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  1. after 523 yrs,
  2. Idols and Graven Images
  3. Teaching critical thinking using horoscope and tarot?
  4. grace based parenting, help me be an influence
  5. Question about Muslim circumcision
  6. Please explain
  7. Religious Studies
  8. catholic godparent question
  9. As a mother of a lesbian teen...
  10. Adultery in the Bible
  11. Children & Tithing
  12. Ordained Minister
  13. kosher bakeware question
  14. I don't celebrate holidays
  15. multiply movement
  16. Are there options for me??
  17. Spanking and the Church
  18. Core differences... protestant, baptist, mormon, lutheran, methodist, catholic, latter day saints, ect...
  19. SIN???
  20. Beth Moore
  21. Really exciting blog series on transgender issues -- "Unwrapping the Onion"
  22. Grandma wants to buy my daughter a children's Bible
  23. Homosexuality in the Bible
  24. Does Motherhood Feel Too Hard?
  25. School me on Paganism
  26. Imbolc celebration 2012
  27. fasting as a spiritual discipline and/or requirement
  28. Question for Muslims re: Jesus being a prophet
  29. Pagans: What do/will you tell your kids about Santa?
  30. Christmas Scriptures from the NKJV Bible
  31. the bibles' view of 'trinity'
  32. Bill Gothard and religious abuse (spin off)
  33. Orthodox Church fasting question regarding oil
  34. Ethics of Christian charities using material help as an opening to spread the gospel or convert
  35. Question for Muslim mamas on the nature of Allah
  36. Reincarnation In Islam
  37. Catholic Mass study for whole family
  38. baptism - if not infants, then when?
  39. Mennonite mamas: your favorite books on spiritual life/theology?
  40. Leaving a Synagogue
  41. Gnostic Beliefs?
  42. Any Buddhists out there?
  43. So the bible says homosexuality is a sin?
  44. Karaite Jews?
  45. Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy
  46. Women and the God of the Bible
  47. Tones of the Divine Liturgy
  48. Didache
  49. Addressing the view of God as cruel and unjust
  50. Textual Changes to the Roman Missal coming First Sunday of Advent
  51. do Muslims read the Bible?
  52. Seeking Catholic Understanding of Infant Baptism
  53. The Celestine Prophecy
  54. "Monks of Mt. Athos" on 60 Minutes
  55. Explaination of Holy Week?
  56. Looking for Christian input on baptism, and whether it is neccesary for salvation
  57. A question menstruation, blood and being unclean
  58. Judaism, Temple and Life Styles
  59. God's Wife Edited Out of the Bible?
  60. idea of incarnation in christianity
  61. rites surrounding menstruation and sexual relations between husband and wife?
  62. LDS - why food storage?
  63. Questions for those who left mormonism or almost did
  64. Circumcision and the Law?
  65. clothing question
  66. Online Bible Stuides bases in theology, history, and culture
  67. books on women in the orthodox church?
  68. The "Rapture"
  69. Dispensationalism?
  70. Catholic Church and Artificial Birth Control/Contraception/Sterilization
  71. 6 y.o. wants to learn more about Jesus & God
  72. Heaven.
  73. Hell.
  74. Catholics: will my car break down in heaven?
  75. I am questioning my religion for the first time in my life. Help me figure this out.
  76. S/O Communion: Do you allow your child/ren to receive the Precious Blood?
  77. Those in a church that consecrates both species of Communion, Do you receive the Precious Blood?
  78. Tithing as a visitor
  79. The Bible, The Church, Tradition, Authority, and the Canon
  80. Women in positions of leadership in Church; ie Pastors and Priests
  81. Westboro Baptist Church
  82. Noah's Ark in Typology Being our Salvation
  83. Raised with faith vs raised without faith
  84. Jewish Mamas...a Question about Jesus (stay with me lol)
  85. Religion and Breastfeeding - Xpost in Breastfeeding
  86. Marriage between a Catholic and a Mormon
  87. Not Ashamed campaign
  88. Christian Empaths
  89. Jesus.... From all perspectives
  90. catholic nfp question/problem/need help and support
  91. muslims - devil stoning ritual?
  92. Prosperity gospel
  93. Can you be a Christian if you don't believe in Jesus?
  94. The Bible on Circumcision
  95. Does a Marital Partnership Preclude Husband and Wife Becoming One?
  96. Here's another religious knowledge quiz...
  97. Proselytizing and The Golden Rule
  98. Circ'ing and Judiasm
  99. Study: Atheists & Agnostics Score Highest on "Religious Knowledge"
  100. Infant Baptism
  101. Catholics and NFP
  102. English Koran?
  103. Staying Spiritually In-Tune While Dealing with Bullies
  104. I need a little direction
  105. DVD's on Religions for Ds
  106. Christian Signatures on MDC
  107. Help regarding church, non-religious and a 5 year old.
  108. Sorry, duplicate post
  109. Catholic Hospitals and Circumcision
  110. The Inquisitions
  111. the thread "Anne Rice Quits Christianity"
  112. Am I Jewish?
  113. Need help with a presentation on religious discrimination
  114. Vatican Says that Ordaining Women Priests is a Crime Like Sex Abuse of Children
  115. "Church of Christ"
  116. "I can't" actually means "I won't"
  117. The role of angels and demons? ...(relevant to our lives)
  118. Tzniut and wigs, I don't get it
  119. What's the difference between God and religion?
  120. Why Pray?
  121. What is meant by "traditional Catholic"?
  122. Original Sin
  123. Israel
  124. Christian Sabbath observation
  125. The Lord's Prayer
  126. Cain, Veggies, and God
  127. Christian concepts not in Judaism - Jewish moms, please help me here
  128. Who knew Bible shopping was so complicated?
  129. Luke 16:1-18
  130. "Is atheism hereditary?" removed
  131. Venus of Willendorf + Christian views of Pagan religious items
  132. Can you help me guess at his denomination?
  133. Christians.... end times? day of the Lord?
  134. Christians... free will?
  135. The Buddha on PBS Tonight
  136. S/O: "What does the Resurrection REALLY mean?"
  137. Jewish thoughts on Oral Torah
  138. What Does Your Religion Say Happens to People Before the Founding of Your Faith--or NEver Exposed to Your Faith?
  139. Children's bible story books...
  140. catholic here: someone to pray with and share some thoughts with
  141. Christian Issue
  142. Christianity, Pagan religions and God
  143. Is living common law with a child together sin?
  144. ? re: Bible Story of Ananias and Sapphira
  145. Does your religion make it hard for you to get to know people?
  146. Do You Believe (or Does Your Religion Teach) that God's Standards Change?
  147. question about Mormon baptism
  148. Orthodox Church Question regarding Fasting
  149. How is mormonism different from Christianity?
  150. ? regarding canons of the 3rd ecumenical council
  151. following moon cycles
  152. Quakers and Parenting
  153. Reincarnation & Souls
  154. Decided NFP is Wrong....
  155. Interfaith in-law question
  156. Buddhism and Vaccines?
  157. God, religion, spirituality
  158. S/O Marriage: By a pastor vs by a judge
  159. Do you believe in God?
  160. Calling all atheists
  161. talk to me about paganism
  162. question for Catholics re: confession
  163. Help me understand this type of statement
  164. Studying the Bible with a 7 yo?
  165. Difference between Catholicism and Protestantism
  166. Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath
  167. Purpose of life/death
  168. To Christians that do not believe homosexuality is a sin or a choice...
  169. Messianic Muslims?
  170. Sutra on the full awareness of breathing
  171. The Biblical Patriarchy Movement
  172. Trying to do some research about what is actually in The Bible...
  173. Birthing and Faith Traditions
  174. What is Epiphany?
  175. From Hierarchy to Humanity
  176. Catholics - what does this mean?
  177. spin-off: who wrote the torah / first five books of the bible
  178. Searching for a Hebrew phrase
  179. Orthodox Primer?
  180. What happens to miscarried babies?
  181. History of Christianity vs. History of Judaism
  182. Joel S. Goldsmith - Practicing the Presence
  183. Zodiac Signs: Women with Masculine Polarity and Vice-Versa
  184. Non-believers/members asking for blessings/sacraments
  185. Messianic vs. Messianic-Jew?
  186. God intended purpose of breasts?
  187. Catholic Church and Birth Control
  188. Why does my chosen faith matter so much to others?
  189. Contemplating Feminine Incarnation-What if Jesus had been born a girl?
  190. Jewish Mamas: Do you buy before the baby?
  191. One little Lutheran with a lot of questions
  192. Really wanted to like goop
  193. ? for Christians whose churches forbid dancing
  194. Americans Practice Eclectic Spirituality - Article
  195. intro and question about historical literature on Christ / Christianity
  196. merry christmas or happy holidays
  197. Jewish/Christian/Messianic mamas...?
  198. Conservatives re-translating the Bible to remove the Liberal slant
  199. Solstice books for Pagan kids
  200. My son wants a bible for Christmas
  201. Religion and the Power Distance Index
  202. Great Article for World AIDS Day
  203. Holiday Tree question
  204. Eroticism and Christianity/Spirituality
  205. zeitgeist movement/venus project
  206. S/O Has anyone seen "The Truth Project?"
  207. Jewish Mamas - Nutcracker: Yay or Nay?
  208. The Question for Protestants Thread
  209. Being reconciled with God through Jesus... What does that mean?
  210. Has anyone seen the movie Expelled: No Intellegence Allowed?
  211. Difference between Roman Catholic and Anglican Apostle's Creed
  212. Jewish Moms: Who gets invited to Bris?
  213. Looking for a good discussion book
  214. "The Inclusive Bible" -- anyone read it? Do you like it?
  215. non-christian santa issues
  216. Bible Studies
  217. Prayer before Meals and Manners
  218. Is there proof at all of the bible being true?
  219. Question for Anglicans
  220. Catholics and Names
  221. Church Shopping?
  222. Question for Catholics
  223. Connection between exclusive truth and violence?
  224. Liberation - How do I explain it?
  225. Receiving Communion, communicable diseases, and other religious practices
  226. If you don't celebrate Christmas...
  227. Episcopalian Mamas?
  228. Wrestling with the "exclusivity" of Christianity... please help!
  229. Doctrine? We are all connected to the larger world
  230. No crib for a bed
  231. Eastern Orthodox mamas, where are you?
  232. Two questions about Judaism
  233. How do you pray? (all religions welcome!)
  234. Operation Abraham
  235. Christians--Is Salvation Forever
  236. Bible stories for kids recommendation
  237. Need help in recommending a Bible for someone
  238. Shabbat for a beginner?
  239. Do I have to believe everything the Catholic church believes to be Catholic?
  240. conversion stories
  241. I need to talk to the Christian mamas that cover...
  242. Near Death Experiences Versus Religion Teachings
  243. Religious Studies Guidelines
  244. Tell me your favorite creation myth
  245. catholicism and inclusiveness
  246. Eeek! The priest is coming to my house!
  247. Coalition on Revival
  248. Homosexuality and the Bible
  249. Muslim swimwear
  250. What is needed to set up a Jewish household?