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  1. healing
  2. post partum blood clots
  3. how early for normal dilation and pelvic pressure
  4. Midwives, drjen?...a mama in birth and beyond could use some info...
  5. Hematoma questions
  6. Midwives: a q about apprenticeship
  7. okay maybe REALLY stupid question about transverse babies
  8. Could early cord-cutting cause pp bleeding?
  9. Breech Birth ~ where do I find the response to Hannah trial?
  10. New Movie: The business of Being Born
  11. mini baby-fair, towanda area
  12. Any BirthWorks educators on here?
  13. Gestational Prehypertension
  14. Co-Care question
  15. Play: Birth, Anyone doing it?
  16. what could this be??
  17. Midwifery training/correspondance course question
  18. Childbirth education teacher training
  19. How exactly do those contraction monitors work?
  20. Cincinnati Birth Provider (x-posted in Tribe)
  21. "Don't lift anything heavier than your newborn..." WHY???
  22. If a woman gets iv abx for GBS+, what are the chances of thrush? Preventing?
  23. Spell it out for me: Becoming a CNM in NY State
  24. Finding a midwife who is willing to travel
  25. approaching hospitals/docs to discuss transports
  26. L&D nurses and Nurse-Midwives -help-
  27. Twin A breech, Twin B vertex--undeliverable?
  28. Student Midwives Retreat in Michigan
  29. CBEs - where do you teach classes? And other questions
  30. Midwives, do you hate when your apprentice gets pregnant?
  31. midwife treatment for dyspareunia?
  32. DONA v.s. ALACE???
  33. Doula who has not given birth?
  34. taught pregnancy & birth to HS kids today!
  35. bed rest- 14 wks preg- amniotic sac detached?
  36. Blood transfusion?
  37. Rolling the cervix?
  38. MW laws for practice in Israel
  39. preterm labor (x-posted)
  40. Waiting for the day that GBS+ is a reason for a c-s.
  41. owning a birth center
  42. Pre-E concerns, please reassure me
  43. TB in a pregnant woman
  44. possible?
  45. Group Prenatals or Monthly Potlucks?
  46. Studies
  47. Anyone a CBE only?
  48. Cervical lip and presenting hand
  49. ? for midwives
  50. midwives, looking for advice/explanation for birth...long
  51. Vaginal Varicosities = C-section?!
  52. doula wisdom
  53. What's the "typical" bloodwork for prenatals?
  54. Midwives, what would you want?
  55. 2 c-section deaths at same hospital 15 days apart
  56. MWs accepting Medicaid?
  57. Seeking a Doula in Training
  58. Midwives, what would you do? Update Post #15
  59. looking for advice for positioning twins at 36 wks
  60. Midwife wannabe
  61. please help me
  62. Anyone renting pumps?
  63. A GOOD review on The Business of Being Born!
  64. Necessity of a prenatal PAP
  65. ? about AROM and dilation
  66. Best books for Midwifery
  67. Water breaking myths
  68. Can't remember the amount of EPO?
  69. Working toward my dream...
  70. I am ASTOUNDED
  71. How many clients
  72. UTI and meconium present
  73. Exogenous prostaglandin sources for VBAC
  74. screening
  75. Neonatal Resuscitation with Nell Tharpe?
  76. Anyone have a super groovy birth record book?
  77. Doula attending an otherwise UC?
  78. DONA conference
  79. Doula firsts for me today!
  80. Ricki Lake in Salon-responses needed
  81. First Steps towards Midwifery?
  82. ? about lab draws, pre-epidural
  83. fenugreek?
  84. My group of midwives
  85. Do Birth Centers answer to anyone?
  86. FHR question... please answer soon
  87. writing a paper on interventions for obstet. convience!
  88. Doula insurance reimbursements
  89. IYO, do you think PCOS would risk a mom out of a hb?
  90. GBS in urine -- can it clear?
  91. Can someone help me decipher this?
  92. Does anyone know or know of this midwife?
  93. Natural birth twin books? Any suggestions?
  94. Colorado Midwives...
  95. insurance reimbursement ?
  96. How to become a doula?
  97. Childbirth Educator without certification?
  98. Trying to find a midwife, help.
  99. My client thinks she will have her baby today.
  100. Can someone translate my C-Section physician report?
  101. Job in L&D a mistake
  102. Nausea at 13 weeks - Help please
  103. Midwife/Homebirth/Insurance Question
  104. Are there real "symptoms" of GD?
  105. Marina Del Rey, California, 90292 anyone?
  106. stomach cramping 30 weeks
  107. Writing a Book on Law and Politics of Midwifery, seeking people to interview
  108. Inducing labor???
  109. can you tell me about Asherman's Syndrome?
  110. Adrenal insufficiency.....
  111. Baby not dropping and cord around neck?
  112. When a cervix tears during labor ~questions~
  113. Pushing/delivery positions and epidurals
  114. Apprentice agreement?
  115. Supplement question
  116. Can you labor in a chlorinated pool?
  117. Average basal temp while pregnant?
  118. Inaccurate birthweight - help!
  119. Umbilical hernias in pregnant women
  120. Central FL-PLEASE READ (For the VBAC mama's and want to VBAC
  121. Doula question -- should I be concerned/find a backup? UPDATE post 8
  122. Jaundice levels-references needed
  123. skull depression in newborn? link to post
  124. Moving to Long Island - need an OB
  125. Cool experience at the hospital today...
  126. Preliminary questions for doulas
  127. "Lateral violence" toward peers.
  128. Midwives, retired Midwives, students and students on hold.....
  129. Will Scarring on cervix due to cerclage in 1st pregnany cause problems w/ dialation?
  130. Max clients per month
  131. Paperwork at consultations
  132. Talk to me about cysts and fibroids
  133. Got an email from a friend of my mom's
  134. Office decor questions...
  135. Bag of waters about to break?
  136. What do you know about DHA supplements?
  137. Neonatal resuscitation/infant CPR?
  138. Cord wrapped around body?
  139. 2 twin questions
  140. What does this mean? "legal through judicial interpretation"
  141. Has anyone ordered from
  142. What are the "risks" with Grand Multip
  143. do some babies not get into the pelvis at all...
  144. X-POSTED IN H&H: Sinus infection and my due date is TOMORROW.
  145. Evening Primrose
  146. Workshops and Retreats
  147. Experience with Childbirth International?
  148. Lost a fine young midwife in Maryland
  149. more office help needed
  150. when mom is a midwife
  151. Is a green mucus plug cause for concern?
  152. Doulas
  153. ? about stripping membranes
  154. WWY CHANGE? re: hospital birth- may be disturbing
  155. I want to be a Childbirth Educator: ALACE, Birth Works, other?
  156. Doulas, How do you support c/s birthing families?
  157. can cord blood be used to do blood grouping test?
  158. Doulas - Advertising?
  159. Edema question
  160. Simi Valley Hospital triggers gunpoint raid of midwife's office
  161. Anyone attending CMA (CO) conference
  162. What's the standard of care for this situation?
  163. WWYD in this situation?
  164. should I check my cervix?
  165. MI Midwives conference
  166. SD births totally unpredictable?
  167. looking for a homebirth midwife in Marin, CA
  168. Question about episiotomies
  169. Experienced Doula Major Anxiety for Upcoming Birth
  170. Understanding Rh factors
  171. Does your family respect/support what you do?
  172. postpartum pre-eclampsia?
  173. To all the mama doulas, tell me how it works when you have little ones at home.
  174. How long does Cytotec take to work?
  175. Looking for a Homebirth Midwife
  176. Doulas~What's in your "tool" kit?
  177. Apprenticeship with a young child?
  178. Nuchal Foot?
  179. Refusing internal checks?
  180. X-Post: High blood pressure at labor onset... how dangerous is this?
  181. Would it be gauche - ?
  182. losing faith in normal birth
  183. Ronald McDonald House + Nursing = Bad. Wow.
  184. Seeking NY OBGYN conncected with Bellevue Hospital Manhatta
  185. Doula's with little a mama out
  186. gifts for doulas and midwives?
  187. stopping preterm labor
  188. Test for amniotic fluid?
  189. Position to avoid tearing (again!)
  190. Should I reduce my vitamin sups before TTC?
  191. good birth control options
  192. Would you attend under these circumstances?
  193. Deli Meat = Listeria? (Xposted in Nov 2007)
  194. Doula gift!
  195. Doulas - Would You Attend an "Unassisted Birth"?
  196. Safe water temp for waterbirth?
  197. Requesting birth records 8+ years later
  198. First private CBE class for couple--questions
  199. MWs/others: delivery of the placenta
  200. Charges brought against CPM
  201. Question about how my cervix feels
  202. Maternity Card?
  203. Hematoma on Ultrasound, PANICKED.
  204. Please Help Me Understand "retracting"
  205. midwives and others: organizing office help needed
  206. Looking for a dear friend
  207. Best perineum massage oil?
  208. Central Indiana--looking for a professional who will respect my rights!
  209. Freaking out - passed huge clot
  210. Question about pushing phase during my labor.
  211. Simply by inquiring.....
  212. I can't stop wondering...
  213. Content of Childbirth Ed Classes, please help!
  214. Scar tissue question
  215. Seeking thoughts and opinions from experienced doulas/doulas in training
  216. How small is too small for baby?
  217. other jobs for CPM
  218. degrading placenta - x posted
  219. MW: what is "normal" pregnancy emotional-ness and what is depression during preg?
  220. If a client leaves your practice...
  221. mixing business with pleasure
  222. Moving the doula discussion to its own thread.
  223. Looking for advice
  224. unexpected outcomes-caring for the birth worker
  225. Tear Repair Question...
  226. I want my MTV home birth! (x-post)
  227. Midwives, how many births per month?
  228. How young is too young for a homebirth?
  229. Unstable Lie & Prolapsed Cord?
  230. Newbie here
  231. Unexpected outcomes
  232. Recommendations for Burlington, VT?
  233. How often do you do prenatals- esp. at the end?
  234. Anyone know statistics on spontaneous labor at different weeks' gestation?
  235. how important is a 24 hr. urine catch?
  236. Trying to avoid repeat c-section - HELP PLEASE!
  237. LOA/ROA questions
  238. GBS question?
  239. Hospital after-birth care question
  240. Birth Professionals.......
  241. So, midwives, what *do* you want from an apprentice?
  242. Pre-certified doula - First interview, feeling nervous!
  243. Is this a valid reason to induce??
  244. Help please~possible infection
  245. That funny doc from "Scrubs" married a birth doula!
  246. Midwife Assistant
  247. RN and L and D question
  248. Calling all CBI doula trainees
  249. DONA and ALACE Doula Programs
  250. How do you Answer...