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  1. Advice please!
  2. "It's Yucky" - Is this it? Is he weaning?
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  6. :( 10 years of breastfeeding and losing it.
  7. Child-Led Weaning
  8. Favorites for 9 month old
  9. Will he really eventually wean on his own???
  10. Goat's Milk & Folic Acid
  11. Does this mean we are weaning?
  12. Low supply- dehydrated 34 month old with flu
  13. Feeling confused about combing solids and nursing in 12m/o
  14. nightweaning leads to increased day demands?
  15. "Cheating" at CLW?
  16. slow weight gain, 12 mo old
  17. breastmilk from a cup
  18. I wasn't planning on being here, but here I am
  19. Breastfeeding and severe hormonal imbalance...any help appreciated
  20. Need information on why its ok to exclusively breastfeed for a year
  21. So, I wana do CLW, but how do you go about it?
  22. Musings on nursing my co-sleeping 2 yr old
  23. Urgent BLW advice needed!
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  26. Conflicted
  27. 3 year old wants to exclusively breastfeed again
  28. 15 month old with poor solid intakes
  29. odd BLW question--slippery foods
  30. Toddler Biology
  31. Having second thoughts about CLW with my 4.5 year old
  32. Need help with sore and engourged breasts. need to completely dry up milk
  33. We are here!
  34. Feeling sad and conflicted
  35. 2 year old "forgot" how to nurse?
  36. Worrying about choking too
  37. Clean and healthy finger foods for 12 month old?
  38. Need help with sore breast. DS almost 3 yrs old
  39. What does child-led weaning mean to you?
  40. Wanting some input on weaning that I'm not finding resources for in the general BF forum...but want to be respectful of the CLW space
  41. How do you teach a child NOT to nurse in church?
  42. solids and continuing breast feeding
  43. Have been trying child-led weaning, but...
  44. 25mo not wanting to nurse other than sometime right before bed even with mama offering "nummas" Advice? Experiences??
  45. When did your BF baby start to eat solids?
  46. Menu for 12-month old while on 1 week vacation?
  47. Resources on what foods to introduce when?
  48. What do you feed a 9.5 month old with no teeth?
  49. Exclusive Breastfeeding and Immunity
  50. Nursing a 4 month old, but considering re-establishing nursing my 2 year old as well
  51. Weaning for IVF?
  52. Still nursing to sleep at 2y 10 mo. Anyone else?
  53. Signs that baby is ready to wean -- new here!
  54. differences?
  55. anyone else experience the insistence to nurse after milk is gone?
  56. Younger nursling weaning first?
  57. Has anyone nursed through a pregnancy and kept their milk? I need positive stories please
  58. Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Through Natural Weaning
  59. What Would You Feel/Do? DH against CLW / attachment parenting
  60. hair loss after nursing stops with older child?
  61. Five year old asking to start nursing again
  62. 5 minute survey by Nottingham University about weaning
  63. Weaning the ex-nursling from a new obsession
  64. Changes in size of BLW stool and a bloodshot eye
  65. Feeling agitated while nursing 22 mo at night...
  66. how to begin CLW..
  67. Rules for a 3 year old
  68. Day care EBM bottle "weaning" advice or experience
  69. My 7 m/o is underweight but not ready to BLW
  70. My 7 m/o is underweight but not ready to BLW
  71. How do I wean (3+yrs)??
  72. 7 month old baby girl would MUCH rather have mama's milk than solids
  73. Need hearty finger-food ideas!
  74. Weaning celebration!!!
  75. We don't know what to do- long term sleep deprivation
  76. 4 year old nurses constantly and I am losing it!
  77. 9.5 month old wants food but gags.
  78. worrying about dd's heath as she starts to wean
  79. Handling sadnes re: the [unnatural] end of our nursing relationship...
  80. Can my baby stop breastfeeding on his own?
  81. Odds of 4 year old weaning from pregnancy?
  82. Torn about night weaning 26-month old—she nurses like a newborn and I'm in pain, but...
  83. Does the estrogen level doubles after Weaning? How your body reacted to weaning?
  84. Weaning and Nutrition (for Mom) and Depression
  85. ideas for handling child's sadness as milk starts drying up
  86. Weaning Ceremonies?
  87. 3 1/2 year old nursing pic
  88. Considering Night Weaning
  89. trouble conceiving while full-term nursing
  90. 45 Years old mom, body going crazy after child-lead weaning after 6.5 years. Help!
  91. I can't believe we're done!
  92. solids, no teeth in older baby, and readiness
  93. Baby-led weaning help, x-posted in Nutrition and Good Eating
  94. Solids causing MAJOR sleep disruption (9.5 mos old)
  95. 8 month old not nursing enough?
  96. Picky 3 yr old
  97. Congratulate me! He weaned before he was 6!
  98. Bad Latch w/3-year old - natural self-weaning progression?
  99. Can breastfeeding cause no discharge while pregnant??
  100. No More Nap Time "B"?
  101. Starting solids because of weights
  102. Fluid intake for 18 month old
  103. How important is readiness for solids? (BLW)
  104. Diaper Abomination
  105. Amalgam fillings and Breastfeeding
  106. 16 mo old boo boo monster!
  107. Baby ambivalent about solids?
  108. 3 year old still loves nursing ~ I don't.
  109. 18 month old will wean soon if I don't fix this!!
  110. Thoughts on cutting back on nursing without weaning completely?
  111. Nursing 22 month old felt intolerable....until I started EPO
  112. Feeding the milk machine
  113. breastfeeding nadir--support sought
  114. Nursing strike or CLW??
  115. DD weaned :-(
  116. When did they stop feeding in the night?
  117. Is 2 year old eating enough (solids and total)?
  118. un-weaning a 5 yr old???
  119. Want to practice CLW but at the same time feeling done and feeling guilty about it - thoughts?
  120. Very very confused... can this be colostrum so early? Please help! x-posted
  121. Hunger
  122. Latching but not nursing - part of the weaning process?
  123. Please help me answer DH's concerns
  124. CLW and Boundaries
  125. Frustrated!
  126. I have no idea what to feed him.
  127. Night weaning for 2 year old? How?
  128. Started CLW, Worried About Early Weaning
  129. How will I know they are ready to wean?
  130. CLW interrupted due to pregnancy... so sad
  131. Mommy Guilt... are my concerns legitimate?
  132. Weaning and Missed Period
  133. Help with mommy led weaning
  134. When your child says he's done... is that for real??
  135. Just curious... am I doing more "Mommy-Led Weaning"? rambling thoughts!
  136. My toddler is going on vacation without me for a week and she's still nursing
  137. Toddler - renewed interest in nursing...
  138. DH wants me to wean 2.5 y/o -- lots of conflict
  139. How to handle meds, not force to wean
  140. Just beginning child led weaning. Hard stools for baby.
  141. Sometimes wish DD would wean
  142. Breast pain after weaning
  143. Relactating a good idea for child who never weaned?
  144. Tell me what to say!
  145. Wondering if any other toddlers day weaned first.
  146. Joys of Breastfeeding
  147. Tell me I'm normal?
  148. I think we've weaned
  149. What does CLW look like?
  150. CLW, High Needs 3.5yo, and Burnout. Support needed.
  151. Maybe I am whining....
  152. Desperate for a night away
  153. CLW and Pregnancy?
  154. Tandem Nursing
  155. When a partner is unsupportive of CLW
  156. Nursing Aversion - Help me with Song Lyrics!
  157. Nursing Three - triandem nursing
  158. Article in Breastfeeding Today
  159. Sonshine is weaned, my heart is aching, blood pressure is high
  160. whose biology should i listen to?
  161. What does your 3 year old eat?
  162. Great article
  163. Weaning (was: No let-down for my older tandem nursling - advice please!)
  164. How to regain fertility sooner even while nursing.
  165. why does everyone say to wean at the first hint of a problem!
  166. believer in child-led weaning now having problems
  167. Beautiful CLW with my 7yo DD
  168. Is he weaning? Looking for some advice.
  169. Confused...weaning before next pregnancy?
  170. 26 month old, STTN, pregnancy, weaning help (X-POSTED in Family Bed and Nighttime Parenting)
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  173. CLW support
  174. CLW during pregnancy: my story
  175. Why do children self wean when you're pregnant?
  176. My daughter just weaned herself at three and a half.
  177. Planning to tandem nurse---- looking for some input for experienced mamas!
  178. Weaning date for my 6 yo coming soon
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  180. Do they really wean?
  181. introducing solids and constipation
  182. Setting limits
  183. Help with weaning
  184. Dr. told me to wean my 1.5 year old...
  185. Weaning Party for my 4 yo - ideas?
  186. Nursing on demand and supply...does it keep up?
  187. Older child Tandem nursing question
  188. Thoughts?
  189. how long to exclusively breast feed, and how to know if baby is getting enough food
  190. Remind me why NOT to wean my 2.5yo...
  191. Child led weaning with limits?
  192. 2 yo wants to nurse all the time refuses solids or other drinks
  193. Can weaning affect their behaviour for the worse or is that a sign they weren't ready?
  194. CLW and the Newly Nursing AGAIN Toddler?
  195. Weaning when what you wanted was "child led weaning"
  196. Help me sort through my feelings on the limits I've set
  197. DD is weaning & hormone changes
  198. When did you decide for CLW?
  199. child-led but not by choice... more like circumstances...
  200. Do siblings CLW around same age?
  201. Yearly worry related to DD's birthday
  202. How often do 3 year olds nurse?
  203. Can You Give Me Actual Statistics of Countries Who BF a "Long Time" Please?
  204. I've lost AND FOUND my passion! :)
  205. Forced on a different path...
  206. Vitamin Supplements?
  207. Feelings about/reactions to nursing your older child (Long) In need of encouragement
  208. 20 month old stopped eating vegtables, help
  209. will she ever wean on her own?
  210. 4 year old weaning, but I am still producing milk ?
  211. A dog bit me... now lots of meds. Docs suggest I wean my 3yo.
  212. we're done...with a question..
  213. Just wanted to share! :)
  214. S/O of several recent threads -- Have you set ANY limits in your CLW relationship?
  215. Not happy with how this is going...I feel guilty.
  216. New behaviors after weaning???
  217. How does weaning end if they are madly in love with the taste of your milk?
  218. Child leading me to lead !?!
  219. Any experience or advice with this?
  220. Do younger nurslings ever wean first?
  221. Weaned 4.5 yo driving me nuts
  222. So what does CLW look like?
  223. 9 years of nursing come to a bittersweet end
  224. 3 1/2 yo hitting at the end of nursing
  225. I hate nursing him.
  226. Cramping while Nursing & Pregnant
  227. Ramifications of stopping for a week?
  228. What do you say to the anti CLW folks?
  229. One child... weaned!
  230. I think I'm a fraud
  231. End of an era
  232. Still Not Eating at 12 months...
  233. Both have mood swings... plus herb recommendations
  234. When did you offer other drinks?
  235. Pregnancy/Tandem Nursing
  236. Hi Mamas - Family bed toddler, self-weaning signs?
  237. Mother's Physical Changes and Very Gradual Weaning
  238. How did you know you wanted to CLW, and what age was ok with you, and, well, I guess just need support.
  239. breastfeeding older children...
  240. Having 2nd thoughts about tandem nursing, wondering if older ds has weaned?
  241. DH thinks nursing is interfering with his attachment with DD
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  245. Please help.....
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  249. Hi everyone!
  250. What's the longest...