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  1. "Gaskin Maneuver"
  2. Wow this forum's been quiet!
  3. how to answer "why a midwife?"
  4. influencing length of labor...
  5. Looking for a OR midwife
  6. Bleeding/Spotting Mid-cycle
  7. determining placental placement
  8. Pelvic exam in first trimester
  9. Fee Questions for Doulas
  10. please review my list of questions
  11. You're Invited to an Online BlessingWay!
  12. Bills in VA and UT
  13. stool softner safe in early pg?
  14. My Books Came Today!!!!!!
  15. Childbirth Survery....
  16. Symptoms of protein deficiency?
  17. Question about Holistic Midwifery..please help..deadline~!!!!
  18. Aritcle in USA Today...
  19. Doulas, what do you do about childcare?
  20. .
  21. New hospital policies
  22. Doulas-what do YOU take to the birth?
  23. Fertility and scarring?
  24. Had hospital birth, not planned
  25. What would you recommend re:pg while bf, no LMP
  26. a really great website that has pregnancy/childbirth materials
  27. What does DONA-certified mean to you?
  28. Best video(s) for presentations and lending library
  29. Bill to legalize CPM in Utah being discussed
  30. Whether or not to do routine ultrasound(s)
  31. wanna be a doula
  32. Low Amniotic Fluid
  33. childless doulas?
  34. doulas, how do you pay the rent?
  35. birth question
  36. The single most important...
  37. Midwifery Schools
  38. Stripping Membranes - Has there been any research on the outcomes?
  39. What is the difference...
  40. where to buy tubing for fetascope?
  41. Shocking.....Anesthesiologist counseled against epidural!
  42. Gaskin maneuver/shoulder dystocia?
  43. Doulas and lawsuits, are they common??
  44. What causes membranes to rupture before head engages?
  45. Wanting to become a midwife...
  46. Midwife/Student Midwife Discussion on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Macrosomia
  47. Doulas- do you do a client survey?
  48. Looking for info, tips and resources on pregnancy nutrition
  49. I've been asked to do two presentations on doulas....
  50. Doulas-- who are your clients?
  51. The job of a doula-questions
  52. New Doula on the Block
  53. CA apprerentice midwives are no longer able to get clinical experience in state
  54. Interested in becoming a Midwife.
  55. QUICK!! What can I do- friend in labor
  56. Question about midwife team in Spokane, Washington
  57. Need Midwife for VBAC in VA/WV area
  58. Cool pictures from a breech birth
  59. Natural childbirth and petite women
  60. How to soften an old episiotomy scar?
  61. questions???
  62. Question regarding contra-indications...
  63. midwives in Delaware?
  64. should I have expected more from my doula?
  65. Apprenticeship Support
  66. Handout help - Questions for Your Care Provider
  67. signs of breech baby?
  68. How do I find out if my insurance covers midwives?
  69. A germicide of proved efficiency?
  70. Help! Transverse Baby
  71. Iowa
  72. Client with GD - ? about IV during labour.
  73. Where can i buy this?
  74. preventing tearing
  75. ISO a doula or birth helper for a friend in Defiance Ohio
  76. Natural methods of induction
  77. info on alternative treatment for gbs
  78. What do these codes mean? (ACNM site)
  79. What causes those huge blood clots?
  80. What are good questions to ask a mw during the interview?
  81. Mary Lou O'Brian, CNM--experience with her?
  82. I'm gonna do it!
  83. TX Medicaid and Homebirth
  84. Workshop help needed: So you THINK you want to be a midwife?
  85. How can I be supportive during birth/labor w/ epi
  86. How to measure fundal height?
  87. What is her recourse?
  88. Doulas
  89. Midwife and Classes in Denver area
  90. CNM in the Hickory, NC area?
  91. What's it like, honestly?
  92. Dad is sick, should birth plans change at all?
  93. Heard of an Epi-no???
  94. Looking for info on Evening Primrose and labor prep herbs!
  95. cervix question
  96. hope one of you knowledgeable ladies can help
  97. cervical cerclage
  98. Searching for Midwife school in Denver, or apprentiship
  99. hospital procedures- refuse- legal rights...
  100. strep b and probiotics...
  101. Biggest fundal height?
  102. Midwife Insurance Crisis!!
  103. ? on cervidil
  104. can you tell if u early m/ced?
  105. How do midwives feel about enemas?
  106. Can someone tell me the difference between a midwife and a certified-nurse midwife?
  107. Just met my midwife!
  108. GBS&AppleCider Vinegar
  109. can you tell me about cervix changes and dropping...
  110. Opinions needed on Babymoon Package!
  111. Experienced Doulas - What forms/handouts do you use, what do you discuss at prenatals
  112. What is a typical doula fee?
  113. ALACE-trained doulas.....
  114. Can anyone figure this out??
  115. ATTN: All NW midwives/doulas/those in natural health field....seminar interest??
  116. Calling all those in the birth/natural health field....seminar interest??
  117. Is a knot in the umbilical cord dangerous during delivery?
  118. can an irregular period make ttc hard?
  119. Whew - starting my career off with a bang - VBAC client
  120. Insulin Resistance? Ovarian Cysts?
  121. What to look for in doula or midwife
  122. postpartum sex question
  123. How to find midwife- prior births 5 weeks early
  124. How accurately do heart tones predict fetal distress?
  125. red raspberry leaf tea
  126. Pregnancy/birth support with a language barrier
  127. Why was this done to me?
  128. Abuse Signs during Labor
  129. Irregular cervix
  130. Calling all doula wannabe's in SW FL- Sarasota Tampa Ft.Myers area
  131. Bradley Instructor recs in Austin,TX
  132. Herbs/etc. to treat preterm labor?
  133. NFP/FAM instructors?
  134. Midwife for surrogate mom?
  135. ALACE LA/Doula Manual & Mags for sale
  136. midwives who studied in michigan...can u help me??
  137. Seeking Tips for Using Fetoscope
  138. I'm starting my doula cert!
  139. NW Indiana doulas/educators meeting
  140. ISO training doulas, so. md, dc area
  141. What would happen if I didn't know my LMP?
  142. baby's baseline heart rate decreasing but still within normal-- what to do??
  143. Homebirth gatherings / potlucks
  144. Question About Cervical Position
  145. Does anyone have info about homebirth and HMO's??
  146. 5-w
  147. Where can I find unbiased info regarding
  148. Midwives--what's your Vit. K stance
  149. Did they have to break the water and cut the cord?
  150. I need help finding a midwife
  151. studies/articles re: efficacy/cost of CNM vs. OB/Gyns
  152. Help me make up my mind re: midwife!
  153. Herbs for Hemorrages
  154. Awesome Book!!
  155. Pros & Cons of Being A Doula???
  156. Anterior placenta
  157. help...abnormal pap test and im pg
  158. Do midwives do routine ultrasounds?
  159. Pelvic press and 2nd stage?
  160. UTI Questions
  161. Having trouble finding Montana midwife
  162. Pregnancy After Cytotec
  163. Midwives: Need help with lab results
  164. A question about choosing a doula
  165. In Search Of: VA Beach doula
  166. question for doulas/midwives: comfort for mourning pregnant woman
  167. A few questions for the doulas
  168. Question for midwives regarding fetal heartbeat.
  169. did i just miscarry???
  170. What to ask/what to expect of Midwife
  171. I am going to be a MIDWIFE!!!
  172. Doula Students or Prospective Doulas or New Doulas?
  173. Could a fatal cord injury cause preeclampsia?
  174. Can an Epidural birth be natural?
  175. when to find your midwife?
  176. Midwife in NJ (central/northern)
  177. Midwife in NJ (central/northern)
  178. Need a midwife in Wilimington, NC area
  179. use of olive oil to avoid episiotomy?
  180. What is a check for 'longtitudinal lie'
  181. rhogam after miscarriage question
  182. Anyone know about sub chorionic hemmorage
  183. post-birth rituals
  184. Help! Urgent Response Needed!!!
  185. vertical incision/vbac
  186. Would you take on this client?
  187. Treating vaginosis w/o antibiotics?
  188. HB MW in Longmont, CO?
  189. Determining wheter or not there is a problem?
  190. Midwife in Connecticut
  191. Need Suggestions for Easy-to-read Pregnancy Info
  192. Doulas...I just got my first client--now what?
  193. Ideas for funding my training?
  194. Minimizing risk/interventions in twin birth
  195. Big for dates. What does this mean?
  196. Kids and Homebirth...
  197. Pregnancy massage etiquite - do you tip a doula?
  198. Volunteered as doula...Mom didn't call
  199. Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Doula bag
  200. Antibiotic eye ointment?
  201. How do I bill the insurance company? Help!
  202. Gestational diabetes and induction
  203. What does the placenta sound like on the doppler?
  204. cephalopelvic disproportion question
  205. What causes slow growth? How acc. u/s?
  206. Maybe a dumb question
  207. Midwife in Indiana...
  208. Give me your opinion here
  209. So psyched!!
  210. Suggestions needed for a midwifery study group
  211. What can I expect to pay for a doula?
  212. Raising hemoglobin
  213. Nevermind
  214. Antibiotics: Bactrum, macrobid?
  215. birth in nc
  216. should I call my midwife?
  217. how and why do you manage 2nd stage?
  218. Does this have something to do with pregnancy?
  219. Any postpartum doulas here??
  220. Attended my first birth as a doula yesterday!!!
  221. can someone help me find a HB MW in NC?
  222. Measuring Big?
  223. I am not pg, but was thinking about using a midwife when the time comes however
  224. Blood pressure during labor vs exercise?
  225. What herbs, tinctures, homeopathy, etc. to use in labor? (xpost)
  226. Malpractice Insurance Subsidy for Rural OB/GYNs
  227. Midwive VS. Doula???
  228. How do you word your doula contract?
  229. B/P down to 72/45 from 100/60, taking herbal hemmoroid *drink*, any connections?
  230. Anyone with experience measuring fundal height on plus sized moms?
  231. 'hiring' a student doula
  232. The path to midwifery
  233. Should I invite my doula...
  234. "Baby will bleed out into the placenta..."
  235. Flat Pelvis?
  236. What exactly is a stress test?
  237. We met with our first Midwife today...I have some questions, concerns. thoughts...
  238. Elizabeth Seton is Closing, please sign petition
  239. Suggestions to lower (or at least keep it from rising) blood pressure?
  240. questions to ask midwives?
  241. If you can't accept a client for liability reasons...
  242. Jeez...[birthing class]
  243. cervix questions
  244. NARM's grievance process
  245. Hospital Records and Statistics?
  246. Want to help with a waterbirth study?
  247. Hospital records - can they charge me for them?
  248. When did/should your baby turn?
  249. preterm labor
  250. Becoming a midwife