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  23. One year old at birth?
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  62. 37 weeks and not as much support as I had hoped :(
  63. Bladder Infection
  64. Making sure everything is positioned "right"
  65. Washing during pushing??
  66. Midwives and legal obligation to report UC ??
  67. Trying once again for my UC
  68. Men and childbirth
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  71. Group B Strep
  72. Hi! Introduction
  73. Low Lying Placenta
  74. Hello Ladies! First Time UC'er Intro
  75. wonderful VBA2C in Dec
  76. plans for your placenta. ...
  77. Want my Mom at my UC but will she support me?
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  80. Talk To Me About Breech Birth
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  82. Firs Time Mom UC --my plans
  83. Birth Proceedure
  84. twin possibility?
  85. 41 weeks tomorrow, considering a UA birth if I go past 42 weeks
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  87. Do you get ultrasounds/bloodwork?
  88. Favorite Labor Tools?
  89. twins stillbirth stats??
  90. High risk pregnancy ....
  91. Worried about how medical community is going to respond in a small town
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  93. shepherds purse
  94. First Time Mother-to-be
  95. Not to sound like a complete kook...
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  97. advance maternal age...
  98. self heating birth Tubs?
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  101. Could I do a UC?
  102. Hello from Newbie
  103. Unhindered labor lengths
  104. What would you get your husband to do/read to prepare for UC?
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  106. Going on a cruise 8 month pg
  107. I'm baaaaaacckkk!
  108. Unassisted Childbirth
  109. Born in the Caul, Caught by my hubby. Siblings present and helped! My Freebirth! Fourth Baby!! VIDEO
  110. Things that make you scratch your head
  111. UC in Charlottesville, VA- getting the Birth Certificate
  112. Nacogdoches, TX
  113. I found a good article about registering for birth cert in CA
  114. Didn't get my UC, but got my rainbow baby!!
  115. OB care and "oops" birth
  116. Didn't see an intro thread so hello! ~long~ 5th UC
  117. Looking for a volunteer midwife or doula near Youngstown, Oh ..... if not ill be having unassisted birth
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  120. Update on my pregnancy.
  121. Research Help Needed: 1-3 Sentences on benefits of placental consumption in postpartum period
  122. desire to go solo
  123. DH is against Homebirth/ Unassisted Childbirth
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  125. encapsulating my own placenta?
  126. making leap from CPM-assisted to unassisted?
  127. Update & question
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  129. I have a birth question!
  130. gbs swab to swab or not?
  131. what do you consider "red flags" ?
  132. will my habits affect my UC?
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  138. Martin Alexander
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  140. Resources?
  141. Attempted UC one year later
  142. Georgiana's Birth: a planned unassisted homebirth
  143. Finally decided
  144. Videos & websites?
  145. Children
  146. Unassisted in Canada?
  147. Friends who are supportive
  148. Midwife
  149. Patient's right to care if planning home birth?
  150. Doula Organizations Supportive/Indifferent to UC?
  151. Tub experiences
  152. UC in Missouri
  153. Horse troughs? Sotck tanks? anyone else using a alternative birthing tub... or have in the past. Want your opinions
  154. Unassisted prenatal care
  155. Introducing myself, with some questions. :)
  156. Home stillbirth
  157. How to keep CPS away......
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  159. 43 weeker born unassisted in the water
  160. Baby boy born January 16th!
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  162. weighing genuine concerns
  163. Going along with hubby
  164. Planning an UC in October - gathering info now :-)
  165. thought this an interesting read
  166. I think I can do this, maybe!
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  168. Post care of our little one - any advice and sharing is greatly appreciated
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  171. Travelling in Summer - wish to have a UC in OR - birth certificate?
  172. A few concerns I have
  173. Seeking Moms Who UC'd because of Restrictive Midwifery Laws- esp NH, VT, NY
  174. Newish here
  175. monitoring supplies and Equipment recommendations
  176. Catching my own baby
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  178. Unassisted Home Water Birth with 1st Child!
  179. Update, no UC for me
  180. Successful UC!!!
  181. A cra66y question ...
  182. Under what circumstances, if any, would you transfer to a hospital?
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  184. 38 week nausea: Need a last little boost of encouragement
  185. Help me think this through please.
  186. On a lighter note!
  187. Stopping labor?
  188. Weighing my options, please help me think this through
  189. Good childbirth books needing a good home
  190. Planning on oopsing?
  191. Baby #6 born unassisted at 37 weeks, 3 days
  192. Do you need sterile gloves for UC?
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  194. Please explain to me why..
  195. Talk to me about the necessity of an ultrasound (and back up care)!
  196. Maybe risky, but it just feels right...
  197. Do you sterilize cord ties ahead of time?
  198. Baby is head down!
  199. Chord clamping and care
  200. My Essential Oils Cheatsheet for Labor
  201. Transverse baby-should I worry?
  202. How late in pregnancy would you travel away from home?
  203. UC supply list
  204. Frustrated with Lack of Family Support
  205. writing a book and I want your advice!
  206. Homeopathic chart
  207. Placenta piece left inside?
  208. 35 weeks already!
  209. Upcoming UC Water Birth~ supplies, herbs, will sex drive ever return??
  210. Partial Lotus Birth?
  211. Normal maternal temperature?
  212. A rant and a need for direction
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  214. Opinions on this article?
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  216. Heart and Hands is NOT a low intervention book!
  217. Any UC near Upper Delaware River, NY or PA?
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  230. If "very overdue" ... Would you get checked??
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  233. He is here!!!
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  235. Anyone have medicaid or state insurance as a back up in case you transport?
  236. UP, measuring large for dates.
  237. Nice article in Guardian newspaper (UK)
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  250. Need Help!