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  1. heart rate and gender
  2. travel ?
  3. Becoming a doula - options and advice needed
  4. Where do i go to find a doula ??
  5. Questions about hospital policies and how to get them changed...
  6. Septum in the middle of uterus?
  7. hitting wiffle balls for exercise?
  8. CA Midwife Activism
  9. Does your MW cares about you?
  10. Midwife opinion requested!
  11. Doulas with young babes
  12. Another ?? for doulas-- if woman goes "inside herself" do you draw her out?
  13. Laboring woman changes minds about drugs- what does a doula do?
  14. Birth Research???
  15. Excessive amniotic fluid??
  16. Did you feel abandoned by your doula?
  17. Whaaa? MW = no prenatal care?
  18. 2 questions for the midwives
  19. 5 weeks...can I go to Mexico?
  20. HELP...GBS positive at 28 weeks
  21. What is required to become a DE midwife?
  22. Considering a friend as a 'doula', what activities do they normally perform?
  23. legal issues/infant death question
  24. dula differences
  25. Postpartum bleeding- how much is too much?
  26. have you read
  27. Midwife in Puerto Rico
  28. Belly button rash?
  29. Any clue when I'm due?
  30. books and homework
  31. becoming a doula???????
  32. Iowa
  33. Questions about midwives' assistants
  34. attn: trueblueXF
  35. A few questions for doulas...
  36. What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?
  37. Got called to attend another hospital birth...
  38. Is it safe for pregnant women to lie flat on their backs?
  39. Any ALACE childbirth education teachers here?
  40. naming
  41. doulas and midwives
  42. Please Support This Midwife!
  43. Midwife in Southwest Virginia?
  44. Doula Statistics
  45. question about optimal foetal positioning
  46. question for all the doulas here
  47. restless legs
  48. What home-birth books do you recommend?
  49. What if I go on Thanskgiving!?!?
  50. midwives in Kauai?
  51. Homebirth midwife in Dallas?
  52. Midwives and HMO's in Florida
  53. jelly beans
  54. Pictocin in third stage?
  55. What are the traditional sayings/beliefs about birth?
  56. What causes the cord to wrap around or tangle?
  57. Looking for OB/MW practice in MI
  58. What do you think about a midwife with an ultrasound machine in her office?
  59. Lost A Client
  60. Help, Please
  61. Any doulas LLL Leaders?
  62. Doulas in training...
  63. Any midwife needing the Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bag Kit for clients REALLY cheap?
  64. Pregnant Doula.....
  65. Homebirth in state where midwives are illegal?
  66. Placenta Previa and homebirth? Is it possible?
  67. gift for doula?
  68. Substituting jelly beans in glucose test
  69. Texans for Midwifery
  70. Painful when baby moves?
  71. Ideas for birth art
  72. Any mw have info about cervical/uterine prolapse and future pregs?
  73. Different types of midwives??
  74. opinions about the Brewer diet?
  75. I'm thinking about teaching childbirth ed....
  76. seeking ob/gyn in Moreno Valley/Riverside, CA
  77. Silly Question...What is a Doula?
  78. Looking for a Midwife in Minnesota
  79. would an OB be able to tell if the baby was losing weight in the womb?
  80. Anyone ever hear of their clients hearing "clicking" from baby while in utero??
  81. Any midwives in St. Louis, MO?
  82. Raised level of amniotic fluid- 37 wks- anything I can do to affect this cond.?
  83. SIL fell and has a "torn placenta" ???
  84. Weird pregnancy symptom
  85. Tricky doula situation- help asap!!
  86. Dreaming...
  87. pregnancy butter....????????????
  88. The best gift you midwives have received?
  89. midwives, herbal/cohosh question
  90. Midwives in Fayetteville NC?
  91. Rate in Boston for a doula?
  92. Male Midwives
  93. Your second hypothetical situation
  94. yeast infections yuck!!
  95. Any CPM's to be out there?
  96. Increased risk after 42 wks?
  97. doulas: charging for services vs. volunteer
  98. Present for Doula
  99. NYS liscensed MWs: Is this true?
  100. What would you do? A hypothetical situation
  101. Waterbirth & baby's breathing
  102. Questions about prenatal vitamins
  103. need name suggestions for a birth center
  104. Midwifes Near Reno, NV or Truckee, CA?
  105. Questions to ask a midwife???
  106. What exactly does a doula do?
  107. herbs
  108. When do you show up and how long do you stay?
  109. I am a CPM considering an unassisted childbirth
  110. Advocacy Co-op
  111. I'm certified!!!
  112. Homemade Gatorade?
  113. Postpartum Doula - Fees
  114. Talk to OB about switching to midwife?
  115. Goldenseal, what do you really think....
  116. Midwives - I need help with a diagnosis, please
  117. So Exited!!!!
  118. ?? about head molding / baby position
  119. idiopathic autoimmune hemolytic anemia
  120. Would I be making a bad decision?
  121. Midwives, what types of births are you not able to attend?
  122. Midwives - How do you handle the third stage and what are your reasons?
  123. How/When do we get started?
  124. Doulas---what is in your birth bag??
  125. Happy Midwives' Day!
  126. What did you pay for a doula to attend your baby's birth?
  127. What did you pay for a midwife to attend your birth?
  128. don't feel like I'm really clicking with my midwives
  129. wanting a doula
  130. just moved to wa...laws about vbac??
  131. Question about complaints against CNM in Texas
  132. Postpatrum doulas?
  133. Doula, CBE and pregnancy..anybody tried THIS one?
  134. Old Placenta in a 38 yr old woman??
  135. does being a doula/new bf mother work???
  136. training & education for a professional doula
  137. Philadelphia midwife
  138. midwife in Philadelphia?
  139. What does Doula MEAN!
  140. montrices?
  141. animia restrictions for home birth?
  142. Did you have a positive experience w/a doula?
  143. Has anyone ever hosted ALACE classes?
  144. m/w laws in ca?
  145. How does one become a doula, some questions!
  146. finding a post partum doula
  147. Where is the ALACE study group?
  148. boring business question for doulas
  149. CBE certification
  150. CNM in Boulder, CO?
  151. Gift Suggestions for my Doula???
  152. Claustraphobia and pregnancy/labor/birth
  153. First Time Moms
  154. Beefing up my doula prenatals?
  155. Is anyone going to the CAM retreat?
  156. illegal homebirth?????
  157. 2 doula questions
  158. Cutting the cord before delivery?
  159. what kind of doula training did you do?
  160. Salem Oregon midwife - no insurance?
  161. Finding a Doula? In a less than progressive area...
  162. Sexual abuse/other abuse history and childbirth
  163. Doula in Las Vegas area???
  164. Low heartrate during birth
  165. Weak heartbeat a problem?
  166. Midwife vs "med" wife?
  167. Quick...need ideas for rebirthing bath...
  168. Is this a service Doulas provide?
  169. finding out about my area?
  170. Obtaining funding for classes & birth observations
  171. Anyone else cater to teen moms?
  172. polyhydramnios
  173. Midwife or Doula training info?
  174. certain methods
  175. Doula's in Regina?
  176. My friend is 35 wks pg, and has kidney stones...
  177. Tacoma, WA doulas or doulas-in-training
  178. Induction looming: need advice
  179. some concerns...
  180. Tell me about Bradley...
  181. My new Ina May book just came via UPS!
  182. thinking of starting to doula
  183. Questions for Interviewing a Midwife
  184. epidural and long-term effects
  185. Prodromal labor definition and birth announcement
  186. Midwives and Hyperthyroid Clients
  187. Malpractice Coverage + Midwives - Interesting Article
  188. Amniotic Sack question
  189. Any birth educators out there who took Birthing From Within?
  190. Midwives in Southern Colorado??
  191. Transverse babies
  192. Doulas--share ideas/forms with me?
  193. need help quick please
  194. Want a midwife at birth - is it hopeless?
  195. Castor Oil
  196. aspiring doulas in Redding, Chico CA area
  197. Tell me about cytotec...
  198. placenta previa
  199. what do you wear to a birth?
  200. Midwife needed in Kelowna, BC
  201. trying to see a mdwife in Raleigh, NC before my second trimester!!!
  202. how far is too far...
  203. Mysterious Baby Position??
  204. Any advice for new Doula to be?
  205. Doula Needed in San Antonio
  206. difference btw doula and midwife
  207. Interested in becoming a Doula and Childbirth edu
  208. should I tak to my midwife - and how?
  209. duh!:confused: guess i'm in the wrong forum to post a layette question!
  210. Question re. hemorrhage.
  211. Hello~New Moderator Here
  212. hypnobirthing questions
  213. any CNMs trained at Columbia?
  214. Ideas for gifts...
  215. GBS ++ What constitutes high colonization
  216. Midwifery study group forming in Atlanta area this fall...
  217. How to get her to refund my $
  218. serious question for midwives or anyone who has experience
  219. Midwives, how do you feel about IV fluids?
  220. Silent Labor after Stillbirth
  221. High Blood Pressure! D's and Mid's help!
  222. Thinking about becoming Birth Educator
  223. Silent labor after stillbirth
  224. I have to get a referral to see my midwife
  225. where to get pn6?
  226. How long does it take a perineum to heal
  227. what do you tie off the umbilical cord with?
  228. O...K. Doula sisters, I need some guidance!
  229. Midwife assistants?
  230. Recommended Books?
  231. My first client had her baby!
  232. Safety of the cohoshes and VBAC/HBAC
  233. Colloidal Silver and GBS+
  234. looking for childbirth ed materials/models
  235. how did you get comfortable with your doula
  236. PP HIgh Blood Pressure????
  237. waterbirth
  238. Any students/gradutes of AAMI?????
  239. Group B Strep Testing practices
  240. midwife/birthcenter in Santa Fe area
  241. vulvadynia and childbirth?
  242. xpost: inviting HB midwife to baby shower
  243. need info on subchorionic hemorrhage
  244. spacing clients?
  245. CNM's in OB practice- would you trust 'em?
  246. Looking for DEM in Cincinnati ARea, Ohio
  247. Most important ?s to ask potential midwife?
  248. Anybody know where I can find elegant pregnancy sculptures?
  249. Are there any women here in Ontario currently going through midwifery training?
  250. Doulas at home births?