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  1. Modesty, blah, blah, blah
  2. Aventura, FL-Nursing mom busted by security
  3. Breastfeeding in public satire article, love it!
  4. An open letter to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  5. Please sign my petition
  6. Need Participants for Breastfeeding Study
  7. Lactivism
  8. Busted for breastfeeding in Peoria, Illinois.
  9. Awesome new Art Campaign
  10. New mum was asked to leave store as breastfeeding is "against policy".
  11. Pediatricians encourage free formula for new moms
  12. Looking for Philadelphia area nurse in
  13. Doctors endorse formula gift bags in hospitals
  14. Just seen something upsetting fb
  15. Article on America's Breast Fetish :-)
  16. Misinformation
  17. Victoria's secert ban b/f
  18. Calling all lactivists!!
  19. Stinging in breasts
  20. "Teach Me How to Breastfeed" a video....has this been posted?
  21. Amazing NIP pic
  22. Spoken Word Defense of Public Breastfeeding "Embarrassed"
  23. Disappointed with ongoing BF shyness, in Midwest
  24. Pumping at Work
  25. Breastfeeding laws
  26. Breastfeeding and Obamacare
  27. Nurse In Aug. 10 in Burleson, TX
  28. Medela Pump In Style for Donation
  29. "Milky Way" Breastfeeding film has less than 12 hours to be funded!
  30. public breastfeeding supported in Christianity Today!
  31. BF benefits for mom, not just baby
  32. The case against breastfeeding...
  33. The YMCA is not breastfeeding friendly
  34. What the P.A. Said...
  35. Great article from Huffington Post
  36. shocking WAPF position about breastfeeding "no better than factory formula"
  37. What would you say on TV if you could?
  38. Trying to score a point for the Lactivism cause... but I need your help!
  39. A pleasant surprise
  40. Concord Mall nurse-in
  41. post here if you've never had a problem breastfeeding in public
  42. 'breastfeeding in public' photo blog!
  43. Mother Harassed At Houston, TX Hollister Clothing Store
  44. novia scotia BF controversy
  45. nursing artwork censored
  46. Public brestfeeding harrasment
  47. Austin Independent School District has a policy forbidding nursing in public
  48. Survey for School
  49. Honestly?
  50. Posterior Tongue Tie 4 Months
  51. Hey Ladies! Best For Babes Needs Your Help!
  52. New Ad features Breastfeeding Mama!
  53. Covington, GA
  54. *sigh* i think we are going backwards!
  55. Listen to dr or listen to my instincts on breastfeeding
  56. Need Nursing in Public Support :(
  57. Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood
  58. National Breastfeeding Awareness Week - "BREASTFEEDING CELEBRATION!"
  59. Does anyone know about Prolacta and milk donation?
  60. Mom told to cover up in New Brunswick, Canada
  61. How do you reassure moms who are uncomfortable with NIP?
  62. We must never forget that this happened.
  63. Supporting new and expecting moms
  64. I'm proud of these women.
  65. Time Magazine- Rise up Mamas!
  66. Extended nursing benefits - research needed
  67. Issue in Eugene, Oregon re: TIME mag story
  68. TIME Magazine Cover
  69. Some NY Hospitals Will Curb Samples of Baby Formula--Yay! Also, a teeny error in the NY Times artical
  70. I drink and breastfeed
  71. LA Times Manner Up Column regarding NIP
  72. Formula sample saved our breastfeeding journey
  73. Idaho NIP bill...
  74. role models
  75. Breastfeeding Passion
  76. what to do about pediatrician
  77. Idaho Breastfeeding Law Coaltion...
  78. Jezebel likes formula samples; please respond
  79. Need some courage
  80. sigh
  81. Nurse in Scheduled in Seattle! (I think - Link posted!)
  82. Breast feeding history.
  83. not too happy with this
  84. Selma Blair
  85. The Breastmilk Truck
  86. How Do You Defend Your Breastfeeding Rights When You Really Don't Have Any?
  87. Nice public breastfeeding article
  88. Homeschooling - Unschooling in West Hartford, CT
  89. Beyonce in the news
  90. help with letter writing
  91. NURSE -IN!! Columbus Ohio mom was harassed for breastfeeding at a local water park
  92. Preparing to NIP on a Delta flight
  93. Breastfeeding Group in My City and Philosophy & Misinformation WWYD
  94. Positive feedback you've received about breastfeeding
  95. 4 month old...nursing like a newborn, start solids?
  96. Nursing hats
  97. Asked to move at YMCA while breastfeeding
  98. I WILL say something to you.
  99. This is what offended so many.
  100. Funny or Die...NYtimes
  101. The Return of Wet-Nursing
  102. Facebook nurse-in!
  103. Facebook Isn't Budging
  104. Sign the petition to get breastfeeding back on Sesame Street!
  105. I need letters of support for kid's breastfeeding picture book. Please help!
  106. Is it still illegal in Idaho
  107. Support public breastfeeding in Idaho
  108. Outraged parents respond to anti-BF op-ed in Buffalo News after Target Nurse-In
  109. Wanted to give people a heads up: Federal Way Community Center Pool, Washington state Nurse In, January 2nd, 11-1
  110. Kasey Kahne (Nascar Driver) calls breastfeeding #nasty
  111. Nurse in at Target: Did anyone else know about this?
  112. Web MD - Baby Death Linked to Formula - Outdated Info About Formula
  113. Pakistan banned "breast" in text messages
  114. D.C. Mom (a lawyer!) shamed for BFing in public!!!
  115. Target nurse-in
  116. Help with husband
  117. Rhode Island "bans the bag!"
  119. Judge Deems Breastfeeding Inappropriate in court room
  120. Milwaukee's anti bed-sharing campaign
  121. Bill Maher - anti-breastfeeding?
  122. Busch Gardens NIP "comebacks"
  123. Boss/friend asked me to cover up at work... *gasp*!
  124. Is there a way to convince her?
  125. What would you do? (church question)
  126. Feeling depressed with how society looks down on breastfeeding in public...
  127. I guess I didn't think it would happen to me :(
  128. Is covering up anti-lactivism? (title changed :)
  129. Vitamin D Supplementation
  130. can man live on breastmilk alone?
  131. HELP no breast feeding rule!
  132. I was asked to cover up in Safeway
  133. formula branding at the dr. office
  134. Things NOT to say to your nurse.
  135. Here in Texas WIC has a radio commercial...
  136. Hospital ER giving incorrect discharge instructions -- need references and to whom should I send letters?
  137. Need lactivism help, quick!
  138. Need help helping others with discrimination
  139. WHO statement on infant feeding
  140. Dr.'s advice at 2 month old's check-up
  141. How did they get my name??
  142. Today Show's Savannah Guthrie compares Breastfeeding in Public to Public Urinating
  143. Bill O'Reilly blames Breastfeeding for Our Problems
  144. Wall Street Journal Article
  145. Funny things people have said to you about breastfeeding
  146. Advice on labeling a lactation station in a public building...
  147. UPDATED WITH BIG LATCH ON INFO! Ohio Lactivists Unite! Incident at public pool in Ohio
  148. Whole Foods Market- Breastfeeding Incident - developing
  149. The milk truck...Brilliant
  150. Breast Milk Baby Doll
  151. Nurse-in to Support Breastfeeding Police officers
  152. Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival
  153. Challenges in making breastfeeding normal in our society?
  154. How to handle on-lookers?
  155. Considering becoming a LLL leader...but my kids are older...
  156. The Origin of Modesty
  157. Nipple Phobia?
  158. Why is this so?
  159. Organizing a Feed-in in Holyoke Ma... Any Advice?
  160. Calling all lactivists! Nursing mother told to get off the bus!
  161. I apologize
  162. Is ths actually possible?
  163. Great column in the NY Times
  164. "I breastfeed. Get over it."
  165. I was harassed in my Doctors office
  166. Advice? I'm the odd one out.
  167. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) proposes cuts to funding for breast feeding support and education
  168. Please let Paper Culture know that "green" baby shower invitations don't have to feature baby bottles!
  169. "We are all Habiba"
  170. 15-month-old taken from mother (Habiba), who refused to stop breastfeeding
  171. Oh boy, nestle at it again - frightening really
  172. Is it morally wrong to sell breastmilk?
  173. Have you seen this new machine?
  174. The National Opinion Survey
  175. I am losing my benefits because I won't wean my child to attend
  176. Nestle's new "comprehensive nutrition system"
  177. Question about formula reps and what they are allowed to do...
  178. GFI/Ezzo Rant from a Christian
  179. The WIC office advised my friend to get an attorney
  180. Atlanta area city bans breastfeeding toddlers in public
  181. Traveling out of state! What are my rights?
  182. Time: "Facebook and Breast-Feeders Face Off Again Over Nursing Photos"
  183. Hi all. I moved some threads, and wanted to alert the members.
  184. I understand picking your battles, but this seems like a step backwards.
  185. American Red Cross Donation Campaign Picture Features Woman Bottle Feeding Baby
  186. Where can I find breastfeeding photos?
  187. Georgia school rules that breastfeeding at school is not allowed.
  188. Anyone have contacts for the new breastpump FSA/tax deduction eligible law? Noticing many inconsistencies by retailers in compliance with law.
  189. Facebook: Breastfeeding is Normal
  190. formula ad on this website?
  191. Cultural Aspects of Extended Breastfeeding
  192. Anyone a Lactation Consultant?
  193. Mothers' Milk Bank - Urgent Calls for Donations
  194. Army wife ordered to stop breastfeeding on post
  195. For those who are boycotting Medela
  196. Positive Arguments/Reactions for the Breast Milk Baby
  197. Good Morning America
  198. Breastfeeding friendly kids books
  199. Lactation Consultant Certification
  200. Nurse-in at a church?
  201. Butterfinger substitute (Nestle boycott)?
  202. Weird children's book...
  203. Children's Hospital tried to give DD a bottle. :( ** Update post #11 **
  204. Knitting Breasts
  205. how many breast cancer org's neglect to mention breastfeeding as protective against breast cancer?
  206. :) Boston Museum of Science
  207. Starting local breastfeeding support group/ me word an advertisement!
  208. Int'l Breastfeeding Symbol in a commercial :)
  209. Oh boy. Did he mess with the wrong lactivist.
  210. your best EBF quotes and stats, please
  211. American Airlines FA ashed me to cover myself!
  212. How to report unethical formula marketing
  213. More bashing of milk donation
  214. Please, give a nursing mother your support!
  215. I've created a lactivist monster!
  216. Breastfeeding in Bank of America-- or not so much....
  217. Told I should wean toddler for custody eval- help!
  218. NIP Bashing on the Rachael Ray show
  219. Nurse In - Fairfield Commons Mall Beavercreek, OH
  220. Mother's Perception of Father's Attitude about breastfeeding
  221. Mother asked to leave local Mall
  222. Onesie on Amazon
  223. Good news for (future) pumping moms from the IRS!
  224. I need a simple "why formula just in case is bad" article..
  225. Dept. of Labor seeking input on new pumping regs: let's get our lactivism on!
  226. Nurse-in at Hirschhorn Museum in Washington, DC
  227. Have you started a breastfeeding support group?
  228. Pumping at work
  229. nursing @ the DMV in NC
  230. Disappointing-Old Navy
  231. "The View", again
  232. The Problems with Medela
  233. Having to defend nusing at in-laws
  234. Woman told to "wrap it up" in Colorado -- nurse-in staged (old -- but still interesting)
  235. An aggravating stuby on MSNBC... what do you think?
  236. Breastfeeding USA
  237. No Infant Formula On Facebook and Google--Join the Campaign!
  238. Breastfeeding Policy - Alberta Art Gallery
  239. Military Misinformation
  240. "Formula" for pregnant and nursing moms?
  241. "Mama's Milk" at my son's school! Hooray!
  242. FDA speaking out against donor milk
  243. breastfeeding/breast cancer t-shirt ideas?
  244. Interesting blog post and discussion
  245. Can you help me find this article?
  246. Anti-Breastfeeding Book
  247. Celebrity mentions exclusive breastfeeding!
  248. Article with doctor recommending 1 daily bottle of formula for breastfed babies
  249. disgusting anti BF facebook page
  250. Should I pursue this?