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  1. Infapure mattress?
  2. Sodium Percarbonate
  3. Fire Proofed Furnitures Unhealthy?
  4. Lanolin & Oil Stains: Nontoxic Removal from Clothing
  5. Stovetop Drip Pans
  6. curtains
  7. living in a 1 bed flat with three kids????
  8. Have you used Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint?
  9. wool rug ?s
  10. Holistic Organic Mama looking for like minded friends
  11. Is Borax safe on my kitchen 'stuff'?
  12. Laminated cotton for sofa slipcover?
  13. What's included in a regular clean?
  14. Would you live here (high tension power lines)?
  15. Carpenter ants
  16. Hardwood floor cleaner or better method?
  17. Hammocks or floating bed as bed replacement?
  18. how do you store your ice cream?
  19. Lead in soil, raising a naturalist, and sanity
  20. No paper towel Mamas, what about grease?
  21. Laundry help -- please!!
  22. Do you consider your dryer necessary?
  23. Using
  24. How bad is drywalling - trying to wrap my head about the mess
  25. Made in the USA or EU, wipe-clean, nontoxic placemat?
  26. DIY Cleaning Products
  27. homemade water filter
  28. Termites with Slab House?
  29. Cleaning bedrooms - what is acceptable? Do you all ask for help or are you the one helping?
  30. Can I use a steamer? How to wash my floor? Laminated wood& some kind of Tile
  31. Please share recipes for a homemade all purpose cleaner!
  32. Anyone know a relatively eco-friendly, DIY way to get bloodstains off a mattress?
  33. How do you keep the take-off-your-shoes area clean and dry?
  34. What are some good resources to rewire my brain away from a consumerist mentality?
  35. Kitchen cloth leaving greasy reside in washer
  36. NIH seeking comments on design of the National Children's Study (NCS). Deadline 24 February 2014.
  37. Where to buy chemical free foam for sofa?
  38. Electromagnetic Radiation considerations for relocating
  39. non toxic area rugs
  40. Anyone live in a tiny house?
  41. Get Crunchier in 2014
  42. Moved - house has faint new carpet smell
  43. West Virginia water Crisis
  44. Using glass water bottles for kids?
  45. Blanket storage ideas?
  46. What do you do with Holiday photocards?
  47. What will you do with unwanted toys from Christmas?
  48. How to create 'home'?
  49. Sharing a Room with Your Toddler
  50. Homemade detergent for newborn??
  51. Who does the dishes in your house?
  52. Humidifier not healthy?
  53. When do you take your decorations down?
  54. Top Five Homemaking Projects of 2014
  55. Help us NOT get sick!
  56. home EMF protection devices
  57. Can we see your Christmas tree?
  58. How do you get your family to clean up after themselves?
  59. Agonizing over Christmas gifts for kids!!!
  60. Great gift wrap ideas
  61. Food grade popsicle sticks (not MIC)
  62. Help troubleshoot my cold house?
  63. What does your child’s play area or bedroom look like?
  64. Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls
  65. choosing a wood flooring type
  66. Messy house: What is Acceptable and What is Not?
  67. Family differences
  68. Using dishwasher, or hand-washing - which is better?
  69. Non-toxic dishwasher recommendations?
  70. tell me about your vacuum
  71. radical homemaker thread?
  72. Confess: What non-green things do you use or buy for convenience?
  73. What do you use instead of Febreeze?
  74. Home-made whiteboard cleaner
  75. Indulgent vent: household pet peeves
  76. I want my laudry to smell like 'something'
  77. Help! My dryer stinks!!!
  78. Could Your Family Survive Off Grid?
  79. Brand new Austin air purifier smells bad
  80. Show off your homemade kids clothes!
  81. PLEASE! If your house is clean and you are a parent come and tell us your secrets!
  82. How to deal with renovation smells
  83. Dealing with cigarette smoke from neighboring apartment
  84. hardwood flooring
  85. Living near power close is too close?
  86. Getting tobacco smoke smell out of clothes?
  87. Anyone make Organic/Eco-Friendly baby clothing?
  88. What do you do to raise a non-materialistic child?
  89. dishwasher not washing/rinsing well
  90. Let's pretend gas is $20 a gallon
  91. Kids spilled soda on mattress, how do I clean this??
  92. HELP! Granite install still issues. Adhesive smells
  93. Renovations and fumes ?
  94. Lawn Mowers for Large Yard
  95. Have you been part of a CSA?
  96. How to deep clean an old wool rug?
  97. Need TOOOONS OF HELP, INFO AND ENCOURAGEMENT becoming a natural family
  98. What's the most eco-friendly way to wash your car?
  99. Need Help Getting Stains Out of Clothes w/out Ruining Them
  100. Should I save these mattresses?
  101. best home fragrance?
  102. Homemade fly traps?..
  103. Carpet -- plan to sell, but might not -- need advice
  104. Anyone living in a "tiny house?"
  105. Cleaning Kitchen Floor
  106. Natural remedy for gnats?
  107. Please help me with the purchase of an organic king sized mattress!
  108. What Green Living Principles do you practice at home?
  109. 100% disposable lunch for a field trip
  110. Dishes...lead, etc.?
  111. Shared and Castille Soap
  112. What do I need to know about paint?
  113. Ants!
  114. Earth Day Giveaway: Enter to Win a Special Earth Inspired Collection from Barefoot Books!!
  115. Removing the vile smell of Febreze from clothing
  116. IKEA Mattress/Foundation Information
  117. How Are You Celebrating Earth Day? Have You Read Any of These Books?
  118. Box spring question for those that purchased an organic/natural mattress
  119. Zero Waste cleaning supplies
  120. Need suggestions for natural crib mattress or cover/wrap....
  121. Safe food storage containers: what do you love and use?
  122. Modular Homes
  123. Share Your Spring Cleaning Tips! Spring Cleaning Giveaway Sponsored by Branch Basics
  124. Do you like your mop??
  125. Homesteadin' and Snowbirdin'
  126. Ready to own?
  127. Anyone familiar with Sopora Mattresses?
  128. What are your favorite green products?
  129. Spring Cleaning - how do you do it?
  130. futon mattress for kids- I have questions!
  131. If you could share JUST ONE simple "green living" tip what would it be?
  132. What green products do you buy?
  133. Organic Mattress
  134. What does "going green" mean to you?
  135. What are your favorite green cleaning products?
  136. Has anyone bought a mattress from aka Arizona Premium Mattress Co
  137. Laundry Detergent - what’s the best natural option?
  138. Trampoline
  139. Laundry detergent help!
  140. Apt complex sprays by our patio...
  141. Recommendations for safe reusable sandwich/snack bags for kids lunches?
  142. x
  143. Help me build an awesome playground!
  144. Renting a home that was a previous smokers
  145. who should replace bathroom fan?
  146. How long do you spend vacuuming?
  147. Favorite adult lunch box?
  148. Oh please help me! Emergency!
  149. Where do I start? :(
  150. Canned Air For Sale
  151. Vintage cast iron vs modern
  152. Disposing of undesirable cookware
  153. Washing Flame Retardants out of a Car Seat - can you?
  154. Mattress is giving DH asthma please!!
  155. When you don't have time to make them (cleaning/body products) what are the best natural brands to use?
  156. Organic Sheet Recommendation?
  157. Disinfecting wooden toys
  158. Washing cloth kitchen wipes
  159. Non-toxic soft-ish mattress ideas
  160. Need reccomendations for new plates and bowls
  161. Tell me about spider prevention
  162. Simplifying for the holidays - handmade gifts
  163. Great sofa for under $1000?
  164. Homebrew Grout Sealer?
  165. How do larger families survive on one income?
  166. Christmas tree: Real or artificial?
  167. No presents request for birthday party?
  168. emergency stash
  169. cork flooring
  170. Anyone know about phosphor organic flame retardants?
  171. Sierra Solutions Clean and Simple
  172. Clean clothes gone stale after a while
  173. Would you sleep in the attic?
  174. One rug twice in the same room?
  175. what paint can we use?
  176. Combo washer/dryer?
  177. window air conditioner cleaning techniques, anyone do it yourself, or have a good cleaner recommendation from your maintenance person?
  178. Tea Tree Oil allergy, what to use instead?
  179. carpet cleaning paranoia
  180. who has a wool duvet? do you wash it? who has experience?
  181. Bathroom without Plumbing?
  182. using two single blankets in a queen bed?
  183. current best vacuum I can buy for $250 or less?
  185. Oven Cleaner... oooooh, aaaaaah.
  186. Shopping for washer and dryer, need advice - and where to post ?
  187. Appliance recommendations
  188. house 15 mins from town question
  189. Carpeting in rental....
  190. Help me cut down on my garbage bag output…..and a poll!
  191. Need suggestions re: heaters
  192. Seeking to Purchase Scrap Plastic Utensils (made from HIPS), Post-Consumer or Post-Industrial, White Color, Baled
  193. DBF's dad is headbutting with me on how to do dishes. So, how do you do them?
  194. Help! Dh is allergic to our new bedroom
  195. Getting rid of musty smells
  196. scotch guard alternatives?
  197. Does anyone have a water softener?
  198. Ways to 'green' a regular mattress?
  199. Please help--ramen noodle spill on brand new carpet!
  200. What natural things do you use to clean?
  201. Hornet's nest
  202. Tips for avoiding Bed Bugs while at hotels?
  203. Compost/Sawdust Toilet in an Apartment
  204. Bunk vs Trundle. Is the trundle a bad idea for kids making own bed?
  205. Would you hire a cleaning lady who is a smoker?
  206. How does your partner feel about your "mindful home"?
  207. Dingy clothes with the home made detergent
  208. Moving into old lead paint house. HELP with what to focus on for safety of kids.
  209. How to remove extreme urine stink from bathroom
  210. Bug in hair... need natural advice!
  211. How do your kids share a room?
  212. Pantry moths- how do I store root veggies?
  213. Best way to clean carpet upon moving in?
  214. Anyone know of PVC-free inflatable pool/ pool toys?
  215. Apartment got bug-bombed
  216. What simple ways do you reduce chemical exposure in your home?
  217. Homemade Laundry Soap/Detergent Questions
  218. Futon mattress...
  219. Help me get rid of these tiny, animal-product loving ants!!
  220. Help me choose a washer and dryer for a small space
  221. Do you have your house set up in an "unconventional" way?
  222. Green Water Softener Systems for hard water issues
  223. Where to get organic/untreated wood or bamboo blinds
  224. Where to buy an organic mattress online?
  225. Cloth wipes for whole family?
  226. Would you live in a house a 2 acre distance from an active train track?
  227. How long before a refinished hardwood floor is safe?
  228. troubleshooting homemade laundry detergent
  229. Broom recs for wood floor
  230. bpa free freezer containers
  231. blue/purple seat
  232. BO smell in closet
  233. Help me wash my Ikea sofa bed PLEASE!
  234. Vacuum recommendations
  235. Pest Control!
  236. Has anyone painted a room black?
  237. Stained, old marble fireplace
  238. What's your favorite urban homesteading book?
  239. Bleach alternative that works?
  240. Natural shower cleaner?
  241. trying to eliminate plastic bags - litter box cleanup is holding me back
  242. Help me with the logistics of transitioning out of paper products
  243. How to clean the gap between the oven and the cabinets?
  244. This Old House--and tub!
  245. Can anyone tell me about radon mitigation?
  246. I think we have moths, the wool eating kind. Any opinion on natural remedies? Cedar oil?
  247. How to hang a curtain here?
  248. Burkey water filter insight?
  249. Safe shower curtain liner?
  250. Considering calling DHS on a friend :(