula
  218. Is this legitimate?
  219. What does a midwife do?
  220. Losing hair/weightloss ? - 4.5 mos. PP
  221. Birthing class supplies?
  222. Olde English midwife language...(very important, I know.)
  223. GBS Questions for Midwives
  224. anyone watch frasier?
  225. Help for a friend - high BP at 38 weeks, planned UC. Pam/Lori please reply:)
  226. when can I hear an FHT with a fetoscope?
  227. Animation Website
  228. Wanted a midwifes opinion on rhogam
  229. Sac Area Free Training for Doulas
  230. *sniff* My sweet daughter's stories
  231. Doula program?
  232. do I need a doula?
  233. i'm firing my midwives!
  234. need a book recommendation
  235. Nice article about doula's
  236. What should I expect/want from my Doula?
  237. Doulas and Midwives and NFP...
  238. Yeast infection at 40 weeks preg
  239. Question for midwives or student midwives
  240. NY Times article today on midwives
  241. any postpartum doulas in austin tx?- or recommendations?
  242. Wanna be CNM and hostile Dr's
  243. desperately seeking midwife
  244. How do I respond to THIS?
  245. keeping in touch
  246. Post dates/prodromal labour?
  247. Suturing
  248. Doing workshop with Penny Simkin next weekend
  249. Just a question for midwives here...
  250. I Have Found A School!!!!