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  1. Actual Text "How to Complain?"
  2. GD/Insulin and Going Past Due Date?
  3. National College of Midwifery, anyone else?
  4. Herbalism course for birth professionals
  5. Is your huntleigh doppler REALLY quiet?
  6. Polyhydramnios and Ultrasounds?
  7. Help me decipher my c/s record--can I vaginally birth?
  8. Still bleeding... is this normal?
  9. Postpartum certification costs
  10. HPV and Treatment for CIN cells
  11. Question about natural progesterone.
  12. XPost from DDC - probiotics and GBS
  13. vanishing twin symptoms?
  14. Bradycardia during birth
  15. Midwives: measuring abdominal girth?
  16. Fundal Pressure
  17. Could NG Suction lead to collapsed lung? (take 2!)
  18. ALACE labor and DONA pp doula?
  19. Midwives/doulas with small children question
  20. Genital Herpes & Vaginal Birth
  21. Odd c-section question
  22. Fetal Heimlich Maneuver
  23. HBAC, Twins, Breech in Your State?
  24. Leaking water question...
  25. "The Business of Being Born" ???!!!???
  26. Does any one have a sub to Journal for Women's Health?
  27. Black & Blue Cohosh
  28. Ugh. CNM told my client to "get uncomfortable" or she'll never go into labor.
  29. Speaking of midwives...
  30. Breech Baby 36 weeks
  31. 3 cm to anterior lip in 30 min. on a first-timer? (LONG post)
  32. Homebirth midwife in NJ
  33. type of birth decided by coin toss!
  34. Accuracy of Level 3 Ultrasound
  35. Q about BP
  36. Question about blood pressure
  37. Introducing myself-
  38. Yet Another GBS Treatment Question
  39. Looking for midwive's log book
  40. Could someone please explain fetal distress and EFM patterns??
  41. Urethra pain ? Please help
  42. childbirth educators...
  43. vaginal pressure 18wks
  44. Birth Professional introduction
  45. Bipartite (or tripartite) placenta image?
  46. client expectations of midwives
  47. labor doula in Texas
  48. I graduated from midwifery school tonight!
  49. question about vaxes while pregnant
  50. CALM Shoulder Screen
  51. Finding my MOMS midwife (27yrs ago)
  52. midwives for midwives
  53. Do you perform AROM?
  54. Right time to become a doula
  55. Midwives with young children...
  56. hypothetical twin homebirth question
  57. How long did you take maternity leave from birth work?
  58. Homebirth Midwives and Doulas in Boulder xposted
  59. First Birth as New Doula- Help!
  60. GBS +, no antibiotics, is s*x ok?
  61. Doulas - have you ever felt "unneeded" at a birth?
  62. Two questions, actually
  63. Question for RNs in L&D/postpartum hospital wards
  64. Labor Support Resources
  65. Strange question about poop - TMI!
  66. Could I be having a late miscarriage?
  67. Do I want to be a midwife? Help me decide!
  68. Question about GBS treatment options
  69. Doula's-Office Or No Office
  70. New postpartum client is Orthodox Jew - could use some pointers
  71. Help me have a vag. breech birth in S. Florida!
  72. Prodromal Labor
  73. "Very Wide Uterus" -- Say what?
  74. "lip" of cervix
  75. Studies on homebirthing trends among specific populations?
  76. Moxa?
  77. Aami?
  78. What the heck did she do to me?
  79. Statistics on the state of maternal health in the US
  80. Midwifery..where to begin??
  81. Advice, remedies, homeopathy, herbals and diet for systemic yeast infections
  82. hypnobirthing, guided breathing
  83. Is 16wks too early to actually feel where baby is?
  84. Kind of an odd question...
  85. Plastics and Contractions
  86. Can't keep fluids down -- 27 weeks
  87. twin cesarean rate
  88. question about my cervix at 19 weeks
  89. Baby dropping?
  90. What does RM mean?
  91. precipitous birth
  92. School after a c/s
  93. Favorite birth class supplies
  94. What's it called when...
  95. I have a question about PROM and when/if to induce
  96. Vitamin/Supplement Question?
  97. Recommendation for good labor/birth video?
  98. Speaking Of Women's Choices.....
  99. Midwife Candidate?
  100. Do any CBE's offer pre-pregnancy/fertility classes?
  101. Would you overlook this?
  102. vaginal exams during labor
  103. anyone a fertility awareness method teacher?
  104. What does "I'm in it for the baby"mean?
  105. need books to normalize and empower/inspire
  106. Does anyone operate as a 501(c)(3)-nontaxable entity or a non-for profit?
  107. Depression & Anxiety Help
  108. Can we talk about paps?
  109. Vistaril during labor
  110. Is it fair to ask my doula...
  111. 4/5th???
  112. Am I in trouble?
  113. "Not in your face!"
  114. Posterior - When to "worry"
  115. Scheduled C/S Because "The Baby Is Too Big To Birth"
  116. Openeing for LPN/RN in free standing birth center
  117. Prenatal, postpartum forms
  118. Midwifery Today used my Pix!
  119. Cytotec for PP hemmorhage
  120. Can anyone link me the most recent infant mortality rates by country?
  121. ethics among physicians
  122. Malpresentation Help Please
  123. ruptured bladder
  124. Anyone see or hear about this movie?
  125. Do I have to pick MW or second babe?
  126. is this ok?
  127. Supplements & Hypermesis
  128. Very Short Umbilical Cord
  129. CBE and/or doula with no personal birth experience?
  130. Any reason morphine during birth would be a good thing?
  131. xpost from i'm pregnant, question about colloidal silver
  132. SPD Postpartum
  133. C section support help
  134. BP Question...
  135. I have Fifth Disease (Parvovirus) - 16.5 wks PG
  136. low PAPP-A levels?
  137. PP Bleeding or Period?
  138. HELP!!! I forgot to mention to my healthcare prof...
  139. why is my heart racing?
  140. what can we hear in the womb w/ a fetoscope?
  141. How old...
  142. Is Vaginal Swelling Normal?
  143. Repair of umbilical hernia
  144. In your professional opinion...
  145. "Low-lying placenta"
  146. Modern midwifery students learning on the internet
  147. midwifery "theme song" (for cell phone)
  148. Cold Remedy For Breastfeeding Mama.
  149. Non-stress test picking up contractions
  150. Flu Shot
  151. question about uterine rupture
  152. Traning Schooling/Becoming a Doula
  153. I'm going to doula . . . EEP!
  154. VBAC breech
  155. Midwives- how far is too far for hospital waterbirth?
  156. Small uterus - automatic c-section?
  157. BCBS provider PIN.. how long?
  158. Have you heard of the term "cap it"
  159. Bicornuate Uterus with natural childbirth?
  160. membranes question
  161. Doula.... DONA, ALACE, or other?
  162. Intermittent Ausculation during Labor
  163. ebay disclaimer for doppler
  164. Fdbk please: Maternal weight gain and baby size update #14
  165. blood sugar levels
  166. Pregnancy cholestasis
  167. How worried should I be?
  168. Great Midwife Videos
  169. Can my m/w drop me as a client...
  170. Midwife Interview!!!
  171. heart-shaped uterus/placenta abruptio
  172. Blood test codes?
  173. Midwives, Natural herbs/treatment for Jaundice?
  174. Flax Seed Oil during Pregnancy?
  175. Causes of jaundice
  176. MWs, what do you do with your ABO jaundiced babes?
  177. midwives, is it possible to be 4-5 wks pregnant & getting NEG results?
  178. Any Florida Midwives Here?
  179. blow to the abdomen?
  180. manual removal of the placenta?
  181. Question about waterbirth
  182. How does my being sick effect my baby? x-post
  183. Cesarean rate rises
  184. What do you think about Jaundice??
  185. "The Business of Being Born" in Columbus, GA
  186. The "Anyone Use" Thread
  187. Pricing my classes...
  188. My Sister Is Being Induced Right Now
  189. Progestron Question for Birth Professionals
  190. Going back to school soon!
  191. How can I find her?
  192. am i a hypocrite?
  193. Website rec's?
  194. Why do hospitals not let you eat while in labor?
  195. Documentary on Circumcision and Religion
  196. 'health promotion'...let me pick your brains?
  197. Need some help with postpartum PUPPS please!!
  198. Why did you go into Birth Work?
  199. Doulas-how do you advertise?
  200. CPM Bound Glitch? (what do i do?)
  201. Anyone heard of this CBE certification?
  202. What do you usually do with a laboring mom with an OP baby?
  203. vitamin k and breech baby
  204. Dosages for Shepherd's Purse?
  205. Passion for Birth Seminar (CBE)
  206. Midwifery apprenticeship available/Ann Arbor
  207. Where are Homebirth MW allowed to practice?
  208. Herb Question for the Midwives/Doulas **xposted from my DDC**
  209. Question about labor positioning...
  210. newborn heel stick test
  211. Black cohosh & castor oil....38 week baby
  212. Age as a ruling out factor for homebirth?
  213. storing pharmaceuticals
  214. MW's, can you give me feedback on my preg/birth experience?
  215. Citizens for Midwifery blog + call for writers!
  216. Hospital birth doulas, do you ever feel like changing your on-call time
  217. ALACE CBE manual for sale
  218. Staph question
  219. Where to get button saying "Postive birth stories only, please" ?
  220. Apprenticeship for WA student midwives not attending a MEAC accredited school!
  221. Intercourse following fourth degree tear
  222. how to set postpartum doula fees in a rural area?
  223. Slight Pelvic Misalignment... should I talk with my mw about it?
  224. Doulas: what's in your postpartum packet?
  225. Where to get free-ish stuff?
  226. Incontinence after First Vaginal Birth - help?
  227. AMA policy on ultrasound
  228. Any suggestions for a good midwifery school graduation song?
  229. Traveling 6 months okay???
  230. Looking for Doula in Pittsburgh, Pa
  231. MWs... how long do you wait for placenta?
  232. A simple breech birth criteria
  233. X-posted in fertility Heavy bleeding
  234. Routine pap at first prenatal appt? Why?
  235. Legal Trouble here
  236. Buying existing Birth Centers business questions
  237. Midwives -- Q about your own pregnancies
  238. Starting my journey
  239. Advice- chronic yst infections
  240. Canadian Survey: Women are happier with midwives
  241. Doulas... how did you get started?
  242. Anyone know a CNM who is also a CPM?
  243. Need help becoming the midwife I want to be...(student problems)
  244. The "oh my heart" Thread
  245. Midwives, how much experience is enough experience?
  246. Gift for CONSERVATIVE Midwife...
  247. Suggestions on using a Fetoscope
  248. Anterior Placenta
  249. ISO midwife in akron/cleveland ohio area
  250. Midwives, students this is not my thing